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Hey, I'm Hayden! a simple cartoonist looking to follow artists and make friends!

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@crocsushi Imagine having an immortal shitty kid brother.trying to post more school stuff because i'm pretty happy with how it's turning out these days. some of my favorite…
Retweeted by DoodleBardUnfortunately, most folks who at this point still think Covid is a hoax, will likely believe reported instances lik…
Retweeted by DoodleBard @DizzyChelsy @Yucnoo God I love the vibe of your pieces. So poppy and fun.summer vibes !!! 🏖
Retweeted by DoodleBardHey @videocult, would it be possible to get a hold of that Rain World save.txt that starts at the first bunker? The… @GracieKinLA @osullivanauthor They hate liberals more than they love life. It's honestly kind of impressive. @HopkinsHat I can't argue with either of those prices. I'll give it a look, thanks! @NolanTrashZone know a decently priced tablet good for just reading books/comics and possibly watching netflix? Blue ligh…
@_SaneJoe_ @CoreyOfMyLife @crocsushi 2 is good, 3 is great. Not a fan of 1 at all. @crocsushi The MMO is surprisingly good @NolanTrashZone i̵̡̿̀ ̶̦̘̙̰͖̯̝̪̖̅́͊̿̎͗̕͝͝p̷̮̹̘̖̠̓r̸̢̢̭͚̤̀̀̀͗̍̽o̶̡̟̗̙͖̙̖̗͍̍̍̽m̸̨̘̫̣̾̓̍i̵̪̤̲͉̿̎̋͋̽̀̈́͠ͅs̸̛̳͈̓̊̐̑̉̑͝… @NolanTrashZone It's not thinly malignant disguised narcissism i promise. @NolanTrashZone It's not thinly disguised malignant narcissism i promise. @crocsushi It's one of my favorite games of all time and now it literally won't start on my fairly high-end PC, lol.What the hell happened to Rain World? It used to play perfectly, now after a couple patches it's so insanely buggy… @NolanTrashZone learn the power of self love, Nolan. It's not thinly disguised malignant narcissism i promise. @RealRisinAction I like to think of it in terms of animals. I chimp is waaay more dangerous than a Gorilla will ev… @celeste_a113 Hahaha, that's always how it is. We're all mentally in the same place more or less. The hedonic treadmill always resets. @MeowtainDeww_ Huh, actually sounds interesting @MeowtainDeww_ Wait, so are you the girl and Gustavo Fring is your evil dad? @A1chemica1 It's a good mythical tale. At least. The master artisan who lives in secret who is revealed to be a bes… no desk works for me ergonomically because my arms are too long compared to my torso. So I just taped a c… @A1chemica1 I think it's a thing where a lot of really prolific artists are so good because they keep their shit to… @A1chemica1 Imma be beautiful someday I swereThis will be the greatest upturning of civilization since the marxist revolution of the east.YOU KNOW WHAT FUCK SOCIETAL NORMS I'M STARTING THE "LIKE YOUR OWN POST" MOVEMENT. THAT'S RIGHT, CRY HARDER SJW'S,… @Jeckistic The most delectable of comfort foodsTrue fax: Smash balls are better than smash meter because the former rewards you for being good at the game while… darkest secret is how much I unironically enjoy Dorkly videos.It still floors me that so many really good artists here also literally look like supermodels. Like.... you aren'… @crocsushi Big same. Going to sleep is rough too. I'm hit by how powerless I felt to do anything during the day due… @crocsushi OH THAT ONE I would not have guessed this frame was from that @visuaIanime @90sJapan I need the name of this shoooooowww90's anime aesthetics.
