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New Jersey born & raised. Husband, father, son, brother. Just stating my honest opinions. #NYGIANTS #YANKEES #BUCKEYESFOOTBALL #NJDEVILS

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@Giants5john I got what you were saying, guess he didn’t then questions you, what a dumbass @mjfrecruits @Giants5john Your an asshat
@realDonaldTrump Starts with getting you out of office and unbrain washing your followers @buckeyeboobs Play some Minor Threat, Fishbone, Hogan’s Heroes @Patricia_Traina @bigbangtheory That show still on
@Patricia_Traina Jets World
stopped hurting for close to a year so I went and had surgery to fix achilles and remove bone spur, less then a yea… @Stuntman1429 I wanted to be serious, was thinking about your heels, is it the achilles or plantar fasciitis? I had…
@miagiants 6-10Time to end the debate. Which pizza is better? RT for New York Pizza 😋 Like for Chicago Pizza 🤢
Retweeted by GiantBuckeye @Yoshi_wuz_here @Deplorable_Samm @Giants2019 Exactly you dumb fuck @Yoshi_wuz_here @Deplorable_Samm @Giants2019 Yeah real great what’s he been doing
@Yoshi_wuz_here @Deplorable_Samm @Giants2019 Whatcha talking about you silly green Dino wannabe @Deplorable_Samm @Giants2019 Overrated Stanton Underrated Urshela Prove it Year Sánchez @Giants5john @B1ackSchefter @NYGdailybuzz I like watching these videos of players that don’t have it anymore going out and showi… @NYGdailybuzz Per source: Giants plan to release jackrabbit before season starts because they have enough young cbs… @NYGdailybuzz What about Paul Adams @NYGdailybuzz Per source, 🤣🤣🤣I think #ThorHulk will dominate in Marvel Studios’ #AvengersEndgame. Which Avengers match-up is your favorite? Twee…
@JPenik74 @jimmiealex96 End of first quarter nbc (I think) was done with the sideline cameras because of the ice balls @elo_bajo @NY_Giantsrock @NYGFansOnline @WilliamJamerson Barely @JPenik74 @jimmiealex96 I was at the game, it all started because the board casting network that day had cameras on… @NY_Giantsrock @elo_bajo @NYGFansOnline @WilliamJamerson Fullback has never been a glorious role but Carthon Way Ra… @NY_Giantsrock @elo_bajo @NYGFansOnline @WilliamJamerson Maurice Carthon @NY_Giantsrock @elo_bajo @NYGFansOnline @WilliamJamerson Tom Rathman
@G_MEN56 @art_stapleton Him and @Patricia_Traina are the best at it
@Patricia_Traina Probably the guy that was picked by the teams that were going to nab Jones before 17
@Giants5john Trump is an asshat
@bigblueview @betonline_ag Vegas has it at 7.5
@GmenGirl31 @KimJonesSports Not how it works but ok @bigblue6483 @TheGiantsWire All time great nfl QBs that came from big10, didn’t say Jones can’t develop @bigblue6483 @TheGiantsWire They are all starting QBs in the nfl, like I said I was talking all time like Dawson an… @bigblue6483 @TheGiantsWire Time will tell, he needs to stay healthy, he is the Eagles starting qb right now @bigblue6483 @TheGiantsWire I’ve done that before also in situations in life, I guess I’m an ass also and mocking p… @bigblue6483 @TheGiantsWire I’m talking about over time not just now @bigblue6483 @TheGiantsWire Cousins and Haskins @bigblue6483 @TheGiantsWire I might have in the past, not really sure, but putting a gun to my head I would have to probably say I haven’t @bigblue6483 @TheGiantsWire He acted like a baby and wound up our QB for 15 years, where did Haskins mock a player @bigblue6483 @TheGiantsWire No I’m telling you that he put those stats up playing in the B1G and not Big 12 where t… @bigblue6483 @TheGiantsWire They were all running QBs and the last 2 are in the league, Jones is in LA and Barrett in NO @bigblue6483 @TheGiantsWire You do, you literally posted the stats @bigblue6483 @TheGiantsWire So your happy with the way Eli acted (way worse then Haskins for weeks if not months) leading up to 04 draft @bigblue6483 @TheGiantsWire But Meyers/Day had to change there O to suit Haskins skill set, he isn’t Tebow Smith Ba… @bigblue6483 @TheGiantsWire And I too am more in on 2020 class especially with Allen sitting there at 6 @bigblue6483 @TheGiantsWire I don’t see one