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(Nurse irl) Parody of your mom💗. Wash your gaddamn hands. Latina 🇲🇽🇵🇷

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@J50117157 Possibleim literally spending >$400 to fly to Dallas and vote in person because you "accidentally" flagged me as committing…
Retweeted by Social Distancing Dom @89_rakhar Oh shit wtfI’m not sorry I made y’all stare. You’re going to hell for it is it?What is that? Is that thigh fat? Is it my fkn vulva? Why is my 🐈 that chunky? What IS it? @Zerukin @B_Rabbit843 @FUNimation People can change and do better, but I don’t have to forgive pedophiles or accept… @Zerukin @B_Rabbit843 @FUNimation Mine* @Zerukin @B_Rabbit843 @FUNimation Your preference is noted. It’s also not mind. Pedophiles are less than nothing to me @jurijuri 🚩 @MatthewHVoss As fast as I want?? This is not about what I want, wtf. And I never said it had to be right now.“I had a long stint of doing this”. Jesus. Reading that over again, I seriously feel he needs to be investigated. I… @B_Rabbit843 @FUNimation I get he’s a nobody in the grand scheme - but he used his minor position to prey on a mino… @AliyyahTahirah @Supernova_tash @iamkingkent @FUNimation not saying a thing out of fear of being subject to another frivolous lawsuit?? Cause I think it’s im… say what, now? @EiScreamu @ChrisExposing Omg. I hope she is safe and ok, I can not begin to imagine what she is feeling rnOmfg wtf is wrong with these creeps?? STOP GROOMING AND SEXTING MINORS. This was no accident. There is no “whoops… @LilYungen24 @KartoonMGMT This is really good @ChrystalWRox @ANerdWonder @CHELSOFARC This fella really out here comparing apples to Nazis, eh?
Retweeted by Social Distancing DomSnyder Fanboys: We're not toxic! How dare you accuse us of being toxic! *spend literal hours being human garbage t…
Retweeted by Social Distancing Dom @renfamous LMAO WHAT? @dmschmeyer “””heartened””” @dmschmeyer Lol @renfamous @CHELSOFARC Oh oh! Me. I’m in the death threat club. lmao didn’t we have a group chat with that name? 😂 @CHELSOFARC Lmao are you new here?? @elseedubya An uwu Dom? 🥺👉🏼👈🏼Follow this babe ❤️“slipped”
Retweeted by Social Distancing Dom @NoahZukowski It all started with this comment. And suddenly, the pressed individual got their followers to annoy m…💀💀💀 @Teratophile @214MinutesLong @renfamous You summoned him by describingJUST POSTED: Trump claims the Bidens are corrupt & demands they release documents about their business activities.…
Retweeted by Social Distancing Dom @Legalala Me
@JamTop1105 Not being a pest at all! I wish I could share more @sweetestsin201 Tbh same. I learn as I go. @destroytokyo Sad boners cause world wars @vine_zak 🥺❤️ @vine_zak Thank youuu @sweetestsin201 Just get a lacefront @destroytokyo Sad boner 😔 @TommyKyMcClPli Lmao therobobobo likes me however I cum 👁 👄 👁 @FlaminTokei I’ve been working, I just happened to get texted an offer and was convinced to interview. I’m just job hopping @jarjarkinksa @FlaminTokei Yes I am. It’s gonna be busy af, but I miss that settingBrb, dying my hair purple so men can fk all the way off @DemonRin Ty bb @JamTop1105 Nurse 🥴. I hate to be vague, but ppl are eesh @Lupinfan83 Back to the hospital 🏃🏻‍♀️ @Byron_Mobley @errorcoramnobis @BitchWithA_W You saved this just for me, I feel it in my bones @TheRedJoka ❤️❤️❤️ @errorcoramnobis @BitchWithA_W Did someone say Jesus? 👀💦 @DGartJose @renfamous Lmao what??? I’m Mexican, too - have you NOT seen how many coconuts support that clown?Whispers *igotthejob* 😳 @Taaannniiiaaaa @ANerdWonder @renfamous @___Julio___ Lmao wut @Ratchet1332 @ANerdWonder Correct. @DomSkyeRN @ANerdWonder So the argument is that “a lot* of POC/marginalized groups like Snyder’s work so hating it…
Retweeted by Social Distancing Dom @Ratchet1332 @ANerdWonder Racism, and how people not liking Snyder’s films had a direct impact on his life. @renfamous @atrupar OmfgHe just confessed to a crime. On tv.
