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@bobabonk Every one of them is clean except the reaver, just doesn’t fit @bobalorant Wsgg @rmicIu Connecticut is njce okay
rocket league into my new addicition skull emoji x20 | !vid @sylstupid LMAOO @btookess I’m playing that rn 😭 @Macolettee Huh @btookess DUBS @PrincessIcyTV @itsmarouS Dang bro :( @PrincessIcyTV @itsmarouS BRO WATTTTTT @kanatouu Hello friend @luvducki πŸ‘ @kotunara Morning :) @azelhazell Of course np @PrincessIcyTV @itsmarouS Nvm your’re still growing @azelhazell This is awesome @PrincessIcyTV @itsmarouS Bro how tall is your toxic @MicicleEdits LMAO Unluck bruh @PrincessIcyTV @77Joeyy Bro omg… @itsmarouS @PrincessIcyTV πŸ˜­πŸ’€ @PrincessIcyTV Wait wtf, you’re shorter??? I SWEEAR U SAID UR 5’1 @itsmarouS @PrincessIcyTV Foul @PrincessIcyTV Am I right @MadySmacks Holy Mady, how did you gain so quick @kotunara @kanatouu OMG 😭😭😭😭 @notrxchel @dogbackp6ck πŸ’€ @Nighty100k Holy fam 😭 @Carbynwrld @graphuu @R1FTT_ Wat we like to see Fr @PrincessIcyTV 5’1 unfortunately πŸ’€ @Zekken1fanboy Dang all gooj
@vurokiii Nice nice @cloudyepriv Oh, good 😀 @rmicIu Omg why do ppl always come for you😭😭 @cloudyepriv Wat did u say 😭 @minnieism1n1 Oki oki @minnieism1n1 Haha ofc welcome back, I tried commenting on some of your TikTok’s but couldn’t bc I think u got a few ppl selected @rmicIu Fr bro @kayvalorant your siblings are amazing @celestmwah WOOO DUBS @minnieism1n1 No @celestmwah We love hugs @CutieNamedKitty I am crying @fishszns Thx for reminding me to watch the latest episode @swatfps Heheh nice pfp hi @stellariwnl @urgfkass We the same @MicicleEdits Ye @MadySmacks :)) @sylstupid Or Europe @sylstupid Zamn I wanna move there lowkey when I grow up @sylstupid Connecticut is like to the right of New York @C4Ilum @florscnt It’s always the basic stuff bro, just gotta learn it solo @b8ndo 😱😱😱😱 @cloudyerin_ @kotunara Wish I could get out that early @kotunara @cloudyerin_ Idk ct diff @kotunara @cloudyerin_ Bro I get out on the 20th @urgfkass Maybe idrk, I don’t crush like that @shuheival @luvducki I swear bro, actually disappointing @luvducki Bro tf. @sylstupid Come to Connecticut and we do this 😭😭😭 @_ninaxo HOLYAAA NINA KEDIA @luis_afk 😭 all good @fishszns Mornin @unshtable @bunnyhuhval Very clean clipsGood morning, do I reset my notis @77Joeyy @kayvalorant Yes bro omg 😭😭 and my ears are still recoveringYes we do one of the benefits πŸ‘πŸ‘ @celestmwah Oh lawd @dayeonxo @smdsaraah Ikr I got kids in my grade who are 6’1 πŸ’€wish this was cleaner ngl
Retweeted by DoLphin @itsmarouS SHEEESG BAR @bunnyhuhval Prolly gonna workout mostly and sleep and maybe try getting a job, and just enjoy time off from school @dayeonxo @smdsaraah No this is a joke 😭😭😭 so sorry @S1SS1L @kayvalorant Yea I’m blasting my playlist, keeps my thoughts in control @S1SS1L @kayvalorant And I had my AirPods at like 80% 😭😭😭😭 but class is just unfortunate 😭😭 @kayvalorant Jesus I was not expecting that 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @S1SS1L They just need to be destroyed bro like I swear idk wat to do anymore @Zebroe Brotha @ssav1or Don’t tell me another school shooting bro, wtf. @luis_afk Jesus chamber wasn’t playin @bobabonk Yes @smdsaraah 6’4 @bobalorant Do something fun @kxtieoh @itsmarouS Taught him well @notmichibye Alr where do I buy dem @calicovaI Omg 😭 @kkirufu There is no way possible @_Od26 Anytime whenever @kiwiramune It’s quite literally aimbit @cloudyepriv These* @cloudyepriv I actually like there’s @notmichibye Should I start reading manga @_Od26 Real @sylstupid @ adiellol* @sylstupid Alr I requested it, should be from adielol @sylstupid alr addin ya @ProdigyXiXi @MarkPhillipsGG LESS GOOO @PrincessIcyTV holy ur insane kicy @1nxsh @Kezyyz @luvducki yay dubs @ProdigyXiXi @MarkPhillipsGG WOAHJOFGBAUF HGB IAGBA WOOOOO LESS GO GREAT THINGS TO BE ACHIEVED @Kezyyz @1nxsh @luvducki oki oki, so ducki calling me illiterate(which is no way tru πŸ’€) is a joke im assuming :D