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Client Services Manager. / Part-time DJ and promoter as Dots & Loops/Hot Burrito.

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First @RobynHitchcock show tonight so naturally I have about 100 songs I want to hear but Airscape and Take off you… thing about being a (Manchester) city fan is city fans going on about corruption. Absolute pish. Why don’t th…
I don’t care if this plane has NO WINGS NO ENGINE NO PILOT LETS TAKE OFF & GET IT DONE!!! #BrexitDealDone
Retweeted by James TravisHas the floor of any branch of WHSmiths in the UK actually ever been cleaned?
Retweeted by James Travis
Last night with @bobpetesarah Thanks to @LivEveryPlay also for the hospitality, great people! One of the staff sh… @jamesbarrystuff Once again, their very best! @LTJStaszko I remember the ice pops. Was a shite pop club but they did drop in a couple of Radiohead tracks because…
@LTJStaszko I think one of the first times I spent any time with you and likely was a bit annoying. Wonderful shows though those two. @peterliversidge @_loscil_ I did want to as it was a pleasure to host him last time, but we’re supporting Saint Eti…’s shitting it down isn’t it🎟️ TONIGHT AT THE EVERYMAN 🎟️ Saint Etienne: Tiger Bay 25th anniversary concert 7.30pm - @DotsAndLoopsMcr DJ 8pm…
Retweeted by James TravisTonight we’re DJing at the Saint Etienne show at Liverpool Everyman Theatre! Get down early for some fine sounds, d… @ThreeUKSupport what’s up with the service in Manchester? No need to ask from a postal code, issues right from OL16… @jestoon @lowtheband Though only 3 performances recorded on @jestoon @lowtheband Definitely have, I think I saw it on the pre-D&G tour. Also 100% played during the Great Destr…
I just had the biggest salad I have ever had. Not the biggest ever full stop, but big. @rocking_bob Nice flowery 'welcome to coventry' on the roundabout outside too. @jamesbarrystuff Magician, Sword of Damocles and Dreamin' all probably make it into my Top 10 Lou tracks. But then… @jamesbarrystuff His best!ICYMI - A Winged Victory For The Sullen return to St. Philip’s Church, Salford, in March! Tickets already selling q…
Retweeted by James TravisLooking forward to to welcoming back A WINGED VICTORY FOR THE SULLEN to Salford/Manchester for what will undoubtedl…
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@TampopoFox “There’s no fee this time, but we would offer you significant exposure”Quite the shock to get some cash out at co op and see a photo of @TampopoFox on there. @brandnewkirsty @MCRMetrolink Same on the rochdale line but whenever you ask they say there’s a good service and ha…
@willie889 @Stirling1978 Imagine thinking this is policing of freedom of speech. 😂
@willie889 @Stirling1978 It's just a cake mate. Someone made a cake.
@ZachRowlandson And cobra @LMAsaysno I’m going with no more. The first two are a bit pushy but the last is showing some kind of forgiveness b…
Angel Olsen's 'Chance' is the song of the year, have a nice evening. @AmyLeMesmer But I don't deal with the cancellations, so I'm not sure. @AmyLeMesmer From what I gather there are plenty of people who talk about his creepy behaviour anyway, but this is… @AmyLeMesmer Maynard James Keenan is cancelled isn’t he? Me and Selina we’re talking about that a few weeks ago. @AmyLeMesmer At least 3 I can spot, potentially 4 if you include Beck on account of his Scientology. @room808 I have the disc I just haven't found time to be at a CD player, haha. Looking forward to hearing hers, this was superb!Myself and Mat, sometimes referred to as the "Dots & Loops DJs", will be supporting Saint Etienne at their sold out… @room808 Been trying to find a copy online, thanks!Going to see Roy Orbison’s hologram on Friday night
@daz_tazer Just up the road from me, Milnrow is a real riot.
@LTJStaszko Your ass had one hell of a 3rd quarter. @secrettracksuit @Beige29 @AmyLeMesmer It's true, it's true.
@brittaphillips It is SO GOOD!
There was no milk left so my colleague topped my tea up with milky coffee and thought I wouldn't realise. What a fu…'s my last day at work and it started with some 13th Floor Elevators and standing in some dog shit courtesy of the Friday dog.
