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Adam Savage @donttrythis San Francisco

Obsessive maker of things. Editor-in-Chief of @testedcom, host of @discovery’s #SavageBuilds and author. Former co-host of #MythBusters. Inquiries: @wmespeakers

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1) light 2) Mormons
Retweeted by Adam Savage @willsmith An aluminum pole would really elevate the feats of strength.
Retweeted by Adam SavageBest part about being a producer: REALLY funky hold music.
Retweeted by Adam Savage @donttrythis @testedcom I made this collapsing shelf, does that count? During the process, I imagined a tiny…
Retweeted by Adam SavageBlammo what a great tale. insider, i say this as a friend, but you’re starting to sound like a 15 year old who’s best friend is an e…’s going to try to make their own set of shelves? Share photos and tag me if you do! New @testedcom One Day Buil… very special guests are on this week's episode of #BecauseScience. 👀➡️
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NEW!!! @donttrythis revamps the hardware storage system for his workshop by building a new custom wall of storage b…
Retweeted by Adam SavageI have waiting to share this new One Day Build: shelves to store all my hardware! And you can make it yourself; we… is one of the best sci-fi shows of our generation and the most accurate show on TV. I go to space…
Retweeted by Adam SavageI’ll share some pictures soon.I built a thing today, and got it to a state wherein i can finally see the rough final form. It’s beautiful & somet… MY FLU I HAVE FOUND JOY
Retweeted by Adam SavageOr you might already be. answered “What’s in My Bag?” for the @cool_tools folks. Check out a few of my favorite everyday carries:…
Retweeted by Adam SavageGet off my yard!'m not being paid to say this, so hopefully you'll believe me (THIS time) when I say... don't sleep on #TheExpanse
Retweeted by Adam SavageConstitutional law expert Michael Gerhardt just warned Congress that a failure to impeach President Donald Trump co…
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I've been having fun showing you all some of the things around the cave that are special to me. This is my Hellboy… @donttrythis Random action shot from my shop
Retweeted by Adam SavageIn this #StillUntitled, @donttrythis, @nchan and @schac_attack chat about favorite things to do in San Francisco, r…
Retweeted by Adam SavageSince you asked, here is the #Cricut cart mentioned in today’s #StillUntitled. I’ll make some dimensioned drawings…
Retweeted by Adam SavageIt’s been 7 years since Digital Harbor Foundation opened and in that time, we have served over 5,000 youth in grade…
Retweeted by Adam SavageRandom shot from the shop.
Our fabulous friends @donttrythis and @schac_attack share why they love #GivingTuesday & why you should consider gi…
Retweeted by Adam SavageHAPPENING NOW: It's #GivingTuesday. On @MarkRober's Facebook fundraiser, every $1 plants 2 trees. LET'S UNLOCK 2…
Retweeted by Adam Savage @cmclymer Goddamnit Charlotte.
Retweeted by Adam SavageI still can’t believe this happened...
Retweeted by Adam SavageTerrific and hilarious thread. Space Shuttle #Enterprise serves as the catalyst for all the dynamic space-themed exhibitions at the…
Retweeted by Adam SavageAdam Savage, world-renowned TV host, author and special effects expert, will soon have another descriptor: Commence…
Retweeted by Adam SavageMy heart 😭 This is so beautiful. This father really came through for his daughter. SALUTE ❤️ (via Fb Sire Edga…
Retweeted by Adam Savage @donttrythis My seven-year-old starts singing to himself whilst watching Mythbusters: "If there's something cool th…
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Also just noticed that my book (with signed book plate) on Premiere Collectibles is $20 right now! That's $10 off.…’t wait! @RowanUniversity @donttrythis My 10 yr old son Aidan bought with his own $ a signed copy of your book. He is beyond excited. Book r…
Retweeted by Adam SavageToday is the last day to order my Ts on @CottonBureau! Just five more hours to order, and right now they are offeri… can’t give up Thanksgiving binge eating cold turkey.
Retweeted by Adam SavageStop blowing my mind! is amazing."White supremacists and other far right extremists have killed more people than any other category of domestic extr…
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At the VERY LEAST, not mentioning this, given your position in tech media, makes it look like someone’s asleep at t… @WIRED. Long have I loved you, but giving a famous sock puppet (and self-aggrandizer about his huge IQ) a platf… (Monday) is the last day to order my Ts on @cottonbureau! And right now they are offering free shipping fo… is great. Truly great. sure who needs to hear this, but going to therapy is a selfless act. It is being considerate toward others. You…
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Yes! Expanse subreddit has reached 100,000 readers. WOW. #TheExpanse #ScreamingFirehawks @ExpanseOnPrime
Retweeted by Adam SavageYou’re about to become a surrealist masterpiece.!!!!
