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Adjacent Vaporwavers & airport ambientists. J (@kidneontsr, ********* **) + T (@loveindust, Wichita LimeWire). Miracle Lounge available now on @mypetflamingouk

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This is the kind of music my (@loveindust) wife likes
@aherointl I saw a lady on the tube with an 'I ❤️ DATA' badge about 30 mins after this too @aherointl I like this advert you've taken out in the UK @Om3g4__ @Winter_quilt @eilogin We mainly use stock Ableton/Logic stuff and then a select few iZotope and Universal… @Winter_quilt @Om3g4__ @eilogin Looks good to us. Doesn't sound like you need extended range/weighted keys etc. Wil… @nicky_mir 🤜🤛 BrosUsing this as a review for all future Donor Lens promo. 'At least they're happy' @UncleSquiddz 'Ok boom...' oh wait, this is a really beautiful, nuanced piece of music criticism. @nicky_mir This is so wholesome, thanks! @miraicult @loveindust @KidNeonTSR So funky always! Wanna hear that Switzerland Drex story @Corpse_Boi Hold tight, we got plenty of tunes coming to soundtrack such mischief making @miraicult @loveindust wears Drexciya sweatshirt, @KidNeonTSR in the Stella Artois hoodie yup! @Corpse_Boi Lol. Without giving too much away, we want you to imagine more that you're on a late night quest for beer and Doritos. @PowerPCME This one is insane. When the synth sax comes out 🎷🤯
In a good mood, so here's a video of 2 idiots in white jumpers recording 909 snare rolls @AugnosMusic @IMDATAGIRL Haha I hadn't even thought about that! 🤯 It's always Day-ta in our heads (UK English). @IMDATAGIRL @SkyYAMAHA Uh Oh Uh Oh @Taktatakta To clarify, I played Poulenc not Prince on the clarinet. Tonight we gonna party like it's 1899Uh oh!!! This has made our 2020. Last thing I won was the school Junior Woodwind competition in 1999. Amazing to be… @PGunnii @VektroidLive Reckon there's plenty of that out there in addition to the classic Eno. Music for Airports b… are in an airport and it is 1994-
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@SoulCraft23 Haha well it's silly, certainly. I'll post an equally dumb video of us doing 909 snare rolls if the demand is there @VAPORSPACE_StL There's a lot of stuff that's 'not vaporwave' in vaporwave albums these days and a lot of times tha… session for DL2. Very important that we tracked this 909 crash live for the human feel @IMDATAGIRL Isn't it nice to have a computer?Massive thanks for this post, Vapor Archives - you do amazing work for our scene. Reminder that Miracle Lounge on v… @GrooveRemote @KidNeonTSR @IMDATAGIRL So lame. Why do people still think like this in the face of all evidence? @Iheartnoise Dan @miraicult Looking forward to it. Bet it sounds classy AFTheory. If you want your song to sound 90s and 'expensive', put a tambourine with loads on reverb on beat 2 or 4, b…
Just heard two radical reimaginings of our songs from @polyglotwave and @ThisIsJana. Former is cowbell-and-synth va… Miracle Lounge LP (Oct 2019) @aherointl - Refreshing rmx (Nov 2019) @IMDATAGIRL - UH OH rmx (Jan 2020… @SoulCraft23 @OpusScience Mate!£12 wax! Miracle Lounge or Malibu Condos bundled super cheap with @OpusScience's outrageously fun vapor boogie reco… @StrawberryStat1 Greatest band of all time @VaporArchives @polyglotwave Haha shit! Eagle eyed. Had to zoom in on the notebook to double check nothing incriminating @Om3g4__ Haha which item do you covet? Order of preference: 1) Kraftwerk mug, 2) Mouse Rug, tied 3) Jazz III guitar… @SoulCraft23 Photo shamelessly staged for your benefit hahaTools, trade
@VANITAS_567 @IMDATAGIRL ✊ Thank you! We wanna know about these DJ scratches and vibraslaps in your mix haha. So much fun! @IMDATAGIRL Your turn a day in the sussustudio @AugnosMusic Oo. What are you hoping to see? Take pics of ridic stuff. Also want thought on UA's DAWReinstated the Kemper and the Mouse Rug in advance of some DL album 2 tracking today. Rolando Jazz Chorus ALWAYS ON…
