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“We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives.” Toni Morrison…
Retweeted by dua salehIf you really deep it, Toni Morrison was a horror/goth icon💯Join us Sat Feb 22 for this show I will be joined by the exceptionally talented @yo_nci on drums and bass clarinet…
Retweeted by dua salehWe're thrilled to announce the winners of the 2019-20 Cedar Commissions: Anat Spiegel, @doitlikedua, @freaquedom, I…
Retweeted by dua salehdoing a live show at @TheCedar w/ @yo_nci in febuary for Cedar Commisions! this show will be featuring sounds of b…
Retweeted by dua salehthis snow shit really dead smfh
CEDAR COMMISSIONS: “Strings & Heartbeats” Sat Feb 22 at @TheCedar 7pm I’ll be joined by @yo_nci, @MileyWoo, & Jarr… @hlf_sickoshadws whew sounds rough 😧 @Miss_Mendoza00 🤒🤕 @nidaaro praying 4 u 😔 @thestaticpanic 🤕🤕 @sincerelyxpoppy 😭😭 @Quezta4 Omds I pray for you 😭"I’m trying to express jubilee and joy and an emergence of creativity as wealth. It’s not necessarily money, but a…
Retweeted by dua saleh @PaniniDream these descriptions are sending me y’all been through some TRAUMA 🙈 @worldofscifi 😬 glad she was in your past and not in your present @itsteensy the way I SCREAMED I-does it hurt making out with someone who doesn’t have lips? I’ve always been curious 💀Never forget that rock was invented by a queer black woman.
Retweeted by dua salehHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
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NŪR vinyl winners! @metylerattenhofer @hatescashews @andrea7mares thank u all for pre-saving “mOth”
Showed my first ever video installation “Black Love Journal Entry” at the BLK LOVE gallery last night 🥰 ty everyon…
Retweeted by dua salehJoin us Sat Feb 22 for this show I will be joined by the exceptionally talented @yo_nci on drums and bass clarinet… @yo_nci strong af from all that drumming. come see their swole ass play drums and bass clarinet at this show on Sat Feb 22shawty just asked me “wtf kinda converses i got on” lol i couldn’t do shit but laugh.
Retweeted by dua salehFellas, is it gay to exist? You’re literally inside of a man for your entire life...
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giving away 3 signed vinyl records of my NŪR EP! for a chance to win, pre-save my next song “mOth” w/ this link:…
Retweeted by dua salehget in on this. NŪR is a beautiful ep that everyone should have in their collection.
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@_omgigi_ I ascended when I first heard the remixgiving away 3 signed vinyl records of my NŪR EP! for a chance to win, pre-save my next song “mOth” w/ this link:… music on the way! 🦂🦋 “mOth” is out FEB 21 via @againstgiants pre-save: prod. by Su N…
Retweeted by dua saleha thread of racists getting their ass beat for black history month
Retweeted by dua salehkids these days care too much about tik tok and not enough about tiktaalik, the Devonian era half-fish half-tetrapo…
Retweeted by dua saleh(drawing by @kaiklops) @wtftaurus 🖤🖤
Good Morning Allies: This is the 2nd-day phone zap for @IlhanMN to call HUD to stop Section18 Demolition & Disposi…
Retweeted by dua salehTen years since his passing, look back on eight iconic moments that defined #AlexanderMcQueen's career:…
Retweeted by dua saleh*whispers* Taika is not the first indigenous person to get an Oscar
Retweeted by dua salehHave some Josephine Baker
Retweeted by dua salehMuslim Drill music uno. I’ve seen it all now 😂😂😂😂
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@bradenxlee blocking you for this pun @itsteensy damn thank you but prince deserves 🙈💜"Around the world we have all these young people going out on the street, asking for justice, asking to save their…
Retweeted by dua salehchief keef won 2020 already and it barely just started 🐐
Retweeted by dua salehThis creature has the body language of a drama student pretending to be an animal
Retweeted by dua salehbong joon ho said gay rights !!
