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BLACK LIVES MATTER. Antifascist. He/Him. Prince of Maine. I make ice-cream 🍨Agoraphobic extrovert PSN:DominicSjr129 🎮

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If we don’t get this scene in Captain Marvel 2 🤌🏼 thoughts, just Teyonah Parris bopping to Agatha All Along. #WandaVision
Retweeted by Ruminating Thot 🧠 @SpinelessOyster The way their pupils twitch so realistically 👀 @SpinelessOyster No actually, I think I agree! It’s a little off putting, but the original was too! @PRock1990 I know they’re not bad, but having a better understanding of how Netflix treats properties/series makes… @PRock1990 Budget writing and cancellation of pretty much all of their series haha. I don’t talk about it a lot but…’re coming for revenge. @benyahr As I scarf on rolos 😂
@CodySDax You’d be surprised how crowded my imagination can get 🐷This is my Kim K moment I think. @mynamedeek Apparently it’s his 10yr anniversary at apple and he felt like treating himself 😅 @mynamedeek I like IMMEDIATELY thought of you bahahah I haven’t really even like dropped hints to him >_>This is “for us”, even still, I don’t friggin deserve him 🥲My boyfriend just came home with this, WTF IM FREAKING OUT. There are so many things I want do and try and be creat… @RosemaryChapman @CodySDax She would’ve SERVED and she kinda did with what she was given; but yeah to everything 1000% in your last part. @RosemaryChapman @CodySDax No it’s okay! It was a little further down i clarified myself too. @RosemaryChapman @CodySDax That’s what I said though 😅 @Muffin_Chips Oh hey it’s me your bro @aaronpallan @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN must be aware of this. @NJDG 🤌🏼 @CodySDax I think it’s also more a teens show?? I’m thinking more “Korra” and less “TLA” as far as storytelling. @monetxchange And yes that is Ned Shneebly from School of Rock. @monetxchange @monetxchange Oh man you NEED to watch 37, David vs Goliath. So many friggin memeable moments. @TangoGolfKilo Watching him do coke kinda turned me on lololol 🤡 @TangoGolfKilo Universe Brain, douchy husband to be in Palm Springs.And you kind of disingenuously/erroneously double down on things to validate yourself? I’m sorry people I’m arguing… I forget there’s a big difference between derealization (how I usually feel) and depersonalization; today… @redlobster Im blocking you for this aggressive af ad @CodySDax CBS AA: spaceships and drag queens! @Demented_Marmot It’s mostly unnecessarily dramatic lol, I just need a good nights sleep that I know is never coming lol @heauxrgeoisie (Oh god that last part is def directed at OP, not you haha, sorry) @heauxrgeoisie I mean, yeah, that’s why I disagreed with OP, and why you’re disagreeing with me now haha fwiw, I do… @heauxrgeoisie *worst, rather than awful @heauxrgeoisie I agree with you. That doesn’t make that media an “awful form of story telling/unwatchable” though. @redwoods81 @CodySDax What’s funny is having Bran be king makes A LOT of sense under the “bran is the NK” theory, b… @heauxrgeoisie The “ego flaw” part originally comes from that. Not wanting to watch The Office because the jokes do… @heauxrgeoisie There’s a difference between not wanting to rexperience trauma, and disregarding an entire medium of… @heauxrgeoisie I guess ego flaw was aggressive, I myself can’t really watch Always Sunny for similar but different reasons. @heauxrgeoisie it’s fake misfortune though? That’s the whole point, to experience stories and feel emotions second… @RawStory @Scott_Heim @AOC Can we not with the aggressive wrestling terminology? Smack down? Slammed? 🙄 @J7urn Haha we all have our thing, I can’t watch Always Sunny because I can’t handle second hand terribleness; that’s my ego flaw 😂 @TickledPanchax Omg NEED @scondon76 That’s all coffee @Muffin_Chips @LITMAJOR_music @LITMAJOR_music @Muffin_Chips He was the only other Glenn I could bring to mind 😂 @Muffin_Chips @MelaninMagi See also! kind of hate this take, all media we consume is basically second hand emotions. Sounds like you just can’t handle… @TheKateMulgrew You’re incrediblePost an image of yourself as the final boss without downloading new pics.
