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planet roxy @donmartinfeet west philly / portland, maine

roxy. principal designer of 'richard,' a video game i made w/ my brother when we were 10 to make fun of a kid named richard.

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@TATIANNANOW you know he's like 21 too, conservatives age like milk @ayjay_lyn I'm petitioning for a new category, lesbian gremlins @BradMossEsq you get the satisfaction of knowing that your fellow man is not suffering in this particular way anymore. isn't that great? @ayjay_lyn I don't fit into any of those groups, on a true iconoclast. mostly just cause I'm too much of a nerd to smoke weed @goodoldbus @JustinMcElroy @sydneemcelroy farther @goodoldbus @JustinMcElroy @sydneemcelroy lol they made it further than I did ! @talya_cooper it actually made me google pics of billy corgan and that was pretty terrifying @thorazos she also had a laptop open when she said it so she was probably watching this clip @thorazos right like... i can understand a teenager in 2017 getting into smashing pumpkins and having her mind blow…'m watching the movie 'pyewacket' which is a recent horror film that takes place in 2017 and a teenager in the mov… i hate when there's a bad white teenager on a show or movie and they convey this with clip on strands of wacky… @pilgrimdear o m g @rrroooiiirrr he's stacked though
instead i got to live in a big beautiful converted victorian at 43rd and spruce with mark, kim, cheetah, steph, and tyrone. @justpaintoverit we would both be in rural shitholes arguing with each other on the relapse boardi love my mom but i seriously have no idea what my life would be like if i kept on having to live with her for the… guess if there was still rooms for $212 in big cities you could technically still afford to move there and eat th…'m lucky to be as old as i am. it seems pretty impossible now for kids to leave their shitty hometown and go live… @merrittk @JulianKJarboe (whereas i am persistently depressed and pretty non-functional and they call it, 'stop being so melodramatic') @merrittk @JulianKJarboe my grandpa was suicidally depressed and almost non-functional and my mom and aunt describe… @milkdrinker i also really wanted to eat the stars from her belt @girlsgutsgiallo obviously the show had Problems but the problem wasn't that an attractive woman is still attractive when she's suffering. @girlsgutsgiallo right like, obviously killing herself after watching her adoptive mother die from the same addicti… @milkdrinker that is extremely, extremely cute. i had ALL of the dolls cause the toys'r'us near our house burned do… @pultuskpa bitch it's even worse, he's gen x. he grew up on like, ethan hawke movies and nirvana and he is still like this. @milkdrinker beautifulhere is a list of bad social media content: - a picture of yourself in the hospital with no explanation - a pictur… have finally become comfortable just saying i'm from philly (i moved there as a teenager and lived there 2x as lo… few of my friends have had babies recently and i just want to report that all of their cheeks are big and good. @susannahLAX us is a lot more fun to play with people i know. all the decades of credibility i've built up as a good frien…’t talk to me in December unless it’s about The Muppet Christmas Carol or these mice specifically
Retweeted by planet roxy @DaveError omg i just started listening to questlove supreme, i'm gonna listen to that episode @sivern i am !!! @sivern that's such a capricorn thing to say👏don’t👏call👏yourself👏a👏tradwife 👏 if 👏 you 👏 don’t 👏 die 👏 in 👏 childbirth 👏
Retweeted by planet roxy'dj jazzy jeff' is a really cute dj name. i never really thought about it because he was like, the first dj i ever heard of.Boyfriend tried to knit this morning, cats intervened
Retweeted by planet roxy if you are shaving your big beard you don't need to post a pic of yourself with a gross mustache online. i'm trying to eat over here.SPOILERS: they revealed Baby Yoda’s real name on the Mandalorian. Meet “Melissa”
Retweeted by planet roxyme after my gang bang in lilliput @amuse @MrOlmos @alex_zee lol no shit you're not an expert, you sound dumb as shitlol shut the fuck up you grizzled old sack of shit @scumbelievable y e s @DaveError I like "do you hear what I hear?" cause it reminds me of gremlins
