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Dev Advocate for @ChromiumDev Extensions. I ❤️ JS, keyboards, games, helping ppl, & the open web. Tweets are my own. He/him

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The best communicator in our industry is @linclark.
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives MatterIt’s been a 10+ year journey to make PhoneGap redundant by gradually adding new capabilities to the web platform th…
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives MatterAdobe stops the development of PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build, and also stops their investment in Apache Cordova, all…
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives MatterWhen I was a kid, my mom sent me to the store with one food stamp to get a box of cake mix. The cashier told me I s…
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives MatterSo I hear the upset around WAP and the message it may be sending to young women and I have to agree: We shouldn’t h…
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USPS is the only mailing service that delivers to ANY address 🐸 #saveusps #SaveTheUSPS
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives Matter @SkylledDev Watch Suicide Squad again. That should do the trick for a bit at least🙄
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives MatterWhy do studios keep hiring Leto for leading roles? @_zouhir What if you only have 2 USB-C ports on the left :(This ain't yo mama's Myst Documentary. This is going to be a deep dive into the inspirations and technologies as we…
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives Matter @jlalmes Sorry, but per I can't do anything if an item has been pending review for < 3 week… @rachelnabors @mxstbr I still sometimes think about how cool it is to use 3D transforms to do parallax vs writing it in JS
@ericlaw At first I thought this was a business card you made and my gut reaction was "this is delightfully on brand"Never forget that most crime is legal for rich people.
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives MatterI get so irritated and disappointed when I clear out my Gmail inbox and all I get is the "No new mail!" message. Re…
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives Matter @chadloder The news article they linked called out the nails doing significant damage to tires. That actually seems… women in fantasy photography thread bc even though our presence is small, I will not be deterred 🤗 We will s…
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The irony is that those who should be responsible for retaining this huge value to the business often don't recogni…
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives MatterOne thing I've learned to accept is that things like quality have never come from the company as a whole. Almost al…
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Now that the federal police have retreated from the front lines of Portland’s nightly demonstrations, Mayor Ted Whe…
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives Matter @soniagupta504 💖💖💖Hi everyone! Exciting news- we're looking for Senior UX Developers for several teams at @shopify, including Polaris.
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives Matter @mhartington Sorry about brain dumping here. For some reason this hooked into my brain this morning. I should probably focus on work 😅 @mhartington Counter example from personal experience is Java & its annotations. I already find Java imports madden… @mhartington Interesting point. I'm also from a non-technical background and strongly prefer obvious code I can rea… @mhartington I like iterative development & teaching. We're always building on what's come before. The idea I was… @mhartington I'm well out of my depth here, but I wonder how we could use that to help people learn. Perhaps a cour… @mhartington IMO knowledge is hard won. I think we, understandably, have a strong bias towards our experiences & ob… @omarslopezarce @Dictionarycom Wait, your profile says "We need to keep in mind that if other people aren't hurting… @mhartington I'd propose a different framing: people haven't seen & internalized the value of the design pattern do… wasn't interesting, it just sucked @fugueish bröther may i have some spïce
@ericlaw @ctrlshifti 🙇🏻 @feederco I'll pass that request on to our merchandizing manager ☺️When we lived in public housing my mom started a community garden to grow food to save money and to occupy the kids…
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives Matter @Lady_Ada_King This is wonderful ✨ @seldo How's that? I've only used mine as an encrypted key value store, so I don't have much insight into the average person's UXDidn't sleep. Today's going to be … interesting @kwuchu Of dang, I remember that game! @swyx @ctrlshifti I think and forget to code @ericlaw @ctrlshifti Haha guess I should have said sample or example code @ctrlshifti It's been months since I've written anything but demo codeInterested in improving Web Apps? Take this short @webwewantfyi survey to less us know what the web platform could…
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives MatterCentrists: Landlords are honest people. Landlords:
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives Matter @ctrlshifti @TanveerBadar Whew, there still a chance @0to1un @Paul_Kinlan Oops, hit send too early. If there are gaps in the web platform, I'm sure Chrome's Fugu team w… @0to1un @Paul_Kinlan I don't follow the premise. The browser extension platform isn't (meant to be) an app platform.