Retweeted by Ruminating Thot 🧠 @CodySDax I also think Clark is such a fantastic actress, I would have LOVED to see her descent well executed; more… @CodySDax I mean, there’s a believable arc in there that she just ended up viewing all of Kings Landing as the enem… @me0wstic_ It’s literally the only reason my PS3 is within reach to be set up rather than packed far away where it deserves to be 😂And this just friggin depresses me because it hasn’t worked in years 😫 @CodySDax Honestly, Danaery’s turn is probably the most believable part, there are actually a handful of great idea…’s criminal I have to go back two console generations now to play this 😫 and LR runs at like 24fps 🥵 @CorvusCorax77 I always get weirded out by flat parts of the country! Almost like there is too much sky hahaHonestly, just this @danielsogay “OMG we HAVE to find a condom!!!!” Because there are literally zero other ways to hook up. That’s such… to feel something today got my boyfriend a dumb little surprise treat for when he gets home from work; I hope he gets it 😅 thwip #NoWayHome 🕷 @pat_dabear @NinaWest @TheOnlyDetox Oh I was reading about the devil’s tritone after the second episode hahaha @AndreaRhodea I preferred Dead Cells tbh, though they aren’t comparable experiences. HLD is like Zelda, Dead Cells… @bird_zaddy The problem with that though is that you just end up with a 13 hour long movie which is fun as a viewer… @Muffin_Chips This is Smart Guy erasure @csulliva09 I think it’s confirmation bias haha, because I have a similar tweet about birthday around the beginning… by myself allows for less stringent mask wearing during downtime in case you’re curious/worried/anxious :) @duhlaymos If you can only tolerate this, stop trying to tell me this isn’t too much, ironically I can see through… made it to work at least >_> @CubbyMoon Haha I can! Fuel reserves running so low in an already rickety engine today >_>Sometimes I feel like a road flare in a world built for tea lights.Today? No thanks. @DougDodsonENews Either way it’s right next to NYC or Philly at this point? Haha🤷🏻‍♂️ @DougDodsonENews From what I can Google it’s a “fake” location. There is unincorporated territory called Westview t… @PlayerEssence Skye Bennet as Pyra/Mythra literally one of my favorite voice acting performances ever. @JohnRobertsFun Agatha All Along becoming a top 10 single in less than a day proves literally nothing can be too ga… @hells__fargo It’s literally the only thing I can focus on. Same damn problem as the films., it clearly was just raining, nobody has an umbrella or jacket? I don’t understandWhy does he look like he’s inside the Matrix @dizzy_pup @bigbadbull__ Nobodie’s perfect! I don’t understand folks who watch shows they don’t like haha @dizzy_pup @bigbadbull__ Never wasted! LOST is a great show with some minor misdirection; the ending is shakey, but… 1 alone was about 1075 minutes, WV S1 so far is about 210 😂😂😂Gen Z discovering television because they’ve been raised on nothing but binge streaming is really interesting haha;… regards to my new theory on who the secret guest star in #WandaVision is.
Retweeted by Ruminating Thot 🧠 @csmith03 I saw the clip about him saying his mom made his suit.... why is everything grey/tinted green 😫With regards to my new theory on who the secret guest star in #WandaVision is. @mattsevits Ironic given the whole Moss/Scientology thing right?? That show gives me the heebiesI caved and did the Starz free trial to watch Far From Home; god, Jake Gyllenhaal is so friggin good as Beck. yes definitely my favorite character (so far) just finished her prologue 🤭OMFG I already love her. Not just these examples, her whole opening scene #13Sentinels #PS5Share @dragqueenjp @jujuboston I can’t wait for S2
@Trorrior 👀 huh??The Avengers are coworkers The Fantastic Four are a family The X-Men are messy queer network of found family un…
Retweeted by Ruminating Thot 🧠 @Trorrior I actually kinda dig it tbh. But I just love Tessa Thompson @the_otherjcole I can just TELL that dough is gonna bake well. 🤤 the glisten!I can’t seriously do twitch or an OnlyFans because my enthusiasm lasts for about 2-3 days at a time followed by wee… oversized comfy sweaters you wear every day so don’t wash enough, are required @scondon76