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How serious are we about stopping Iran?“Joe Biden should re-engage US foreign policy in the South Caucasus in order to function as a balanced foreign poli… and behold! The Franco-Turkish divide is the result of transient policy orientations, not an enduring geo-strate…
Hi @Twitter, It's been over 48 hours and there's no flag or warning about this tweet by #Iran's dictator…
Retweeted by MikeMeet the YPG. suspicious package has showed up on the Google campus in Mountain View, California. The bomb squad has been dispa…“The presidents of Turkey and France have exchanged letters to address their personal and regional differences, hel… Duke professors are not satisfied with PC domination of academia & the tech giants' control over info. They wan… straws are illegal! Issue that citizen a citation.! Don’t fix what isn’t broken. | “By keeping...aims limited, responding to...regional threats but otherwise wo… election! long last, a bipartisan consensus! Everyone agrees: The country is falling apart. But worry not, my fellow citiz…“We wanted to be bad guys.”
Retweeted by MikeObama "could swiftly overturn the decision-making that Iran, [which] had killed 1000s of Americans & con… you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear a flower in your hair. future of America that Progressivism promises is here for everyone to see. California in general and San Franci… @vcgourmet The organic lifestyle is not for everyone.Rich lefties flee Nancy Pelosi's utopia. | “I miss San Francisco. I miss the life I had there,” said a tech entrepr… under fire in Australia | "Google is an effective monopoly and by withholding access to such timely, accurat… Is everything broken? A: Yes. Profoundly. UNRWA spreads hatred of America. Why do we pay for organizations that hate us? on! It’s Trump, hands down.
China’s social credit system will soon have an American analogue thanks to the potent combination of social media a… explains why I just lost 10K followers. Thanks for clearing it up, Twitter. Culkin hatches his cunning plan to get some work. use Iranians as guinea pigs | confirms rush of Iranians to buy property in Turkey. Current Iranian year saw an eight-fold increase in numb…
Retweeted by MikeTrue When you confuse religion with politics, you get a very unsatisfying religion and a very tortured polit… purged 16,400 followers of @TitaniaMcGrath. Those fascists were the ones with an ironic and playful sense o… like that only serves to empower the extremists over the moderates. of Biden tack on Iran, Israel revisits military options, newspaper says via @Reuters
Retweeted by MikeRevenge | A 35-year-old working for the Israeli health ministry falsified contact-tracing information to make it se… Defence Minister Hulusi Akar said that it would be “very problematic” for Ankara to turn back on its purcha… cold shoulders Erdogan as request for call left unanswered |
IMHO, he's the most talented politician on the world stage today. kind men and women at the Workplace Mental Health Institute have identified for you the 15 signs that you are s…'t cast doubt on the guidance of the WHO! It's the best guidance China can buy. @Jctyrone Trump's answer would be to have it destroyed -- if not by us then by the Israelis. Biden's answer is to r…"China is the only major economy expected to report growth for 2020, helping it close the gap w/the U.S. Lifted by…'m not worried. Obama told me that Khamenei issued a fatwa forbidding nukes | Iran has taken a significant new ste…“Oh, life. It’s bigger, it’s bigger than you.”“We wanted to be bad guys.” Biden, will the US follow Obama's pattern and pressure Israel to stop these "unhelpful" operations? | Israeli… totally agree."Congress has co-opted Silicon Valley to do through the back door what government cannot directly accomplish under…"The European Union will not wait for Beijing to adopt a ban on forced labor before ratifying its investment agreem… kid. @patty_guynn No. I'm reluctant to move to the conservative silo. I have my political views but politics, per se, is… Mexican vaccine. (Yes, the caption says "the Russian vaccine," but that's not as funny, IMHO.) we all became sheep. says "Stop, or else!" quite like a sunset clause.And Biden will impose his iron will on Iran by returning to the JCPOA, an expression of unshakeable resolve if ever…, Twitter! no loving in our souls And no money in our coats You can't say we're satisfied But, Angie, Angie You can't say… has a Soviet sense of humor.
