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@eneshancsgo happy bday broeder @khaosbob @ohnePixel dont u splurge ur paychecks on valo skins? @FizzyxDDD @j0eljer dm @khaosbob for access code #valorant #breeze$200,000 in CS:GO skins $0 in the bank account @safaFPS @FizzyxDDD first yoru then skye no viper i told u hes in a midlife crisis @SucktubeCS @_BrianCS why is your profile pic eneshan @_BrianCS God damn now that's an interesting fact! it's been a hot minute since NA had a win on international groun… @_BrianCS @RyanAtRBM steal his tweet @mezidog a while, I've been wanting us to provide more analytical insight into the biggest topics in the scene. This fel…
Retweeted by DonHaciI can't think of anything more demoralizing as coming back from 15-4 to 15-14 just to lose 16-14. @aizyesque @FizzyxDDD
Which CS:GO Roster change was bigger @bigtenfourCS couldn't be me id sell after 90% crash @notkeos how about u make some space for ur kids? @ShahZaMk @Cloud9 Sick run once again, need to see Sen vs FPX on LAN man @kajshdlask WHY ARE YOU LEVERAGING BTC WHEN ITS THIS HIGH?? @devoahh what the FUCK @LiquipediaVAL @NasrEsports @beAstVAL @aLvarVALO @ShawateRR @SpYzera @OuTL4Wx 🔥🔥 @witmer @RyanAtRBM @sfX_x1 pick him up in da bang bus ⁉️ @RyanAtRBM ARE YOU WEARING ONE OF THESE?? @RyanAtRBM your fpf looks like from a porno where a van pulls up with 7 chicks in it picking up a hitchhikerTo build on @JustHarryGG's comment about MM CS:GO has problems, here are some I care about right now: - Creating…
Retweeted by DonHaci @altgirltiktoks how come @rodeN_GG Happy b'day @FizzyxDDD @TarrenMill @nicecactusgg @musashival nt fizzy @toywasfound @AlendVAL @nukkyez cringe @nukkyez imagine you're in a 1v1 finals for half a million and you lose cuz your ugly ass glitchpop vandal blocks m… at valvesoftware dot com. We rarely reply, but everything gets read.
Retweeted by DonHaci @moosemeatdealer Usman ufx goat 👆🏿Osman valo goat 👍🏿 @omgmicoo @DeeGJB Every retailer i look at in my country is Exynos, where you got it from? @JoshAyyLmao I did not raise you all these years just for you to turn into an Apple shill Joshua. @iKempa_ @nosovnd go away apple dogs i wouldn't use apple if it came free in a box @M1ndGeek @Moe40 I have oneplus 7 pro rn just the OS isn't as good Android OS, have to manually refresh everything… @h4lmao u use happy meal headset for csgo and valo im not taking ur advice mate @DeeGJB stopped using samsugn when they kept selling inferior chips to EU countries how is the Exynos compared to snapdragon nowadays @moosemeatdealer foot twisted like someones balls @leaf_cs just seed based off order in who qualifies first fuck them extra matches
@gothspiderbitch @JoshAyyLmao step up loser @BARBARRcs @FutbolistCo @FNATIC barry would be proud @_BrianCS @TriumphGamingGG hes cheating on you @RyanAtRBM no no we love ES and their grind WE JUST DONT WANT TO SEE YOU HAPPY @_BrianCS @aizyesque No 👍 @YinsuCollins @drakenCSGO @ec1s_ it's time. @Alchemister5 but of course @derkeps @OXG_Esports KIITOOOOOOOOOS MONSTERExtra Salt been in Europe for one week and they've already beat multiple teams and made Astralis disband. @neLendirekt -ardiis -patitek??? G2 to undergo mass revamping. Aiming at Heretics and Acend players. Here is my report.
Retweeted by DonHaci @TDM_Jesus 3 years of stress and bad sleeping night for an amount he made in an hour scamming his viewers. @Moe40 @domaVALORANT FREE
@notkeos Yoru actually meta on bind, teleport mindgames and raze anti-agent @Dronecsgo Ignore them rats man, new meta incoming new map yall got it @texerino @Immortals @Cloud9 🥶🥶 @TSM @Subroza HE CLEANNNcadiaN's 1v4 if there was a crowd (FIXED)
Retweeted by DonHacidevice leaves Astralis 📹
Retweeted by DonHaci @LiquidValorant @russFPS @LiquidValorant NT BRO SICK PERFORMANCE @PlayVALORANT DELETE VIPER POST PLANT META @Veracityy_ @RyanAtRBM @JakeSucky @misticJK @domaVALORANT @Sliggy_ @ValorantEsports @TSM @VisionStrikers busy thinking about ranked probably.. also d… @ec1s_ they 100% put that in there just so Yoru wont be dead content on the map on arrival @moosemeatdealer :p @RyanAtRBM Repost it ryan thats a banger @aizyesque what you hiding blast it out already @csametsahin12 Calyx was already grinding Valo and he was good at it too wouldn't surprise me @w0gna sonic @Bubzkji let's get it mr catdog @moosemeatdealer @ValorLeaks Butterfly when @russFPS uff chill brazzers so good @mesipor @PlayVALORANT @VALORANTtr @rootthegamer very smart and good caster/analyst @PlayVALORANT homie chilling on the ropes and is perfectly accurate free kills @StrikerHLTVorg record for a non-match page thread/article? @ValorLeaks that's a csgo doppler flip knife Emerald @ValorantEsports this is so dumb @moosemeatdealer PLEASE @RyanAtRBM it's all in Dogecoin get with time you old fuck @Vanityxz You think he been grinding valo for fun?? 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨 @aizyesque lets ask the financial wall street crook @RyanAtRBM @aizyesque They got their money back they spent on his buyout in like the first week of shirt sales @aizyesque Juventus Ronaldo vibes, someone check the nip stock @idqazaq @Michor_Lach I was sleeping mf @nbacounty2 Good morningITS TIME ate bat soup 18 months ago and now dev1ce is on NiP.dev1ce signed for 3 years with NiP. His contract with Astralis was ending at the end of the year (so probably the s…
Retweeted by DonHaciTHE GOAT CSGO LINEUP IS NO MORE 😔 @_BrianCS @RyanAtRBM mans like us don't lose to top 5 players in our region @khaosbob @mezidog @AlendVAL could've w… @SicK_cs calm down beast @moosemeatdealer @RyanAtRBM i suck u @RyanAtRBM you barely lose any elo, waste of time for sure but you get to mess around vs pro players @moosemeatdealer ? @Slasher special shout out to riot for putting those buttons next to each otherPOV of Last Round ahah
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