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Joe Biden EXPLODED in anger at a farmer who asked about his son's payouts from a Ukrainian gas company. "You're a…
Retweeted by Donald JefferyState Dept.: Ayatollah Regime Killed Over 1,000 Iranians During Protests #OANN
Retweeted by Donald Jeffery @neal_katyal TDS. Seek medical help immediately @nytopinion @michelleinbklyn Facts? Evidence? Zero. Next?. @thegoodfello @NBCPolitics He doesn’t want to move to DC. They’d be lucky to have him. Merry Christmas @AnalyzeThis69 @JoeBiden He won’t last. He’s not up to the task. Trump would eviscerate him. @CBSNews He also called him “fat”. Don’t forget that part.... @thegoodfello @NBCPolitics My son’s 24. When will the Ukrainians be calling him to ask him to be on a board? He’s… @JohnJrNY @NBCPolitics Is he bright enough to even understand? @NBCPolitics As joe calls the man “fat”. Funny they don’t mention that.I played the recording for my family. They all said he called him “fat”. I didn’t clue them in regarding what the…
We can't have a president who shits on half of the country he wants to lead. His campaign ended today. He just does…
Retweeted by Donald Jeffery @TJCarpenterShow @AZachParkinson @benshapiro It's not true as the President isn't a racist, nor am I. What is up f… says I'm a racist. He's never met me #f***him
@SonamHajela @Sio09818738 @NBCNews @realDonaldTrump The Prime Minister. lolBiden scandal not going away.
Retweeted by Donald Jeffery @SonamHajela @Sio09818738 @NBCNews @realDonaldTrump I assure you there will be a price to be paid. #noworries :) @Sio09818738 @NBCNews lol. He looks like a caged rat. He blew himself up with @realDonaldTrump , and it's all on him. @ABC Bright fellow, well educated, liberal as they come. #bias Don't care about his opinion here. Follow the FACTS and there are NONE. @NewsHour Time for the liberal law professors to have their say. #Bias @ABC smart guy, liberal as they come.... don't really care what he thinks. #bias @rosedixontx Hey @JustinTrudeau , you’re screwed. You did it to yourself. #moron @KamalaHarris The whore is no more.
@ScottAdamsSays did you see this? @gtconway3d you are beyond being an asshole. What a piece of work. I hope she kicks you to the curb.
@wef Whatever. @NBCNews She wants her easy money gravy train back #influencer @KathyCybele @CynicAnalytic @JonBowen @ewarren Kathy I think you need to. Take a look at what needs to be done to amend our Constitution. @ewarren Thank the Lord that we have a constitution to protect us from the totalitarian state they want to create.“Fossil fuel emissions are killing us, which is why me and my congressional Democrat colleagues have chartered a je…
Retweeted by Donald Jeffery @dlonorse @nytopinion It’s all propaganda. That’s not good. @nytopinion The press is, and has been, corrupt for decades. The bias is obvious. Journalism is long dead. Sad but true. @CBSNews Wants to get that easy #influencer money back. What a scam. @ABC She wants the easy money to return. #influencer$$ @NatSecLisa I’ll bet you can get a great promotional deal from a condom company.
@MarkRuffalo There are 18.6 millionaires in America. 3.5% unemployment, 3% wage growth and a stock market ... Mark…
Retweeted by Donald Jeffery @MarkRuffalo How much of your earnings did you share with all the staff you've worked with for your projects? 80%? 70%? or maybe 0%. @thatone78665843 @pammyess @chicagotribune Guess you missed the Chicago rally. The one that was cancelled and was… @thatone78665843 @pammyess @chicagotribune It's happened before. At Trump rallies. I walked away. Exactly what t… Biden claims has has "spent a lot of time" with Kim Jong Un. That is FALSE Biden and Kim Jong Un have never m…
Retweeted by Donald Jeffery @thatone78665843 @pammyess @chicagotribune You're incorrect, I very much am. I understand the fellow spit on the c… @NashvilleMann @JohnKasich @WorldWarZeroOrg He’d have zero chance . Zero. We are done with RINOs. @JohnKasich @WorldWarZeroOrg I’d expect nothing less from a RINO like you. @fallen_link @TimesNormal @washingtonpost A lie repeated s thousand times is still a lieHEAR OUR VOICE? Starbucks sales down, Target sales down, Macy’s sales down, Movie sales down, VMA awards v…
Retweeted by Donald Jeffery @Exosynjii @washingtonpost The far left road is the road to oblivion. America is not a socialist country. @TimesNormal @washingtonpost He’s so corrupt, how could anyone even think of voting for him? Young voters despise him. @Geyzen @washingtonpost Problem is that none of them are suitable. @pammyess @chicagotribune I’m a police supporter but the video I saw seemed quite clear. CPD used excessive force, again. @Yasminakill @MarshaHendersh4 @CBSNews @SpeakerPelosi Weird since they’ve rising for over 100 years. This is nonsense @Yasminakill @MarshaHendersh4 @CBSNews @SpeakerPelosi Or scientists... @DantaPeter @ABC Race had nothing to do with this #idiot @Yasminakill @MarshaHendersh4 @CBSNews @SpeakerPelosi Actually this is a lie. And a lie repeated a thousand times… @Yasminakill @MarshaHendersh4 @CBSNews @SpeakerPelosi You deny science as well as there’s much that says it’s all a ruse.