Retweeted by dua saleh🇬🇧 Uk Winds So Strong People Are Flying😭😭
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Retweeted by dua salehWhat would have been my full speech. #Oscars
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pls don’t take this seriously 💀do cis women rlly think calling me sir makes my strap hard? what does the “as a treat meme” rlly mean? are brands u… @nadiawesome I’m trolling 😭😭Somali artist/producer / DJ Yayoyanoh Photography By : Me Styled : Jon Johnson Make up: Bilansuvision Hairstyli…
Retweeted by dua salehMade some money with my art at an auction last night
Retweeted by dua salehshawty just asked me “wtf kinda converses i got on” lol i couldn’t do shit but laugh.
Retweeted by dua salehMOONSTONE EP OUT NOW 🌙👽
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Today would’ve been Trayvon Martin’s 25th birthday. ❤️
Retweeted by dua salehWrote this last year for @outmagazine. Still applies. #BlackHistoryMonth
Retweeted by dua salehda vibe for valentines day
Retweeted by dua salehIs it this one? Cause I’ve been impatient tbqh...
Retweeted by dua saleh @chic__Nique I’m yelling I forgot I performed this here 😭😭 @madgalfifi 🥴 @madgalfifi I’m trolling 😭might release a screamo song for valentine’s day. just me yelling into a cavernous abyss of lonely 🤥Relaxing in front of an African mum
Retweeted by dua salehChief Keef working on the artwork for Tadoe & Lil Yachty’s upcoming track “Bussin” 🎨
Retweeted by dua salehI love how Hayao Miyazaki probably would never approve someone doing a live-action of his work, Ghibli sent a freak…
Retweeted by dua saleh#NowTrending📈 Dua Saleh (@doitlikedua) - "pretty kitten" [prod. FnZ] Listen here:
Retweeted by dua salehSupport Trans Futures! Order your Safe Travels piece from @gc2bapparel today!⠀
Retweeted by dua salehWatch @doitlikedua's striking visual for their sweet and sticky single, “Sugar Mama”
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Meet Black non-binary artist @doitlikedua 🎵🌈 #BlackHistoryMonth
Retweeted by dua salehGreat read about the beautiful souls that is ⁦@doitlikedua⁩
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Meet Black non-binary artist @doitlikedua 🎵🌈 #BlackHistoryMonth
Retweeted by dua saleh⠀ hey lovelies so my brother isn’t on twitter but y’all should know he curated this gorgeous anthology of black po…
Retweeted by dua saleh @doitlikedua, a non-binary Sudani musician, mixes genres to find their own identity and sound 🎼 By @kseny003
Retweeted by dua salehwould like to remind yall that these are free and available to everyone. part three still in the works, hopefully w…
Retweeted by dua saleh🖤😂
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I pray every day for a “they/them” bird to come into my life, but this is not what I meant lmao 🤕’s just not a snitch
Retweeted by dua salehBlack Transgeder Sex Worker, Performer, and Activist Marsha P. Johnson will be getting a state park in Brooklyn nam…
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Black queer artists you should listen to this #BlackHistoryMonth 👇 @thatsnotcj, @cakesdakilla, @doitlikedua,…
Retweeted by dua salehHappy Black History Month ✊🏽🖤
Retweeted by dua salehThis!!!
Retweeted by dua salehThanks for the shoutout @PinkNews 🙏🏾 And big up my sib @doitlikedua every time Happy Black History Month friends…
Retweeted by dua saleh @thatsnotcj 🤲🏾👽🤎updated my monthly playlist with all new songs! stream: happy #BlackHistoryMonth @CousinStizz Bless 🥵the original “ahaha you’re so sexy don’t kill yourself”
Retweeted by dua salehJust in: The Trump administration rolled out an expanded travel ban this afternoon, @NPRJoel reports. It affects…
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This is the full video we sent Deandre @itsgabrielleu @DwyaneWade @Dove
Retweeted by dua salehThe First Drag Queen Was a Former Slave via @thenation
Retweeted by dua salehBLK LOVE: a group exhibition by Black Visions Cohort 2/13/2020 (Black Love Day 🖤) Ft. 6 original art installations…
Retweeted by dua salehHEADACHES 💫 directed by me
Retweeted by dua salehThat’s my born day
Retweeted by dua salehEd Edd n Eddy theme song but in minor
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Neanderthal genes found for first time in African populations
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happy birthday to the legend himself @bradenxlee you give Aquarius placements a good name even if you’re not into a…