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She pur“Whether we like it or not, they’re allowed to go out and fish” - RCMP officer to non-Indigenous fisher. From video…
Retweeted by PrintupCherokee Nations reservation boundaries are now on google maps!! Shout out to Joseph Erb for pushing for this.
Retweeted by PrintupThe execution was delayed for more than an hour Tuesday evening after LeCroy’s attorneys appealed for a last minute…
Retweeted by Printup#BREAKING: U.S. government executes former soldier who said obsession with witchcraft led him to kill Georgia nurse.
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Ex: Hey something serious can we talk? Me: Yeah sure. Ex: Can we trade Pokemon? Me: literally opened for 30 gonna see if i can work from the save fileOMG IT OPENED A SAVE OMGAnd it corruptes. Im trying to save what I can screwedK computer is overheating.... not working.... great.... gonna nap.... not take meds so I can wake up and do it. Hop… have like 3 minutes left of footage to put together and I am burnt finish tomorrow if I didnt have work.....Normally Piggy isn't that noisy but that day she just wanted to SCREMTURN VOLUME UP Piglet be like "I heard we were filming season two of The Piggy Show"?'m trying to see if the cut scenes are long enough for me to edit between maps.... you dont dance to Edge of Dawn we can't be friends.I'm just happy I finally got an ending where Lysithea LIVEDPAIRED Dorothea and Felix Leonie and Seteth (weird) Linhardt and Lysithea (YES) Marianne and Hilda Raphael and Ign… and not paired: Anna, Alois, Mercedes, Bernadetta, Hanneman (WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET YOU PAIRED WIRH LY… made up for it at the end though fact: I actually had a magic screwed Lysithea so she was not MVP till I could get enough power ups in her to ma… this is a cute photo.... I paired Byleth with Sothis so I could see which person got paired and didn't put Byleth into the equation.So I was playing Three Houses while editing and I just finished Golden Deer for a second time. Here are my pairings:
....i thought I looked so good and all I can think of during my demo reel is I look like a very conservative FrankNFurterJust in case my last few tweets were unclear: GET YOUR FLY SHOTS to my doc for an unrelated issue. While there I asked for a flu shot because of the looming r*na/flu combo se… like getting free flu shots!Knew editing was going way too smoothly....took a break and now the service is out in my area...... @sbstewartlaing See she once caught a mouse as a kitten and I screamed cause she put it at my feet. Ever since then… been there for an hour. I do believe I will have a sweet present today.... restart the thread from the beginning once I am done with remaking my demo reel @Native_Orchid They thought posts that slid back in 2014/2015 wouldn't get them s*spended now.....Long story short: don't think I'll be spammed with photos of d*ad cats if I come back....hopefully.....So while it looked fun to get back into the Korra resurgence I was excited....but scared.... But I checked from on… for the exact amounts she made off of it.... Pretty sure I still have those dms and screenshots too.....To hundreds of families and minors.... Including me who was a minor at the time..... ....apparently they didnt th… top of that one of the big ones who ran an illegal livestream threatened to sue me for "loss of ad revenue" for… they also started doxxing me and spamming my mentions with photos of skinned and d*ad cats....Around the time I broke off I was trying to raise money to stay in school and get the vet visit that I needed for P… the time of my first year of college, I decided to break from the friend group. I was one of the ones who a… none of you remember because it was back when I had like 90 followers on this account, but I used to have a re… of the reason I havent finished the ATLA/LoK thread is because a fear of my stalkers. Not so terrified to reignite it anymore....Meaning there are only 5 active accounts that I know of that belong to them.... ....not gonna lie I feel safer.Three of my stalkers accounts got hacked....omg.... That is some KARMA
I need to do laundry, but Piggy wants cuddles.
