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'A dapper raccoon cosplaying as a man' Cooking, lifestyle, and variety streamer. Twitch Partner

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@InexpensiveGamR @SimmerPlayer27 @RoryPlays_ @Goobers515 @littlesiha @LadyAderissa @snowlitTV @OverBoredGaming @kupcakemonsta Cute lil whiskey!!Steiner sees. And disapproves. @DaPipps It is mine every tiiiiiiiime @spooneebard IT IS THE BESTIt's time. FF9 time. The best FF. Come enjoy one of my favorites with me as we start this adventure together.…
Soooooooooooooooon @SmashleyTwitch @PlayKatiePlay So grown up now!! @shadowhound36 Have it on PC. Can't get ANOTHER copy lolI GUESS I should put on pants. @AnthonyKongphan *Weeps in Seattle Kitchen* @PlayKatiePlay Happy birthday!!!!!!! @renee Sounds about right. @djWHEAT @Bizsnes @Twitch Part of my lack of motivation to make it to more PAXs honestly. @buffwoto @SteveChopz @SteveChopz @buffwoto You've now been directly informedTonight is the night. We start one of my all time favorite games. Don't miss it or I'll be sad. FF9. @littlesiha You got this!!! let @ODanicaRockwood help you test your headset. RIP @DomesticDan
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@ThePoqito Glad it went well sir!!!! <3I exist! Let's hang out for a bit and talk upcoming shows/games until we dating sim! @sonicsanime44 @RabbsterMatt @Goobers515 @Jinovaplus A break from something they have fun with and enjoy and do eve… gonna be a little late as I'm finishing up some chores. BUT we're gonna get stream going soon. Chatting for… @BloodyfasterTV Will Leon halp? @theladymea @MyLawyerFriend You are cruel. @GlamShatterskll @Lobosjrgaming Final boss @ODanicaRockwood and I play dating sims, it get's weird. And loud.
Retweeted by DomesticDan @omglazerkittens @505_Games Congrats Becky!!!! @CookingForNoobs Mmmmm escrowWYK is about to delve too deep... into the Darkest Dungeon. Join us on February 22 at Noon EST for #ADayWithWYK whe…
Retweeted by DomesticDanIf someone commits the perfect crime, how would anyone know? 🤔when @DomesticDan is secretly a Minecraft modder
Retweeted by DomesticDan @Goobers515 YOU FOUND ME
@JayBrotatoe NOOOOOOODS. But I love sushi but I'll take the noods.Welp. We unlocked a new emote slot last night so I guess we have RIBLETS now. ALLYOUCANEATRIBLETSAREBACKNOWAT… @theRSSfeeds @Goobers515 @littlesiha @katestark @katestark Hard. No. Tomato soup only.
Making taquitos for Meal Prep Sunday! Prep Sunday soon! Taquitos! Shredded beef and creamy black bean versions! @TimeJumper319 @Goobers515 @HodorificTV @RabbsterMatt @Jinovaplus @SeaOfThieves oooooh those are really cool!When @ODanicaRockwood and I play dating sims, it get's weird. And loud. O N E Coming March 4th 1:30 PST | 4:30 EST | 9:30 GMT 🌊
Retweeted by DomesticDan @NerdyNetty It's one of the things that was on my list when we bought. Been amazing when we've lost power during sn… think Leela likes the fireplace. @littlesiha DOUBLE WINK ACROSS THE SKYThis was so much better than it had any right to be. day after Valentine's Day! Danica and I are going to girls? Dating Sim with Shakespeare GO!…
Soon. @ODanicaRockwood and I will date things. Furry things. Furry Shakespeare. Yup. your cleric takes 32 points of damage in a single turn. We are LIVE NOW with our DnD #actualplay The Guardian's…
Retweeted by DomesticDan @TheHunterWildTV I'd love to share a loaf with you🥺 @TheHunterWildTV Hot damn! I've been wanting to do a sourdough starter for so long🤩 @Pumpkinberry @PlayKatiePlay It brings me immense joy. @VoiceJayBritton @Pumpkinberry @erotes Our spirits touched from across the pond.You find someone and roll the dice. That's love. Happy Valentine's Day. @Lil_Lexi @INTERRO Holy shit this punCookie dough is chilling! We are switching to Metro Exodus DLC until they are ready for baking tonight! SECRET TU…
Let's bake some cookies. Cookies for our special day. we're baking cookies for Vday! You might even get your name on one because love or something! After cookies,… @Romcommm Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
DomesticWife informing me of dog's breakfast status. sleep here? I sleep here. @PeachyPixel8 @HJTenchi I loved it. Crazy but sooooooo goodPost Death Stranding feelings eating. Give me heresy and panko popcorn chicken. @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN Almost hit 500k likes. ALMOST. That happened. Death Stranding is over. Thank you. @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN
@JayBrotatoe @Pumpkinberry holy hell I just saw this and I have a fear @monkeyism @Myll_Erik My crush is Lance with tequila.GG @SteveChopz for this beauty.Continuing Death Stranding! IT GOT WEIRDER. GOOD. Also where are my roads? @Its_Mittenz I'm so glad!!! @OfficialFarEm Ooooooooh das a flurfy beard! @stalefries Mmmmmm @stalefries I don't know what that is but I'm down. @Goobers515 @alexmonney @InexpensiveGamR @LogitechG I, too, would like 7 bebcams @Goobers515 PIPES @HJTenchi BREFFAS KINDImma have a burrito for lunch. @InexpensiveGamR @LogitechG Wait NEW WEBCAM? @RabbsterMatt @Goobers515 @PlayKatiePlay @BloodyfasterTV What time? I need to know for reasons.
I think we finished the roads? Do we do plot? More Death Stranding by @KojiPro2015_EN! Let's figure out what in th… @Allstate Well done @Jinovaplus and @RabbsterMatt for making this delight during Death Stranding by @KojiPro2015_EN. I'm in good hands.Seems @Allstate has my back even when my truck get's a little...Stranded. @helloitskolo @PeachyPixel8 @Pumpkinberry You BOTH did incredible! @Roll4It @RandomTuesday @CryWasTaken @bluejay_712 @TwitchFuzzy @MargaretKrohn This looks awesome! @Pumpkinberry All you need to do is ask. @Pumpkinberry YOURS??¿? @SteveChopz TACO! @Malhidael @Goobers515 Nice!! @ATablestory👀
Retweeted by DomesticDan @Goobers515 I regret this phrase @Goobers515 I'LL SHIT ON YOU PHYLLIS @Goobers515 AGROCRAG