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Dominic Farrell @DominicFarrell Liverpool and other places

Former Major in the British Army (Infantry) 🇬🇧

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@TheLoneRangeUK 6th Form.And a leader helping his mates. Watch the video. @benglaze Who? #Madness @7heDandy Very funny. @ccthansard @SiskJerry Brilliant 😀 @SiskJerry @ccthansard Agreed, not the way to store wine 👍 @ccthansard At least 7 bottles Charles. So in touch with the Red Wall.Socialism: Nice few bottles of red in the corner of the shot. I hate Thatcher mug. Bet he only bought it because of… November on Discovery History +1 at 2200hrs. Going to record it @exRAF_AlAre @theSNP in Denver @Ianblackford_MP ? @TheLoneRangeUK And appropriated by corrupt officials. @Iceyall Only if we supervise it. Otherwise goes to corrupt officials. @Katy_Scarletta Not very stable in SA Katy. Aid goes to officials not the people. Why aid to China? India? It’s non… party of total lockdown doesn’t understand the economics of lockdown. Much worse downturn and jobs crisis if La… Argus is presently providing aid in Honduras. Saving lives. This is ‘overseas aid’ as I see it, not building pa… think Darren has just nailed it 👍 @Droneranger66 @TinaThacker66 @SsafaSouthend @NobbyPompey @thedogman_918 Done 😀 @ClennellMick @bbc5live Agreed, we were discussing the logistics of it earlier. @SsafaSouthend @TinaThacker66 @Droneranger66 @NobbyPompey @thedogman_918 We’re good thanks, back at you x @SsafaSouthend @TinaThacker66 @Droneranger66 @NobbyPompey @thedogman_918 Still here 😀👍🇬🇧 @CarolPP9 @JustinWelby I do question whether he genuinely believes in God. @spike67spike @bbc5live Agreed mate 👍 @jamieson_ruth Beef stir fry in honey and pepper sauce tonight. Chaos here, didn’t even think of taking a pic 😀 Boy… man who’s going on holiday to his 6 bedroom mansion in France from May to September 2021. You couldn’t make it… @ruzalna1 😂 @PeterDFleetwood 😂 @jamieson_ruth We’re great thanks Ruth. Hope all well at your end. Toffee remains a handful, but has many admirers at our kids’ school 😀 @SiskJerry @Sean7032efc 😂👍 @Cleanbrexit2 @UKDefJournal Does very well with upgrades and repairs. Yard is always full. Would be great to get shipbuilding back.Remember it could be Comrade Corbyn, Semtex McDonnell and Abacus Abbott in ‘command.’ Captain Hindsight and Dopey D… for Liverpool region and others > Royal Navy to get more frigates via @ukdefjournal @jo_beckett @bbc5live It’s Liverpool, we just turn up #MassTesting. @Sean7032efc I do Sean. Free tickets if my memory serves me? @glasterlaw1 @alfisutton @bbc5live Thanks Anthea, you too. Watching football here x @SCogitans 😂👍 @BrexitHome with Mrs F tonight after Your Call this morning on @bbc5live I would not be comfortable visiting her older par… @Doc28715363 Thanks Doc.Brought a smile to my face. Whether male or female we can all relate to this as we get older 😂 @Droneranger66 Yep 👍 @Droneranger66 😂👍 @SilkCutBlue Sounds like a wonderful man. RIP. @SilkCutBlue A wonderful story, so sorry about your dad.Are MPs criticising the public sector pay freeze rejecting their own generous pay rise in ‘solidarity’This is wonderful. Dogs know when you’re not feeling 100%, of that I have no doubt. Mrs F calls them nurse dogs. Wh… @montie When the situation changes, I change my mind #COVID19 @HennessyTrevor Yes, I have the 11 version of that. Superb.Wouldn’t trust Dodds to run a raffle. memory. Incredible what you can do with an iPhone 6 years ago. point > EU shamed as MEP accuses Brussels of hypocrisy: 'You said NOTHING of France's violence' piece as the all time high is in sight > Bitcoin finally finds a rationale in doomsday scenarios…
@AileenQuinton 😂 Very good 👍 @AileenQuinton Thanks Aileen. @SarawakRajah 😂 @NidoEscape Yes, he needs a number 4.“Happy Christmas Sir.” “F*** O** Flight” 😂 #RAFRegiment #Banter @DaylightRobber2 All kids, not just him. No school from 23 March until July, then isolating again until summer holi…’ homework has almost been overwhelming since Sep given all we do as a family. Tonight Champ had 32 pages of a… @exRAF_Al My experience of AES dogs is that they love it. They thrive on it. And in service or retirement treated like royalty. @MikeClarkeSnr Sorry to hear that Mike. My condolences RIP.Bad day in the office for Scott. We’ve all had those days #MasterchefTheProfessionalsVery Sinn Féin. Well done @theSNP @Ianblackford_MP et al. @sweetcorn56 Liverpool 😀👍Man Utd and Chelsea live on TV or a show about baking? Let’s get baking! 😀 @RobertTapson A means to navigate using a map and compass. And other things. @SiskJerry 😂👍 @RetiredSub 👍 @HughKeir Boots DMS and puttees. @RetiredSub 👍 @richard_bishop1 This is on mine. @billy1665 My favourite phrase in certain situations 😀Remember this? #Mils #GridtoMagAdd etc. @necrophage32 @cantmiddleton Brilliant, made me weep. Very moving 😂Incredible interview, I too stopped for lunch and just sat there and listened @bbc5live @TherealNihal 👍
Long day, funeral organised for a great man. Good night, God bless x @JohnCaveAusten No, but sadly when one of the cats delivers one as a present, I have to say goodbye. Nature, taken… @pmphillips @BorisJohnson Earlier tweet: Christmas is not like any other 'religious' festival. Vast majority who ce… @glasterlaw1 @wallaceme Thanks Anthea, I have. Hope yours was good too. Sleep well x @wallaceme 😂Still in my office, TV on silent, looked up and there you were. Always a pleasure 👍 @pmphillips @BorisJohnson Peter that's nonsense. You're letting your politics get in the way of common sense. Do yo… too. @Jessrocks71 Looks great.Christmas is not like any other 'religious' festival. The vast majority who celebrate it are not Christians. It's… @SunDodger07 See your point, but if she's the terrorist who kills my kids, then I don't agree. Politicians made te… appears Monday evening has become 'support our local fish and chip shop night' Wonderful HK family. @Wigwamjam @ruzalna1 😂You are extremely naive or stupid if you do not think this to be the case > Shamima Begum continues to pose terror… @Wigwamjam Happy birthday Captain. @yvonne_castell Army padre, a good friend is now onboard and the service booked for AFTER 2nd Dec. Hopefully the la… @TonyRobertBurke Indeed Tony, know them well. It may well be one of those Tony Hollingsworth has asked.Organising a military funeral joining lockdown is challenging. But my friend has just phoned to say he has a bugle… @GaryGaryholman What an incredible story. Thanks for sharing. @Nitromanuk Yes, two trials with different doses I understand. Being stored in a normal fridge is a game changer lo… an incredible story Al. Worth reading for those interested in military history. more good news on vaccines this morning. Oxford University/Astra Zeneca can be stored in a normal fridge. A b… @TigerJackMoran1 Yes, we would have.
@Wigwamjam Already have it Captain 😀👍“There’ll be no whitewash in the White House.” President Nixon. @glinch2_mc I do Martin 👍