Artisanal lube. life goal: to have @TwoPaddocks name a farm animal after me. are your favourite award, vacation city, and detergent? Mine are probably Tony, Orlando, and Dawn.
Retweeted by Adam SavageMy favorite breakfast of the year.
Retweeted by Adam Savage"The checkbox allowed me to cross something off my list, to see clearly that I’d crossed it off, and at the same ti…
Retweeted by Adam SavageMy attempt to make a chest-burster turkey back in 1986. #HappyThanksgiving! #tbt
Amazing!! @RobotMakerGirl @ashley_Rsdnt_Gk @Kwalseth @KyletheDKgeek @tlynnr85 @estefanniegg @3DPGirl @guru @johnedgarpark
Retweeted by Adam SavageNot for nothing, but Crowded is a fantastic book crafted by creators giving it their all. They love it. They work s…
Retweeted by Adam Savage @actordougjones will play this cat in the movie. @Teri_Kanefield bringing the cogent breakdowns of illegal POTUS behavior.
It’s been two years since I launched my Savage Industries line. It's intoxicating to make things people actually US… should be on the agenda of All candidates of both parties! @JulianCastro 👍🏻
Retweeted by Adam SavageOnly in America would a white woman show up to tell you that teaching your black kids about America's ongoing histo…
Retweeted by Adam Savagethis is literally the plot of The Matrix
Retweeted by Adam SavageSatisfying to watch 😍
Retweeted by Adam SavageThis giant, GORGEOUS, blade-jawed fish has my whole heart. Two organisms 360 million years apart. They ate sharks f…
Retweeted by Adam SavageAgreed. speaks truth. @TuckerCarlson is no journalist. Is no man. Is a joke as a person and as a tv anchor. One day he will write his mem…
Retweeted by Adam SavageAnother freaking brilliant @michaelharriot piece. This is the one in which Mayor Pete calls him up.
Retweeted by Adam SavageIt's the most joy. On netflix🌎
Retweeted by Adam SavageYou can’t leave me hanging like this!? love reading an awesome article and then realizing it was written by my girl @bonniegrrl. Click it or ticket!
Retweeted by Adam SavageQuestion: I’m researching Young’s double slit experiment. Does anyone have a favorite account of how Young came to design the experiment?Young Bruce Lee with his mentor Grandmaster Ip Man
Retweeted by Adam SavageThis is awesome! interesting case here by @Timodc that Trump is engaged in serious corruption with Turkey
Retweeted by Adam SavageRandom shot from the shop.
Discounts, bundle deals, daily Reverse Auction & Flash Sales. Shop our #blackfriday deals at
Retweeted by Adam SavageNeeded to hear this today her perform when i was a kid. She sang “the green rolling hills of West Virginia” and there wasn’t a dry eye in…’re very sweet but I haven’t made the C list yet. But I’m glad you love the show!! Marine armor from "Aliens" made with pepakura designer 4 templates and foam floor mats, hand painted/weath…
Retweeted by Adam SavageI loved the books. Loved them! And this series feels dead on the money to me. It feels like the books. I find mysel… wow! apprised of the latest fuckery. that Presidents are not kings
Retweeted by Adam SavageAnnouncing a new course for tech professionals in SF on ethics, public policy, & technological change! Along with…
Retweeted by Adam SavageI’m glad you’re bringing this to the fore. It’s farking disgusting. I’m glad it’s backfiring. friend @AnthonyKovacs, who appeared in a recent One Day Build (, has restocked his awes…
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@ExpanseOnPrime @testedcom @PrimeVideo Well done! @mrhestew @ExpanseOnPrime @testedcom @PrimeVideo No, I was just filming behind the scenes! But I have an idea for a…’s something I got to do while on set of @ExpanseOnPrime last week, filming behind the scenes. SO! FUN! Watch f… I’m late to the party but holy crimoli Olive Kitteridge is so freaking good especially (of course) the incompa… we think of bad New York Times coverage of the 2016 campaign, we normally think about their obsessive coverage…
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