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The watercolours came out to play for the first time in ages, as a break from studying.. a quick little warmup pai… little elf 🥺I really regret that spicy slice of pizza yesterday😂😂 I burnt my breakfast
Is aki alive?? @buswell_sugg_ @thedavidhunter come with me @buswell_sugg_ Netflix here dropped the second and third season just nowAtypical is such a good show, been binging all dayA week from today I’ll be on my way back to my favourite musical 😭🥰
Would send a bunch of firefighters and help to Australia if I was prime minister 😢Left my phone for an hour and omg if this works out I’m so excited AHH @dbuzz6589 What do you do to stay motivated and focused?Dead 😂 really, Really want a CharlestonI’m smiling like this right now does she still look cute ? attacking me miss dbuzz I need to get out of bed and study AM SOOO EXCITED AHHH @charleeann23 @buswell_sugg_ Yeah me and my £5 budget for food a week at the moment would get you tickets 😂😂😂
I need someone to help me with Christmas shopping cause I am stressed @dbuzz6589 Awww, i’ll be back home with my family then as well! Counting down the days !! ❤️Has the pro challenge started yet ?Almost locked my twitter account trying to make a group chat oopsI’m wearing a hat, scarf, slippers and a massive wool jumper inside. Why is it so coldOkay i’m doing it. Rt this if you want/need to be in a study group gc where we do power hours and motivate eachothe…😺✏ — Oh lol, love both. But boys by girls😍😺✏ — I don’t know what any of this is oops😺✏ — Can’t really believe it no🥺😺✏ — Kay? me while I go to the doctors 😐😺✏ — Equine specialist veterinary nurse😺✏ — Hii😺✏ — cHaR😺✏ — Chloe. wish I had a fireplace in my bedroom
@charleeann23 @buswell_sugg_ It’s almost dead @buswell_sugg_ @charleeann23 I had a tumblr account first then decided to join cause there were like 3 people on there 😂 @charleeann23 Random @buswell_sugg_ @charleeann23 You did?? 😂 @charleeann23 Actually I am Steven, aged 58 @charleeann23 Literally was. Just searched “joe and Dianne” and scrolled. 😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️Just had a flashback of The 6 weeks I spent lurking on stan twitter before I made this account, that was an interesting time @EmmaWal55794492 Her story earlierMy mom vs “cleaning” and forgetting where she put stuff.... I cba I need to leave for the airport in 45 mins and ca… swear there is something wrong with my nails, nailpolish just peels off @_diannesugg @charleeann23 Hey I actually have one of them! great if you go horse riding or jogging in the summer a… @LittleSugwell I think she does @diannebychkova @lifeisgrand12 I don’t even knowOkay is nad*ya on a date with dav*d’s son????! I WHAT @denisuggwell MOOD @Joe_Sugg I burst out laughing and scared my dog 😂😳
About timeMight just jog down to France and the swim to the ukI have the worst gut feeling
Let’s hope tomorrow is betterNow to self. Do not sniff something that smells like your dead pet. You will cry a lot.What an emotional wreck @TBelen91 Kev’s there with his voodoo doll 🤠Well you can’t make it any clearer, thanksMe vs doing my own nails 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 @charleeann23 I don’t know what that means 🤓Call me zoella xx @charleeann23 @mikeyp121 It is 😂😂 @dotsdoianne Honestly might do it later today 😂 @FruitbatBuswell @inthepanfood Good girl!!I get to see two of my babies today 🥺🥰Maybe I should start a study group gc for motivation. Think I need it the way my revision has gone this week 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 @TBelen91 Just realised my hands are too little to do the middle finger. Dosnt make a sound cause it can’t hit my p… @FruitbatBuswell @inthepanfood Get upppp
At the point where I’m eating last years Christmas cookies. Anyoneee?? @charleeann23 watched the vlog I cannot 🥺 parents vs always having dinner ready when there is a new vid 🙃This is the weirdest cutest thing god for Di @ 5Me when I drag myself trough Platon and all his ideas cuteness reminder: fancy edition
Retweeted by Helene🥧6|7 @FruitbatBuswell I’m so behind on what I planned to do this week🤦🏼‍♀️ @FruitbatBuswell Think we need to bring power hour backI’m just so excited for vlogmas @_diannesugg Yes @_diannesugg OR Him and their baby cuddling while sleepingTwo weeks from now I see waitress front row 😭😭Why are they hanging out with saffron and her dad? Collab maybe ?🥺🥺🥺
@tentenjoanne This damn dog 😂😂I give you Theo vs a satsuma 😂 @tentenjoanne @_diannesugg I know how to castrate a cat, can’t be that different ?I what??? WEEKS AAHHWhen I actually sit down ready to do some work And the programme just keeps crashing every two minutes?? 😫 @_diannesugg So sorry Rosie, sending a big hug your way❤️Had the cutest dream about joe and Di 🥺 can I just sleep more an let it continue??
Ding ding coming through @charleeann23 @buswell_sugg_ Is this my influence 🤦🏼‍♀️😂OH MY FUCKINF WHBSKABSK