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Chap from Dots & Loops/Hot Burrito. Once got Low to play the Eagle Inn. Dull as dishwater.

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Just seen Dominic Cummings' car for sale in Autotrader
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@BuczkowskiB @lowtheband Never seen swingin’ live, but it is written on a setlists from Paris on the Drums & Guns t… years since the release of @lowtheband’s Long Division. A perfect album, and too often overlooked in their catal… image to go with it tbh @tracey_thorn Are you watching don’t tell the bride?My plans 2020 @EpicureanThe Do you ever stock ZinneBir?I must say, I have grave doubts that this tweet will age well. @IsobelRuth Woah, I literally did the same thing about 10 mins ago. Not funny, v annoying. Goodbye! @jetfury Ah bugger I did this exact one and now it looks like I copiedMe and Sarah and Pete have been putting up Saint Etienne playlists every Saturday morning for the last few weeks. H…
Retweeted by James Travis @AdamWiltzie A ZinneBir shandy? Actually that reminds me I wanna see if I can order that stuff here.
PISS plans 2020 @PatNevin! What’s your favourite Go Betweens track?Dean & Britta cover The Seekers on new single, tell us what they’ve been digging in lockdown @brooklynvegan
Retweeted by James Travis @lowtheband See you there! Have you ever played Venus in recent years? Always a nice tune to hear... @jrooneyresearch Maybe @MoTGM can help me? @jrooneyresearch Thanks, i've checked ebay but no luck.Little known fact but @AdamWiltzie taught me how to use emojis on iPhone. Those were the days. @jrooneyresearch Where did you get ahold of this? Do you know of where I could find one?
What we all need when lockdown is done and we’re all safe next year (or later) is a co-headline show with… @markc1875 Expected but SOTT is the peak for me. Unbelievable LP (most of them are though)My plans 2020 to kill the vibe on clap night but I’ve just had word that Sinead O’Connor has ripped up a photo of your local firework retailer.I see your father has purchased some fireworks again.Hi @OfficialTfGM, is there a hi-res version of this in the archives anywhere? is open. @AptaMusic I do not, someone has shared it out of shock and now here we areThis is simply unacceptable @RobynHitchcock @emmaswiftsings trying to think of another fun and slightly leftfield request for Friday’s show...… @VinylOffers Ordered, already have the CD but too good to turn down. It’s great! Hope the others come down a bitBin men have been! Time to fill the bin and leave it there for 2 weeks again.
Look at this. Looks like a microscopic disease. Definitely getting "COVID 19" on the back.
Retweeted by James Travis @timfoulds I would only class The Wall of those as a full on Rog album, piper obviously Syd... animals is the best by a mile for me @timfoulds Animals, the wall, dark side, meddle, piperMy plans / 2020 @lowtheband The RGC shows were always great, so much energy. The one in Berlin at Magnet will live long in the memo… small thing from me for the Social about working with Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs on their brilliant compilations fo…
Retweeted by James TravisIt’s bin day eve! @secrettracksuit Just came back to this for some post-work LOLs @subpop Then I must obtain the rights and do it myself. Make Codeine available again 2020.
I definitely don’t remember the code for my work locker, so that will be fun in 8 months won’t it. @ActualWolf Belgium!My plans/2020
A co-operative-run supermarket on the high street to fight the big chains. Not a dream, it already exists. I'm stan…
Retweeted by James Travis @room808 @slowdiveband @soniccathedral I saw the first “proper” show the following night at Village Underground and… year ago today @slowdiveband @soniccathedral
Can we please get Codeine on Spotify in the UK @subpop? Not that I don’t own them but sometimes it’s easier @teamsatan Seal’s account has been doing it too! @teamsatan A couple of friends have had the same thing. Weird @BBC6Music A winged victory for the sullen in Liverpool @dougauk I was there (the spurs game), and it was a killer! One of the best games I’ve ever been at though, didn’t…
Do you ever just yell TWO HEADED DAWWWWG? @clawthethinice ZERO hits you might sayThis is amazing
@secrettracksuit Microwave??I tried to stay quiet to keep the positive Friday mood but I’ve just heard that Sinead O’Connor has ripped up a pic… @markc1875 @RichardS7370 No foxbase alpha? 😱 @hardafdfacts @lowtheband I’ve seen spiritualized a low of times, but probably not more than 20. Low... I think it’s 58 now. @Vasuri_AE @lowtheband I’ve seen violence a couple of times, once being the Spitz in London a few months before Dru… @_SPJ_ Haha, fair enough! Someone said hi to me at the bar and asked if I was “dots and loops” off Twitter. Quite a… @_SPJ_ Was at a fair few of those, the 2013 Barbican show is when Robert Plant came backstage. Nice guy! Are you th…’ve seen @lowtheband a lot always hear of people dying on their death bed. Why would even buy a bed like that? @JerrySeinfeld know you shouldn’t gossip but I just heard that Sinead O’Connor has ripped up a photo of our Boris @RobynHitchcock @emmaswiftsings Gonna be a good one. Well... you’d hope so, wouldn’t you?
I don’t like to be a tell tale but Sinead O’Connor just ripped up a picture of Captain Tom @markc1875 I would’ve assumed Harvest was his most popular. Hard to know when I love them all, I guess.Where are the juggalos gonna gather this year? @markc1875 Woah, very surprised goldrush is winning. For me it’s definitely on the beach, by an absolute mile!I don’t wish to be a grass but Sinead O’Connor just ripped up a picture of the NHSI sold Sharleen Spiteri a Peppa Pig DVD at HMV @sheenadevlin @Andr6wMale It’s well worth knowing. Incidentally I ordered 4 of his LPs last night, should get a tur… @Andr6wMale Did not have him down as a turnover guy.
8 years to the day since I got five consecutive double yolks in one box before we set off to City QPR. There was m…
Retweeted by James Travis @emmaswiftsings Not sure how feasible, but it would be nice to hear you and @RobynHitchcock try ‘I Can’t Give Every… @jgibson1988 @ChelseaFC Yeah that’s it, sorry I forgot to respond my food came!
Finished copies! On sale last week of May.
Retweeted by James Travis @jgibson1988 @ChelseaFC Though I can’t find photographic support @jgibson1988 @ChelseaFC 1958/59 Fairs Cup away
@markc1875 Gotta go comes a time, some of my favourite songs of all time on there! (Not that that isn’t perfect)Serenity now! @shaun_curran I think the dismissal was right but obviously no one else agrees! I saw them opening one of the small… @DrownedinSound @nickcave Let love in, skeleton tree, the good son
@BuczkowskiB by Smashing Pumpkins was originally about Billy Corgan getting a Pig Out in Pass The PigsSorry pal but I got out of bed for that and you didn’t even let us know if Teenage Fanclub is canceled I don't know where he downloaded his template for a road map because that wasn't one.A MESSAGE FROM @ringostarrmusic no mention of when megabowl will be openIt’s very unusual that there was NO MENTION of seeing your mam and dad or mates or anything, but they might open Na… are Boris has come good. the interest of joining in on my own tweet last night my favourite was Black Celebration
OK what is your fave Depeche Mode song?Listen to Long Tall Sally in context with the rest of the UK Top 20 from early 1957 and you’ll instantly understand…
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Just thinking about when me and @ZachRowlandson went to see Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly. What a night.Absolutely fucking dreadful’m glad Gary hates My Way cause it is shiteTwo electronic music legends pictured in what looks like the German version of Londis.
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