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@eggsfortwo Ouid.. lmaoif Jeff Bezos gave each of his 876,000 employees a $105,000 bonus, he'd be left with as much money as he had at the…
Retweeted by Italian Anthony Davis @mirandareinert Tigers jaw / b&c is pretty great.Akiem Hicks when he takes the field @The_Dream99 day goes by where Florence Pugh doesn’t know I exist 😔 @dribbledfiddler 🤔. There’s a jj fish in Lakewood that has em, still haven’t tried. I think I’ve only eaten at the… in 2005: the #WhiteSox completed a 4-game sweep of the Houston Astros to win the World Series.
Retweeted by Italian Anthony Davis @dribbledfiddler What you gonna eat? @heyill @MattRoth732 Absolutely notHOW DID LOCKETT GET HIS FEET DOWN FOR THE TD 🤯 (via @NFL)
Retweeted by Italian Anthony DavisTyler Lockett is insane @dulapalooza They actually work?I’ll never forget that tweet that said kyler murray runs like a baby that just got out of the shower and doesn’t want his towelBig DK metcalf fanFor the deniers and Twitter MDs, let this real doctor, Dr. Eric Burnett school ya
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Me chillin in 1999 yeah’ll never get these 40 seconds of my life back @eggsfortwo @lowriderslug_ Big fan of head angle wow
Retweeted by Italian Anthony Davis @2chienz I stopped when my mlb at bat decided to not show playoffs . Pussies @mlbatbatI should start watching baseballWait what just happened ? Lol
@letsassume @olivesagan I’m in Tacoma and definitely saw a bunch of videos from him in Olympia , I heard some clips… don’t even like joe biden but ‘Bye-Don’ is an amazing “slogan” shocked Florida isn’t completely red @mirandareinert Bake a sausage ?
I had a homeless guy gas me up after I pearled the park think one day there will be a president named Kaedyn or Jaxyn @UTChicago @Ogie86022994 I need that hatAnywhere they got a Klan at.
Retweeted by Italian Anthony DavisCan y’all watch him real quick while I go rip a cig ? at our history of oppression of Black people from slavery to Jim Crow and lynchings to mass incarceration a…
Retweeted by Italian Anthony DavisMountain or cloud ?’s kind of lame every time they talk about black people they only talk about us like we’re criminals. Like prison…
Retweeted by Italian Anthony DavisStand back and stand down #poorboys @shane_riordan Boutique barbershop that serves cocktails by day and Mumford and sons cover band at nightUnable***Reminder that the Chicago police departments budget is 1.7 billion. Absolutely unnecessary when people are starving…
@GlazedTweets Today is good kid maad city day , shut your mouth today. Tomorrow, ok @shutts67 I’ve never actually made it, I should tho . Any good recipes ?Abreu was INSANE with the glove this year we made it
Retweeted by Italian Anthony Davis @EricO312 @AdamAAbdalla Depends on the sauce really, some require it due to fresh ingredients while some like Louis… better be Alabama white and not ranch.. of them @mirandareinert @nocureforfooIs Fork @MATTYDIDTHAT John wallThe manufacturer of OxyContin will pay $8 billion after pleading guilty to criminal charges for creating the U.S.’s…
Retweeted by Italian Anthony Davis @LanceBriggs Didn’t Israel idonije also get into comics after football? Awesome man!These are hard better than a sunny day in the fall with crisp air“How’d you know I listen to the menzingers?”
Joe Biden has proposed to raise the top individual income tax rate (the rate for individuals with taxable income gr…
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Retweeted by Italian Anthony Davis @shane_riordan BracioleDoesn’t matter @STR0 We need you on the white Sox @OsirisRodrigx @Kdunn93 3rd? You mean 4th. Keaten never told you about his older older brother Francis? why David has big ‘the audition’ vibes @seawayband @2chienz The only hope there is a poisonous snake or spider sneak attacking it, that’s itI just want @BryanCranston and @aaronpaul_8 to see this @doshombres cool kids were definitely a huge part of my younger days and got me into more rap for sure. 3 Bulls 3 bears 2 hawks 1 feel like Eddie redmayne is capable of playing a 17 year old or a 65 year oldI’ll stop. But rob killed it with these
“Bears are the worst 5-1 team of all time” well we have as many wins as the whole nfc East combined so fuck off 🐻⬇️Fuck barstool, but fuck @jewelosco even more for this shit. they just chop up a nerds rope and throw it in a bag? Sold anyone make a joke about manti teo’s girlfriend yet? @straightillin48 @WillieP_WSox McDonald’s bbq is trashI’ve never used any of those third party delivering companies and probably never will. just wish I was them 😔
everyone who discovered @FleetwoodMac after Guardians of the Galaxy 2 looking at everyone discovering them from the…
Retweeted by Italian Anthony Davis @Glenny_balls Chicago! @2chienz 3 hours until she says itWhen your 7:45am flight gets delayed to 2:30 pm>>>>> 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼 @The_ColeAnthony @_Newby This how he looked rookie year.Ok...I’m gonna watch this on loop for the next few hours and cry. #Blackhawks #ThankYouDoc
Retweeted by Italian Anthony DavisMike 'Doc' Emrick retiring from legendary NHL broadcasting career
Retweeted by Italian Anthony DavisTHAT WAS LEGITNESS
Retweeted by Italian Anthony DavisBut it got great reviews.𝐎𝐜𝐭𝐨𝐛𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟖, 𝟐𝟎𝟏𝟔 | 🐐 Marian Hossa scores his 500th career goal! Is he the best free agent signing in Chicago spor…
Retweeted by Italian Anthony DavisWish mookie was on the white Sox 😔My wife put together this Halloween decoration and the kids are absolutely baffled.
Retweeted by Italian Anthony DavisWith the Packers' loss, the Chicago Bears have taken 1st place in the NFC North with a record of 5-1.
Retweeted by Italian Anthony DavisMarcus stroman
I can understand picking the Vikings and packers but the lions..?