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@pitchfork Masterpiece.Serious proposal: Delete Faecebooq, bring back AIM.Solo1 - Code Boy Trend (Armenian Choir Mix) @solo1solo’s Night Shift w/ @DiamondsteinAV and John from @_HEALTH_ live for the next couple of hours on ch2 - tune in at…
Retweeted by Doom Trip RecordsTexas Rock Bottom by @Rangers_Music
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Retweeted by Doom Trip Records @medjosmusic @somesurprises @EiderdownSounds @PranaCrafter To anyone who doesn't own this tape ---- wtf u doing @DiamondsteinAV holy shit
@exxulansis So... uhh @bob_heavens @HVRTSangam @DiamondsteinAV @solo1solo @argiflex @ZDoom8 good timing, Bob - @Fendersonia @Tarkamt_ Yo Deral - If you're looking for a particular track to play on your show, we can send to you @cinchel whoa. is this allowed @AdventuresDub ReproductionnnnnnLooks like those all got used up, so here's some more. All 14 tracks available on April 6th fam ----…
@modernsqueeze wtf @the_boys_age Boys Age rulesWe were reminded that free downloads can't be added to your Bandcamp collection, so here are codes for the first 4… @Argus_99 Thanks ArgusArgiflex -- "Jenkem Baby" (@argiflex) From the upcoming anniversary compilation, Doom Mix Vol. II Free Download @WeirdoMusic4evr hell yes
@fyrabanks We're gonna get you the help you need. @Marionmarooned hell yeah"For fans of Aphex Twin and Terry Riley" my life in a nutshell
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@retreats Gonna scope this tonight, and then allow it to play throughout my soul's eternal existence.Producers - If your 'hot' new track ends at any point, instead of going on forever, it isn't techno. @vinylwilliams yyyyyyeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssMix tracks: recommend this deeply weird record.
Retweeted by Doom Trip Records @Chris_Kissel @RStevieMoore @dublab Stevie - When the new page popped up after clicking to download, it brought me… exclusive mix and interview featuring the mysterious, labyrinthine world of @DoomTripRecords! -- plus more goodi…
Retweeted by Doom Trip RecordsOur appearance on @dublab w/ @Chris_Kissel is now available to stream + download. Topics include the label's orig… @tristan_bath @TheRealYLT You Lo Na Tengo Nu No Ta Lengo Tu To La Nengo Lu Tona Mango Yo Two to Tango
Still true.One of the best parts about joining twitter this year has been meeting so many people who genuinely give a fuck about music.
Retweeted by Doom Trip Records @PranaCrafter @zclauterbach @DeclanROwen Thassa real friend.
Updated our Zones, Tones & Drones @Spotify playlist w/ new Grouper, U.S. Girls, Mukqs, Mezzanine Swimmers & more. F…
Retweeted by Doom Trip RecordsSupport your local tape dealer.Thank you @jimmytamborello for closing out March 8th's edition of Dying Songs on @dublab with "Kuwahara Breaks" fro… @clowndaddie @gucci Waltz needs a twitter. @Charlesdecrema Holy shit.@Tarkamt_ - "Death Takes a Vacation"
@SONICHOLE1 Was JUST thinking about this record @MirrorKissesVA This is a jam:
@Uber_Kevin Time to pour. @argiflexOh hey. Looks like a couple more tracks from Doom Mix Vol. II just popped up on @Bandcamp... and they're... free…
#RANewTracks @DiamondsteinAV - Taghut #2
Retweeted by Doom Trip RecordsThis post is an advertisement for the music released on Doom Trip Records. @R0x4ry to be fair, that was just revenue share that they didn't take immediately when people bought merch#tape #cassette I enjoyed over the last years: 起き上がり by MUKQS @DoomTripRecords Looks beautiful,sounds excellent! A…
Retweeted by Doom Trip Records @survive_conquer Bless your soul
a review of Mukqs on Doom Trip appears in April's issue of The Wire 🎈🙌
Retweeted by Doom Trip RecordsIf you don't shout out hell yeah every time someone buys one of your $3 albums do you even run an independent label @modernsqueeze @HOTT_MT @harehunterfield one of the best live sets ever witnessed with these ears @modernsqueeze B is for ballerrrrrr
@MylesDunhill Was there ever any kind of explanation as to why this became the cover for a game set in outer space @Iheartnoise It's that big Diamondstein mood @_backpain now we're cookin @Bandcamp thank the lord @ZDoom8 @Tarkamt_ i should listen to this seeing im gonna get high af
Retweeted by Doom Trip RecordsIt’ssss JELLY TIME! @skyjelly
Retweeted by Doom Trip RecordsFriends - @Tarkamt_'s debut album, "Live at the Necropolis" is up on all those streamin spots -- Sportlefye, iRunes…
Retweeted by Doom Trip Records @Iheartnoise @OOBallsack @skyjelly @experimedia There was still at least one copy on @experimedia last we checked
Doom Trip would like to thank you all for embracing the work of Heejin Jang. Whether you stream or buy, we apprecia…
Retweeted by Doom Trip RecordsWhooa! Thank you @andrewryce + @residentadvisor for posting the first public track off our upcoming compilation, Do… @vi_resmusic @bopapocalypse @GiornataNera @Rangers_Music Probably either Sony, Atlantic, or Geffen. @bopapocalypse @vi_resmusic @GiornataNera @Rangers_Music Just wait'll y'all hear the next one 🔥🔥🔥 @bopapocalypse @vi_resmusic @GiornataNera CLASSIC @BrennaEhrlich Been refusing to even say "rock music" for a while. But there isn't necessarily a good replacement..… @MilesBowe Heartbreaking -- how many were damaged?What’s the best way to record a phone conversation? Not asking for interview purposes, I’m just really creepy and weird.
Retweeted by Doom Trip Records @MirrorKissesVA Legend. @R0x4ry ynahSo yeah - Since we can't currently stream this release on Bandcamp - enjoy the first two tracks via @tristan_bath / @splsout ! @splsout blessThank you Tristan, for giving some love to @espritfantasy + @interbellamusic off the upcoming Doom Mix Vol. II for… @GiornataNera Yo @Rangers_Music you got some love --- Gosh, I wonder if Joe's been working on any new jams...
@Stimeder @Tarkamt_ Thank you for posting!