@pitchfork No @simontucker1979 Now this track has got me immediately. @simontucker1979 For me Skeleton Tree was one of his best ever, impeccable LP! This has been enjoyable but I feel l… @maryannehobbs @Nath504 @nickcave @YouTube I wouldn’t be too happy if he did, I wanna hear it! @ActualWolf I know but it is one of your stomping grounds isn’t it. @ActualWolf And Del Shannon Grand Rapids. @ClaireMPLS Happy birthday!
idea: a Punchdrunk-style immersive theatre experience for Brexit voters to see what it is actually going to be like for them
Retweeted by James Travis @AmyLeMesmer Just give me an Irn Bru Xtra and I'm fine. @AmyLeMesmer I don’t like Vimto at all
Is it pay day? Were you paid recently? Does it even matter? Tickets are shifting for @AWVFTS and you can get your… @Onlypult Thankfully in the intervening 3 days it has started working but thanks for the prompt response. @ClaireMPLS Ah, still not too bad I guess. I'd recommend flying for ease (and probably a bit cheaper), but the trai… @ClaireMPLS I just flew there for less than $30 from Manchester, I expect from London with RyanAir it will be simil…
A remarkably stylish yet entirely practical bus station, coming to Rochdale 28th May 1978!
Jon Voight is so weird. @jonvoight You’re so weird, mate.
We’ve gotta fight fight fight fight fight for this love has taken its toll on me and Julio down by the schoolyard @Onlypult Hello! Is something up today? When I click to add media to a post it just automatically takes me to drafts, which isn't much use! @peterliversidge Nope! @LTJStaszko Happy Birthday, baby.
@Wezlam No chanceLooking forward to to welcoming back A WINGED VICTORY FOR THE SULLEN to Salford/Manchester for what will undoubtedl… @AmyLeMesmer This is all great stuff! @AmyLeMesmer They had a poppy one that everyone liked, I think it was called up. I wasn’t a big fan though tbh. @AmyLeMesmer Well they wrote the loving kind I think? How about the Saturdays? Not big on them myself but that so… @AmyLeMesmer Pet shop boys though. @AmyLeMesmer Girls aloud are much better than the spice girls. I don’t have much else to say though. Definitely better. Much better.First name: James Second name: Travis @yennyhaha To each their own, but simply do not put such a divisive pop act in the middle of the unsuspecting commuting public.Yes! @maryannehobbs with the Husker Du fix! if the Metrolink isn't insufferable enough, they put fucking KEANE on it.
‘The Haunted Victorian Pencil’, taken from our latest double A-side digital release on @ninjatune. 'The Undivided…
Retweeted by James TravisThank you to the lovely @maryannehobbs for the kind words and for playing our new piece 'The Rhythm Of A Dividing P…
Retweeted by James TravisA Winged Victory for the Sullen (@AWVFTS) are releasing their new album in November
Retweeted by James Travis @pablopablopablo Hi, that is an error and we will amend it ASAP!
At the risk of being irritating, I'm here again to remind you about this show announced today! @AWVFTS at St. Phil… - A Winged Victory For The Sullen return to St. Philip’s Church, Salford, in March! Tickets already selling q… & Loops is delighted to welcome back A WINGED VICTORY FOR THE SULLEN to Salford for what is certain to be anot…
Retweeted by James Travis @AdamWiltzie It's hard to, Adam. It's really hard.Dots & Loops is delighted to welcome back A WINGED VICTORY FOR THE SULLEN to Salford for what is certain to be anot… even left an uncomplimentary review on Songkick, which I have only just seen.Sometimes I think about that guy who demanded a refund from me because a band didn't start at the time doors opened… PM
A brisk glimpse of our activities in 2019.
Retweeted by James TravisNew show announced tomorrow at 3pm. I’m at Frankfurt Airport now and I have to say thanks to Mos Eisley and to…
@RoughTrade The New Year’s self-titled. @idlewildgirl “Sorry to bother you again but it says there needs to be a special character?” @idlewildgirl Can just imagine him texting their manager “what’s our twitter password?”
Hi @LittleMix If you’re bored after the show tonight in Stuttgart come over to Mos Eisley. DJing til 5am and I can…
@room808 I like some of it, don’t like some of it. Just find it very odd how people act about him.Mad how many people pretend to like Aphex Twin @AmyLeMesmer @idlewildgirl I agree with this, and there’s loads of AirBnBs that come with rooftop access to their b… @idlewildgirl The no is because it’s next to times square rather than the shared bathroom. @Ryanair hi there! My flight to Frankfurt was late and I’ve missed my (quite expensive) train to Stuttgart. Is ther… @constantwaif Easier for a fly to access though.