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DOTS RPG Project @DOTSrpg New York, USA

A 501c3 nonprofit focused on #AccessibilityInGaming. Makers of #BrailleDice and #accessible gaming aids. Head of the #DOTSFamily. Lover of #DOTSdragon ♿️🏳️‍🌈

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Anyone who may be visiting our site or emailing us today - we’re working on switching over our primary domain from…
While visiting PA HQ, we learned @TychoBrahe was slightly jealous of @ChrisPerkinsDnD #prognosticubes. We wouldn’t…
Retweeted by DOTS RPG Project[video description: gray dice tray with DOTS RPG Project logo. D6 rolls into tray in slow motion. Black with raised… visiting PA HQ, we learned @TychoBrahe was slightly jealous of @ChrisPerkinsDnD #prognosticubes. We wouldn’t…
@DnDDamsel @Not_a_DM @wyrddrgn @Larn_draws @Scratticus_ @Bosco_ca @thetinyGM @dndairdrie @johnneh @PhoenixWithAnOE @DisabilityRead @DisVisibility @VilissaThompson @TripleCripples @BlackDisability @DisabilityHistr @powernotpity
@GildingLight Can we have 4 favorites because we have 4 favorites ^_^
Still working through catching up on emails and orders from the last few weeks pre and post-pax west. Thanks for your patience!
We are roughly two-thirds of the way to funding art for the Fate Accessibility Toolkit! We appreciate the support i…
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Oh wow, we hadn't realized we were so close! How about this, when we hit 10k, we will do a follower giveaway later…
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@dreamwisp @FenwayTeenDM @dogmight @DiceEnvy @dieharddice Happy to help if needed!
You may have heard us on #DragonTalk recently discussing our current and upcoming programs. Check out ASLforRPG! Go…
@bebarce He’s safe inside his bubble!The #DOTSdragon has made it home safely from #PAXwest and is already itching to get back to work! We can’t thank…
This trip to #Seattle for #PAXwest was nothing short of wonderful. So many friends new and old we got to see, so ma…, we've added accessibility options to our website at! Toggle the Accessibility Menu o…
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@chadallenmagic @brailleknights @EHQuill @honestduane @brailleknights @DnDBeyond @Wizards_DnD @alexa99 Discord has many issues and have not been re… @chadallenmagic @brailleknights I've been under the impression that all of the book text contents are in fact avail… @chadallenmagic @brailleknights Are you talking about copyright, ISBN, other front matter? @chadallenmagic @brailleknights Could you give an example of this? Do you know of text that isn't navicable with a screen reader? @honestduane @brailleknights @DnDBeyond @Wizards_DnD @alexa99 We’re working closely with DDB on improving their web… would make a big difference for you as a blind or visually impaired Dungeons & Dragons player? What would make…
Retweeted by DOTS RPG ProjectAnother #DOTSfamily visit for the #DOTSdragon @outsider_comics! And a wonderful conversation about optimizing chara… giving lots of love to our #DOTSfamily member, @MoxBoarding!They have our #BrailleDice, and we can’t wa…
#DOTSdragon checking out the #dnd #Ravenloft panel with the @MistTalesDnD crew at #PAXwest! #Mistwalkers @Kody_Keplinger Thanks Kody! 🥰Did you miss us on @Wizards_DnD #DragonTalk with @Gregtito? Not to worry, you can check out the vod to learn more a… everyone! Thank you for all of the support so far! How have you liked AudioWizards? By the way, did you know…
Retweeted by DOTS RPG Project @Alexandria_RPG 🤫#DOTSdragon hanging out with our friends at @Alexandria_RPG here at #PAXwest! They’ve got a set of our #BrailleDice
@S1lv3rOff It was so great to meet you!! @danielrynelucio @INeedDivGms @RaygunLounge @dieharddice No booth for us, hopefully at unplugged!Thank you everyone who came out to see us 😊 The winners of our #dice from tonight’s meetup have been selected! If y… #PAXWest night 2 at the @DOTSrpg meetup! It was awesome to hang out with everyone, feel and roll the braille…
Retweeted by DOTS RPG ProjectWe’re hanging out with the #DOTSdragon at one of our #DOTSfamily locations; @raygunlounge for the rest of the night… approves of our parking garage floor at #PAXwest. #DOTSdragonadventures
Heading to #PAXWest today to check out all it has to offer before our meetup tonight!Super excited to speak to @DOTSrpg on Dragon Talk! Watch live on
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@CaptainNwalps @Gregtito @DevenRue That would be our d4 with rounded ends, including the number sign for orientation. @vincentrose Thank you!#DOTSdragon visits #AndyTheAmpersand! . #DOTSdragonadventures’re LIVE on with #DragonTalk and 🌈double complete interviews🌈! @Gregtito is chatting with…
Retweeted by DOTS RPG ProjectHey friends, @DOTSrpg will be doing a giveaway during their meetup tomorrow night at #PAXWest and we will be there…
Retweeted by DOTS RPG ProjectI just had such an affirming experience. On my 8hr intl flight back from a conference, I sat next to a father/son.…
Retweeted by DOTS RPG ProjectOur work on #AccessibilityInGaming never ends, but it’s made better with this peaceful morning. Still being on NY t… boost! night with some great friends new and old. Really looking forward to being on #DragonTalk tomorrow even more… is heading into Seattle for the night and it’s finally raining! We were confused with all the nice weat…
2019 our #BrailleDice and @dieharddice #dice we’re giving away Saturday at our @RaygunLounge meetup is seriou…
Will you be at #PAXWest this weekend? If you are share a picture of any RPG you buy, want, or play this weekend and…
Retweeted by DOTS RPG Project @mrmatthew Alternatively, we’re having a meetup Saturday if you’d like to drop by - @mrmatthew Definitely!! Jess backed humblewood and we’ve been meaning to chat about it. See you Sunday, we’ll be th… @mrmatthew You’re on our radar too, mister 😉 Let’s see if we can carve out some time together at PAX!Seattle meeting number 1: critical success! #AccessibilityInGaming is recognized as a huge need here. We can’t wait…, here we come! @likesevenspoon YOU SHALL HAVEThe #DOTSdragon #d20 is ready for adventure! This adorable little guy was made by #MoninaCreations and is headed to…
@JessieDHD @dieharddice 👋🏻Sweet mother of Moradin, yes! I'm fortunate that the team at @TakeThisOrg understands this stuff and works with me…
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Check out this amazing Dice Vault made by @TalonClaw2 that is sized to fit my 33mm Goliath Dice. 😍😍 As far as I kn…
Retweeted by DOTS RPG ProjectAre you planning on going to PAX Unplugged? We are looking for a few good volunteers to help with the event.