Since last Friday, I've now lost 10K followers. gee, mom. The use of Telegram and Signal is surging. I wonder why., please.’s crowded there, in bed with China. don't have a clue what this means, but it sounds like sage advice. It's like, "Hit 'em hard and go home early"; "… Zawahiri's letter to Zarqawi. The key passages are attached below. He says, in essence, "Yes, Zarqawi, the Shia… 11th & 12th graders & gap-year students—Jews & non-Jews alike. Want to learn about the great figures & ke… vehemently disagree with Glenn Greenwald about a great many things, but I am very glad that he is out there. The… @MaxAbrahms Nobody ever convinced anyone w/the word "risible," and you again misconstrued my point. I explained the… you can't play the game on our level, b/c AQ never sought to overthrow Iran. It seeks to overthrow Sunni "apost… poses no threat to Iran domestically. The challenges it poses outside of Iran are easily turned by Tehran to its advantage.You are not making sense. I said AQ grew out of the Saudi opposition -- that is, out of the domestic Saudi oppositi… @MaxAbrahms No one told you that. Reread my tweet.Here's where the Abraham Accords stop being useful. The UAE tilts toward Russia & Iran in Syria & it seeks to harne… AQ began as and always remained a Saudi opposition movement. First and foremost it seeks revolution in the S… are chameleons. They pretend to share the values and attitudes of whatever audience they are addressing.… @bai_mina In my view, we ditched Turkey. Turkey didn't ditch us. Here are my thoughts in a nutshell: @RaniaKisar I see the initiative I propose as part of a policy of containing China and Russia. Seen from Mars, the… @bai_mina I see it rather differently. Turkey is the greatest power in the region and has interests throughout the… step should be compromise on Eastern Mediterranean energy. A compromise solution will require France, Greece… should seek a regional rapprochement between America's northern ally (Turkey) and its Southern allies (Israel…, Turkey, KSA & the UAE offer Biden an opportunity | "A senior Turkish official described the UAE’s call for… @JakeDonnelly31 @soccerdhg @lennybendavid Thank you. I did write a book about that: Ike’s Gamble. Please let me know what you think.אתם לא חייבים לעזוב את וואטסאפ, אבל שווה לייצר לעצמכם אלטרנטיבות | UAE has no reason to be in conflict w/Turkey & wants Ankara to stop being the “primary backer” of the Muslim Br…“With just 8 days left in office..., Pompeo is expected to offer details on allegations that Iran has given safe ha…“In a com­plaint filed Mon­day in Seat­tle fed­eral court, Par­ler al­leged that Ama­zon Web Ser­vices kicked the c… suspends seventy thousand accounts dedicated to sharing QAnon content. But no action on those who shared Ru… do as they please and make it up as they go along. Gramsci discovered the secret of "progressive" political dominance via intellectual dominance he specified tha…
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Uyghur women are not "emancipated" by forced abortions and sterilizations.
Retweeted by Mike @tekaldas Gillon left the Israeli government in the 1990s.I disagree. Israeli natsec officials almost universally regarded the deal as bad on its merits. The debate they had…'s choice for CIA director, William Burns, has long argued that the nuclear deal actually makes Israel safer,… this a business opportunity for someone? | "Amazon’s, Google’s & Apple’s statements...about dropping our access… abhors conformism. Valley believes in transparency. is obviously true. The question is: Why are we fooling ourselves? | “We should not fool ourselves,” Kissinger… can see the threat. Why can't we? | Merkel "sees the complete closing down of the account of an elected pres…“Biden, while he served as Obama's VP, came to Turkey 4 times and knows the region. Our contacts with the transitio… didn't help? | "For the first time on record, the number of newborns in South Korea last year fell below t… @lill_the_swiss Thanks.