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Dominic DeCecco @domdececco Pennsylvania, USA

Writer; Philosopher; Father; Reformed Lawyer; Bugler; Contributor, @PolitiPod podcast; Champion eye-roller. Amateur cook and bartender.

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This week, @RepAOC and I introduced the Climate Equity Act, legislation to ensure that we center the fight against…
Retweeted by Dominic DeCeccoNo President can promise to prevent future outbreaks. But I'll promise you this: when I'm President we will prepare…
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Joe Biden is a devout catholic and regularly attends Sunday service. The last time Trump went to church, he gassed peaceful Americans.
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#ThursdayThoughts The NRA Cartoon: Yo, Semite Sam, c’mon out. Bet you didn’t know he was Jewish?
Retweeted by Dominic DeCeccoThe Post Office is so insecure Trump chose it to send $1200 stimulus checks to literally millions of Americans without fear of fraud.
Retweeted by Dominic DeCeccoDo watch this ! Trump is perfect as the pet shop owner
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The United States Postal Service is vital to ensuring that people have access to essential goods like medicine, toi…
Retweeted by Dominic DeCecco#Yosemite? #Trump has gone from #CelebrityApprentice to #AintSmarterThanAFifthGrader #TeamDl
Retweeted by Dominic DeCecco @averykayla Lucky you. I got propositioned for a onesome. 😒#wednesdaymorning
Retweeted by Dominic DeCecco @RhondaHansome Man of no cloth (on your face)#DonaldTrumpIn5Words does not like our show
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#obesity #tuesdaymood
Retweeted by Dominic DeCecco#TuesdayThoughts Ripping the Headlines Today, 8/3/20 via @humortimes
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I'd say "I hope you both rot in hell," but even hell wouldn't have you. @realDonaldTrump @GovKemp
Retweeted by Dominic DeCeccoPerhaps Donald Trump doesn’t like the Postal Service because it delivers.
Retweeted by Dominic DeCeccoRhonda Hansome: #NinaSimoneOfComedy @PolitiPod Contributor #HansomeMonday #NotYourGrandmasComic
Retweeted by Dominic DeCecco @RhondaHansome on @JohnFugelsang's #TellMeEverything @SXMProgress 2nite Mon 11:15 PM EST #HansomeMonday
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@williamham The situation's getting sticky, The syrup's running low. Should he slip into the darkness Or have another cup o' Joe? (Sorry)buy me Ireland's most haunted mansion where the devil himself lived or lose me forever
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Retweeted by Dominic DeCecco @haylo64 At least in England it has value. @williamham He likes his coffee black and his bacon crisp. And his waitresses inviting. @mollieschmollie I heard Raggedy Andy was a real d*ck. He insisted Ann call him Raggedy Andrew.Having learned of supernatural, inter-dimensional demon sex and having woken up to evidence I've been left unsullie…
Trump is going golfing this weekend, but to be safe he has signed an executive order banning rain clouds in Florida. #tiktokban#PresidentSnowflake
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We should all be relieved that @Jim_Jordan isn't self-aware enough to realize that what he thinks is clever is tran… @moorehn There's no problem that condescension and tone deafness can't aggravate. @moorehn Why hasn't Disney produced the 3 Musketeers as an animated feature exclusively using cats? It seems like a no-brainer to me. @moorehn The marketplace of ideas needs QC. Too many worthy voices are lost amongst the cacophony of trolls and tro… #EvictTrump CARTOON: Zoom Batter!
Retweeted by Dominic DeCeccoPresident Obama’s eulogy of John Lewis is one for the ages, a perfect tribute of a man for the ages.
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Watching the John Lewis funeral, I see love in the pews and at the pulpit. I see empathy, decency, and justice. I s…
Retweeted by Dominic DeCecco#TrumpIsNotWell Rhonda Hansome says “8pm Sat. 8/1 I’m with some funny folks @gil_tucker_ @notdonenotyetmariannaalda
Retweeted by Dominic DeCecco @RhondaHansome They've been struggling for work and have changed their names to Cubic Zirconia & Velour.#TrumpIsNotWell Attn: #repgohmert #HermanCain boasted he went to a trump ral…
Retweeted by Dominic DeCecco @averykayla Whew! Thanks. I was starting to be concerned.
#SheGotItRight latest episode of PolitiPod just in time
Retweeted by Dominic DeCecco#wednesdaymorning Paul Lander and San McConnell are at it again. Check out how via this link to The Satirist
Retweeted by Dominic DeCecco @glee_writes Sanguinethis is...kidnapping
Retweeted by Dominic DeCecco @Tom_Myers @PolitiPod I'm sure we'll hear your joke as soon as the audit's complete. Relax.I have seen this happen with tech journalists as well, who wrote personal opinion pieces that displeased some PR pe…
Retweeted by Dominic DeCecco @moorehn She starts her freshman year at the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina in… @moorehn Thanks. Honestly, if I didn't have a daughter, who was 13 at the time, we probably wouldn't be having this… @moorehn You are so right. I was 48 when I suffered the loss of my professional career and seriously considered sui…
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Looking forward to reading Mary Trump's memoir. Especially the chapter where young @realDonaldTrump regaled family… the fuck is happening in America? This is sickening. Little wannabe Army man cosplaying tubbos assaulting a Vi…
Retweeted by Dominic DeCeccoRT if you agree that 30 days of silence from Donald Trump about #BountyGate is 30 days too long. If Putin really ha…
Retweeted by Dominic DeCecco @alieward @CBSInnovationTV Congratulations!🎊True to his MO roots @HawleyMO "shows me" he's a petty, little boy incapable of tolerating equality for women. An e…
@HoundiousPrime @AntiMarx3 @jsolomonReports @MomsTrustTrump @andrewcuomo "Wall of Vets" in Portland.
