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San Antonio friends! Please keep a lookout for my buddies poor stolen pupper!! San Antonio friends. Our friend and neighbor Shane Smith had his truck stolen with his sweet pupper inside. The…
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@smallpressshann Nice shirt!! @amandadeibert Not much really. I think I have an alright neck? Other than that I guess I’m just grateful that Mega… @CBCebulski @BenJMorse You guys know I have the old school DC bullet logo tattooed on my shoulder right? It was the…—-> @RyanStegman you know @Doncates and I do a podcast? It’s a book club! Take a listen! (And subscribe)
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@rossrichie @blackem_art You’re damn right, Ross. I’m a very lucky man!I’m not done yet! VENOM 200 is my last issue! @danielwarrenart Oh no. Burn them. @danielwarrenart GIVE IT TO ME!!!*we don’tHey hey! @blackem_art and I have a podcast! And for the next few weeks or so we’ll be covering the entirety of Y:…
@MitchGerads @NosleepPodcast Oh word? I need a new podcast. What’s that one all about?Here's the actual text from the bill
Retweeted by DONNY CATESHi Texas friends. Legislation SB1646 states that it will be considered child abuse if you support your child in the…
Retweeted by DONNY CATESWow! How cool! venom. BY ME
Retweeted by DONNY CATESWe pimped out our bathroom 🦤💛💀
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@ChangoATX I can call in some favors bro @ChangoATX Y’all gotta come over! @playwsquirrels_ Not mad at that.CC: @blackem_artSo...we got our guest bathroom redone and wallpapered! It’s crazy! We love it! first story follows the “Carnage Shark” from after Venom island! @Doncates & @KyleHotz unite to bring us the…
Retweeted by DONNY CATES @RodcommaThe @blackem_art you damn right. Gotta keep my lady happy.Hey! Random Fun fact. My amazing wife @blackem_art did all of the art in this Key and Peele Stan Lee sketch! How co…
Retweeted by DONNY CATESAtomahawk fans! CROSSOVER #6 has you covered with a Cyberzerker variant cover by @wonkytiger! From @Doncates,…
Retweeted by DONNY CATES @blackem_art @RodcommaThe Cooler and more beautiful . Every single day. :) @moon_comics @Knullified1 @JPMayer_ We don’t, unfortunately. @DanSlott Well not with that attitude they aren’t! @ChangoATX @blackem_art @deezoid 💯;)What?!? That's hilarious!!! Go @blackem_art !
Retweeted by DONNY CATES @blackem_art @deezoid HawtHey! Random Fun fact. My amazing wife @blackem_art did all of the art in this Key and Peele Stan Lee sketch! How co… @keith_ng @Docrev_ @redgarlic68 @MetBoy7 @Jacob_Brogan Oh. Not at all. We address that very thing in the run. @Docrev_ @keith_ng @redgarlic68 @MetBoy7 @Jacob_Brogan
@Wil_Moss @RyanOttley @Skybound If his dance card ever comes free let a guy know eh?? Nudge nudge...No. Even after Marvel announces it, I still won’t tell anybody. That’s how secretive I am.
Retweeted by DONNY CATES @RyanOttley @Skybound Which Marvel comics tho? TELL US!!! @ThatDaveJordan You’re the man! I owe you one! @ThatDaveJordan Downloading immediatelyNailed it people! This Sunday! I will be at the market of the living dead selling prints and a few other things at the…
Retweeted by DONNY CATES @LuckyTP_ @tanzidtonmoy7 He’s the god of lies now. Yes.Hard agree. Cowards hide behind shields. Warriors throw hammers. @chillinaustin Oh man! Yeah I still have those! Good times, buddy! Seems like forever ago. @tanzidtonmoy7 @Eldagusto He’s the God of Lies now. Loki says that very thing. @JPMayer_ FOR REAL @MagnusTheBright .....thanks.As everything with @RyanStegman its a combination. We get on the phone and talk scenes and moments out and then he… the greatest thing Stegman has ever drawn. I’ve just been riding this dudes coattails for four years now.… guess this is a spoiler but I keep seeing it everywhere online so I’m gonna go with it. Here’s a spread from King…
Retweeted by DONNY CATESTonight on @Stegmanshow we are gonna have @Steph_Smash and @Rileyrossmo1 to talk all things Harley Quinn! Ask your questions here.
Retweeted by DONNY CATESGod I wish. course!! write full script. Pages and panels and dialogue and everything. comics!! I always leave when I’ve told the story I want to tell. Never been pushed off a book. @DrAwkwardGED @RyanStegman I’m actually fairly certain it IS the longest Venom run. Either way, thanks so much for the support! @marvel_mythos Oh I’m exclusive to Marvel. I’m not going anywhere, I promise. Lots of new books coming. Thanks for the support!
I wrote my final line of Venom today. Man. That is weird. I’m honestly not sure how to process that yet. @RodcommaThe Get it!Hell yeah!
Tillie Walden and Donny Cates join The Walking Dead in Skybound X
Retweeted by DONNY CATES @marvel_mythos @BlindedMeWSciFi it's pronounced "Teeves" @xdannyxbrownx Dude you’re in my city?? What??. @ImageComics and @Skybound are releasing SKYBOUND X, a five-issue weekly event series from @RobertKirkman
Retweeted by DONNY CATES🔥 We’ve had the privilege to work with @blackem_art on some amazing projects over the last year. But this one with…
Retweeted by DONNY CATES4 DAYS AND 19%TO GO!!!!! Please pledge and share. There are pledge levels for every budget. This is the final push…
Retweeted by DONNY CATES @BetoNotBeto @JamesTheFourth you damn right. @JamesTheFourth Yeah man. We live on a cliff side so it’ll be built into the hill with all glass looking out over t… @JamesTheFourth I’m building a home office off the side of my house. Cannot wait to have a place to go hide. @first_comics haha. Not to my knowledge!
Hell yeah @rocom @blackem_art @Todd_McFarlane Kids love chains broHaha. I haven’t been blonde in over a year. These days I just have long pandemic hair. @ChangoATX I get around a lot.My new 616 Comics @Todd_McFarlane homage variant for Crossover #6 is on sale tomorrow. Available at…
Retweeted by DONNY CATESHey! Who’s that handsome fella?!! should read Venom. #HappyNationalPetDay !! Here are all the crazy animals in my life that bring me so much joy and love (The bla…
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@CullyHamner @blackem_art @aperren Yessssss!!!! @BillRosemann @RyanStegman @IbanCoelloSoria @nickspencer @FedeVice_Art @JoeKellyMOA @ShadeX6 We’re having fun boss! @CullyHamner @blackem_art Yeah man. We gotta hang! It’s silly we haven’t hung out on our home base yet! @AllnewXSase @DanSlott Ah thank you! @DanSlott I don’t know the issue, but there’s a super sweet sequence where Spider-Man and Cap sit down to make a co… @Alfred_Comics @RoiDeDuplex Despite all her rage? @blackem_art You’re so sweet baby. I love my good witch.Happy New Moon in Aries! A time of fresh starts, creative opportunities & new beginnings. I’ll be doing tarot read…
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@JLinanArt @RyanStegman Because he carried the Enigma force. It restored his chrome @safree180 Ingrid!