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Here in the press box, we acknowledge that there is probably nobody happier about day games than the beat writers.
Retweeted by Do-Hyoung ParkGame 1 will be broadcast on ABC. Game 2 will be on ESPN2. Game 3, if needed, will be on the ESPN family of networks.#MNTwins vs. Astros game times for the Wild Card series: Game 1: Tue 9/29 1 p.m. CT Game 2: Wed 9/30 noon CT Game… Duffey on winning the AL Central title in a year with expanded playoffs: “I think having the banner, having…
Championship team photo for the AL Central champion #MNTwins. Really cool touch: They held up jerseys for coaches… Astros are 29-31, the worst record among AL playoff teams. They are 9-23 away from Minute Maid Park and 4-13 a… #MNTwins are the No. 3 seed in the American League. They will host the No. 6 Astros at Target Field for the Wil…'s raining now, because why not?The White Sox are locked into the No. 7 seed. Cleveland gets the No. 4 seed. With a win, the No. 2 Twins will host… #MNTwins are champions of the 2020 American League Central. The White Sox loss seals it. The club celebrates 6… White Sox aren't making it easy at all for the Twins. Tying run at the plate with two outs...Yasmani Grandal cuts the Cubs' lead to 2 in the bottom of the 9th...Twins trail 3-2 in the 10th after Tucker Barnhart's RBI single. Sox-Cubs headed to the bottom of the 9th.NL playoff field is set: Dodgers-Brewers Braves-Reds Cubs-Marlins Padres-Cardinals
Retweeted by Do-Hyoung ParkMatchups at play here, obviously, but it also can't hurt that a lot of the Twins' high-leverage bullpen arms have g… extras we go.A's win 6-2. They'll likely face the Astros or White Sox, depending on the outcome of the Twins-Reds game, which is…
Retweeted by Do-Hyoung Park1-2-3 ninth inning for Caleb Thielbar. Twins have a chance to walk off for the division title, the No. 2 seed and… May struck out the side in the 8th. He'll finish the 2020 regular season with 38 strikeouts in 23.1 IP out of the #MNTwins bullpen.So, Cleveland has a late lead against the Pirates. The way things currently stand, the #MNTwins would line up agai… Lamb solo shot, A's lead 3-2.
Retweeted by Do-Hyoung ParkThe #MNTwins are back on top, 2-1, with an Eddie Rosario sacrifice fly. White Sox still down big to the Cubs.Luis Arráez will not stop hitting. He's 6-for-7 with 4 doubles and 2 singles since coming off the IL. His real-tim… @Lincoln5869 Twins loss, White Sox loss, A's winEugenio Suárez doubled to tie it 1-1 against the Twins, but the White Sox are still getting clobbered in Chicago.… Hill comes off the mound after 5.2 scoreless innings in a potential division clincher. He's responsible for a… explanation that we just got on the Sonny Gray balk is that the umpires engaged in a review to confirm that the… @DanHayesMLB got called out on strikes and then got home-plate umpire Tim Timmons to call a run-scoring balk on Sonny Gra… Hill has allowed 3 runs and 9 hits in his last 17 innings. Riding an 11-inning scoreless streak. He looks pla… @MATrueblood @MaedMan18 @DanHayesMLB I hate you all so muchThe first #MNTwins baserunner comes courtesy of a Luis Arráez double, because of course it does. He's 5-for-6 with… @DerekWetmore I think I'm just going to close twitter for an hour or so and let things die down a bit...No Twins baserunners through 3 innings against Sonny Gray. No Reds baserunners have reached second base against Rich Hill.I think I've spent more time staring at the out-of-town scoreboard than at the actual field during this game.Hamilton steals home on a really well executed play by the Cubs. 6-0
Retweeted by Do-Hyoung ParkSecond on the South Side... Homer (Bryant) Strikeout (Baez) Single (Caratini) Homer (Bote) Walk (Kipnis) Mound vis…
Retweeted by Do-Hyoung ParkCubs have a 3-0 lead on the White Sox. Pittsburgh is up 1-0 on Cleveland. The A's have tied it 1-1 against Seattle.…'s happening... @LucasDaSavage in my opinion the 3 seed is the best-case scenarioEarly #MNTwins scoreboard watch update: Mariners 1, A's 0 (B1) Cubs 1, White Sox 0 (T2) Twins win the Central wit… on Sunday's results, the #MNTwins can finish with the No. 2, 3 or 4 seed and face one of five opponents i…