Retweeted by Dominic DeCeccoOne year since The Call. Much has changed for me and so much more has changed for our country. I rest well knowing…
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Retweeted by Dominic DeCeccoWe’ve managed to build a Wall of Moms, a Wall of Dads, and a Wall of Vets in matter of days, and in 4 years Trump s…
Retweeted by Dominic DeCeccoHouse votes to remove Confederate statues from Capitol spaces... on the upside they’ll be more closet space in Lindsey Graham’s office!
Retweeted by Dominic DeCecco#FridayFeeling check this out
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Retweeted by Dominic DeCeccoSome @RhondaHansome #StandUp #comedy @PolitiPod contributor
Retweeted by Dominic DeCeccoPolitiPod episode Wilkins Million is here for your weekend cheer #fridaymorning #FridayFeeling
Retweeted by Dominic DeCecco @PreetBharara Person: Ok, Mr. Trump, name all of those who think you are weak and ineffectual.…
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#ThursdayThoughts .@paul_lander
Retweeted by Dominic DeCeccoHere is my full response regarding Mr. Yoho and the culture of misogyny that inspired his actions. I am deeply app…
Retweeted by Dominic DeCeccoThere's a lot going on, but there's a reason @AOC's speech today on the House floor is resonating. She says what fo…
Retweeted by Dominic DeCeccoI think the ultimate sign you’ve passed a cognitive test is that you’re able to move on to something else.
Retweeted by Dominic DeCecco @heyyguido Those same men tend to be deluded about what makes someone a man, too."I never liked that guy, no matter what the song said." - A Bottle of Rum. #YohoGottaGoI am demanding that Trump withdraw federal agents from Portland and not dispatch them to any other city in America―…
Retweeted by Dominic DeCeccoHaven't been on Twitter much. Apparently @RepTedYoho has a "passion" for being disingenuous and willfully ignorant.…
@kairyssdal He misheard Bugs Bunny and believes the Left is in Albuquerque.Thank ya @intouchweekly for giving me the "Last Laugh" with these funny folks: @sethmeyers @DavidSpade
Retweeted by Dominic DeCeccoBreaking: Liz Cheney is one step away from offering her fellow GOP Congress people free hunting trips with her Dad!
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I never spoke to Rep. Yoho before he decided to accost me on the steps of the nation’s Capitol yesterday. Believe…
Retweeted by Dominic DeCeccoThe United States of America should not have secret police.
Retweeted by Dominic DeCeccoCartoon: Multi Purpose MAGA Hats #MondayMotivation Trump Virus
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Also, “avoid drawing attention to the virus”? I mean…that’s all there freakin’ is to pay attention to.
Retweeted by Dominic DeCeccoRipping the Headlines Today, 7/20/20 via @humortimes #MondayMotivation Epstein
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"He Shouldn't Have Resisted." #ScottWilliams #illustrator @RhondaHansome #writer #Cartoon #NinaSimoneOfComedy
Retweeted by Dominic DeCecco"He Shouldn't Have Resisted" Art Of Scott W. & Rhonda Hansome #cartooncollaboration #NinaSimoneOfComedy @PolitiPod
Retweeted by Dominic DeCecco#sundayvibes #SundayThoughts Roger Stone Negro
Retweeted by Dominic DeCecco @moorehn Also explains job surge for chimney sweeps on ZipRecruter. @Blanca_575 No. I'm 53 and got my first last year. My second this past January. I hope it brings you joy.
@NILES100 Cliff from Cheers#RIPJohnLewis
Retweeted by Dominic DeCeccojust a reminder that what happened in portland is exactly what Tom Cotton proposed in his New York Times op-ed, sooooo
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#VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare Cartoon: All Black Beans Matter
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Retweeted by Dominic DeCeccoWhich is…not legal.
Retweeted by Dominic DeCecco#wednesdaymorning hear PolitiPod Wednesday Mornings at 9am EDT on #WednesdayMotivation
Retweeted by Dominic DeCeccoHall of Impeached Presidents And 9 Other Disney World Updated Attractions For 2020 Grand Reopening…
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#ByeIvanka new episode release
Retweeted by Dominic DeCecco#COVID19 Extra! Extra! Latest Ripping the Headlines Today, 7/14/20 - Paul Lander - @HumorTimes
Retweeted by Dominic DeCeccoI'm in this mix. Join in!
Retweeted by Dominic DeCeccoHey Florida you just set the world record for #coronavirus cases! What are you gonna do next?....I’m going to #DisneyWorld #TeamDl
Retweeted by Dominic DeCeccoTrump Wins Again via @wordpressdotcom
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