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@Acyn I'd rather be with them than with you, Frau Poopenpantz. @jacobinmag I am completely convinced that "Megan Day" is actually a performance art group making an elaborate sati…
@RAVerBruggen This is one of those "it probably would have been better to just keep quiet" defenses. @briantylercohen @KhiveBidenBro Never heard it called that before... @yashar Y'all think the pictures were bad, wait til you see the video. "Tucking in my shirt" lmfao, never heard it called that before. @darth I've tried using sus in a tweet but my kids were like @Politics_Polls @ossoff Me when I realize it's an internal: @KildayMorgan The bottom two already had their moments. The top two are still interesting for now. @notcapnamerica Between this movie and the 60 Minutes interview, it sounds like it's going to be a wild weekend. @realDonaldTrump @60Minutes @realDonaldTrump You sit like a chump. @rkylesmith You didn't think this one through, did you? @jbouie As charismatic as an empty cardboard box. @radleybalko The commentors at Reason and r/libertarian will have fun twisting themselves into knots defending this. @dandrezner There's actually quite a bit more than an hour of raw footage for an hourlong TV interview. More like ten hours. @SashaBeauloux Won't somebody please think of the rich white men??? @cbouzy This whole family gives off strong MLM vibes. @DougJBalloon @ggreenwald @mtaibbi @matthewstoller GG will probably start cheerleading the militia movement. Taibbi… @grace_panetta @JakeLahut Lmfao. He's about as charismatic as a piece of plywood. He probably can't even make his o… @ProudSocialist White people are always more comfortable with their own. @KT_So_It_Goes @JakeSherman 🤞🤞🤞
@realDonaldTrump It went that badly, huh? @jkfecke Left Twitter maintains their impressive .000 batting average. @GeoffRBennett @theminorchords @LACaldwellDC @JulieNBCNews Rose Twitter should have fun explaining how this is all Pelosi's fault. @MollyJongFast Because he's completely broke. I'm not joking. @NoahShachtman Hah, I hope you weren't counting on that money, because I have it on good authority that he is massi… @notcapnamerica We literally had to eliminate a city council position because NO ONE signed up to run for it. A thi… @chrislongview I still have one aunt trying to insist Trump is secretly super religious and noble. The rest of the… @dshephard @chrislongview @neeratanden "There's never been more divisiveness in this country" @atrupar I'm voting for any candidate that has the power to remove God, because holy crap. You definitely want to b… @PpollingNumbers @MattMurph24 Almost 30 million people have already voted. @BartlingLogan @PpollingNumbers Moving all resources to polling battleground states. @darylsturgis He has so thoroughly jumped the shark that he and the shark no longer exist in the same universe. @revrrlewis Some people just need to be punched. @TheRealHoarse @MollyJongFast It turns out Tiffany was the Fredo all along. @daralynn13 I think it's astronomically unlikely that Trump will debate in these circumstances. Blowhards gotta blowhard. @conor64 @Brock77411489 I hope you were able to get some sleep. I can tell you that this pain will never completely go away.… @MattWalshBlog "The ends justify the means." - Jesus of Nazareth (according to Matt Walsh) @WendellPierce Oh holy hell, perfect casting. Looking forward to this! @ChitownKev Grosse Point! @notcapnamerica That's my face when I'm walking past all the neighborhood houses with Trump signs on November 4th. @notcapnamerica Every older sibling in the world has perfected that exact shoulder shrug. @4everNeverTrump I just hope he lives another 16 days. @exxonmobil Literally the only time I've ever believed a Big Oil company.Retweet if you choose Dr. Fauci and science over Trump
Retweeted by DOOM WEARS A MASK, SO SHOULD YOU @ProudSocialist @HowieHawkins @AngelaNWalker This is the most white bro shit, I swear. @notcapnamerica Not a chance he'll debate. Chickenshit cheeto looking ass. @GrantLorrell I got a bad feeling about Pennsylvania, but win in AZ and ME-2 would offset any GOP shenanigans there. @TheRickyDavila I sincerely hope he lives long enough to see Biden become President. @notcapnamerica What does that fool care about taxes on the wealthy? Ain't got nothing to do with his broke ass. @Julia_SCI @laurenthehough A great many of the shitty guys I've known well seemed to have inherited their toxic mas… @atrupar Honestly he had the most predictable heel turn ever. This was always gonna happen.
