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One of VALORANT’s best weapons is finally getting a nerf in Patch 6.02 Thieves eliminate defending champs from 2023 Call of Duty League Major 2 bug in Aurelion Sol’s rework can ground League’s favorite high-flying dragon and Yuki’s breathtaking ALGS duel is what Apex Legends is all about prove they’re the team to beat in win over C9—and the way they did it should scare the LCS‘Unacceptable’: Methodz conflicted about controversial finish to Boston vs. Seattle match at CDL Major 2
Apex Legends’ latest teaser hints at carnival-themed anniversary event issues force one-hour delay of LCS week 2, day 2 start welcome CoD surprise: Popular multiplayer mode is coming to Modern Warfare 2 in season 2 set to feature first Mandarin broadcast for VALORANT event 2 map pools to be removed later this year of Duty League could reportedly leave Twitch for YouTube after Major 2 unique League support pick has the best win rate of all champions in Challenger right now‘I’ve killed pros doing it’: VALORANT coach explains why you should hold this ‘cheeky’ Split angle and RobbaN’s returns to FaZe make CS:GO dream milestone feel possible extends TFT Lunar Gala and Fortune’s Favor mode fans think scrapped Apex Legends single-player game leak sounds too good to be true has re-signed a veteran support star to its League roster Legends Mobile numbers show possible reasons why game was axed of the brightest VALORANT stars in Pacific region is out of VCT LOCK//IN due to wrist injury asked ChatGPT to rework Overwatch’s Wrecking Ball, and we couldn’t believe the results 2 fans are convinced they found further cheating evidence on SEA DPC team explains why FURIA’s CS:GO game wasn’t paused after game-breaking bug at IEM Katowice 2023 2 players are begging devs to add one PUBG feature to the game 2 fans reveal the one thing they’re looking forward to most in season 3 devs give update on Clash return after Riot cyber attack fans allegedly have Ukraine flags removed at Split One Playoffs 2 fans have already found the perfect name for Antarctic’s adorable penguin 2 caster drops bombshell claim: A controversial team has reportedly been match-fixing in China’s canceled Titanfall title may have been an Apex Legends campaign‘MVP’ Dashy goes huge in OpTic Texas’ thrilling victory over Los Angeles Thieves at CDL Major offers the perfect advice for raging Dota 2 players on FaZe’s SnD following flawless game 5 win at CDL Major 2: ‘It just clicks’ MTG Praetors splashed into ONE Draft are meta busters
Latest last-minute 343 decision adds yet another headache for competitive Halo community it out: TI winner calls for ‘toxic all-chatting’ to be punishable in pro Dota 2 XSET, JLINGZ, and EXO Clan break out of the gates early at ALGS Split One Playoffs unleashes support Kalista to keep unbeaten start to 2023 LCS Spring Split alive’ new COVID plans for Split One Playoffs already saved the day for one NA favorite will continue to play without starting support for week 2 of 2023 LCS Spring Split 2’s competitive changes might just bring me back for season 3 must-watch matches during week two of the 2023 LCS Spring Split Warzone 2 win shows exactly why backpacks and looting are changing in season 2 players flock to one role when picking agents at every single rank agent with highest win rate in Radiant only has 4.8 percent pick rate VALORANT agents are more valued by players the higher their rank is things simple: 3 VALORANT agents that are the toughest to win with at Silver and Gold ranks CS:GO bug hurts FURIA’s economy at IEM Katowice 2023 2’s newest Control map, Antarctica, brings lore and life to season 3’s biggest agent rework still isn’t enough to make one duelist relevant in ranked experts reveal how sound masking can land you free kills could return to pro CS:GO 8 months after NAVI kick VALORANT tournament organizer reportedly looking to sell or attract investors amid financial crisis disconnect in VALORANT match leads to strange Yoru clutch Legends fans are begging Respawn to ban infamous top-ranked Xbox player’s unusual bot lane prevails but they still lose their first series in 2023 LCK Spring Split confirm provisional VCT Game Changers EMEA 2023 dates and format player pulls off unreal Draven double kill that will make you fear recalling is the best CS:GO play you’ll see today, and it didn’t happen at IEM Katowice 2023 2 survey points to the next battle pass or event theme League bot laner has the highest win rate despite having the lowest damage in the role banned YNk, moses, and SPUNJ’s CS:GO channel and nobody knows why has “no clue” what’s going on as new NIP lineup takes on IEM Katowice 2023 2 League champions are getting buffs to make up for Patch 13.3’s item changes picked the LCK’s first-ever AP Twitch support—and it went exactly how you’d imagine details 3 reasons why he thinks T1 are LCK’s strongest team this split fan-favorite Apex POI might be returning to Worlds Edge in season 16 London LAN aims to avoid past mistakes by including COVID plan Liquid is making sure MATUMBAMAN is remembered as one of the best to ever play Dota 2 Overwatch 2 control mode issue has players begging for a patch Dota 2 pro’s ranked behavior has drawn complaints from multiple TI winners're already playing games. You might as well get prizes for it! #sponsored great NA VALORANT duelist shines brightest on star-studded G2 roster in opening NA Challengers match against F…
One bottom lane duo is taking over League solo queue with a 55 percent win rate together and Respawn reportedly scrap single-player Apex and Titanfall game, may lay off more workers heavily-requested streamer feature is finally arriving with Overwatch 2 season 3 3 League champions are getting banned in over half of their games in Master tier and above among Korean solo… 2’s next customizable Mythic skin, Amaterasu Kiriko, is coming in season 3 ignores Warzone 2 players’ wishes by including AI enemies on new Resurgence map Ashika Island of Duty League’s 2023 Championship Weekend, Major 4 locations still undecided, but Las Vegas and Columbus repo… players are fed up with the Episode 6 ranked reset Sol’s rework is finally available on League’s PBE absurd Ramattra glitch is every Overwatch 2 player’s worst nightmare Split One Playoffs plagued by visa issues and some favorite teams are at risk of missing the tournament 2’s excellent Beyond Light expansion is free this month for PlayStation Plus members new Warzone 2 hack can crash the game’s server with the click of a button 2 players think these 2 tanks are in line to be the next most-hated in the game to release VALORANT LOCK//IN Capsule featuring a shiny new melee could raise the stakes of VALORANT Pro City in the near future weather threatens CDL Major 2 attendance as Texas-based teams experience travel woes polish up Lee Sin League buffs and add more scaling options to his kit pro wants ‘terrible’ Vertigo out of map rotation star Markoon explains why League’s Season 13 Jungle changes are good for the game pros have the solution to League’s stale ADC support meta League champions could finally return to the meta with Patch 13.3 buffs is making big changes to how jungle ganking works in League Patch 13.3 early playtests, Apex pros are expecting Wraith to finally make her long-awaited meta comeback in MTG changes forever with March of the Machine set Europe’s DPC tiebreakers were so wild it left Dota fans ‘in a time loop’ and OG out in the cold’Sante, Zac, and jungle adjustments highlight nerf list for League’s Patch 13.3