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@FizzyxDDD @aimDLLfps play 1 ranked before 20:00 and winSorry! An error was encountered while processing your request: There was a problem loading your inventory history. @neLendirekt Our analytics show that the NA scene is shifting towards what used to be the EU Meta from a couple mon… @neLendirekt @1pvalorant @pmleek 80% of Breach picks is ex6tenz @FizzyxDDD Tryhard more plzBrief Release Notes for today are up. We've fixed a bug that allowed enemy players to spawn outside of their spawn…
Retweeted by Hac1 @moosemeatdealer @khaosbob @mezidog @iukecs AHHAHAAHAHHA
@leaf_cs @G2pyth glitchpop >> @Celyptic Nah several gaming journalists have confirmed it to be real and that does look like FromSoftware type of… @domaVALORANT new skin bundle has bucky so they didnt nerf it with stinger and frenzy so ppl buy the whole shit smh @ethanarnold Tell us who you maining dawg.. you a SKYE @LYF38 it's a trailer that has gameplay footage here's some of it, it's really blurry @everen1tv it was leaked footage I hope the upcoming real trailer will have it cuz a brother STARVINSeen leaked footage of Elden Ring god is good.. shit is everything I expected even if it was a Work In Progress trailer from a year ago @InstincT_V9 @khaosbob GET HIM!!! @JakeSucky @khaosbob hands are never cold until the moment I decided to play a match then they start freezing like a bitch @CarlosR @JakeSucky FACTS @iukecs @notkeos its the bugged skin mode of that blastX paper shit you pull of your weapon when taking it out @_bazyy DRAGON >>>>>>> PRIME >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> REAVER @portilho @RdotChadha he said this one for you.. @portilho You worked hard to be where are now bro can respect the grind fr still aint getting verified thoDon't think G2 would fuck around like this just to get a bit more $$$. Most likely just an error from someone on th… have not told teams when RMR stickers will be discontinued and any communication on the matter will be public.…
Retweeted by Hac1 @Bob20390518 @PlayVALORANT You are underestimating other teams in EU let alone some of the powerhouse teams in CIS and Turkey.Since day 1 they've been praying on the downfall of EU Esports, while most regions played Groupstage Bo3 double eli… @entropy_gab @moosemeatdealer @PlayVALORANT BR does not have more pro teams than EU, CIS and Turkey combined. They… @randomnoobtv @PlayVALORANT BR does not have a bigger playerbase than EU, CIS And Turkey combined and we're talking… admit you don't want EU to be dominating like how it is in CS and that's the reason they have to share TWO slo… @Flanniii @ValorLeaks Rank Rating @iukecs @ValorantEsports @notkeos @moosemeatdealer COULD'VE BEEN US CHILLING IN A HOT SPRING BUT SOMEONE (@KHAOSBOB… @ValorLeaks EU stay winning @ValorLeaks @FizzyxDDD @safaFPS all that leaderboard grinding just to be put back with me in immo @raadiioo MAN WHOS POSTING THE FULL HD @Nibellion LINK?? @Luzuh bed @rush9k who said anything about them using a knife that's a Karambit? The outline here is that it has the same exac… @hazedCS gravity well next to killjoy nanoswarms and alarmbot goodluck getting out @jasonschreier @OrkiPe @moosemeatdealer @launders @TDM_Jesus @h4lmao SHES COMINGAccording to sources, @OGcsgo have expressed an interest in signing @OfficialnikoCS, who was moved to the bench by…
