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Kendra 🌸 @dontmakecry Fort Wayne, IN

twitch variety streamer ♡ respect your space ♡

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Going live with Deceit!!! First time playing, I’m a little scaredddd 24 followers away from 900!!! @GamesCali This haircut is honestly so hot on you and I can’t get over it @ZoroTGB If you killing me? 😂I wonder how many people have clips of them killing me in Apex cause I am a *free kill* @marifruitjuice @inhuman Omg I love this haha
I’ll be live again tonight after work with some Deceit :) 25 followers away from 900!!! @VortexTheGOAT Thank you so much Joel. 💜 You’ve all been so kind to me. @kizmit Thank you!! @bdykeman1984 No worries!! Your rest is more important. @ItsBlisx Thanks for the games today!! @crissylov3 Couldn’t be here without y’all 💜 @Fumez Thank you!!! I also keep forgetting to add you on Apex but after tonight, I may just delete it lololMy confidence and streaming have both come a long way in the year+ I’ve been streaming. I know that with consistenc… @crissylov3 False, you the most sus @bdykeman1984 @Crispyteaa_GG @vanitystreaming @PLK_Sanctuary @SixKingMike @i_thea_NYX_TTV @MajorNosebleed am speechless from today’s stream. I typically hide my viewer count but towards the end of stream, my gut told me… @LavenousCAM2 It is terrifying but I laughed once I realized lmfaoooThe vibes are a lot better today. Also we're 31 followers away from 900. I'm def gonna cry when we hit 1000 :0 up like dat booty of the gals joining: @crissylov3 @QueenSelie @ItsGameCupid @M_JVDE @erkss_ @itskendraeh @murphymoosh spot is taken!! May need 2 alternates the week before due to work schedules. Will keep everyone posted :)Yesterday, my laptop webcam came on for no reason. Today, I got out of the shower and walked into my room and heard… @missskarnage Ew come on wtf @ssfullenwilder Are you in my Discord? @ssfullenwilder Are you able to stream it?? That's my only requirement from the participants :)We still have one spot left unclaimed!! Any retweets would be appreciated. Also, ALLLLLLL of the girls participatin… in switzerland
Retweeted by Kendra 🌸Hey Twitter fam!! I've been working on putting this event together for a couple of weeks now but here it finally is… @WalksKenobii No shhh @ZoroTGB My bad day goes deeper than my shoes but that sure did put the icing on the cake lmao @ZoroTGB ACTUALLY I stepped in a regular puddle about 6 inches deep but the soap is from me spilling hand soap on m…
Retweeted by Kendra 🌸I’m having a rough day @WalksKenobii You’ve gotta be shitting me @ItsBlisx If you're off tomorrow, I'd be down for that. I get on around 4/5 est typically @ItsBlisx I'm off for the day but we can play later this week if you'd like! Not sure what your schedule is like @claudiyuh_ I'm guessing I got crushed by the panels on the platform when it folds up lolol
This is how today feels. @Chronos98x @ItsTorikYall @raspberrriii3 @KKrizpy @Notdylanlowes1 @_TequilaRosee @legit_kachow Damn tori has everyone beat by like 400 😂Are you a ghost? Because I’m tryna make you my boo 👻
Retweeted by Kendra 🌸✨ Top Friends 🥇 @Chronos98x 🥈 @bdykeman1984 🥉 @AeroYbo 🏅 @ZoroTGB 🏅 @murphymoosh 🏅 @WalksKenobii 🏅 @ryedikulous @shanealynn95 @erin_furnish @StoicStolas @_kenziiieee_ @weirdospeak @Sad_g0d @OMurgaw The fact that 2 of these are me @TheeJonBaker 😂 @TheeJonBaker You are not a negative person :(I like positive people. I do not like people who thrive off of negativity and toxic people.I’ll be getting back into Apex this week. I took a nice little break from it and now I’m ready to go back :3 If a… is looking for streamers and content creators! If your looking to grow and live the HYXR Lifestyle. DM:…
Retweeted by Kendra 🌸I was checking clips from my drunk stream the other day and I’ve already got people clipping me standing up? Da fuckUsing a webcam while streaming is a lot different than looking back at yourself using a webcam.Thanks for the boost everyone 🥺 and thanks for those that are following!!! I see you and I appreciate you. 🙏 @allie_dalliie Thank you 🥺 @ItsTorikYall 😳 @ItsBlisx I only have this one 😿36 followers away from 900 🥺🥺🥺🥺 Can I get uhhhh boost? @AshtynCarlile Ooo maybe I’ll finally be able to catch one of your streams 👀I have yet to go through my drunk Phasmophobia VOD. I should do that soon 🤔 @badboychadhoy @BlackWolfNation There is no peace when you tweet
@badboychadhoy @BlackWolfNation Chad :( @ItsAMeInvasion You gonna do greatCan you guys believe I’ve never worn a skirt in my life? Now I can’t get out of this one. @ItsAMeInvasion 👀 @Razer I'm thankful for the opportunities you've been giving me lately <3 @SuperTacoStand No I’m proud of YOUalso peep @jacjac_jacque in thereeeeeGuess who is one of the Razer Streamers of the Month 👀 @crissylov3 @M_JVDE and I will be playing In Silence on stream Friday night. I play one spooky game with them and… @_teenweeen @TheKalenAllen Please. It would make me a million times happier that the original video lolol @_teenweeen This me: 🤢🤮 @_teenweeen It is apple pie but actually it’s a huge pile of shit lolThis looks like a pile of horse shit @taykayhite I’m a classic overthinker I’m sorryYou're on time. You're exactly where you need to be right now.
Retweeted by Kendra 🌸 @taykayhite Ummmmm @StoicStolas Always a text away.imagine waking up here every morning
Retweeted by Kendra 🌸Another nightly tweet stating how much I wish I could quickly lose 40 lbs @dontwantaname69 It’s less fun on mobile IMO but it’s fun on pc when all of your friends are able to talk to each o… is amazing. Forever a great friend, always a great human being. @dontwantaname69 Among Us is so funnnnn. You get to lie and yell at your friends.Most adults are just stupid children in large bodies.
Retweeted by Kendra 🌸me: :( plants: 🌿 . * . ° . *🌲 . 🌱 * . ° . 🌻. * . * °…
Retweeted by Kendra 🌸 @xMethy 🤗😌
May need fill-ins for the Among Us Charity stream. It's an all girls stream from 7pm-10pm est Nov. 7th. Please DM t… @Micah_Not_Micha :( sowwy @ManaPlaysGames You probably rightif you can’t handle the sass, then you can’t handle the ass.
Retweeted by Kendra 🌸 @ryedikulous Oh shiiiiiitWow I meant fund**uhhhhh wanna fun my ihop? its ok if not, i wont be mad :3 cashapp $dontmakecryMaybe I'm still kinda drunk or something but I could use some ihop. @Micah_Not_Micha Fuck Milky Way @erkss_ Pleaseeee @ZoroTGB The ultimate name to get bullied or be a bully @ZoroTGB Yikes 😂If you don't have a good day today I'm going to be extremely upset.
Retweeted by Kendra 🌸I drunkenly ordered Taco Bell during stream today. Ordered a Chalupa I planned on saving for after. It didn’t exist…’s stream was so nice 🥺 You all came to hang out and I got drunk as shit which was nice and like...I love y’all. GoodnightOkay but for real tho why am I still playing this game
I'm live now :) @spookyxjacky exactttlllly.