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My pronouns are I/me/mine/if I must be referred 2, they/he r fine. I do not want anyone crying @ my funeral. I am dead. This is a celebration, bc life was hard.

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@CashApp $KillAbreu @sunflower_onii I want what they haveDo you want to know how I avoided getting covid from my positive symptomatic roommate with whom I share a bathroom?…
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Retweeted by Banjee-KazooieWhen Persians turn their back to one another, they say, "I'm sorry my back is facing you" and the other person repl…
Retweeted by Banjee-KazooieWandaVision looks cute, I never got around to watching Infinity War and beyond tho so… @fuckethn I’m so sorry 😖gn
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Retweeted by Banjee-Kazooiemt. fuji photographed by makoto mizuki
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Retweeted by Banjee-KazooiePLEASE AGSJDN i thought i was so funny 😭
Retweeted by Banjee-Kazooie @undercoverqueso Thank you 😊💕it’s veiny huh — 🤨 @undercoverqueso @yungghoul69 This pic??? @itskiablanco Dkfkdkdkkdj @itskiablanco Wtf? Police need to mind their business like that’s no ones business?? @mutant1000000 No you don’t? @BLACKLVRBOY You already wished me but thank you again 🥰🥰 @fauxdeity @kissmeriver The mind and the oil @fauxdeity @kissmeriver And then go ahead and do a sickening house remix and eat all of that up… where’s the effort?
Retweeted by Banjee-Kazooie @maniladon Girl @byr420n DRAG HAMay any current blockage in your life be removed.
Retweeted by Banjee-Kazooie @icedouthublot The Grudge never gave @albertoutspoken Ahh that’s what I thought. I was reading about how she said she thought Caution could’ve been bett… @albertoutspoken Where is this? @whoisguranyway Thank you❣️Please journalists , its undocumented migrants to you. There is literature on this. Stop dehumanizing people. Lang…
Retweeted by Banjee-Kazooie @messymaricon Thank you babe! 🥰💕 @paraisodoll Yes plzthis STILL haunts
Retweeted by Banjee-KazooieI don’t go a DAY without listening to them
Retweeted by Banjee-Kazooie @durandbernarr 6’1 @StevieDerrick_ Thank you❣️ @DarbzVibin Thank you Darby ☺️💕 @_KingNeek Thank you❣️☺️ @XavierDLeau Thank you!! ☺️ @black_thottie And does! Thank you Ms. Mamas!! 🥰 @byr420n Thank you bb!! ☺️💕 @Yosnier_ The way your art is stunning? Very thatDefinitely getting a print of this yup prophecy fulfilled
Retweeted by Banjee-Kazooie @PsychicCherub Ohhh my god! Those have been through war @paydayl0an Thank you!! 💕☺️ @AsToldByTBrown Thank you Taylor❣️🥰 @luckyone_miggs Thank you ☺️ @t3rriaxo Thank you!!! 🥰💕 @missgabbybabey Thank you MissGabby!! ☺️💕Not even 15 days in the new year and we already lost another black trans woman .. :( RIP Tyianna Alexander ☹️💗
Retweeted by Banjee-Kazooie @_pure_1 Thank you 🥰 @TerryMakesStuff Thank you!!! 🥰 @gLLRm0 Thank you babe 😃💕Good morning if you were born before October of 1998 you have lived through 75% of this nation's presidential impeachments
Retweeted by Banjee-Kazooie @stargaasm 1000% @wiselovesoul Thank you babe 🥰 @unisiI Thank you!!THE COLLAB THE GAYS NEED BUT DONT DESERVE OPrAH!! @Epithymia__ Thank you icon 🥰 @GeekNStereo Thank you Larry!! 🥰 @Iatinwave Thank you! ☺️💕West coast still got time to wish me a happy birthday… @byr420n @12hmars The Sativa Secret Servicei want plastic surgery not because i think i need it just because i think it would be camp
Retweeted by Banjee-Kazooie @tonydwhite ❤️❤️❤️thank you babe. I love you ❤️❤️🥳
Retweeted by Banjee-Kazooie @kbsontherun And wouldn’t! But you know they don’t make pop girlies like they used to @kbsontherun StreamingBjörk’s ex Matthew Barney: “she wanted to barbecue and eat me”
Retweeted by Banjee-Kazooie.@tonydwhite @thatsobishen This is so precious 🥺 @Nicosaesthetics A CLASSIC! The taste @Druperior Hi king @thotlikekidd Whew 😋Oh my god??? @AshSadnap Thank you!! ☺️💕 @immaterialgxrl Sick and twisted. @albertoutspoken excellence! @albertoutspoken It’s from cacao baby 😭 you mix Palmers and sugar and it’s white chocolate @albertoutspoken Also are you using cocoa butter on your face? @albertoutspoken Cocoa butter ain’t made from cocoa? Why is coconut in it? @beejangles Find as he’ll at every age, that’s power
Retweeted by Banjee-KazooieCan’t believe we gave up hunting n gathering to pay rent
Retweeted by Banjee-Kazooie11:11 @1br_ndon Thank you bb! ☺️💕💕Keep the bussit challenge alive for another week or 2 my lace is shipping !
Retweeted by Banjee-Kazooie @boylipshionista Delete this 🥴The end of HxH chapter 383… @kwesidillaa 🥺 @orbgoddess Baddie 🥵The way @bossip changed the whole game
Retweeted by Banjee-Kazooie @MlSANDRIIST Blonde one @sekucci Cause we got to see more than a short jiggle duh @PsychicCherub TRIPLETS @kwesidillaa Your aunt tall as hell?