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Ready to be the best version of me #BlackLivesMatter

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Can’t play mas with yuh bf ? Can’t relate
Retweeted by TSHVBUSSIN’ 💦
Retweeted by TSHVHave to do mas this year @JaeMajette Not your knees AND ankles girl 😂😂🤣🤣That’s crazy my man stuck with my stiff as an ironing board ass and it’s bitches out here that can do this 🤣 too ba…
Retweeted by TSHV @maxsho_ You've taken it the wrong way. I'm saying you'll never have every single thing figured but that's life and… @maxsho_ You said everything in capitals @maxsho_ It's not negativity. I'm being real. Doesn't mean you won't be happy.collapsed doggy, side jook & missionary. that’s it
Retweeted by TSHV @maxsho_ I'm being so realMy son needs to stop telling people his sister is coming soon 🙄 @maxsho_ Spoiler alert: You'll never have everything figured out.
Nah she gotta beat his ass for this LMAOOOO
Retweeted by TSHVArmz conceived himself by breaking through the condom. You can't convince me otherwise.
Retweeted by TSHVOkay hip thrusts! 160kg x 6
Retweeted by TSHVI was upset today so I did what I do best shot by me.
Retweeted by TSHV🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Too Stoopid!!
Retweeted by TSHVVery Interesting results BBC News - The boss who put everyone on 70K
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Retweeted by TSHVThe Trials of Gabriel Fernandez is so heartbreaking. How can someone harm a child? How did so many people in power…👇 Brexit will soon have cost the UK more than its total payments to the EU over the last 47 years.
Retweeted by TSHVThe part of parenting they don’t prepare you for
Retweeted by TSHVWe wanna celebrate mums this March so we are having a little glam day and shoot on March 6th in London if you are i…
Retweeted by TSHVtechnically making him..... onset lmao
Retweeted by TSHVSo many parents on insta and YouTube exploit their childrenI feel like young insta stars are going to experience something similar to the young child actors/singers @Fourens_ She'll be pregnant and tagging the bump 😂😂A homecoming performance that would make @Beyonce proud! @DennisNia made us lose our breath with her 9.975 on floor…
Retweeted by TSHV @barbaraantigua For real! It is a lot of pressure. But we always get through regardless @barbaraantigua Listen! I'm so intrigued by this because I don't think mums (or main caregivers) get to experience… @Thatssotasha That's the thing a lot of the time no one will know because when you're with your little one you appe… @barbaraantigua Girl it really is! You'll be wanting to cry and then your little one comes in and then you even feel guilty for being low @Thatssotasha It's actually crazy to think we don't even have time to feel low properly.
Can someone point me in the direction of a black harpist please @kaos_ldn It will happen 🙏🏾🙏🏾Omg she's too cute of a feather steal culture together
Retweeted by TSHV @ChanIncognito Same 😖 I guess everyone has a different opinion on it. I do think the branding is a big harsh though @ChanIncognito When does preference become an issue such as biphobia or homophobia? @ChanIncognito Okay the HIV thing I understand because that's a little extreme and a huge stereotype. But I've goog… saw a tweet yesterday that said something along the lines of women not wanting to date bi men is homophobic and b… left behind something so Beautiful and Amazing 🙏🏾 @POPSMOKE10 Thank You for the greatest gift life has to offer…
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What I lack in the back is packing with my cat.
Retweeted by TSHV @VivSaintLaurent I'm currently catching up but it's so sad to watch. Most people would be happy when their friends get on.Knee knee really doesn't like when her friends make friends.Anger out now !
Retweeted by TSHV😂🤣 BLOCK is on #RAPUK, thank you @SpotifyUK 🔥 Here’s me explaining to @idriselba why this song is going to be mad w…
Retweeted by TSHVWe used to ask our parents for snacks and then charge them to watch us perform and eat the snacks. updated #HairLove book cover that is coming soon. Before vs. After. Can you spot the two differences?
Retweeted by TSHVEverytime I look down this is how she’s staring at me 🥺🥺🥺
Retweeted by TSHVI don't know why I found that so funny 😂🤣Nope. I wouldn't even attempt it. My mum would win 10 times over. conversationthat transpired with her dad before she went to see #AuntyBoots
Retweeted by TSHVnormalize beating your parents
Retweeted by TSHVmade this...
Retweeted by TSHVI took my braids out and played with idea of having shorter hair which was cute and then I combed it out.
Retweeted by TSHVBrixton BootsShe clocked into work that morning like it was every other day. Probably said some affirmations before she started her day. It is well.
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@Thatssotasha On beat and everything 😂🤣🤣🎀 Hello Kitty Gang 🎀
Retweeted by TSHV @BabyFace_Gee *Today even @BabyFace_Gee 😂 Imagine he was just in his bed making up stories out loud loool tomorrow's going to be a loong dayMy son's been in his bed since 7:30 and he's still awake 🙃
Vybz- Virginity and Proper English are two of the greatest love songs of all time.Yu wid mi ar wa?
Retweeted by TSHVwhen you start feeling okay for once but then you overthink everything and suddenly a wave of sadness hits you like…
Retweeted by TSHV @CECEVELLI CeCe anyone that leaves after you opening up was never a true friend to begin with. You're right, everyo… has nothing to do with them being 'fat' and everything to do with lack of hygiene.I've never fucked a slim girl or a fat girl 🤷🏾‍♂️ my ex had a lil belly. But I've heard so many stories about fat g…
Retweeted by TSHVMy son will be up in a few hours 😭Coffee spelled backwards is eeffoc idk what that means but the 3rd word in this sentence is how I wanna bend you
Retweeted by TSHV @Delinda_Arts Watched it in 4dx and it made the experience more enjoyableecho park :.)
Retweeted by TSHV @miraa_may She's literally the bestThis made me so happy
boys literally don’t post ANYTHING on social media a guy could be getting married and he’ll only post like the sunset on his story
Retweeted by TSHVI hope I grow child(ren) to feel like they can voice their opinion when they are not being treated fairly or their…
Retweeted by TSHVFeel like I'm in a pubI hope he's okayshout out the bad gyal rappers worldwide 🌍🔥🥵 #freestyle
Retweeted by TSHVHe came home to bring me food and check up on me. Love is so sweet.My man's with all my fam getting ready to watch the fight. I'm at home, our sons sleeping and I'm doing work 😭Like everytime I think of it I feel a little bit sickSomeone posted a pic of their brothers eyebrow stuck to a wall after he ran into it and the thought of it makes me feel funnyI can't explain it but seeing hair like that makes me feel really uncomfortableI'm really sick of people.
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The Art The Reference
Retweeted by TSHVPop Smoke had mad girlfriends but at least they was all happy!
Retweeted by TSHVYes @Che_Lingo! I die and 20 niggas claim me just know I loved them all
Retweeted by TSHV @Shak_ill Piczo was before it's time man. We were actually coding and making every part of our pagesAnd what of me!!!! What of me God?!?
Retweeted by TSHVYou lot are so quick to prove to the world how close you were to someone when they die.And definitely don’t post anything that I wouldn’t want you posting if I was alive. People don’t realise how disres…
Retweeted by TSHVOk TL I really need your help here! I don’t ask for much but today is the day I need you all. Please help make th…
Retweeted by TSHVHe's just going to say he said it to push you and take credit for it.