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“Maybe they hate me because I’m too good”: Miku Nakano. 19 M he/him. banner: @melodysuwu #MikuMafia *occasional nsfw* ✡️ *not safe for dream stans*

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@Overbro_ Probably
@Dragonix20_SSB BustedAs an autistic person. No it’s fucking not. That’s just called being too fucking sensitive @CEOofMash Yo @SteamyCV I was gonna say. You’ve gotta have big balls to willingly take a Roy to town @LordRadiance It’s because people in the fcg love to shit on smashers because they haven’t played “a real fighting… @SteamyCV Did you take Roy to town or did Roy take you to town? @Octo0verhere Ahhh @CEOofYotsuba Huge W @Octo0verhere What’s the context behind it?Wtf… WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?
Retweeted by RJ @Octo0verhere What he say? @marcus_yeahger Deactivate creep @marcus_yeahger Deactivate @theprinceofiris The worst thing to happen to feh @Zer0921 @showmehands Nah I get it. I voted she should, idk if I’d buy tho because I’ve always had a hard time trust sw lol. @Zer0921 @showmehands You’re a minor, you really don’t have a say in this lol @LampyAnime @FE_Heroes_EN She’s claudes “retainer” she isn’t that special. @LampyAnime @FE_Heroes_EN Idc. Hilda isn’t that special that she needs this much in a short time. Especially with p… @Shurishere @Pheonixmaster1 They’ve also gotten plegian fallen, dominated the winter banner a shit ton of legendary… @LampyAnime @FE_Heroes_EN Already a 2nd alt for Hilda and more Marianne. And yeah a 190 bst flying healer is gonna… @UtahVG @FE_Heroes_EN But it’s being spammed on basically a monthly or near monthly basis. I like three houses, but… @UtahVG @FE_Heroes_EN Echoes came out after feh and it was nowhere milked. It’s not that 3h is just milked, it’s ju… @fromberserk @FE_Heroes_EN I’m allowed to complain about oversaturated content? Mute me if it bothers you 🤷‍♂️ @TheSliceofAnime @POTUS I am sorry for your lost mr President. Just know that champ is in a better place and will always look down on you and your family 🙏TW/// Suicide If you need to talk to someone the National suicide hotline number is 1-800-273-8255 No one shoul…’s been two years since Etika passed away. Let this be a reminder that mental health, especially in men, needs to… @Sou_Shinomiya Congrats king @showmehands Just make an 18+ account @Shurishere @Pheonixmaster1 Yes @___FiFo___ @FE_Heroes_EN I’m skipping the banner so idc @Shurishere @Pheonixmaster1 I’m counting if they are in the game. Seasonal hell or not. @Shurishere @Pheonixmaster1 Those are characters that you can only use in a few specific maps. Three houses dlc you… @Shurishere @Pheonixmaster1 I do since there are many differences and they wouldn’t just treat them the same if they counted for one. @CEOofGanyu @FE_Heroes_EN I don’t mind it once, but TWICE? Come on man @Shurishere @Pheonixmaster1 I count both male and female byleth. @Shurishere @Pheonixmaster1 Echoes has 26 of its playable cast Three houses has 29. So roster size clearly doesn’t matter. @Shurishere @Pheonixmaster1 Echoes has 34. Three houses has 41. Yet it took them almost two years to get just 4 mor… @Shurishere @Pheonixmaster1 It doesn’t need to be caught up so quickly however, it’s so “caught up” that most of th… @JakeNinja1 @AnacybeleKels @FE_Heroes_EN There are many characters that still don’t have ANY alts. Especially gen 1… @Shurishere @Pheonixmaster1 Sacred stones doesn’t even HAVE enough summer units to get it up to two banners, let al… @Shurishere @Pheonixmaster1 Even though echoes was a remake of a game that barley anyone planned but no milk only