Retweeted by planet roxy @pilgrimdear - 'do you hear what i hear?' even though it terrifies me because of gremlins - 'we three kings' - 'ang… @KateRoseBee i have one and i don't know if it's socially acceptable but my other childless friends love buying me… i tried to take a picture of my bird
Retweeted by planet roxy @timheidecker the next time an edgy comedian has a netflix special it's going to be called 'excuse my french' @DaveError what's your favorite christmas song? @Saraheboon i was diagnosed at 12 and i am skimming this thread (god forbid i actually concentrate and read somethi… @LLW902 as a floridian i can say comfortably that gatorama is no gatorland or gator in real life i can't post pictures @tom4tmr no, you're correct and brave @BelascoLenny i actually cannot recommend this deodorant enough- it's in a little jar so you apply with your finger… @cavetteria "you, sir, have won the internet today"There's a certain type of guy in his 30s who, replying to a celebrity's tweet, calls said celeb "sir" and THAT is o…
Retweeted by planet roxy @ayjay_lyn @celine_dionysus god's like @beyondthe818 also all the other men are dating 19 and 20 year olds but he falls for carmella because of her soul @beyondthe818 furio is so romantic. when she comes to his house ! is a spot for one more raspberry on the chocolate cake in the credits for 'the great british baking show' @realDonaldTrump @newsmax what fluid(s) will he be leaking? @TATIANNANOW you're being too kindGHOULS is in stock at Silver Sprocket! @ssbcpunk 4 colour risograph printed zine, limited quantities! If you missed…
Retweeted by planet roxy @DudeVonDuding @SLIMELEVEL those are certainly words, in an order.the rewards of the mortifying being loved ordeal of…
Retweeted by planet roxyi never want to hear thin people complain about clothes ever again. i can't find a sweatshirt that exists that will…
@bumpasaurus @girlsgutsgiallo god and i just saw that ben de la creme and jinkx monsoon are in it, this is like a gauntlet of su… @girlsgutsgiallo "Abby and Harper must pretend to be straight roommates to Harper's seemingly perfect family and fr… @girlsgutsgiallo it looks like skinny white lesbians who have good relationships with their upper middle class fami… sullivan finding out all five of her sons sank with the USS juneau @HeerJeet god-level? you people are fuckin nerds with bad taste in musicyeah yeah marveling at the fact that famous actors used to be attractive in their youth blah blah but what is with… @robbystarbuck hey everybody, listen to ralph macchio's stunt double's corpse. he really has his finger on the pulse.i would like to share my favorite leftover thanksgiving turkey recipe, @foodwishes leftover turkey tamale pie. it's… now i'm using charcoal deodorant that's like, a sticky lump of gray coconut oil, and it's covered in a wig of… just had a tiny, entirely contained anxiety attack imagining a scenario where i get a girlfriend and she sees wha… @markpopham @AlexYablon @Bro_Pair @mollylambert i know this is a joke but it also is like, only a few words off fro… @TenaciousJunk @agnesgash get lost @realDonaldTrump @celine_dionysus i wish you could hear my mom try to say this name with her crazy brooklyn accent. one of her neigh… @BillyWerner @agnesgash this is also how i know pharrell wrote rihanna's verse on 'lemon'- there's no way rihanna, who was born… belcher would not know who pinky tuscadero is.i think it is time for gen x writers to stop including references to 'happy days' in modern media. if someone is 16…, so I'm going to talk a bit about the history of Hip Hop culture in Philadelphia today. There's obviously a bu…
Retweeted by planet roxywhen i was in college the first time this kid in one of my film classes was trying to describe a movie and was like… @EGattignolo @petegaines @LLW902 once my mom saw a crackhead friend of hers on the side of the road and he had gain… @tenmillionboys girls will be like "I know a place" and then drown you in their eyes
Retweeted by planet roxy @EGattignolo @petegaines @LLW902 if you're using butter for that you're doing it wrong.starting my stock already. don't worry, that is cranberry sauce not blood. girl chipmunk was named 'nono' and my brother named his stuffed rabbit in her honor. here's his nono: anyone else really obsessed with 'the enchanted journey' when they were little? it was about a pet chipmunk who… @celine_dionysus i don't even think they had sailor moon when i was a child so i'm going by 30s instincts @celine_dionysus jupes @MxSadie4 @cumbaccountant @CallumCant1 @AyoCaesar hearty lol