@PatrickAKarlson @chicagotribune Uh no. Not even a hmmm. Pocahontas is history. @grantresists @NBCPolitics Racism? @MarshaHendersh4 @CBSNews @Yasminakill @SpeakerPelosi All the science DOESN’T point that way. Some but nowhere nea… @MarshaHendersh4 @CBSNews @Yasminakill @SpeakerPelosi Pretty sure it was “truth over science”.Belgium has fallen ... Liberals welcomed Islam's "migration" into Belgium. Muslim enclaves never assimilated into…
Retweeted by Donald Jeffery @pink_lady56 I would have walked out. Pathetic @_Believer05 @RJewellFilm Your loss @JessicaGKwong “Honest mistake” = fake news = LIAR. Seems clear to us. #dicreditedHack @Walkerlaws @washingtonpost Newsflash……… weather is NOT climate.
@BrianKempGA appoint @RepDougCollins please. Support our President! We need real R’s, not RINOs. @washingtonpost Tell us again how the world hates @realDonaldTrump ... @BarackObama I give thanks that you’re out of office...forever. @DailyCaller If the cartels keep killing Americans it won’t be a proposal anymore. It will be a fait accompli
@washingtonpost Weird. Jobs are plentiful, consumer confidence is high, most of America is doing so much better th… @DailyCaller We can thank our public school system for this lunacy @NBCNews So? Is he a us citizen? Or that probably doesn’t matter anymore, does it? @99Mangos What are you talking about? @nogreenveggies @washingtonpost What are those crimes, specifically? @scotchymetal @washingtonpost Yes comrade, good @Alyssa_Milano Cats... chasing the Presidential laser... 😂
Retweeted by Donald Jeffery @SLMKstl @ArthurSchwartz TDS. Seek medical help immediately @babygirlcj @JudgeMoroz Let’s move into @Alyssa_Milano s house. After all property lines are “just arbitrary line…
@DanMaynardSmith @washingtonpost What are these “facts” you speak of? @mehaas50 @washingtonpost He’s guilty of nothing. Opinions aren’t evidence @jhmont @washingtonpost You’d impeach due to EVIDENCE of high crimes or misdemeanors. None exist. Opinion. Feeli… @washingtonpost “Debunked “? I guess not. #FakeNewsMedia @richard56burch @NewsHour @JudyWoodruff Maybe you should quit using precious energy resources on Twitter. Oh, and… @NewsHour @JudyWoodruff Because they had excellent recording instruments before the industrial revolution...🤪 @NBCPolitics Better look for the fake Quid pro quo.....again. #FakeNews
@nytimes NYT Slimes. You are Fake News.
Retweeted by Donald Jeffery @nytimes @RudyGiuliani The NYT today has so much #FAKENEWS! 1. I did not ask anyone to dig up dirt on Joe Biden an… @NBCPolitics Can you tell us about his toothbrush next? How often does he floss? @chicagotribune UIC isn't in a great neighborhood. I'd never send my kids to school on the west side of Chicago. Sorry to see this.BREAKING: @Twitter Attacks @Project_Veritas; BANS Twitter Ads Account
Retweeted by Donald JefferyThis is my hypothesis as well. #OKBloomberg
Retweeted by Donald Jeffery @elonmusk I’ve spent over 35 years in the auto retailing business. In all that time I have never heard, or heard o… @wef Go talk to them, I’m sure they’ll be happy to hear from you. @ChadPergram Proving once again how @foxheadlines has lost it’s way.
Yo hot chocolate is $12.50 at Soldier Field. $12.50!
Retweeted by Donald Jeffery @ericcooksey15 @EmptySeatsPics Wow @kyledcheney how can you call yourself a “reporter” when your bias is so apparent? Your writing is opinion and spi… @bpolitics Talk about a publication that can’t be trusted...”Bloomberg “? Writing about the President? #jokeMonty Pythons Life of Brian (1979) accurately depicts modern liberal lunacy 40 years ago lol
Retweeted by Donald Jeffery @nypost Who cares? Why give any credence to an over the hill boring show? @kathryn_sandy @washingtonpost Misandrist and ageist. Nice. #loser @arendtiana @washingtonpost Feel free to live without using fossil fuels. Let us know how that works out for you. #moron