Retweeted by Do-Hyoung ParkJorge blink three times if you need help said that Buxton is feeling better today than he did yesterday. Hasn't yet talked to Donaldson today. No setb… today in the season finale still don't have Buxton or Donaldson in the lineup: 1. Kepler RF 2. Arráez 2B… @jongellar @soxmachine_josh the only way a OAK-CWS tiebreaker comes into play is if they’re both 36-24 division cha… @soxmachine_josh double and triple-checking these last night made my brain contort in ways I didn't know possible @soxmachine_josh the White Sox one is in the threadAnd here's the playoff situation on Sunday for Cleveland, which can finish in the Nos. 4 and 7 seeds and has five p…'s how things shape up on Sunday for the White Sox, who can finish in the Nos. 2, 3, 4 and 7 seeds with six pos… on Sunday's results, the #MNTwins can finish with the No. 2, 3 or 4 seed and face one of five opponents i… @sadison03 @DanHayesMLB Oakland. @HankManScott Game 1: Maeda Game 2: Berríos Game 3: PinedaThe correct answer is @betsyhelfand. Congratulations to the 28% of people who guessed correctly. Maybe she'll give… @Cadensuncle13 green apple, no question @joe_werrick Correct.All this is to say, I'm not sure Oakland has any incentive whatsoever to win tomorrowAnd just for fun, road records for the #MNTwins possible first-round opponents this season: CLE 17-13 CWS 17-13 TO… @JosephH54942895 White Sox, Cleveland, Blue Jays, Yankees, Astros are all in play. @WinTwinsguy yeah, the Twins' cardboard cutouts are really pulling their weight this seasonHow important is home-field advantage for the #MNTwins in the Wild Card Series? A win tomorrow would give the Twin… 7, Reds 3. The record: 36-23 (1st, +1.0) The magic number: 1 The Twins will have home-field advantage in… Pirates have officially beaten Cleveland, 8-0. That means the #MNTwins are guaranteed to host the Wild Card Se… @hightower33 @burneracctszn_ Cleveland losing clinches home-field advantage in the WC Series for the Twins, which i… @burneracctszn_ does Pittsburgh mean nothing to you??The Twins needed some help from Oakland this weekend to avoid the No. 2 seed. They have not gotten that help. @SpencerSeamans last July 5Luis Arráez only hit an RBI single and not another double. Disappointing. Whatever. He'll just have to settle for… @DanHayesMLB I really need to find a more useful application for my time travel skillsEhire Adrianza has the Twins' 8th double of the game, one shy of matching the club record.Now, that is a big escape for Taylor Rogers. RBI single and a hit-by-pitch loaded the bases and put the tying run i…'re seeing seventh-inning Taylor Rogers tonight. Three straight lefties at the top of Cincinnati's lineup set to hit. @SlangsOnSports orchard > tropical > original > brightside > wild berry > sourThe reason I didn't list myself as an option is because I recognize Skittles as the One True Snack and would not be…, the White Sox now have a 7-5 lead in the Battle of Chicagos (Chicagoes? Chicagi?). The Twins cannot clin… like Royals players have, Mike Moustakas is paying tribute to Alex Gordon with the pine tar stain across the b…
Retweeted by Do-Hyoung Park @AFreddy77 neither of those is right -- the 3 seed would get Houston, which I believe is locked into the 6 seed, an… Clippard puts the finishing touches on a great season of middle relief. 2.49 ERA and 24/4 K/BB ratio in 25 i…
Retweeted by Do-Hyoung ParkThe #MNTwins have 8 hits tonight, and 7 of them have been doubles. In case you're wondering (I am), the club recor… Arráez update: 3-for-3, 3 doubles 2 R 2 RBI The Twins have 5 runs (so far). Arráez has scored 2 of them and… @Yamothauni @NoahTrautmann correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the Yankees would be the 8 seed in that scenario @NoahTrautmann @Yamothauni I would agree there @Yamothauni Yeah, if tonight's scores hold, the Twins would have a 1-game lead over Oakland for the No. 2 seed. (Oa… mid-evening #MNTwins scoreboard watch update: Mariners 5, A's 1 (F) Mariners 8, A's 1 (T4) Cubs 5, White Sox… @AFreddy77 I'd say the 3 seed looks much more appealing than the 2 @AFreddy77 Oakland. Which I'd say is a good thing.With Tyler Clippard up in the 'pen, I'd assume this is Pineda's final inning. Berríos said yesterday the plan was… Pirates. Indians' bullpen is quiet.
Retweeted by Do-Hyoung ParkThe Twins have 3 runs. Arráez scored two and drove in the other. Three straight doubles for the #MNTwins to open t… Arráez update: 2-for-2, 2 doubles The Twins have 2 runs. Arráez scored one and drove in the other. Think they missed him?Kris Bryant hits a grand slam. #Cubs lead 5-2. Wow.
Retweeted by Do-Hyoung Park#MNTwins outfield assist tracker: Rosario 5 Kepler 2 Buxton 1 Cave 1 Wade 1 Statcast has it as an 85 mph throw fr…
Which #MNTwins writer just opened an entire 1.5 lb bag of chocolate chips for casual snacking during this game? @NoahSOlson No. Twins hold the tiebreaker.What's at stake tonight: - #MNTwins win OR Cleveland loss = home-field advantage in WC Series - Twins win AND Whi… Arráez's first plate appearance off the injured list: 12 pitches double to right-centerHaving watched exactly zero seconds of this game, I can confidently say that K.J. in a Mike Leach offense is everyt… is only the third time Michael Pineda has walked multiple batters in an inning as a Twin. The other two times: 5/5/19 and 7/21/19.The Reds went single-walk-double before Michael Pineda got his first out with a strikeout of Eugenio Suárez. Big M… @Todaystouchmn Good to see they let you guys have internet in the bubble and communicate with the outside 😂