Retweeted by Social Distancing Dom @ethanjacobslaw You look intimidating when you’re not smiling @ms_peaceweaver @WimminsRea LMAO @WimminsRea Lmao omg I have done this beforeeee 😂. I took a bath and just read a book, and got out and was like... waitThe election is not in 15 days. The election is TODAY! November 3rd is the last day to vote. Vote as early as you can!
Retweeted by Social Distancing DomThat was almost me 🥺 That time I called the police on a man that tried to attack me/pull me out of my car and the… number of dudes that jumped on the original tweet to be toxic in response to someone pointing out the overlap b…
Retweeted by Social Distancing Dom @destroytokyo @kylaTea @ANerdWonder ❤️❤️ @destroytokyo @kylaTea @ANerdWonder @kylaTea is a friend ❤️ @errorcoramnobis @ANerdWonder Nachos are racist @DemonRin ❤️❤️❤️. I didn’t even know I followed him, it’s not a topic that interests me whatsoever. Buuut yeah. Yikes @errorcoramnobis @ANerdWonder @OhMySophii @ANerdWonder Accusing people of racism for not liking some white director is not “socially awkward”. @DomSkyeRN @ANerdWonder Lol is this thread real life??
Retweeted by Social Distancing Dom @ezraflash Are you one of the 3? @ezraflash So you attack people for responding to people you don’t like. @halberdrayne There are people dying because of their skin color, but he draws the line at not being a fan of a white director @DomSkyeRN "You are racist because Znyder fans also happen to be POC and women" Fucking wat?!
Retweeted by Social Distancing DomOmg you’re such a fkn crybaby 😂. “Attacked” 💀💀 @AlvaroIM77 @ChillinWanderer @ChrystalWRox @renfamous That guy has so many accounts he made in August, it’s so cringey @ChillinWanderer @ChrystalWRox @renfamous need serious help. Stop calling people racist for not liking something - which btw I never said I did not like… @ANerdWonder What tf are you talking about, when tf did I do any of that you fkn clown?What. Tf. Are. You. Talking. About. Trump has PoC and women that support him, too - ARE YOU RACIST FOR IGNORING TH… @J50117157 @kylaTea @renfamous Roses are racist @kylaTea @renfamous That’s racist, ma’am @kylaTea @renfamous GIRL, peep how far they take it 😂💀 @renfamous it’s now racist, apparently 🤦🏻‍♀️Is not caring about Snyder films racist? “You people” sounds pretty racist to me, are you gonna chant “build a wa… @ANerdWonder @TheFliteCast “You people” lmao what @ChrystalWRox @renfamous Harassed for not caring lmao @renfamous So... I didn’t even say sh*t about Synder’s movies, but got to see just how truly toxic some of those fans can be and YIKES“How dare you accuse my fandom of being deeply toxic”
Retweeted by Social Distancing Dom @214MinutesLong @renfamous Gorgeous eyes, wow @Icepick87 @J50117157 @TheFliteCast @ToccoTrevor Your tweet makes sooo much more sense now, and yes. I agree. @Icepick87 @TheFliteCast @J50117157 @ToccoTrevor Just proving @renfamous ‘s point tbh. Toxic af @ChrystalWRox @TheFliteCast @ToccoTrevor @J50117157 Hard agree.This is an important topic. No one has the right to dictate what you should and should not post on YOUR personal s… @DemetriSmooth @MijumaruFan Agreeing with what’s obviously true = minions. Idk, sweetheart 🤷🏻‍♀️ They’re minions,… @TheFliteCast @J50117157 @ToccoTrevor You have 4,117 followers and do the exact same, except have a mob you use. So