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@ALMTY_Se7en almost like we went back in time ten years
goat @Gameof_Toness hahahahaha @LANSUH_ so charismatic just run for president already!!!fuck donald trump and anyone who stands with him thank you i hope your morning is going great
Retweeted by acab dom @brandonbarcenaa you got this brother!!Is Lupe Fiasco a better lyricist than Kendrick? Yes. Does he make better records than Kendrick? Hell nah! Have th…
Retweeted by acab domBubbles to eat in chilly NYC but no bubbles for the homeless in chilly NYC
Retweeted by acab domI’m Up, I’m Up. Let’s Get This Tinapay.
Retweeted by acab domBlue-green shift.
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incredible tweet
Retweeted by acab domwhite people mad about Robert Pattinson's southern accent want to experience cultural appropriation so badly
Retweeted by acab domGOAT @brandonbarcenaa luv uno internet at the crib for 5 days! @DavidRegoso GOATGonna tell my kids this was The Sopranos
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Retweeted by acab domfunny how cycles workwhen I die get a pencil and do the grindin beat on my casket
Retweeted by acab domIf you made 10 beats and they all suck, well at least you made 10 beats
Retweeted by acab domfeel like i need to listen to only rap music for a week to rebalance my chakras @kingscr0ssing @KSOLAR94 🖖
2020 @kylemaggio what a wild tweet @earlboykins thinking about it. maybe too long for a rewatch commitment @KSOLAR94 welcome back bro what's goodfor millions of years humans have felt that first bite of chill in the air, gazed towards the horizon and pondered their drip
Retweeted by acab domI grew up here
Retweeted by acab dom| 🗣 |
Retweeted by acab dom @Social_Rell ooVoo oh my lordnot a Tottenham fan btw🗣 How many goals did you score today? Son Heung-min:
Retweeted by acab dom!!!! @oeste hahahaha glad I'm not the only one thinking thisContinuing to pretend as if Son Heung-Min is playing for a different team so I can continue to love him
Retweeted by acab domlove this dude on the Dortmund bandwagon who's joining 📍: 9/20-9/25 Let’s work.
Retweeted by acab domimagine watching hunterxhunter for the first time againlove to see it release this Costanza fit ends up on my IG story at some pointwild weekend at liverpoolwait Liverpool got Diogo Jota??????
please shut upI grew up here
Retweeted by acab domThis is Anfield. Challenge accepted! 🙌🏽 UP THE REDS! 🔴 @LFC #YNWA
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bucciarati official music video featuring the voice of @KARIFAUX music by @PROFCALC starring @PFTompkins direct…
Retweeted by acab domlove to see it @FifaCMTips nicely done graphics yet again. keep it up man! thanks for all the info.fuck yes 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 let me know if you’re not rooting for desus and mero so i can come to your house and fucking fight…
Retweeted by acab domGOAT love zuko sm this scene is so so good
Retweeted by acab domI can't wait to root for a player with my last name!!! lmao ALCANTARA TO LIVERPOOL! FINALLY!writing hella cover lettersIt’s almost that time of year again.
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should I try that haircut too @kylemaggio might as well sign you too at that pointcan't wait for #FIFA21 Career Mode. gonna try to break my biggest biases - prioritizing buying American, Asian, and Brazilian players lolbob’s son cafe coming soon
Retweeted by acab domfantastic
Retweeted by acab domI’d buy any coffee @JimmyButler started producing
Retweeted by acab dom @CareerModeStars @DarylDike is he really just a 61? gotta play the long game to develop himGOAT @lucien_form @DefinitelyNotTy they Clipped! lmao @ALMTY_Se7en’ma push back my barber appointment tomorrow. Can’t trust any clippers right now. I’m shook.
Retweeted by acab domThe Knicks officially won a trade btw, let's rejoice
Retweeted by acab domThe thing the Clippers really need is a dog. Julius Randle perfect for them
Retweeted by acab domPeople are dragging Paul George after a horrendous series but he told us he wasn't feeling mentally well in the Bub…
Retweeted by acab dom @lucien_form I'm down if you got hot pocketsnuggets nation...we did it
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Retweeted by acab domBam Adebayo, like me, hates leprechaunsJimmy Butler, like me, hates leprechauns
Sometimes I really miss the real world bushwick. Mostly because I could host beat shows whenever
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Retweeted by acab dom"cactus jack sent me"
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Retweeted by acab domwe’re going to be celebrating the 5 year anniversary of “So The Flies Don’t Come” online!!!!! supreme grooves right…
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rappin the whole album cover to cover
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Retweeted by acab domflyer art by your boy! selling prints of this and two alternate posters in my online shop :) link in bio!… @yomilo flyer art by your boy! I'm selling prints of this poster and two alternates in my shop, trying to save up c… @brandonbarcenaa let's gooo bro good luck!“can’t wait till winter so i can start dressin”
Retweeted by acab domYou know the vibes
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yo this is Shaolin Soccer? @THalfCourtPress I've been thinking this for years and I'm glad somebody else has joined me lol. whenever I see a r…