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@stephens_ben @CityBooksinHove Fab book, am a third of the way through. I think about more than I should: Wellard the dog from Eastenders played Maximus’ dog in Gladiator.
Retweeted by Dom Carter @senrab_nala I treated myself to these last year to keep me going.
@apwillcox Weird joke.Shout out to All 4 for cutting to an It’s A Sin ad while I was watching It’s A Sin.I think RTD is the only celeb I’d like to chat to.did we all know that the man who designed the pringles buried in one? something to think about for…
Retweeted by Dom Carter @DanWorth What's this from? @DanWorth I mean either would be cool. @DanWorth Yes! @OgronThe I know right? Seems like a pretty obvious idea to me 🤷Daleks would be much scarier if they could fly up stairs. Amazed the makers of Doctor Who have never thought of this.Something is only like Black Mirror if it contains a pop hit from yesteryear that you can never listen to in the same way again.SORRY to all ya who followed me for lols but here's one last serious tweet: Are you on UNIVERSAL CREDIT? here's a…
Retweeted by Dom Carter @Channellio "Rich but flawed city executive loses his job"This is what my Tardis would look like.
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kinda wish Covid would fizzibly melt and then disappear @comedy_doc some images
Retweeted by Dom CarterWonder what it'll fetch. @rhiannoneshaw I'm a fingerless gloves guy.Wheezing Pod is always a joy, but the anecdote at the end of this episode is... wow huge Bernie mittens energy from this. @TNeenan 👏👏👏Just realised that the person who played Mark's dad in Peep Show was also in Paradise Towers. this impression., MEETING ROOM, DAY Boss: Ok Dom, do you have the deck ready for us to look at? Me (patting my Haymaker-themed… @StazJohnson From "Luke Skywalker is missing" I was HOOKED.Sometimes I wish the Mash had bylines, sometimes it ain't necessary. that Joe Biden's been in politics so long, he first got elected to the Senate shortly before The Three Doc…
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@ultrabrilliant The snake baddie man scared the shit out of me as a kid. birthday Tom Baker!
Retweeted by Dom CarterSad to think that if Van Gogh had just commodified his art and set up a Squarespace online store to sell the must-h… Fact: Inauguration attendees are wearing masks as a nod to the Covid-19 pandemic #InaugurationDay
Retweeted by Dom CarterOne of those days that feels like it should have closing credits.Pence's phone must be blowing up with some furious voice messages rn @batmanmarch Start with Scherzo.Credit where it's due, he's making America great again by fucking off.Fascinating video of what former Presidents can and can't do. Will be interesting to see if Trump follows these rul… @spacemuseum63 Looks like the big Dalek is puffing on a rollie wedged under its dome."Because of the virus, home secretary?" "Err yeah... sure, why not." birthday Tom Baker @ianberriman It's time to heal. Time to move forward.It's Tom Baker's birthday which means it's time to post this again
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@TNeenan @danblythewriter Ooh go on then. Cos it’s you.Watching First Dates: N'aww, they really hit it off 🥰🥰 First Dates end credits: They fell out the second they left… @danblythewriter We're an unfortunate bunch.Any excuse to share this classic again. @danblythewriter Penny Carter: A sceptical journalist who got caught hiding in a toilet and is named after an almos… @GameGriffin It sounds like you’re punching Mr Blobby, which would be really mean. @AnthonyLamb Got a lotta thoughts about this.Sometimes if you interact with content for too long, content interacts with you.Do you want us to call the police, mate?
2021 Capaldi and Jodie Whittaker recording a Big Finish together in a couple years. is Popeye’s birthday so take a moment to consider how great Elzie Crisler Segar was
Retweeted by Dom Carter @ianberriman Bring back rationing, I say! 🇬🇧💪#WeCanDoItWhy do I ever think I have the energy to make a risotto on a weekday? @wifeinspace There's a time and a plaice, mate.Reached the point of a lockdown where I binge an old show I loved."University? Never heard of it! Sounds shite!" is everything okay? you’ve barely touched your DOCTOR•WHO Wholewheat Pasta Shapes in Tomato Sauce :(
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2021 @TNeenan 🍦You've made your point, mate.crank up yer granny @ianberriman Where did you watch it? Not seen it.Mad Men (2007)“Flipping Burgers” is not just flipping burgers. It’s working with a money-obsessed crab and a squid who plays the clarinet.
Himbo’s log, stardate 16012021: I still don’t know what time Frasier starts in the morning and I just cooked foil in the microwave.I think next series Doctor Who should have celebrity cameos to help boost the ratings. Someone like James Corden or… is a good explainer:
Retweeted by Dom Carter @EddieRobson This is great, thanks for sharing. I'll admit to being anxious about just walking past someone, so thi… description of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs is probably the best piece of writing I've read in a whi…
Retweeted by Dom CarterThe winner takes it all
Retweeted by Dom CarterSatoshi Kon was a filmmaker who created generation defining works. One of those being the classic film…
Retweeted by Dom Carterif you see my tweets just know that I also hate them, I hate them all
Retweeted by Dom Carterunbothered, moisturized, in my lane, focused, flourishing
Retweeted by Dom CarterKate Bush’s bat costume
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Come on now, mate. Come on.Me, to the coronavirus: alright mate, it’s time to leave now. @ianberriman Probably eat lead @ianberriman Teal @ianberriman Depends, is it from a jar? @bbcdoctorwho @WhoHats mate @everindecisive I know mate. I know.We must be due another version of Shada any day now, eh lads?I don't think anyone did say just eat mateLightweight. stand above the last Google server farm with a grenade ready to blow in one hand and my nuts in the other: "optimise this"
Retweeted by Dom CarterWhen I said I wanted a Brazilian this isn’t what I meant 🤪🤣 #ILoveMyKids to announce I wrote this. "mentrification"
Retweeted by Dom CarterMy parents, who proudly voted Brexit, have since pivoted to saying there should have been 3 options in the referend…