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Vaporwavers & Midnight Shoppers 🏪 Jay (@kidneontsr, @timeshare94) + Thom (@loveindust, Wichita LimeWire). Midnight Store opened July 31st at @mypetflamingouk

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@zicoUwU SONRYEnough chords in this bridge? @ThisIsJana @StrawberryStat1 @Spotify Hit like for the good news, and for Mario Balotellihappy 10th Anniversary chuck *_* here’s the 2016 remasters (from the original master tape) enjoy
Retweeted by Donor Lens (Midnight Store is OPEN) @adamwalton @georgiaruth Trivia for you, Adam: Both members of Donor Lens and @aderyn_music all taught at the same music school for a time @jpegstripes @Privatesuitemag Good luck 🇰🇷 @RickDavidMusic @Tool Released once every 13 years? @angelbbgrrl420 I like that notation! Funky tuneJazzed that one of our most underrated tunes (we think, at least), 'The Moment', is on the Vaporwave Spotify playli… @usgolf95 Bruhhhh @OpusScience @MannNever @JJmist_music 🙌Two new DL tunes just snuck out into the world. We added a 303 acid jam to the Innersense vapor rave album:… @NobodyHere_Film @MyPetFlamingoUK Those are some handsome compact discs @jpegstripes @catsystemcorp So good. Can we get a 'slowed and reverb' version? @disasteradio Cincinnatti Love @disasteradio Zapp & Roger, Bootsy Collins, Ohio Players (funnily enough...) too! @jpegstripes @catsystemcorp This absolute tune?
@FLOOR_BABA I think that's definitely a good formula for a classic or effective record. Like not every track on Kin… @jakelotusmusic Yeah! Sticking a big band musical theatre number on an album of industrial/clubby pop songs was a massive flex! Love BjorkDo you prefer albums to maintain a consistent sound/mood or to take you to lots of disparate places? Give examples!Sorry for the delay! Bandcamp was having issues on my end but the @eilogin single is now live:
Retweeted by Donor Lens (Midnight Store is OPEN) @_SamQuick_ I'm sure most producers in this scene would be happy to match their music up with some great visuals. Y… track by track guide to the Midnight Store by @listencorp 👁️ @listencorp @MyPetFlamingoUK Holy moly, this is well written. Thank you so much for taking the time to go through t… Midnight Store has been open a whole week. To celebrate, here's a clip of @ThisIsJana killing A Love Bazaar, a… @telenightsmusic 🏪 @Winter_quilt @AlderHey Just bought for £6.66 🤘Can't recommend this album enough 👁️'s Bandcamp Friday!
@eilogin @PowerPCME @fake_fever We started on some more tunes last weekend. A lot of funFor your Bandcamp Friday consideration (we're competing with a lot of great music): Final vinyl copies of Miracle… @OpusScience That's a lot of OSC! @RickDavidMusic @barneyartist @pinkbirdrecco This is beautiful @RClub95 @ThisIsJana 😬 @ThisIsJana @RClub95 Mate, I think you're one of the leading exponents of the genre haha👁️ Our first ever track on a mini CD out tomorrow. Remix of a great @eilogin x @fake_fever song 🤝 OSC @jakelotusmusic Thanks a lot for supporting the Midnight Store 🏪👁️ @Ace_Buchannon Yeah the 'bounce stems with sends' feature is massive. One thing that you still don't seem to be abl… made 'Aisles & Aisles' our artist pick on Spotify. This is a big favourite from the record. Inspired by the la… @eyeclickeye @vylter Haha it's a real shop, but we haven't actually opened a convenience store as promo for our rec… @PowerPCME ❤️Dude. The new Donor Lens album is... Incredible. Just go listen to it please
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@MyPetFlamingoUK Man like Victor on the art! @lxtxcxThank you to everyone - new customers and old friends - who has visited our shop since we opened on Friday 🏪🌛… @iamjoemeyer @MyPetFlamingoUK @0PN @jimmyeatworld @UGSoundsMI Wow, amazing to be up on that display with OPN. Thanks for the support @KidNeonTSR Puff Puff Give - Kid Neon cover? @vylter That's so good/weird! This one is the Eye Emporium🌤️👁️ @georgi1802 @discoholicmusic @asatiir Zune? That's what I thought originally too, but this is much more recent and… @asatiir What media player is this btw? @asatiir 🙌 Thank you very muchOnce again @Donor_Lens is killing it