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Retweeted by DoodleBardWe're excited to announce that Persona 4 Golden has hit 500,000 players on PC! Thank you for all your support! Cha…
Retweeted by DoodleBard @crocsushi What are this show? @Miles_DF
Retweeted by DoodleBardYou know, I never thought I'd see artists fight to defend their own poverty but here we are. @teenagecarwreck @Dr_Whipples @Miles_DF Artists literally fighting to ensure their own poverty is definitely a new one for me. @Fucking_Kozlov @lorenakarolin @Dr_Whipples @Miles_DF There's a lot peoples lives dont depend on that they'll spend… isn't a joooooooooke @javi_draws I swear Mandarin is closer to english than Scottish slangQuarantine update ❤ Good: Been Getting into DIY! Bad: The lonliness is literally starting to physically hurt. @lorenakarolin @Dr_Whipples @Miles_DF Exactly! Each artist offers something unique and if you want it you can only get it from them @Dr_Whipples @Miles_DF By that logic literally no profession should be allowed to make more than a doctor. Now if… @Dr_Whipples @Miles_DF Never said that man. You're going to have to find another platitude to hinge your argument o… @Sanek12382 @FurFoxSakeSuits @dragon_lyra @Miles_DF Skilled labor and art is a luxury, thems the apples friend. @Dr_Whipples @Miles_DF I mean... both are skilled labor that take years of hard work to develop?? @dragon_lyra @RickVonJaeger It's skilled labor and they are definitely at professional level. A piece like theirs m… @dragon_lyra @Miles_DF This is pretty normal if you look into the world of fine and gallery art. You've been condit…、25話続けて観賞。ついに最終回!ラストの子供達のシーンでもう胸がいっぱいで、見終わった後も思い出して泣ける。偏見や運命と戦いながら常に前向きに乗り越えていくウルトラマンの姿にグッとくる、心に響く作品に出会えて本当によかった。…
Retweeted by DoodleBardI dont think any piece summizes my lukewarm feelings on Mega-Evolutions more than this. Lol @alexa_doodles I need to give this a rewatch. Also I like your interpretation of Tophs hair! I'm never quite sure how it works.🔥🌊 Team Avatar 🍃☄️
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@crocsushi Inventory limits specifically killed the game for me. It wouldn't be a problem if everything was orderab… @crocsushi It's a thin line but I think Nintendo's willfull ignorance of standard quality of life features in game… @crocsushi I don't feel like it's a natural slow progression curve like people argue, other games do that well but… @crocsushi I kind of fell out with it. I was enjoying myself but once I gained all of the tools I realized that a l… @RCaseDrawsStuff @ArtistALoiacono I LOVE these!More quick doodles of Mario characters. used that first Mario as the starting point. I kind of wanna animate these
Retweeted by DoodleBard @celeste_a113 It's amazing just how much you can spend on specialty shit like this. Low-key why I'm getting into DIY. @celeste_a113 They can range from like 25 bucks to 500 and I cannot imagine what possibly warrants that high of a p… format
Retweeted by DoodleBard @T_MECE Don't worry, I'm grinning through the pain! uh... PC gamers. The best game in the Hitman series is two dollars in GoG. Just letting ya know. DOES A GOOD ARM FOR A MONITOR COST LIKE 300 BUCKS THAT DOES NOT TRACK IT'S SUCH A SIMPLE FUCKIN ACCESORY.Neon Genesis Evangelion commission!
Retweeted by DoodleBard @celeste_a113 aaaah I'm jealous! Congrats! It's well earned!Hooray!! It's all finished! You can play my newest RPGMaker game here: 🐕 🐕 -- ☆Story/Ar…
Retweeted by DoodleBardHearing Hearing the OP for the OP the 23rd during the time…
Retweeted by DoodleBardAaah yes, a concise portrait of my empty life. @theforcebender
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Retweeted by DoodleBardAh yes the oldest lip girls.
Retweeted by DoodleBardDaily Inspiration 788 - Eugene Korolev
Retweeted by DoodleBardA collection post of recent-ish sketches that I still like and would like to finish when I'm able/capable.
Retweeted by DoodleBard @SkellyVee Never liked them, but what happened?? @Thdark101 With all the stories coming out about them I'm starting to wonder why I ever felt bad about not going to… Doug would just be Mike Michuad. If Doug gets to the top of mount Celeste, he can get the rights to the Nos… Company
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Retweeted by DoodleBardI'd play through Doug battling his inner demons on an Icy mountain
avatar...but with scrunchies #AvatarTheLastAirbender
Retweeted by DoodleBardHe gonna get ya
Retweeted by DoodleBardAnyone here into DIY? I'm thinking of buying a few $30 Linear Actuators and converting my (very difficult to adjust… @realDonaldTrump lol @chuckbarnesjr @Strandjunker We need to test 3 to establish a pattern.Being tapped into just how bad filmation-tier commercialist cartoons of the early 90's and late 80's could get... I… horrible, treacherous things I would do to see the hilarious shit the US branch sent in to Game Freak.b @crocsushi You now know the aching in the heart of every dragonball og fan. I saw DBZ first but I was waaaaay more… @HKrassenstein @BarackObama The overwhelming numbers of the police is a performative show of force more than anythi…
Retweeted by DoodleBard @jakehenry @phawnex @goblinbabes Law =/= morality @secretsqurriel @SFYouthCom Qualified teachers are super important. They need better billing.
Here's another clip from Ramshackle to tide y'all over before the film drops on Friday😎#thesisfilm #ocs #webcomic
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