Retweeted by DOTS RPG ProjectOur first #FavoredArtisan post is up! Visit our #Patreon to view this public post highlighting @Snalydo, one of our…
Retweeted by DOTS RPG Project @Patrick_Groome wow what did you do
If you’d like to pick up a set of these Jokester dice from DHD for yourself, they are making a donation to DOTS for… a chance to win these #dice? Come visit us if you’re in Seattle for #PAXwest! The stunning @dieharddice Spellb… grandmother passed away. Her funerals were today, but here I'd like to talk about the most important thing I cou…
Retweeted by DOTS RPG ProjectSignal boost for #AccessibilityInGaming needs!
@goodgamesindy No one is authorized to mass produce our braille dice, but we’d be happy to get a set out to you to… @dieharddice @CyberpunkGame @DnDPodcast @BeadleAndGrimm @whatseplaying @425suzanne @katewelchhhh @BruteForceCast @mustangsart @dreamwisp @samwise_gamegee @MystyVander @TTRPGtranscript @BlindTemple @ThatScarletMoth all #artistsontwitter: @EvilHatOfficial is looking for new #artists to work on their #accessibility toolkit…
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@mustangsart @dreamwisp @samwise_gamegee @MystyVander @TTRPGtranscript @BlindTemple @ThatScarletMoth @SparksforSharks @GametoGrow @TheBodhanaGroup @lovethynerd @TakeThisOrg @rpgresearch @StackUpDotOrg Love it! We’re… @Card_Kingdom @MoxBoarding Whoops, didn’t know you were affiliated! We sent a message out to them yesterday too :)Any #FLGS in #Seattle who host #dnd or other #ttrpg? We'd love to get you a set of our #BrailleDice, and come visit… @Card_Kingdom Hey! We're headed to Seattle for PAX west and would love to link up with more stores in the area. We'… @MeeplesGames Hey! We're headed to Seattle for PAX west and would love to link up with more stores in the area. We'… @MoxBoarding Hey! We're headed to Seattle for PAX west and would love to link up with more stores in the area. We'r… @markbarlet Love it!!
Shipping time!! @topgearcustomapparel delivered once again with these super cool #tactile #braille shirts for us. W…
@JessieDHD and @dieharddice make some beautiful beautiful #dice. We’re always excited to see what else they’re work… first #FavoredArtisan post is up! Visit our #Patreon to view this public post highlighting @Snalydo, one of our… Principal Rehtory! 🎓 Principal of the prestigious Altto Academy! In #AudioWizards the Principal acts as a sup…
Retweeted by DOTS RPG ProjectHi. I just won a Hugo. Thank you to @domparisien and the staff of @UncannyMagazine and all the writers of Disab…
Retweeted by DOTS RPG Project @snarkbat @domparisien @UncannyMagazine Congratulations!!
@ashleynhwarren @samwise_gamegee @CurseofSebs The alt text option works wonderfully, but has to be turned on in acc… @BiancaBickford No need to apologize, we’d be happy to! We’re also hosting an event: @MonteCookGames Hey team! Following up on this. We sent an email in back in January and got a ticket number (4887)…
Awesome! An easy way to give the Fate Accessibility Toolkit as gift is to use the "Buying for someone else?" option…
Retweeted by DOTS RPG Project @divisionten @RaygunLounge Oh maybe!! We’re not sure how many people will come by yet but we can plan that as it gets closer @divisionten @RaygunLounge Yay! @RaygunLounge It won't be anything formal or official but we'd be glad to talk to anyone and everyone about our… @carolinethegeek @RaygunLounge @CrittersSeattle whoopsie, thank you for the tag!!Our #Seattle/#PAXwest meetup is set: we'll be at @RaygunLounge and would love to have people stop by! It comes high…
@DnDDamsel @Tallinier @TheGeekestGreek @Bosco_ca @BroadBullied @Scratticus_ @Gingerhazing @Xanderrific more surprise anonymous donations of #BrailleDice from @shapeways! Thank you so much, mystery person 💜💚
@catalystgamelab Hey Catalyst team! Do you have any offices in Seattle? We’ll be in for PAX west and would love to…