Retweeted by Donor Lens (Midnight Store is OPEN)Donor Lens are 2 of the 3PeaceSweetz. If you liked the breakbeat bits on Midnight Store, reckon you're gonna enjoy… @eilogin @IMDATAGIRL En garde! @IMDATAGIRL @badlydrawnhugz Cheers Data! Hope you enjoy the tunes, Wiz 🧙‍♂️Music that inspired the Midnight Store 🏪 Follow and listen to the Midnight Shoppers playlist 👁️ @GOLDENLIVINROOM Good luck and have fun ✊ICYMI, you can still pick up @IMDATAGIRL floppy disks ft. Donor Lens and @SkyYAMAHA remixes from…
@lunitasdreams Amazing cover! We have two tracks on our new album that pun on the words Bizarre/Bazaar. Had no idea… @theelectroscape Great record. We love wd @nicky_mir @LayerMarine Donor Lens @LayerMarine @nicky_mir Haha Nicky's always talking about that Candy Dulfer song! @LayerMarine We spent yesterday signing and personalising the bundles for you super-supportive super-fans! Thanks so muchHello @LayerMarine, follower 1000 🙌 @SkyYAMAHA @IMDATAGIRL @ATower33 @Winter_quilt @WTRMLNBanzai @alphachromeyayo Good luck with Bandcamp Friday coming up 😀 @SkyYAMAHA @IMDATAGIRL @ATower33 @Winter_quilt @WTRMLNBanzai @alphachromeyayo Thanks for putting this together and… más? vcw2-h8jx fjha-v2zp 🏪 👁️We're back in different cities now, having got a shit ton of work done together over the weekend. Watch this space.… @cthielenWAV @MyPetFlamingoUK @IMDATAGIRL @ThisIsJana 🙏 Thanks for this insightful, well-written review‘One of the most surprising tracks to ever grace this community... ‘Spirit Receiver’... features vocals from… @lexaccino Iced Gem biscuits from the Midnight Store @IMDATAGIRL One of our favourites from HC 🙏 @lexaccino 🏪🛬
DONOR LENS MEGATOWER we get more love on this? i think it needs more love and attention and SAUCE!!!! plz and thank you😘
Retweeted by Donor Lens (Midnight Store is OPEN)🌴 NEW SINGLE 🌴 “mornings in hawaii feat. @fake_fever” + remixes from @Donor_Lens, @SoulCraft23 and High Tides. Av…
Retweeted by Donor Lens (Midnight Store is OPEN)Gastly Haunter Gengar @eccodroid @RClub95 You're a vapor pop OG ✊New @Donor_Lens album is next level Vaporpop. We need to step up our game.
Retweeted by Donor Lens (Midnight Store is OPEN) @disasteradio Their scary graphic reads like an 'accidentally left wing' post @RClub95 🙏 Thanks so much, guys. Runners Club and the Panama Papers album were huge inspirations for us doing what we do @toneglide Haha we don't even begin trying to sync laptops (especially given one of us is on Ableton and the other… @_rrrxrrrxrrr Windows 96 @PacificPlazaRec Haha @polyglotwave said that about this pic @vylter @UrsulasCartri @Eis_T_213 Got all the kitchen gadgets out for that @seabaud Haha you saw that sign? I think they meant 'hiked', that they'd raised their prices.
@IndyAdvant @Seikomartjapan Seikomart's presentation/attention to detail is incredible @seabaud I know! We moved things when we noticed that, don't worry @Dezonator @jibuneuclid Donut Blends @SeijaKitchen Haha performance art piece: We jam with loads of instruments on a yard sale table and the piece ends… @popcultr_online I remember when all Roland workstations/digital synths had them. Completely ridiculous tech and it…'s happening here? Wrong answers only @seabaud @VaporFashion Oh damn I feel like we're gonna be kept busy. Also, Vapor 95 needs to open a branch in Wales… a real vaporwave shop is much more impressive than us making a vaporwave record about a real shop. Bravo,… @vylter No maths, just smashing the MIDI til it sounds good @__VDMR__ @RadioKonton Bandcamp code comin thru shortly if that works for ya? @tropicalvirtual @willwadeiv The shop interior is real too! @eyeclickeye @tropicalvirtual @suncityranger 👁️✊ (solidarity, not a punch in the eye)