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@GoodWillsmith @TALsounds holy sh******* @modernsqueeze @HOTT_MT @skyjelly @Tarkamt_ @Rangers_Music @RStevieMoore @h33j1n @solo1soloI only need a few more to complete a good Doom Trip catalog
Retweeted by Doom Trip RecordsHoly shit they've got more than we have ourselves. name of this song is The Harbinger By @Tarkamt_ gifts from @HVRTSangam 🎉
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We've been releasing music for nearly 2 1/2 years and haven't received a SINGLE disco submission. Somebody change this. @RevoltoftheApes This is how I convince artists to release with us. @GiornataNera More to come!Friends - With the big Diamondstein & Sangam LP 30 days away, we want to let you know it won't all be quiet around… @Iheartnoise blesssssss***Ultra-special pre-order price of $15!! *** Our thanks to you: Reduced price on pre-orders until October 16th --…
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@GiornataNera oh sh******t
Retweeted by Doom Trip Records @pale_spring happy bday almost! @stevereich You up?
ANNOUNCING: Diamondstein & Sangam - The Ocean Between Us LP / DG - October 16th, 2018 The duo returns with the f…
Retweeted by Doom Trip Records @GiornataNera that's just incredible. @GiornataNera Rotten!?!Doom Trip wishes a happy birthday to Joe Knight aka @Rangers_Music !! Both of his releases with us, Late Electrics…
This week, we're releasing a giant 69-minute compilation packed with genius musicians; to celebrate the 2nd anniver…
Retweeted by Doom Trip Records @tristan_bath And in the category of exchanges I didn't expect to see on twitter today. @mattlikestapes there appears to be smoke coming from barges quite often, so your tweet is probably a lie @mattlikestapes shit - same but a few days ago @SamTornow nice, yeah I saw them once. Pretty sure they played 3+ hours with a good 45m for Neil
@R0x4ry @World0fEcho 🤔 @SamTornow Threw in a curveball at the end there****** Non-US Friends ******** In an entirely unexpected event, the new Diamondstein & Sangam LP is available for…
Retweeted by Doom Trip Recordskind words by @andrewryce for the @DiamondsteinAV & Sangam album we mastered at Black Knoll Studio. 🙏🙌
Retweeted by Doom Trip Records @tristan_bath Still one of the best live shows I've ever been to.
@HVRTSangam Convenient link for cheaper shipping outside of the United States:
@HVRTSangam holy shiiiiit yes @NatKartoffel Blessssss @GuidingLightFM 3rd wave ska @awesomer @mattlikestapes "gets" lmao
@c_m0n5t3r and #WriterOfTheCentury for #C #Monster #TinyMixTapes #MariahCarey #Grammys #RollingStone**Deal time*** 3 Tapes for $20 You Get: 1. V/A - Doom Mix Vol. II 2. Tarkamt - Live at the Necropolis 3. Heejin… @modernsqueeze gold
@T2000000000 Tagging @h33j1nTo be clear - The codes are in the merch pictures up top on the page. @TheLastSound thanks for listening!Whole lotta new codes for Doom Mix Vol. II added on the @Bandcamp page. Ft. @jimmytamborello #Mukqs more:
@Iheartnoise @YouTube Thanks for posting!
@GetAlternative Tuesday, October 16th; this'll be a good one: @DiamondsteinAV Hi Thom
Hello World - Our own @Tarkamt_'s first non-Egypt live show is happening in Ravenna, Italy, along with some incredi… @woodenwand ah nuts @caseyhardmeyer yes @aolghost hah - none of the streaming services do. @DoomTripRecords How the frack does a store know if something's c*ns*r*d? That's the most bizarre thing I've ever seen!
Retweeted by Doom Trip Records @ZacharyLipez Thought the ol' timeline was missing some good Lipez tweets, and then this shows up - thank god. @PhilipSherburne Hah -- The all-seeing eye of streaming sites. 👁 Also, I may have to use "c*ns*r*d" as a noise tape alias.Well fuck
**WINNER** : @aleclcritten Congrats! You'll be receiving a DM from @World0fEcho momentarily. To the rest of ya:… @pfcidb tweet fav'd @TenaciousGrace in 15 minutes: Our own @DiamondsteinAV is joined by @disasterpeace on @NTSlive You are probably gonna wanna li… @VinylMePlease Picked up about 300 of these 😏😏 @mattlikestapes Matt. Whether there's a story behind all of this or not, it is welcomed on the timeline.
@cruel_diagonals Burps R Beautiful @bshoup dying @SONICHOLE1 oof!!To the saint that just paid $25 for a $15 LP: You're keeping the underground alive.
@sashageffen Bookmarking this tweetSome codes for the single, "The Price of Failure" off the upcoming LP. @Bandcloud Circular Ruins are way too good @GoodWillsmith Dibs on Porpoise Euphoria as a project name
@JillKrajewski tweet of the week by a mile @HVRTSangam and every single one is a gem
@HoudiniMansions That is a cover#RANewTracks @DiamondsteinAV & @HVRTSangam - The Price Of Failure
Retweeted by Doom Trip Records"Romantic, ambient garage from two of the best producers operating in the post-vaporwave sphere, taken from a new c… @plumbpop Came here to say Lady Amalthea, and that's high praise in this town.
@sterlewine @theLAndmagazine @Passionweiss PleaseDoom Trip sends thanks to @andrewryce + @residentadvisor for featuring "The Price of Failure" by Diamondstein & San… @jq_music which vaporwave album is this @ganz_feld @HVRTSangam already a classic in the Sang cataloguethe soundcloud waveform display should have a spoiler alert
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@otherhouses The best are those who say they don't dig mayo but put "aioli" on everything - Fancy mayoNew Tracks from the upcoming LP are also on Soundcloud, if that's like, how you get down, friend. Make a playlist,… @Iheartnoise Jam-Packed @RevoltoftheApes Who gave that extra from the Flash Gordon set a guitar @JJStannard Still the best Anderson flick by a country mile. @spinal_bap @theQuietus @JahDuran @LukeTurnerEsq This is a heartwarming story @theQuietus The best of the best. Thank you for all you've done! @DiamondsteinAV @SansLetat This really is high praise.Just pre-ordered the new @DiamondsteinAV & Sangam album (The Ocean Between Us) via Bandcamp. Never thought I would…
Retweeted by Doom Trip RecordsHappy 10th Birthday to @theQuietus !! @sarahdngr "Oh soooo lonesome forrrr yoooouuuu"
@Iheartnoise Still the best taco vid online. Someone said @0PN sampled this, but who knows: all of you for your support, your RTs, your positive feedback. We do what we do for you. @digitalage20XX There can be only one Sangam. It's like the Highlander. @dammit_d4ve yeah, you can say that again, friend. @DiamondsteinAV hah we bow to Mitski @DiamondsteinAV @MirrorKissesVA Wow - To be so near to @MirrorKissesVA -- Is this heaven? @MattWib thank you!3 tracks can be previewed here: x Sangam:  Finding Peace Where There Isn't  || New syncopated tense sorrow from the emotion Wunderkoll…
Retweeted by Doom Trip Records @thirdkindtapes @ZDoom8 @blackknoll @DiamondsteinAV @HVRTSangam @adambdonoval @modernsqueeze @Iheartnoise @HoudiniMansions Bless you NL