Retweeted by Hac1 @moosemeatdealer @Nibellion JUST DROP THE TRAILER AND ILL BE GOOD FOR 2 MORE YEARS SOMEONE SNITCH AND LEAK ALREADY @fromsoftware_pr bro please i already 100'd these 3 bangers need ER fast man please @humphreyCSGO Sorry to hear this man @oceanzfps it's literally a Karambit but the way the knife is shaped is a big 👎If they're gonna have the same anima… @a4lem I stole that shit off youtube @tomcrui89903818 still worthlessUpcoming Valorant knife for the next Skin Bundle I've seen this one before, including the same exact animation👀 @MarukoTsm @2easy4pietro Fr? @FizzyxDDD @Mixwell im shocked first time i see him on support agent oh my god @RumbleMikee You're only gonna get more people thinking you owe them some shit the bigger you get man it's best to… @Slasher agreed @RumbleMikee You ignore them and keep doing what you're doing, there is a big demand and interest in what you do an… @XiwuCS Strictly achievements as an org but yeah Gambit would hit in the teams you mentioned, likes of Envy and SK. @rdmbusch__ @NBK You a Brimstone main fr @2easy4pietro Ya I wasn't familiar with Riot type events cuz I never really got into League but it seems like only…'s the next player (top 20 HLTV team) to switch to Valorant predictions go
@moosemeatdealer LOWS @_BrianCS @Qikert @Tgwri1s @tabzFPS @Entropiqteam @JESMUNDgo @viciousVALO @Manneten @AlendVAL @Supmxh @MADLions_LoLEN SIGNING BONUS JUST WENT… @tabzFPS @Entropiqteam @JESMUNDgo @viciousVALO @Manneten @AlendVAL @Supmxh THE BOYS! @AvovAgg hold up you can throw her smoke before round starts? gg omen @moosemeatdealer @SkullziTV where thick alien enemies at @Milkyteram Fair enough nonetheless impressive wins for the org @mezidog HUH? @mezidog didnt ask?Would you put Gambit (the organization) between orgs like Fnatic, NiP, Astralis etc? Major winners and now Katowice. Sick result tbh @ethanarnold Goodluck bro 🔥🔥🔥HOMIE BEEN OUT OF EG FOR 2 MINUTES AND JOINS 100T VALORANT WTF @hazedCS @EvilGeniuses @priusOBS @ethanarnold AYOO???it's a proven fact that having an "1" in your alias makes you play like sh1ro and s1mple. @tabzFPS @TeamAnimel @Supmxh @AlendVAL @viciousVALO @JESMUNDgo @hsdirrVAL @MADLions_LoLEN @astralisgroup @natusvincereMAD Lions to go international, roeJ & HooXi to be benched. Here is my report.
Retweeted by Hac1 @Aidan42868598 @moosemeatdealer @jasonschreier @launders @TDM_Jesus He never got over 30k banger like me why would he 🤨 @jasonschreier @moosemeatdealer @launders @TDM_Jesus @FizzyxDDD and what have we learn today fizzard? Disregard ranked, acquire team success
@MemesHltv clown realized fast he wont go even semi pro so he started making clickbait yt vidsHow it started // How it's going 💪
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Retweeted by Hac1 @FizzyxDDD Grown ass man getting muted toxic asf @eneshancsgo @neLendirekt @luismmira MOOONow i understand why this motherfucker always wants to save his AWP. @yek1ndar @TeamLiquid monster 4:3 player 🔥You can take the Polish out of Virtus Pro but you can't take Virtus Pro out of the Polish. Same event, same grand… @launders THE ENDBOSS @Qikert @TeamLiquidCS DAVAI SPOILER BUT GZ BRO @MitchMan show us the skins we really want to see Mitch man... you know which ones @PlayVALORANT another agent with no flashes we want MORE FLASHES @AlendVAL @Arttubob @jaysef7 cya @musclememory @ValorLeaks budget prime axe @Arttubob @AlendVAL @jaysef7 ? @AlendVAL @ValorLeaks Viper smoke orb but you can thanos snap that shit back to yourselfYou a bitch
Retweeted by Hac1 @rokcit @ValorLeaks He just puts in the work and deserves the recognition @rokcit @ValorLeaks what @syoxspam @ValorLeaks He has info hes hiding said he will post at 100k followers go fastVideo was accidentally uploaded by the Russian Valorant account on YouTube and removed after (hence why it's in rus… @WhiffYT No that was the Yoru flashing himself like a classic duelist @pdro_costa That's either the stun or another smoke, she has 2 smokes 1 stun and 1 pull ability