@Om3g4__ @vylter @DMTFL_ @powerlunchrecs @bizcasual @aherointl @dreamchamber1 @aquaoscura @CierraMyst666 @vylter Also 911 and 999 for the UK crew @vylter Announce something else at 909 too haha @disasteradio And its spinoff, Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe. Also on YouTube @maletearsmusic Ronald Reagan on the floor 🙅‍♂️ Four on the snare 🙋‍♂️ @SoulCraft23 @PowerPCME Gain from UA preamp, 12 bit bit crush, some noise with Ableton erosion and about 25% phaser… @SoulCraft23 @IMDATAGIRL Yeah! Love it so much. Went to Islay a few months ago to visit the distillery. I'll post s… @IMDATAGIRL @Shazzaiya ☹️ Hope to hear your version and others' continue to roll in after this releaseWith bonus silly shred. Some of this is just about audible in the fade out of our remix to tracking guitars on the @IMDATAGIRL remix
@gaizure @MidClassComfy Oh man, I went last Summer and it's beautiful @IMDATAGIRL @AugnosMusic Cheers fella! Sounds huge @c0mpus3rv3 @IMDATAGIRL 😀 Thanks for listening! We had an illegal amount of fun making it📣 First new music from us this year! Isn't it nice to have a January Juno jam: Check out th…, this bangs OH @MidClassComfy Yup, and livestreamed for those who can't get there. It's already happening a bit. We need an event in the UK next!
Illustrated timeline of my relationship with Radiohead 2002 - present @SoulCraft23 @PowerPCME Gonna test some combos of stock Ableton stuff - amp, channel EQ, pedal, erosion, redux - an…, what are yr tips for processing IDM breaks? Chopping I'm fine with, it's the tone I'm after. Classic Squ… @nicky_mir @MidClassComfy Nothing crazy about that! @MidClassComfy Live shows/club nights
Great book about one of the great bands. Anyone here into Japan/related stuff? And has anyone sampled/flipped their… @Winter_quilt 😂 Probs get fired for chasing internet clout haha @nicky_mir @telenightsmusic Love Sade. Supremely classy music.One person misread the terms & conditions and was expecting George Michael sax already. 420 followers, not followin… @vylter I love hearing other people's production/composition decisions, like 'wow I wouldn't have made that move an… record is absolutely sensational. Check it if you want to hear noisy, knotty IDM from the UK. Sound design, ar… @polyglotwave @fake_fever @IMDATAGIRL Honoured! @telenightsmusic Yes mate @aherointl Something in the air rn 🤔Wetting your whistles for this... @VaporMemory Followed!summer_all_the_time.png
Retweeted by Donor Lens @fake_fever @IMDATAGIRL You'll be able to hear DATAGIRL (Donor Lens rmx) and Donor Lens (DATAGIRL rmx) both v soon!
When we reach 420 followers, I will play Careless Whisper on the saxophone for you 🎷Ok we just heard this and it's a sci-fi club bop. Love love love it likes academic vaporwave articles? 🙋‍♂️ @HouseHummer @TheCelShade Got it up on the TV. Enjoying the tune/video @GrooveRemote I love how quotable/memeable that documentary has become haha @GrooveRemote Of course! I think it was a bit like the Steely Dan - Peg session. Bass player advised not to slap, b… @TheCelShade 🎷 CheersRidiculous dad/yacht rock jam with the Habraxas House Band tonight
Pretty much disagree with every word of this lecture, but it's a) an interesting counterpoint to Eno ambient-optimi… Scruton accidentally making a case 4 v-wave: '[music] is there in order not to be really there. It is a backg… @GrooveRemote @educaci0n @loveindust Sorry! 🤦‍♂️ @GrooveRemote @educaci0n @loveindust Yeah! Feels a bit transgressive getting one of these when I already have a rea… @blackxmidi @loveindust That's a really strong shout, thank you!Who has recommendations for a small, tweakable, polyphonic synth module? Putting together a live rig for… this noisy track/video
This clip is everything. Cheers Nicky. Blows my mind to see our record, made in London and shipped from Wales, play…
It's the weekend! Reminder that if you're popping into a late night shop to purchase supplies, we'd REALLY apprecia… @dreamgliding's plenty of out of tune fretless guitar/bass on Miracle Lounge for you to enjoy already 😜