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DomesticDan @DomesticDan Seattle | he/him

'A dapper raccoon cosplaying as a man' Lifestyle and variety streamer. Twitch Partner

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@NerdyNetty We needed sugar in the house. I fixed the problem! @GekGemu @dunkindonuts I neeeeeed it. We had one and it shut down. :( @Myll_Erik I'll set a place under the pergola! @phaily_ Well thank you 😊 @AniGeekVA Well I love it soooooooo @QuantifiableTV Sorryyyyyyyyyy @SantaDevs @QuantifiableTV AAAAAAAAA @TadaCharly I accept this blame. @TadaCharly OOOOOO @TheMavShow I want to bake for you so bad 🥺 @FrankthePegasus Yaaaaaaas @Pumpkinberry Ok!Who wants cinnamon rolls?
Live making sweets here! slows hair growth, right? Making cinnamon rolls while dreaming of haircuts. @rod_johnston Liked this then read the rest. BoooooI keep getting Dunkin ads and IT DOESN'T EXIST HERE. I WANT IT AND CAN'T HAVE IT @Silent0siris Yeah I have to now. Like really soon. @Silent0siris Yesssssssss. Still haven't made any myself, but I really want to!CINNAMON ROLLS TODAY @LuxieGames Aaaaaaand now I have to try this on DomesticWife. @Ezekiel_III Holy shit man. Glad you are ok!Kimchi-michangas! Had to use up the kimchi filling so this was the result!
More kimchi spring rolls! Then more Shadow of the EGGROLL. We finishing it today! in, n00bz! We're making costumes on front page today! <3
Retweeted by DomesticDanI have to make more spring rolls today. Then I'm going to ride Eggroll to victory in Shadow of the Colossus. EGGROLL @CannibalQueen21 Ok😊 @EricVulgaris No recipe but was 2 parts pork, 1 part red cabbage, 1 part kimchi. Added some garlic, green onion, an… kimchi spring rolls! Fresh and ready to eat!
@TheHunterWildTV Hoo boy have I got a number of hats. @BloodyfasterTV HZD!!!!!!!!I'm early. But Ghost Grabbers rise when the ghosts do! Gotta get that shot! Phasmophobia with @Classypax is decided and we start in two hours!! @AustenMarieTV Yaaaaaaas @Valiance Parks and Rec? It's been my go to for the last 4 years. @JustSeum @Pikaclicks @TheMavShow Naw he's right. Left pizza none beef is a close second though. @littlesiha @ClassyKatie PINK CTHULU MUG!!! @Banzaibabee Oooooooo @Classypax @ClassyKatie @PlayKatiePlay @Pumpkinberry Do eeeeeeet
@ElspethEastman Is that a half sleeve???oh muh gawd I am here. @bluejay_712 @JonsandmanTv @ElspethEastman 👀 @GeekChickTV YAY!!!
Hi! Shadow of the Colossus! Gone was emotions so imma ride a horse and yell Eggroll. @skylatron @Twitter WOW. GGTypical, unfollows since I've been posting on Black lives. Stop following me if you don't care about black people.
Retweeted by DomesticDanYou deserved better. We are so sorry they failed you. 🙏🏽 #JusticeforBreonnaTalyor #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by DomesticDan🔴We're LIVE for more GONE, our surreal thriller about memory, identity, and what makes us who we are. Where will th…
Retweeted by DomesticDan @iamBrandonTV The amount of whataboutism or people saying it was "right" is outright sickening. This was so far from justice @Sacriel Congrats!! Once you get knighted, I can finally say I have fed a knight! That's my dream. @DrLupo Good luck Lupo! Hoping it's something really minorPeople in various Twitter comments wilding out about the money Breonna Taylor's received as amends: Money is nothi…
Retweeted by DomesticDanI just don't see how you can look at this and think none of them should caught an actual charge.
Retweeted by DomesticDan @JayBrotatoe @Capn_Flint is marriage.Wifey had taken all the pillows (including mine) and the blankets. Guess I'm not sleeping tonight. 🙃 @Curvyllama Honestly same. IRL I can talk people up but online I get that sweet impostor syndrome thinking I'm not… @Lil_Lexi @BloodyfasterTV Same tho @Lil_Lexi @BloodyfasterTV Oh. @iamBrandonTV Well hello there! This is definitely up my alley. 3 years of shows on Tablestory and GMing my own sho…
More Shadow of the Colossus! Eggroll rides and we take out definite threats and totally not peaceful giants.… @VernNotice I'd like to nap until 2022.More Shadow of the Colossus today! Eggroll will yeet us to victory!! @JayBrotatoe Also my dinner was homemade poutine. And yes, with cheese curds. @JayBrotatoe We living that Covid + insomniac life @Tyrana5 A solid plan2am dinner is the epitome of 2020. @RichardHammerTV Best dad.
@Tigerwritertv @BloodyfasterTV @Tigerwritertv @BloodyfasterTV I GM this group. I can only blame myself.🎲Live with The Forbidden Lands! Our explorers emerge from the belly of the beast in a…
Retweeted by DomesticDan @BloodyfasterTV ZOINKS! @ElspethEastman @Obsidian @TSimbolic @gaming_huskies @8bitdylan @urbanbohemian @LuxieGames @negaoryx @jeffbrutlag @Alanna_Sterling @iamBrandonTV Boi. This. Yes.I went through hell and back to get home this past week. I also heard Hades 1.0 released. This sounds like a stream…
Retweeted by DomesticDanFried rice loco moco casserole!
It's time for Casserole of the Colossus! Making a pantry casserole, and then getting into our annual Shadow of the… casseroles today! Also starting our annual Shadow of the Colossus aka yell at Eggroll the game. I am PUMPED. @Classypax Night and day. I stayed inside the whole time because of this.Change your filters. It protects your health. Wear a mask. It protects others' health. @ElspethEastman It's rained a bunch so it's getting better! We sealed off the house the whole week so it wasn't as… @QuantifiableTV OoooooOne week of smoke. The filter on the left looked like the right one last week... to Team 2: @RobAndDan's Dan, @OverBoredGaming's Brawli & @Goobers515 for their victory in today's A Day Wi…
Retweeted by DomesticDanFinal shift of A Day with WYK is now! @FirecrowTV and @spooneebard join me to pirate everything and steal ALL THE…
YARR! A Day with WYK continues in a few minutes when Brawli from @OverBoredGaming & @Goobers515 set sail on the St.…
Retweeted by DomesticDan @RabbsterMatt @RobAndDan CRY FIERI @Lowco2525 @BloodyfasterTV I'm scared @Pookajutsu I made a joke and you gave a helpful answer. This is why I like you 💜 @Pookajutsu IDK WHAT THIS MEANS POOK Do I use primals to craft better gear?Soooooooo I accidentally promised I'd stream some FF14 in the near future for the first time. What server is the best one? 👀THAT'S RIGHT NOWWWWW!
Retweeted by DomesticDan @TimeJumper319 They did and I hope you had a fantastic night friend <3It's been surreal. Met and/or streamed with those who got me into streaming in the first place. Been sent to Twitch… years partnered. Guess I'm not a new streamer anymore. Here's to a bunch more. 💜 @BloodyfasterTV U always qut
It is time! 5 years partnered on @Twitch. Boy it's been a thing. Let's reminisce, pretend we know what we're doin…