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Retweeted by dossy @SokkzVr u gotta STOP KILLING IT on that fashion sense dawg, u too good @duumu yeah the thing just counts your lactose intake (thank u charlie ily)(its in spanish so "mil" means "k") one day these stats will get better but thanks to the people that have stuck a… been a pretty insane year. thanks for sticking around ☔️
Retweeted by dossyHES RELEASING THAT ID FINALLY @robinboehlen why tf are they not saying what they want lmao also hord or alliance??
Retweeted by dossy @sauceprovided WHAT??????BANGER this is so true, i streamed this one a lot, exclusively on repeat for a day i didn't use that much spotify this year. @vampiric_shirin POGGERSSSSSSSSadvil @skybreakedm LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @vampiric_shirin ur on a roll dude
@DEATHBLADEBASS LMAOdudes b like i need she/they pussy . no bro u need she/therapy
Retweeted by dossy @vampiric_shirin A BANGER @sad_aiff padres cubanos y ella nació en miami asi que si LMAO @sad_aiff qué pasa? si es cubana @hon3ybab33 here in Spain, Monster High got MLP and Hello Kitty levels of popularity so i assumed it was the same f…
Retweeted by dossy @takashisound i have no idea how big the pacific ocean is but ye that's a lot @telepathics ur vids are so chill i luv it @nebita MYRID @nebita kk i take the L but u still use FL and have no bitches @TSUNAMIMUSICx dubs on dubs @TSUNAMIMUSICx @Skrillex W @gupimusic fuck it, no stems @vampiric_shirin @nebita bettttratio'd by axolotl @vampiric_shirin supppp @nebita @vampiric_shirin L step aside liberal @vampiric_shirin so land is like a big poly e date group then?funny when 2 of ur past relationships have been REALLY long distance. like EU to US kinda long
thanks for solving my mental illnesses! feels so good that it's actually the systems that wont let me concentrate,… @jedwill1999 porterpain... i know its like 50€ less but its still better OCULUS QUEST IS ON PROMO ON THE US BUT NOT IN EU. I WANNA CRY.why are the Vital servers so slow rn? i just wanna install the vst3... @NiteByteVR stay safe Nite!!! pls i hope everything goes well. @aturamusic W @yitakulxiv ... GUARDE
Retweeted by dossy @TSUNAMIMUSICx UR GONNA MAKE IT @buffcore i have 2 of them, i call this post bs @TSUNAMIMUSICx THIS STRUCK ME SO HARDnow another fren is playing pls watch!! my fren is playin dis @Darby__Music this is just a joke darby dont get pressedOUT NOW ILYSM
Retweeted by dossy @bardeenoo LMAO i lost my braincells last night, it was crazy.lmaoo @dossyxmusic was too funny for this
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@robgassermusic 117 house is my fav bcs French House is best house. speed house is massive fun tho @neetcentral EM ITS TOO REAL @hvdesmusic @Monstercat YEE HAWWyall missing out big chungus debut stream FUCKING RNG 😲
Retweeted by dossy @TSUNAMIMUSICx one of my fav daft punk songs fr"Faster" drops next week on dec 4th!!! pre save here
Retweeted by dossy @buffcore thank u @buffcore i cant even write a joke correctly i wanna cry @buffcore i am to pee @ScooterBoimusik literally what she did
@MxSovereign yeah, about a week ago @dyl__ i exclusively stan michael and michael onlywaiting for her to either: a. not do anything b. make a half assed apology be raising commission prices come January, so if you're interested in commissioning me before then, let me kno…
Retweeted by dossy @hunter_hhhh ?????actually nvm it still works like assalso just dont use steam while there's sales bcs servers gon shit emselvessolution: change the servers to anything that is not spain bcs they suck ass (also change the wifi channel bcs all… @hunter_hhhh @devolverdigital vouchlike... my internet is mighty fine even turned off my malwarebytesTHIS MAKES LITERALLY NO SENSE, EVERYTHING ELSE WORKS FINE @RX6800 YSSÖDmy steam is downloading slow as hell wtf @HexArcane ayo... @bendelmusic @feelingseasick1 is this from reddit or twitter? @abbigaga one of my fav movies ever tbh @twinkbuster that fuckin last pic reads like an SCPi made this lol REDDIM ZONE【音MAD】
Retweeted by dossy @viwiv2020 @OMNI6664 ?????I've been working on some new memes, let me know what you guys think. I hope this doesn't "break the internet" 😂
Retweeted by dossyIf you hear about drama do NOT ask me “what happened” 🤢 lol you are grown you can Google for yourself “what happene… @TSUNAMIMUSICx nah, it can mean both things @abewav same @akvmamusic yes!
@artbyform this u? never written a tweet on the @artbyform acc
Retweeted by dossyVital is PERFECT for colour bass stuff
Retweeted by dossy @DEATHBLADEBASS its a good track tho