@tblodt @ay_meshkov @googlechrome Thanks for the tag. Checked in with the enforcement folks & they're working on it.🚨 looking for folks who aren’t men to chat about your first experience contributing to OSS 👇👇👇
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives MatterAd Blocker Developer Summit is coming back on October 21, 2020 & the Call for Papers is open! @swyx @Una @JoeIngeno hey, that's my life, except without the productive part @swyx @Una @JoeIngeno How about using basic values for normal posts & going for the big card when you want a specific post to be special? @Una @swyx @JoeIngeno FYI, seems Twitter also pulls some OpenGraph data "When the Twitter card processor looks for… @Una @swyx @JoeIngeno Looks like @swyx has both Twitter and OpenGraph meta tags @Una @swyx @JoeIngeno I'm also curious & vaguely recalled something about Twitter's cards. After a quick poke-aroun… @nialljthompson Hey, just wanted to say thanks for this article & its laser focus on fully covering using Chrome ki… @ceejbot I'm terribly jealousif you’re in tech and trying to solve a problem, *please* try to remember that there isn’t always a tech answer.
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives MatterI can’t stop reading this. The law is murderous.
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This stream is going right now and it has such beautiful pastel chill vibes →
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives MatterMany people think diversity and inclusion is an additive process (add more "diverse" people) when really it's a sub…
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives Matter @rayshan Hey Ray. Offhand I'm not sure what the current state of asset review is. I'll start asking around today to see what I can see @MrJorgeZamora AFAIK the vast majority of reviews take less than a week and majority in a couple days. Alas, I can'…
@lyzidiamond Hello, as fellow ADHD person I'm very interested in this thread. I too would like to be less terrible at time management.I know a person looking for a front-end role, though they can also do full stack work. Been doing this sort of work…
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives Matter @xeenon @HenrikJoreteg Y'all beat us to the punch 😜Never mind, turns out I got myself confused. I didn't realize that Netlify automatically creates a team for you, so… @netlify is it possible to change your username? I tried searching around the docs site but didn't see anythingWeb Extensions in Safari have strong user privacy controls. You can grant extension access to only the websites you…
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives Matter @jaffathecake I habitually press ctrl+enter/cmd+enter to submit forms and get frustrated every time it doesn't work @DasSurma Haven't done any photography since college, and even then it was a hard compared to high school. I don't have any kit any more 😖🎉 We've been working for a while on a site that celebrates Netlify reaching a million devs! I'm super excited to s…
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives Matter @DasSurma Medium format is a lot of fun. I 100% agree with you about the how restrictive it is. Man, this is making me miss photographyClimate is moving 20 km/year towards the poles on average
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives MatterEarlier, the Project Fugu 🐡 team's posted on Notification Triggers—an API for scheduling local notifications that d…
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives MatterIt's been 811 days since Marcus-David Peters was shot and killed by Richmond police while in need of mental health…
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@HenriHelvetica Holy … you woke up an hour ago and I still haven't gone to bed. @MylesBorins @annthurium Oh my word that makes me so uncomfortable. I love it.
@KarlAlexPauls @provuejim @FioraAeterna @Biappi You were just ahead of your timeもう夜だから静かにしなさーい❗️
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives MatterThe web-based collaborative audio editor for everyone ✨ Sonuum is an upcoming feature-packed audio editor for the…
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@TerriblyBland @BoldBebo I've never felt this called out @BoldBebo I can only speak for myself, but sometimes I confused "don't be an asshole to creators" with "don't compl… @tofieldya I'm doing okay, just frustrated with the United States at the moment to flow
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives MatterHatch to hatch @MissionToZyxx I'm fine, it's just the state of the US that's for me downEverything sucks. Goodnight.OMG OMG OMG! 😍 For the upcoming CREATE:Frontend #mscreate digital event on July 29, my amazing team has prepared…
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives Matter @wibblemonkey @janl @gnclmorais @SaraJChipps The point is not everyone is into that and that's okay @noopkat These are very good 👏✨CW: Domestic Violence I am not empowered to speak for my employer, but I could not be silent in the face of my own…
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives MatterSeeing a lot of ♥ for Edge on Twitter recently. If you're in #infosec, this is for you: I am hiring PMs for the Edg…
Retweeted by Simeon - Black Lives Matter @HenriHelvetica @Twitch To be honest though, I'd also love to see them have better support for VODs @HenriHelvetica @Twitch There seems to be a pattern in tech where smaller competitors avoid stepping on the toes of… @crlcan81 @lonekorean Sure, it's permitted by the license, but you don't have to be an asshole about it @Casieg @AaronFriedman @Todd_Spence From Tim and Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job! Y'all are about to go in a *journey*
@HenriHelvetica @Twitch I think they're obsessively focused on live streaming, both for good and ill. @mjackson @seldo On. The. BEACH.