@QueenMab87 @RhinoReally Not even debatable. @alec_sears They're both an SKS. The difference is the one in the right is owned by a guy with a smaller dick. @PNWPragmatist Pullman! I played a football game there once. @atrupar @Laurenslife3 Hi Lauren! Astro wants to be your friend! Also if you could replace his busted rubber ball that would… @BillStepien @debates I mean, I don't really blame you. If Trump was my candidate I'd be trying to find a way to we… @NateSilver538 Great job, NY Post! @justinbaragona Damn Jeff, how long is this gonna take? @mjs_DC @scontorno @Maelie124 The way people move tells you a lot about them, and there's nothing I love more than a short… @benshapiro @nypost @verge As bad as this story is, the worst part will come in January. After Trump loses, WI Republicans will pretend… @AndrewBatesNC Joe Biltmore. @GwendolynKansen @YadLladnek @jmanelli @AdamSerwer Same as those people who aren't worried about covid because it has a 99% survival rate. Those are terri… @willsommer @thedailybeast Has anyone tried turning 2020 off and back on again? Maybe that would fix it. @ChrisMurphyCT @JoyfullySunTzu Even the last season of GoT is like "man, this is some lame sh!t." @jmartNYT @IChotiner Have any of your jokes landed yet? @jmartNYT Aside from marrying my wife, cancelling my NYT subscription was the best decision I ever made. @jmartNYT @jonathanvswan Holy shit @dennisdiclaudio, you made the big time! @daveweigel Yeah, it's hilarious that our journalists are so far down the Trump rabbit hole they can't even talk to normal people anymore. @Theophite I need some of whatever he's inhaling.
@tedcruz I hate Ted Cruz, and anyone that doesn't hate Ted Cruz. @monaeltahawy I've been to Pride parades that were way less homoerotic than that. @mehdirhasan @portraitinflesh Pundits come and go, but broderism lives forever. @brianstelter @DouthatNYT You can have my bothsiderism when you pry it from my cold, dead hands! @AngryBlackLady @Maelie124 Back of the line, LP. The podgrifters and socialists-lobbyists were here first. @ClistonBrown Fix it magic grandpa! Instead of actually showing up to the polls and doing the work, they want Berni… @lindsaycrouse And six days later the NYT destroyed their reputation and credibility forever. But at least you got… solo of the day. 🔊🔊🔊
Retweeted by DOOM WEARS A MASK, SO SHOULD YOU @queerBengali "I don't know what this tweet means but I've decided to be offended by it anyway and demand you chang… @GarrettHaake @MattMurph24 Hey maybe you guys should stop bothsidesing everything and amplifying Trump's propaganda, just a suggestion. @WarRoomPandemic Oh I thought you were in jail. @ryangrim We the people deserve higher quality gaslighting than what we're getting from the likes of the Intercept.… @BarbaraBollier @theminorchords Thanks to covid, a lot of us have pre-existing conditions now. Even the young peopl… @ChuckGrassley Hey maybe Iowa should get a senator who will support innovation and bring in new jobs and industries…
@RadioFreeTom Close relatives of the Gas Station Sunglasses Guy. @AJDelgado13 Hell, journalists are getting laid off left and right even with the 24/7 Trump Circus. Once he leaves… @DWUhlfelderLaw @Tsiser45 Somebody's a stress eater! @icecube The funny thing about celebrities is that they never ever have a plan B. @2Cobey2 Or playing for the Jets, same dif. @RealMadrid13214 I, uh, don't remember this particular episode... @mattmfm This, unfortunately, was a good prediction. @govkristinoem Hunting checklist : -gun -vest -full face makeup -diamond earrings -designer sunglasses -professional photographer @DonaldJTrumpJr "Good morning my beautiful son. I miss you and love you. Dad" Think how different your life would…