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Made it home safely, might stream later tonight @girlbossaimers Too bad I’m 14 @sundownalt Morningggg @syIv1a Can I join? @lialovesyu Cute @NateBigBalls Welcome to life @SilverAimers Valorant playerrr @ToxicGlaceon Yeah we’re still waiting for like some stuff to happen @AeroValorant Yeah everything’s good nowAlright final update: we do have state police here and we’re getting an early dismissal. So yeah I’m safe and every… @AeroValorant That’s good, we’ll I’m currently in a school lockdown(check latest tweets) but everything is fine so far @AeroValorant Hi how’s your day going @AeroValorant Does aero reply? @kehntlol @deogiwheels BruhAnother update: still in lockdown but our teachers have some instructions to follow or whatever, there’s still kids… looks like everything should be fine, principal just said our teachers need to read their instructions. So I’m… @Klamran I will @deogiwheels Current in gym locker roomHey guys in school lockdown rn. We’ve received bomb threats, and apparently everyone here at my school will be dead… @duhloraa You’re welcome @okazyey @lumafps @syIv1a Vouch + noti @livsoswag Morning!! How was your stream last night, I watched for a lil bit and you hit some good shots no quap @1EDEN_ Oh I see. Thanks for the definition :) @syIv1a @sadIucas Noti @1EDEN_ Oh my…. + what exactly does gaslighting mean cus Idrk what it means @duhloraa Fit goes hardTop of da mornin @T1Aimers Idk if I need one @nutsnboltz You’re welcome!! @92sho_ @kxtieoh @jellyfish_val Love this anime onf @nutsnboltz @T1Aimers Well deserved @nutsnboltz Yeah i was just about to say, you got to 100 followers quick. Congrats!! @yepClaire @T1Aimers Less go @luckifan223 Unfortunate @itsmarouS Don’t worry Marcus, your time will come. Your mental health always matters first no matter what. Take al… @minnieisbig Nooo ofc not <3 @ProdigyXiXi Nightttt @xxelitism @Ino_VAL Hey we’re the same height :DGood nightttt @minnieisbig Wait wha @chlofps We should lowkey play 😳 @chlofps Oh my… clean shotsewoman gets a clip in VALORANT and the emen go wild
Retweeted by DoLphin ? @zekeiVAL Sorry thought it was like something for fun @zekeiVAL Oh @zekeiVAL WAIT I NEED TO WATCH @zekeiVAL Sure :D @1kotaaa I think a couple months, and through sissil and aero @minnieisbig Ooh I should try that @minnieisbig Those chips look yum yum @syIv1a @okazyey Hi hru(thx for compliment)INSANE 4K IN VALORANT RTRTRT
Retweeted by DoLphin ? @minnieism1n1 you’re welcome! @minnieism1n1 Sheesh Minnie lookin nice @florscnt Less goo + noti @h2nnyu Tbh idek @h2nnyu Heyo @h2nnyu Sheesh lookin clean @h2nnyu Gotchu @playgirllashley I’m great hru today :D @playgirllashley Hi Ashley @eliiVAL_ @zoiie Wait I’m confusion @mangosmxxthie Dude :( @eliiVAL_ @zoiie What
@whosmichela How’s your day going??? @zoiie Yeah I’d say so, but lowkey depends on what other people think @whosmichela Um, mich? @lumafps How do you switch up that fast @mangosmxxthie Hi hru @n0rmaIize @sundownalt @Inocennts WTF DID I JUST SEE @chlofps Don’t do it @ignovercook Oh my… @Simping_Griff It’s been really good so far! I’m kinda exhausted tho since I just finished a squash match. And I ju… @Simping_Griff Yeah :D also how has your day been today? @zander_fps Oh my… @sadIucas Fish nugget @lumafps Morning chennie :) @Simping_Griff Happy times @1kotaaa @etherealVAL_ Right wtf @nutsnboltz OMG LESSS GOOO @181RAYS @izuminsx @kaiyua2 LMAO @khanartistval Nice :) @amantepo Wha @curqhs1 LESS GOO @uvsect I wouldn’t mind joining :) @hoajuu Hi hru :) @srrirachha @k4lopsiaa I’m exhausted rn @kayvalorant @181RAYS @HitBox_Hiros Huge vouch @t1ffsny SHEESH HAPOY BIRTHDAY @c5sey @duhloraa Fr Casey @PaindrianVal Thank you too :) @minnieisbig LMFAOO @ciaolyx You’re welcome! @lylacVAL YOURE WELCOME @Exertt_ @_bubxa You’re welcome!! @duhloraa Working on it @Exertt_ @_bubxa Happy Birthday!! @PaindrianVal Morninggg @minnieisbig Glll @btookess Really good :D