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New Jersey born & raised. Husband, father, son, brother. Just stating my honest opinions. #NYGIANTS #YANKEES #BUCKEYESFOOTBALL #NJDEVILS

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@BigBlueUnited Would you rather him tell you and the rest of the world (31 other NFL teams) what he is doing
@Schmeelk Smith jr @art_stapleton So you’re buying the ‘no interest in Haskins’ story?things have changed, seen conflicting reports don’t know if they have a day/hours/or it passed 2 restructure/extend… @notahollabckboy @evansilva Matter of fact the Giants have lost 5 UFAs while only signing 3 so would be eligible fo… @Patricia_Traina Depends on a lot of things
@elo_bajo @Giants2019 @WBG84 Haven’t heard the 5th added but I’m cool with starting out with just the 3rd @Giants5john Would be awesome to make it happen, don’t think I’d do it for free though, I would want my family compensated (my salary now) @Giants5john I’m sure we’ll be able to have a great office, the gym, food, showers, and find a room to bunk @NY_Giantsrock @bigblue6483 Maybe I’ll have to bring my buddy @Giants5john @NY_Giantsrock @bigblue6483 Me or Gettleman @WBG84 @Giants2019 Why would trade the 17th pick when Arizona is asking for a 3rd rounder @bcarrasco09_ @Giants2019 Yes yes yes, ownership made the call on Odell also not Gettleman @TamaraSepper @syldadil Trump roach @bigblue6483 @NY_Giantsrock I’m against trading picks, Im 50/50 w/ Eli staying/going, I’m 50/50 on QB @ 6/17, Eli w… @bigblue6483 @NY_Giantsrock It works better 4 them then CDaniel, Mitch is learning an AReid’s O which is difficult,… @NY_Giantsrock @Luis_G__Bran No no no, I player 1 pick, why reward Arizona 2 picks for a player they are giving up… @NY_Giantsrock Mitch Tribinsky had one season as starter at UNC and that seemed to work out well @BigEric757 @BigBlueUnited I’m not tradings any of the 12 picks to grab any of these QBs, if they like Haskins and… @notahollabckboy @evansilva Free agency isn’t over so no comp picks r up 4 grabs right now, comp picks won’t b awar…
@BigBlueUnited Who says Haskins isn’t there at 6 @scry_monsters @evansilva Not tilted, just tired of guys like him with followers (any field) putting bull shit out… @scry_monsters @evansilva My father did the same also, fact is that FA isn’t over so Giants signing Tate doesn’t lo… @scry_monsters @evansilva Maybe if he wasn’t a jackass most of the time he wouldn’t ‘get it’ a lot on Twitter, Fant… @scry_monsters @evansilva But there is a difference between fantasy & reality, I asked him to explain why the eagle… @JustinBenzel Fuck Evan Silva, he doesn’t know shit, couldn’t explain his tweet when I asked him to so he tries to… @notahollabckboy @evansilva Learn to spell moron, Fuck Evan Silva, he doesn’t know shit, couldn’t explain his tweet… @Squared1122 @evansilva Fuck Evan Silva, he doesn’t know shit, couldn’t explain his tweet when I asked him to so he… @scry_monsters @evansilva Fuck Evan Silva, he doesn’t know shit, couldn’t explain his tweet when I asked him to so… News: The New York Giants don't care what the media says about them. They don't care that every move will…
Retweeted by GiantBuckeye @JonahTulsNFL Of course as a Cowboys fan you are a Lock fan more then a Haskins fan, you know Haskins would whoop t… @NYG2125 @Giants5john Keyboard warrior @giankarle Sweet, awesome story, still waiting for you to come back to Kansas City so I can get a Gian piece @RandyJMiller @mroctober 2020 @Giants start qb 🙏🏼 @Giants5john They are all about likes and follows, stupid sheep @NYG2125 @Giants5john He doesn’t know shit, Shurm doesn’t run many wr routes out of the slot, fa isn’t over it does… @egGoodSports Evan Silva doesn’t know shit, but go ahead and like is moronic response to my question, philly isn’t… @Giants5john I didn’t block anybody I just stop following them, they have a right to their opinion, if they want to… @Giants5john Oops, not crush, nothing worse then 2 people that pin or retweet news and clai… @Giants5john This is a place to read news, make friends, to share opinions, and have a laugh or two, some people ju… @Pomelo_Rocker Metallica @Giants5john I’ve been unfollowing them just so I don’t have to read their stupidity on here, their football iq is so low @fan_fail @evansilva I understand that, was wonder if Einstein does @KENotBeStopped3 @Waitin4WojBombs @evansilva He’s not Obj but he isn’t a chump either, never said he was an upgrade @evansilva Thank you for explaining how ignorant you are, you know nothing asshat