t… @Shurishere @Pheonixmaster1 That was stretched out over the course of 4 years. Sacred stones summer units in 4 ye… @Shurishere @Pheonixmaster1 I like three houses don’t get me wrong, but I am so FUCKING tired of it being milked to… @Shurishere @Pheonixmaster1 Then put Ashe alone on a summer banner. Why do we a need a three houses SPECIFIC summer banner. AGAIN. @SiLVeR_Smash @ChojinYuriMan @Terror__Nova @FE_Heroes_EN Ashera yune and altina are the only mythics. While three h… @SiLVeR_Smash @ChojinYuriMan @Terror__Nova @FE_Heroes_EN Exactly like when tellius got spammed, it’s because they h… @Sexy_Syna @FE_Heroes_EN Lets hope that takes a few years @LoudCartoonist @FE_Heroes_EN Now hopefully that means they can fucking stop with the three housesSKIP! Tired of feh milking three houses to death @FE_Heroes_EN I like three houses but I’m SO FUCKING TIRED of feh milking it ALL THE TIME. It seems like every coup… @AnacybeleKels @FE_Heroes_EN I’m so tired of it as well. Hilda already has multiple Alts. Edelgard already has 4. D… @Pheonixmaster1 Three houses got the summer banner last year, why do they need it AGAIN? @FE_Heroes_EN Wow three houses got the summer banner two years in a row. Gotta milk it for all its worth huh? @CEOofMash Idk if there are even locals where I am lol @Josh_szn2 @_maugua Y’all need better tastes in sports @_maugua @Josh_szn2 American football because it’s football 🗿 @Dragonix20_SSB I swear this game is still in beta @fxckilla Give up on anitwt. Watch clannad btw actual masterpiece @_maugua @Josh_szn2 We aren’t talking about football though 🗿 @LordRadiance Sprite yeah 7 up? Trash @Josh_szn2 What a bum @fxckilla If this is a W we have reached new lows. @LordRadiance Mountain Dew clear of any soda @Josh_szn2 Ok but who tf plays tennis to begin with 🗿 @fxckilla This isn’t just an L what the fuck is this @DrippSawMan LETS GO MIKU DUB! GO 2 MIKU DUBS IN ONE DAY!!!!!!! me boys have mercy @rintohsakka ARARARARARWRWRWRWRARARARWRWRWRWRARARWRARWRWRW AWOOOOOOOOOOO BARK BARK BARK BARK GRRRRRRRGEGEGRGTARAGRG…
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@AnitwtLs I’ve watched like a couple episodes of aot and that’s it but I don’t think it’s fair to give it a rating… on break at exactly 4:20. Nice. @Dragonix20_SSB Hell yeah @SquadHOUSE5 I am 👀 @SStar716 Ty tyCan't wait for Cody's promo tonight. Big Pyro...Gets to ring...pauses for applause...holds back tears...slowly rai…
Retweeted by RJ @CraazyBoyo It’s crazy how love is war is clear of both aot and mid hero academia little Ike montage before I go to work. I’m definitely not the best Ike but I feel like I’m improving 😌… @showmehands 38 👀 @FE_Heroes_EN Three houses already got the summer banner last year? Can we NOT do them again? @MegamiZee And if Rey does somehow win a fluke it’ll just piss people off more because Roman would just win it back… @MegamiZee True but it also just seems a little odd that it’s the exact same match 2 days before the ppv match. If… GO BOYS WE GOT THE W @Sun_Wukong07 @MeamesMeter @DrippSawMan A little preview of the montage tomorrow 👀 @CEOofYotsuba Very nice 👀 @CEOofMash You saw it too Huh?That* @Josh_szn2 Ok like 99.9% of people that play video gamesI love how people get mad when someone else “spoils” shit on a really old ass game that almost everyone knew happen… @Josh_szn2 I feel like everyone knows by this point even if they haven’t played the game @Josh_szn2 Yeah spoilers for a 20 year old game btw I guess 🗿 @Dragonix20_SSB Thanks gKnow I’m not that good at smash but still gonna drop a little Ike montage tomorrow 👀 @Dragonix20_SSB Idk I just replied with the first thing I saw @Dragonix20_SSB