@Native_Orchid @Pandabbadon But I am forever her favorite pillow @Native_Orchid @Pandabbadon I'm convinced she was an old lady in a previous life....she's too human sometimes @Pandabbadon Volume on @Pandabbadon Oh no I keep her from murdering herself! I am the worst hooman ever! @Pandabbadon She mad now cause I refuse to give her my mini liquor bottle cap that she can choke on....i accidentally poked Piglet in the eyeball while trying to pet her. She can't quit winking at me now.... @jlzellers You can ask Karla and Maci, as soon as break hit, I sounded like I was hacking up a hairballMe working prompter: suddenly has the urge to violently cough Also me because the anchor has a hot mic and is live… know I keep saying I'm gonna restart my thread on my ATLA rewatch but I've been finishing up Black Clover and acc…
I know it already had a small series back in like the 80 BUT GIVE FIRE EMBLEM ANOTHER CHANCE PLEASE I BEG OF YOU production is temporary but Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is eternal
Retweeted by PrintupEven Twisted Sister is not gonna take it. Singer Dee Snider to anti-maskers: Don't use our song!
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So because it's getting cold again my body is really craving tea. Only problem is that I used to have so many tea… Golden Deer I've been replaying the routes I've already played on stream of Three Houses and I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS GAME CAME… not full time so still looking for another part time job to stay a float but it's the move in the right direction! @VinceSchilling't want to jinx it until I started training, BUT GUESS WHO MADE EDITOR?
The institution of blood quantum requires us to reject our relatives and deny them their birthright. It demands th…
Retweeted by PrintupShe would rather I sleep horribly than cuddle me @aliwatson117 it possible to manifest something accidentally?finally a celebrity knows how to fucking decorate
Retweeted by PrintupWhen your computer auto-corrects Pokagon to Pokemon
Katelyn FONTAINE (26) last made contact family and friends on Sept 3, 2020. 5’3”, 120 lbs, brown eyes, long straig…
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Retweeted by PrintupI too like giving away security questions for free clout @jlzellers @CBS4Tim Oh my favorite's are the ones who think we're GMA and can speak to them in studio. Especially t… is really urgent. My friend has only 2 days left of her prescriptions.
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@LammaticHama ...does that technically move the Twilight franchise into bespoke or do I not understand the Graham Greene requirement?Hey #NativeTwitter: Maytaway Quarterly is looking for an Indigenous contributor to write about traditional games fr…
Retweeted by PrintupSo normally I have all my bosses & work number set to the same ear splitting alarm so that it'll wake me up in emer… cause I went blind while watching it and was under treatment for IIH so I basically forget the ending....I know I said I'd live tweet ATLA but not gonna lie I've really been wanting to rewatch Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood🥺🥺 tiny little purs
Retweeted by PrintupIt's a Piggy in a window! the volume up
Me to myself after seeing my search history my youtube search history in orderIn case you are wondering my train of literal thought right now: Documentary of the M*rder of Laci Peterson to that… @DeLesslin @MadameHoneyPot It's normally compounded by the fact that I'm sure 50% of my mutuals here have me blocke…
@hlaakapLee im still building my house so its all going towards that sadly#AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch turnips are 531 on my island @jlzellers Exactly. I hope I don't see another. Already reported 5 posts. That shouldn't be on SM. Stop screenshot… can't believe I have to say this but please do not repost uncensored photos of dead bodies or victims on social media.Coroner just arrived on scene at UP MALL. Still working to confirm details. Going live on @ABC57News FB right now
Retweeted by PrintupBREAKING: Police confirmed reports of shooting at University Park Mall in Mishawaka. No word on injuries. Ambulance on scene.
Retweeted by PrintupAnd my check engine is back on after spending $700 the other day 😠When you pack your work bag in record time and then an hour and a half into your shift realize you forgot to pack lunch.PLEASE PASS THIS ON: Officials just released video of the vehicle involved in a fatal hit-and-run outside Linebacke…
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@LHxx1010 Its worse. I've actually been up since 7 pm that was a typoRecap of day: -been up since 7 am -almost set house on fire with grease fire -car wouldn't start -spent a good amou… case you were wondering how bad my spark plugs were