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DongWon @dongwon Brooklyn, NY

literary agent at Howard Morhaim Literary Agency. these tweets are mostly nonsense. Newsletter at: / he/him

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@keightdee I love it so much
get me three tacos and a soda @MarkTHrisho San Diego. tacos El gordo🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
Retweeted by DongWon @alextillson espresso and tonic!happy long weekend nerds! john wick three part of the yeehaw agenda? @emilyhughes it's such a I'm better than you moment @emilyhughes I really love the moment they realize they're in a knife museumRandom Sat morning thought: Objectivism is one of the most insidious and persisting lies of colonialism.
Retweeted by DongWon"Perpetuate" and "depict" are not equivalent. One can and should depict oppression without perpetuating it. To fig…
Retweeted by DongWon @fictograph where are your auntie plastic gloves @BBolander @tithenai yikes. feel better soon! @tithenai @BBolander I'm gonna stop talking about it because the less you know going in the better it is @Jess_Wade @MattFnWallace (it's so great and I look forward to it every time) @Jess_Wade @MattFnWallace (it's just a vortex of gossip) @Jess_Wade @MattFnWallace @BBolander @tithenai I actually bought the bees zine for Amal but I can't decide if I should wait til she sees it before I hand it over. @BBolander @tithenai god same. I would be so delighted to just watch Amal react to the exhibits. @BBolander (hard same friend) @BBolander I find that diorama to be weirdly terrifying and I love it. @BBolander I really love the tell it to the bees bit. but good space dogs is also so great. @BBolander I adore it there. It's such a strange liminal experience.I have a new best friend
@katbamkapow Center for Land Use Interpretation was everything you promised it would be @BBolander I just saw the sign! @beckykralle so so good @Annaleen @web_librarian yesssss I'm so dying to play that. I'm running Kingdom soon inside my dnd campaign which i… @rishabree nah Filipino food! @keightdee me too @ArkadyMartine congratulations!Friends, this is it: my second book with @torteen. Out next year. 472 pages, 103K+ words, fantasy/magical realism c…
Retweeted by DongWonALA folks!!!! Look at this PARTY!!!
Retweeted by DongWon @byobrooks @WendiLuluGu @kianangu @HannahFergesen @laurenspieller @dreamoforgonon @ericsmithrocks @beth_phelan @AgentZacker thanks Brooks! @MattFnWallace I do not understand how they did that. it was incredible. @MattFnWallace that is true. and I really don't mean to undersell the franchise. I love it.I love them @gaileyfrey this tweet is slander. she is portrayed like a good cat and that will not stand. @BBolander it really is @sawdustbear everyone needs flower crowns @navahw @UrsulaV @navahw @UrsulaV @UrsulaV @navahw best not to get into it. @sawdustbear they're just making your car pretty and purple shing @navahw @UrsulaV stop judging animal books by their adorable covers @UrsulaV @navahw they are jerks! @sethasfishman things take time Seth! @sethasfishman I want to no lie @charlesatan thanks Charles @vfarmstrong they really do! @gaileyfrey that I get to take a nap soon @alextillson I think I did? it was really beautiful @atebbel @notquitereal I love them SO muchhey twitter what are these purple trees everywhere in LA? because they're great. @charlesatan oh totally @_senma yupthis isn't even a criticism really. they're super fun and I like watching them but also every scene is like hey I like that movie.john wick movies are dj dance remixes of martial arts flicks you like
LISTEN TO KEVIN that @tithenai and @maxgladstone’s THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE THE TIME WAR on this fab Entertainment Weekly summer pre…
Retweeted by DongWon @Authoroux @AceRocBooks this looks so good! @beth_phelan squarespace. it looks good. is easy to update and add covers and stuff.🙌🙌🙌 it magic or mayhem that we're running two amazing pre-orders right now? 🤔 #magicxmayhem Submit your receipt for…
Retweeted by DongWon🚨🚨🚨 MAGIC FOR LIARS AUDIOBOOK EXCERPT 🚨🚨🚨 Click below to hear the incredible @xesands narrating Chapter One of…
Retweeted by DongWonI will be at #Balticon this weekend! I am ... doing too much programming, but I'm so excited about all of it! Where I will be when:
Retweeted by DongWonI'm so excited to teach this workshop! Come here me talk about novel openings and workshop your own! 8/1 in Portla… @runwithskizzers ENFYS NEST SHOW NOW @merchantofvice Portland! @gaileyfrey I was just talking about this morning!there are so many good dogs in this town. I saw a tall boxer, a Weimaraner, a black shaggy lab, two little rat dog… @maxgladstone @tithenai @BBolander yeah what happens is so beside the point @MarinaLostetter I'm an "eh snakes" person. I started to tell a series of stories to a very "no snakes" person abou…
errery day @MiriBaker w-whatthe explanation for why he-man has a tiger is one of the funniest things i've ever seen in my life and i have to sh…
Retweeted by DongWonthank you to @jvn for calling out how fucked up it is that they call bran "the broken." gonna miss gay of thrones. @tithenai ... noted. this is gonna be a whole damn treehouse soon. @jruoxichen she's so so well written. she's awful but also so relatably human. she really grew on me as well. @jruoxichen it's so so smart and painful @BBolander @NotLikeFreddy I don't think there's anything specifically about the highways but I'm still gonna plug M… @charlesatan hi charles
@ericsmithrocks I started just sweating as I read that"This impressive, confident debut is a total blast to read thanks to Gailey's snappy, nimble writing" Thank you so…
Retweeted by DongWonsometimes when you hang out with another agent you just have to do a flex freakin’ book. I have to stop every couple of chapters & pace & rant at my husband out of sheer adrenaline.
Retweeted by DongWonBookExpo/Con are *the* most stressful parts of my job BUT I am so excited bc after it's done I'll be going to the H…
Retweeted by DongWon @LA_Knight89 @tithenai no they burn them first @fictograph @halleluyang @MiriBaker @nilaffle if I had to know it then you had to know it @halleluyang @MiriBaker @fictograph @nilaffle @MiriBaker @halleluyang @fictograph @nilaffle @rakeshsatyal this is a good tweet