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@AOC @RyanAtRBM she ranked higher than you in CS dawg give it up
@moosereformed brother from another MADDER @noahtrademark @PlayVALORANT someone just got super skillfully dashed double updraft right clicked from 15 meters away @Maj3r_ Aiming is little bit easier than in CS:GO but more utility more brainpower, strats etc @kkorpela2 here u go 👍 @AlendVAL @Subroza @khaosbob got 1 big paycheck and dippedFor real though, Office has more players than Nuke, Train and Vertigo while Cache is also still a top 5 map. Very i… @AlendVAL @Subroza @khaosbob that a streamer? 🤨99,601 losers, 8,700 chads. @seangares FARMEDDDD @Saint08606397 @PlayVALORANT hardstuck gold pleb talking? @arTcsgo @CSGO This is unacceptable, mirage needs to be removed from the map pool ASAP to fix this critical bug @PlayVALORANT Viper buff every patch but Brimstone stay neglected @G2esports @PlayVALORANT @Mixwell 🤫🤫🤫 @PeytonSharkey @PlayVALORANT Lowkey cuz I wanna see if i'm in top 50 because my unrated queue's are almost 30 minut… @G2esports @PlayVALORANT @Mixwell got matched with him 10 times and I threw all matches to lower his elo don't blame Oscarito @PlayVALORANT What about Unrated leaderboards since it has MMR? @bm_amp @NGLSpainVLRT monster killjoy gamer @VALORANTes YOOOOOO @AlendVAL @mezidog @PlayVALORANT Ofc both NA and EU jett top player but they only nerf Sage 🤣 @PlayVALORANT Supamen in top 5 while maining brimstone??? Mashallah @Mixwell No wonder @bramzFPS has to wait 2 hours in queue for a gameimagine being pronax - legendary major winning igl and manager for godsent - and seeing this as the top comment of…
Retweeted by Haci @launders less emo tweets more food pics @JakeSucky Lost world cup bet to fallen and @smooyacs straight up dipped with my d lore @JakeSucky Shroud been saying that ever since he quit smh @OrdinaryGamers @CyberpunkGame VOUCHGood morning @eneshancsgo @PlayVALORANT You got me good dawg nice Phantom skin newest bundle etc tricked me into the Phantom life just to get… @hazedCS 411
? @Twitch @PlayVALORANT did anyone else just crash mid game? VAN 6 error?? tf @1lucassd @priusOBS @PlayVALORANT they'd still get headshot @priusOBS @PlayVALORANT they keep walking head in first to my bullets @PlayVALORANT how is walking over dead bodies causing massive stutters not fixed yet dawg @noahtrademark @G2ardiis and co aint shit when i'm on the server VALORANT experience so far with no bitches be asking me if I'm tryna play cs bro you worried about the wrong wingman
Retweeted by Haci @Skiddler THIS ONE FOR THE MOON!!! @Peperlb Good morning Joáo👎👎 @imperial_potts by who? @hard4tfl At least u dont have animal raze (@mezidog) on team who explodes his satchel next to you so when holding… @ryan_mcallen2 @tarymelik Aight ima try that @JoshAyyLmao Not getting anything you suggest 👍 @gnltsfatih Hernia simulatorGood desktop chair recommendations pls... priority to good back/posture shape if possible. @RelyksOG >>>>>>> @Gratisfaction u a brimstone main fr @moosereformed we've been waiting so long bro.. delay after delay..
@RyanAtRBM some 16 yr old having the time of his life now that hes getting exposed @lyNxiiii_ been doing that enjoying most matches even tho i'm getting smashed by pros and mix teams atm it's still more fun than vs cheaters @soulcas_ @L1NKVAL @aimlab YEAH BRO DICK ON US BUT WHEN I GOT MATCHED WITH YOU A WEEK AGO LOST ALL MY ELO?? @L1NKVAL @aimlab i was lagging dawg @simoncs nah mayne cant handle getting dicked by pro players on valo first then cheating apes in cs @rishisou yeah so I havent played it for a week @Ardit13429098 it just not the same @JohnSmi72423788 MM lmao vertigo is the first thing that gets removed on faceitHaven't played Vertigo for a week now.. longest since the map got added to the map pool but I just ain't want to wa… @Lunarsinaloa he deleted me across the map with 1 tap and finished #1 enough proof @menaceVAL 😴😴 EVER HAVE HAD SCREAM REPORT YOU? @Mixwell Whole game gonna be different with everyone on same ping @RyanAtRBM This u? @JakeSucky aren't Twitch clips Twitch's property doe? @sodio01 Not really, it's the comfort that makes it worth it, I had a bungie too and even then the comfort of a wir… @Jd6_4 the dock is garbage, the mouse itself with the shape is better than G pro but the dock is complete dog shit.… @Jd6_4 lol fuck viper wireless that dock shit never worked and the battery life is like half of my current G Pro'sFully charged wireless mouse be hittin different than 30% battery wireless mouse. @launders @PTSDGuts2
@moosereformed @Hevarinho NICE BUMP FOOD AT 2 IN THE MORNING A BROTHER STARVING HNGGG ORDERED PIZZA RN @HUYNH_CS LOOOOOOOL @eneshancsgo @CreamRealBetis @OneTapLeague @shieldx6 @TeamQuesoGG all the vertigo MM payin off @niskSB @G2ardiis all part of the plan homieDON HAKI DOING YOU GUYS DIRTY - @G2ardiis @priusOBS @Mixwell i knew he was pushing baths but thought ardis was the sova had to ult his ass @Mixwell NICE RAZE ABUSE @Mixwell HELLO HERMANOOOO @elgrucho @PlayVALORANT these are 20-30 ping servers for me in Europe, the server picked is which server you want t… @littlenob666 @PlayVALORANT Russians can't talk in valorant because of some anti terrorism law where it's required… @mezidog @PlayVALORANT no? @PlayVALORANT YEAH DAWG KEEP MATCHING US WITH PEOPLE WHO CAN'T TALK DUE TO LAW RESTRICTIONS RLY FUN IN A HEAVY COMM… @moosereformed @mezidog MOSKEE KAPPER STAY WINNING. @koobyn @simoncs @eneshancsgo All of it? Just cant speak it well @matheusmelodev @MaxCoremans I know it's "well", just didnt bother erasing it @Lastshot2Xeon @baccup_s @Crowtamer @DbsHype that arm was cut off from his body, Merus disabled his other hand and… SHIT insane 4K @Mixwell Raze ult @G2ardiis watching @Mixwell play sova on stream and u need to find a new main agent lad @Darkoplax2 @moosereformed can't even joke with moose meat anymore @WalkingFab @PlayVALORANT doesn't look as nice as the default imo. @majeronn @CSGO -train soon np @jerrykremi @CSGO chill dog @TomerTzipori @CSGO mirage or train @GameLeaksRumors @moosereformedIT'S TIME @CSGO @MaxCoremans u think im Oxford professor or sumn? @basisspace GET EM @PlayVALORANT I paid for the new set why can't I remove the special effect upgrades on the skins? @moosereformed 1.1m bots asking for drops