@Waitin4WojBombs @evansilva Where Detroit was pathetic and never found a spot in philly, guy has hands @evansilva Shepard will be on the outside, they didn’t use many wrs in slot last year How does it cost then 5th ro… @EverythingNYG No way DM has the power to make that call unless Mara says he’s had enough @EverythingNYG You’re an idiot @_CodyStewart @NYG_Minecrafter Your delusional, you don’t give him the money they gave him and not support him, you… @NYG2125 Hey you guys ruined a season or two of mine, as long as you hate ❌ichigan
@Giants5john We’ve never had it a wide receiver of his caliber yet we’ve one 4 Super Bowl’s and 4 championships wit… @Giants5john you wait for the first time he plays the Giants and he scores a touchdown or throws a touchdown or run… @Giants5john @obj Personally I like him as a talent and for the kids but every incident since the Norman fight, the… @Giants5john @obj I’m an old school guy, OBJ has all the talent in the world but this was totally Mara & Tisch havi… @BackAftaThis @CarlBanksGIII Danny White’s head bobbed @bigblueview But if he was cut today is any team going to sign him for $23mil, that’s the reality of it, he needs to give a little back @NYGiantsRush Let’s see you do better key board warrior @brain4298 @JeffRaspy @MikeFrancesa Don’t think he was the problem but he is a problem @NYGiantsRush You sure your a giants fan, you sure are dumping on a team that clearly is in the mist of cleaning up… @NYGiantsRush That 35 yr old was #9 pff safety @miagiants Man I live out here in Kansas City and hear more shit out of his mouth then TO @miagiants Huh??? @antlambo520 @miagiants Williams LAChargers, Shepard, Coleman, good quality in draft @miagiants Why they keeps their mouths shut, no drama @NYGiantsRush Bye bye drama queen @NYGiantsRush Considering what the Steelers got for AB be thankful
@GTanzman @Giants Mullens 49ers QBs, I would imagine with healthy Beathard and Garrapalo he’s 3rd stringThese moves put us at around we we are now in cap space, but you add 2 needed players and possible future QB, gets… @Giants next month 1/2: -Extend Eli, save $5.5m -Trade OBJ 2 49ers, get #2 & 3rd rounder or Mullen -Restructure…
@art_stapleton Is golden a cb or wr @Patricia_Traina Want to see what he gets paid this year, could have tendered him for just over $2mil
@chrisrossiny @LicensePlateGuy I don’t think you get the #2 pick this year and their 2020 1st rounder, maybe #2 pic… @ramzyziyadeh @chrisrossiny @LicensePlateGuy Arizona is on record asking for a 2nd rounder @goknickstape 9mm @FrankiesTooLoud @FromPO2BO Been a Knicks fan since late 70’s, what a clown, he needs to sell them both, he gets to… @shurmanatorNYG Not 100% sure, I think he’s top 5 though, I usually wait till pro days and fa starts @miagiants I have a problem w/ most fans of all teams in the nfl other then giants fans, that they aren’t very inte… @FrankiesTooLoud @FromPO2BO What a douche @miagiants Oops we are now at $23,223,235 @miagiants $24 mil is broke for a broken team that needs soooooo much @miagiants I don’t want AB anyway, can’t stand Divas and with him on team with OBJ will be nothing but more drama and chaotic locker room @miagiants $24mil minus $18-16 mil equals $6-8 mil left that covers Rosen with a little left over, what other money… @miagiants We do, then how about the 16-18 mil Gettleman wants to carry into season and signing draft choices @shurmanatorNYG I like it but let’s be reasonable, I don’t think white gets to us @miagiants With what cap money are you putting both these guys on the team @Giants5john Oliver played at a smaller school and smaller players then if he was at SEC B1G ACC etc. Not that he… @Giants5john If we trade our 2nd for Rosen, I’d go with everyone on there but Oliver, Haskins, Polite in top 15 available @Giants5john Here’s what I ran, I didn’t make pick but you can see what was taken and top 20+ still available on CB…
@BigBlueChip @Giants5john @obj @EliApple13 @saquon Don’t forget Reese’s reaches and losing picks to grab garbage ta… @Giants5john @obj @EliApple13 @saquon Wilson-baby Pugh-not great OBJ-diva/cancer/stud Flowers-baby/cancer Apple-bab…
@miagiants Yes all good players, they also paid Stewart and Omameh and ..... @miagiants I meant I couldn’t understand why we traded snacks, the only thing they could do on defense was stop the… @BuckeyeMel8699 Flour @bigblueview Stupid move, I would have thrown the transition tag on him or make him priority #1 @miagiants I don’t know about that, Gettleman has to clean up a big mess created by Reese and his enablers the Mara…
@965TheBuzz 8. Bowie @slemarie @bigblue6483 @Giants5john I agree, wrong routes or butter fingers and he never talked shit on his teammat… @bigblue6483 @Giants5john I’ve never trashed Eli other then his bad performances @bigblue6483 @Giants5john I think the next 10 days will show up a lot at where we are headed with cap cuts and the…