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Kales. @dontkalemyvibes Washington, USA

BD1. Aries. Peacemaker. ISFP-T. Lover of space and trees.

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I need some time so I won’t be on here for a while. I’m not okay at allI did it. I said goodbye. I said everything I needed to say.
Nobody warned me that sometimes love feels like teethI’m just going to take a nap until he calls me, I’m sleepyI don’t want to be in love if you don’t want to tryI.... I’m in love with her know he cares about me... but I also know that he doesn’t care about me enoughThis shit is annoying...
Retweeted by Kales. @alyssabereznak’s only 9:15 and I’ve already unloaded the dishwasher, did two loads of laundry, swept the house, mopped the hous… the thought of s’mores make me nauseous and I will never understand how people eat them 🤢 need you more than I’m supposed toMy account has been such a mess lately. I’m sorry everyone 🥴 @tattedbrunettee I WANT HIM 😭 @VenusVerdict I always do but I’m gonna try so hard not to 😩 @tattedbrunettee I AM WEAK I HAVE NO SELF CONTROL WITH HIMI asked if I was helping him finish pack tomorrow and he said “yeah, probably the last of the packing and then I fi… babe I’m just trying so hard to run away wanna “screenshot my snaps because I’m so cute” kind of loveThis man plays with my head so muchHis roommate’s girlfriend was so excited to see me today and I’m so excited that I got her number and we can be friends 🥺 @VenusVerdict I don’t even understand him at allWell, I was getting ready to say what I needed to say and then he told me that he wanted to spend tomorrow with me… @kiley_deardorff Dude yes 😭 @snickerdoodle_2 I am my own 2nd @ 🤷🏻‍♀️Update, as I’m helping him pack, it’s getting harder on me
I mean... we’re spending most of the day together so I’m sure it will go well until the end when I actually have to say goodbyesag, leo, aries ✉️🦋 you guys have a lot going on yet nothing at the same time. there are a lot of things you’re tr…
Retweeted by Kales.Today is going.... weirdly well?S just called me and changed plans to three hours earlier so now we’re meeting in an hour and a half and I am ✨panicking✨I hate todayI need to get ready but I can’t stop crying @Wanderlust_lani That bridge is traumatizing or retraumatizing or maybe even bothI haven’t decided if I’ll actually stay and hang out or if I’ll just drop off what I bought him, say what I need to say and then leave.I don’t want to say goodbye todayI've run through every outcome and in every one I'm hurtI keep rehearsing what I’ll say tomorrow but I know as soon as I’m there it’s all going to disappear and I’ll just… remind me every day that I'm not enough but I still stay
Retweeted by Kales.Some days I make it through and then there's nights that never endI don’t want a boyfriend, I just want a prominent collarbone
Retweeted by Kales.Maybe we should kiss @nicholleelynnee Literally think this everyday“Grief is just love with no place to go”If you let me sleep on your chest then I’ll make you breakfast, deal?
Going to watch Frozen 2, get drunk and cry 🤘🏻 @isthistoocheesy Keep at it, they’re so worth it! What brand did you get? @gawill245 @fallenxpeachesIf yo bf not yo biggest fan please break up w him and find somebody who is.
Retweeted by Kales.I was supposed to go with him, but instead he’s leaving by himself on Wednesday. I need to be more gentle with myse… @midwestchaos92 Currently Black and White by The Band Camino or By My Side by The Paper Kites @htxmillennial 26I miss making out. Seriously.
Retweeted by Kales. @tattedbrunettee I’ll make out with youThis isn’t what you promised meI’m in love with someone who wouldn’t even lift a finger if I was on fire
Retweeted by Kales.If I ran then I would run to you every time @yaboyjosep I drank white claws and made wings and watched the fight by myself too, I relate @BlkSoulBeauty I’m in love with you 🤤The biggest fucking mood 😭😒🙄 @linestothemoon It’s a secretI don’t understand how I can still care so much when he just continually hurts me @simplyunclassy I watched it for the first time last week!Twitter just a bunch a single depressed overthinkers
Retweeted by Kales.Late nights get the best of me, they know how to get to me @spunkicheeks Here if you want/need to talk 💕 @linestothemoon Can I switch to truth? @linestothemoon Dare. @tattedbrunettee I’m gonna need to figure it out or else horny Kales is gonna be stupid enough to fly to VA to get dickWait I just realized last week was probably the last time I’ll have sex in like a really long time and I’m not okaysend her flowers she’s probably sad
Retweeted by Kales.I get so overwhelmed sometimes I don’t feel like talking to anyone. It’s nothing personal.
Retweeted by Kales.I don’t want you to go @Wanderlust_lani 😍🥵🤤 @Wanderlust_lani A classic.What would it take to make you care about me the way that I care about you?I run from the things that I want the mostI’m in the mood to kiss someoneI’m not proud of it @KinksNTatts He would hardly let me speak, he had a very aggressive posture, he was super pushy and insistent, he w… @KinksNTatts Kind of, but then he wanted to go for a drive and talk and I was highkey afraid of this guy so I just…
2020 year ago today I went on a terrible date and purposefully scored 18 points while bowling so that he wouldn’t want to play again @Stoltzc1 Same! I just started it a few weeks ago!I was crying at work and a girl from the unit next to me came up and said “are you okay? You have really clouded en… @kmryan95 LOVE THIS 😍 @kmryan95 This really made letting him go a lot fucking easierSex is nice and all but I’m not having any
Retweeted by Kales. @kthnxbaiiiii The sound of a vacuumC worked 13 hours today and then immediately drove 40 minutes to come fix the fence in the dark so the dogs don’t g… with trauma be like: I was born, then I was 13 for 1 minute, then I turned 21
Retweeted by Kales. @coffee_queen2 I just... there aren’t words for how I feel right now @DearHoneyandInk I really appreciate that. My head knows that, my heart is slowing catching up. @DearHoneyandInk I laughed out loud when I read it but in a very bitter and bitchy toneS said “tonight and tomorrow I’m having two going away parties for all my friends, it’s gonna take up a lot of time…’s son can I buy these for? 🥺
Retweeted by Kales.Just kidding, everybody stay away from me.I have an oral fixation, whose tryna help me out?