school on there except the buckeyes that play in a big 5 conference or… @bigblue6483 @TheGiantsWire So Haskins isn’t aloud to act like he’s the best QB in the draft, he’s not aloud to be… @bigblue6483 @TheGiantsWire Really don’t need the lists you sent, I watched the top QBs this year hoping we would f… @bigblue6483 @TheGiantsWire I know I have a Buckeye bias, I wanted Allen @ 6 also, I’m not a fan of Jones, I would… @bigblue6483 @TheGiantsWire Listen to the entire video, I don’t like the race card but the stats and his play don’t lie @bcarrasco09_ @Giants2019 @G_MEN56 Shut up 🤐, he said before the draft he needed 3 starters from picks 6 17 & 37, h… @G_MEN56 Ok, get that, change to narrative and prove us wrong then, I’m more mad at Gettleman saying he needs 3 sta… @G_MEN56 Never said I wouldn’t support the players, both the Mara’s Gettleman Tisch the scouts can go fuck themselves @Bible_Time @JustinTuck What if??? @G_MEN56 List of what, I’ve been a Giants fan before your parents ever met, we can’t be mad that Gettleman totally… @jerryharris90 good luck young man, welcome to big blue @boyd_micheal GiantsGiants undrafted free agent signings | Monmouth’s Reggie White Jr., Rutgers’ Jonathan Hilliman, offensive line help… @Giants5john Any word on UDFA
Last pick: Worthington Willis Coney Holyfield Hanks Hansen @nfltrade_rumors Who? @Giants360 Want someone on oline rb or d @Giants360 Brailford edgeDamn you @dallascowboys @mikeweberjr @DanSchneierNFL @BigBlueUnited I agreeKiss Jackrabbit goodbye, 3 CB drafted Haley Beal on team. @DanSchneierNFL Maybe not a #Giants dream but a @DanSchneierNFL dream, #pats can have Winovich, never impressed with him @BlueCrew4ever @5on_it @iamBigRob21 Osi was from Troy, Strahan from Texas Southern @BlueCrew4ever @5on_it @iamBigRob21 I thought he was who you were talking about but wasn’t giving Chicago the credit @BlueCrew4ever @iamBigRob21 Who? @iamBigRob21 Why did he select a QB from Duke with Allen on the board @art_stapleton Or these @art_stapleton I’ll take one of these kids @art_stapleton I like all 4 kids but our biggest need is not at WR and Prince isn’t best OT on board @Giants5john I think he is raw but very humble and coachable, he reminds me a lot of Osi and Vernon, but these guys… picks left in draft what position is still the top need for @Giants #NFLDraft19 #GMen #NYG #NYGiants #BleedBlue @BigBlueUnited Yeah I had him @BigBlueUnited Cajuste OT @BigBlueUnited S: Gardner-Johnson, Thompson, Hooker LB: Wilson, Joseph, Long Jr WR: Butler, Ridley, Harmon, Hall DE: Ximines, Walker, Miller @miagiants 95 @LicensePlateGuy At 95, no chance at any @NoadItAll Huh?
FA Rt Remmers 3-4 OLB Perry ILB Brown @Giants5johnWe drafted a QB and CB, want to fuck with the fans then pull these cuts off Dave Gettleman, we would have at least… @RothenbergESPN Jerry Reese Like#FireDaveGettleman #ShitReeseWouldDo @Giants5john All I heard from Gettleman the last 2-3 weeks was you can’t reach and you can’t force picks, what the… @MichaelJRico @darlngal I’m going to follow the careers of Haskins and Allen very closely and destroy Gettleman ever chance I get @Giants5john Then you waste 2 picks to move up to get Baker, you have 4 picks before we would have picked tonight a… @Giants5john When your GM says he wants 3 starters that come in and start this year with your first 3 picks you don… @Giants5john Scorpio also but I know bull shit when I smell it, after that pick last night I turned it off, I was d… @Giants5john Tom must’ve gone to the school of Dum Dum (Gettleman) “besides the 6th pick” just shut up, we needed a… @Giants5john I’ll be a fan and watch and follow but I’m tired of the shit show and being the laughing stock of the… @Patricia_Traina Then that was a wasted pick and proves how full of shit Gettleman is @TomRock_Newsday @Giants5john Shut the fuck up @Giants5john I’m done with all the BS, pathetic scouting department, the Mara’s always meddling with personnel like… @Giants5john No not on IG @LicensePlateGuy Your just a horses ass, real Giants fans don’t act as foolish as you @SharpFootball @darlngal @notthefakeSVP @Giants5john @TheSteveTisch