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this hits deep
Retweeted by Helene🧜🏻‍♀️if this paint dosnt dry looking like the right colour either i’ll cryfinished watching season one of sweet magnolias this morning and WHAT?? i need season 2 asap @FruitbatBuswell love you❤️❤️❤️
cool god my dm’s 😭think i need a sugar daddy at this point lolyes. yes. yes.’t it great feeling like no one cares about you. when all you do is try to be nice to people.. @ashasbuswell happy birthday!! 💗 @car0linejames that sounds really cute !!! i’m considering using a sunset photo i’ve got, but idk if it’s weird to… being the biggest hot mess @charleeann23 😂😂i’m going to paint my denim jacket but i don’t know what to paint on it. and i don’t really know how to paint, but… what 10-20 k out in the steets, the crowd is chanting “no racists in our streets” in norwegian. also the protest w… and not for supporting the case, that should be a given at this point. but managing to be in a crowd like that f…’m actually really proud of myself for going to that protest.just now in oslo. #blacklivesmatter anyone over the age of 30 would be nice🤨 amount of people here already wowwe’re only 3 students in and i keep falling asleep in class 🙃
i have lived here for less than a week and i already miss having a dishwasher 🤧i’m marrying an early night in my bed with a big one today i uhm, What @kateloxise also a mood @kateloxise a constant mood.on another note. i did a bloodtest on a mouse today, and getting my hands to stop shaking to hit that tiny vein is… @denisuggwell i think i’m going to pop down after school, see what happens and go back if it’s too much for me.. depends on the day 😅i really want to go to the blm protest tomorrow but i’m so scared of the amount of people and my anxiety is trough… @strictlydbuzz proud of you💕i just saw a photo of tr*mp i didn’t want to see. SCAREED FOR LIFE that you walk by a boy that is a bit of you but have to hurry past and not look at him because you look RANK @softxsugg 900% voted trumpWTF. this makes me so happy to see considering how small the country is and the government has allowed a “human… nan sounded soo much better on the phone call i had with her, i’m so relived💗 (she had surgery yesterday and sou… girl in my class today asked why heterosexuals were not included in the pride flag and started arguments here wit… @beautibuswell did he break his brain as well
@perriewinklIe my little bro used to be like this, he was my mum’s mini maid until he started school 😂i’m becoming so emotionally invested in sweet magnolias why am i like this @Carlee3091 feels like we should be in november with everything that has happened 🙃imagine having moots living in the same country 🙃 i know there are a lot of more serious problems out there at the moment. BUT does anyone have any tips for… back to uni today. i’m so not prepared, haven’t got half the things i need cause they’re at my parents house.… yesterday, so many more of my irls have started sharing links to sign petitions, talking about black lives ma…
@kateloxise i don’t know if it’s like that in the uk but here in norway we can buy just the one colour we need as w… @kateloxise i absolutely love my faber-castell polychromas, they blend pretty well! they’re not cheap but worth it… @Ellissebxswell it’s like post codes in the uk i think here are a few you can use xx you have people you want to unfollow for other reasons but they’re going to call you racist because of it 🥴she now wants to come to a protest with me outside the american Embassy for the blm movement. (she can’t because sh… to my nana today, she is raised in a time where people of colour wasn’t a thing in our country, she was thou… timeline is flooded with irls posting the black pictures. but only one of them has actually posted anything that is actually helpful..started my day accidentally flashing about 15 men, how’s your day going ? 😭🙃
so sad i can’t watch the video multiple times or donate anything at the moment. (i’ve got double rent, and no job a… see no difference here someone update me on what’s happing in dc? been carrying furniture for the last 5 hours so i haven’t been able to see for myself @denisuggwell i haven’t even started season 3... so guess i’ll just be staying off twitter for a while
@ardensjoe are they barricading the windows and doors??dianne just has something that makes you unable to take your eyes off her when she dances, it’s completely mesmerisingi can not wait to be finished with moving. and i hate the fact that i have to do it all again in one or two semesters.WHY DOES MY MUM SUDDENLY FOLLOW SOMEONE ON INSTAGRAM FROM STAN TWITTER??this is all i'm gonna say - i prefer someone to educate themself on topics like these first before influencing 6 mi…
Retweeted by Helene🧜🏻‍♀️if o was american i would vote for her to be president’s very interesting to see how many people are skipping and exiting my instagram stories..
cute cute cute e.d /m.h the last few day’s i’ve been feeling so bad about my body. i hate how it looks, the weight i’ve gain… that wasn’t char — well please dm me then @charleeann23 i feel so bad omgif this wasn’t CHAR. please dm me omg. i don’t have any reason to hate anyone !! feel like you hate me now — just a little bit @charleeann23 @_diannesugg this is my life now. i want a new oneYoooohhooooo — think you're so cool — pretty sure this was sarcasm — 🥝🥝🥝 love you Helenenenenene, my angel — i love you too — Chachacharleeee's woken up to go for a big poo and she says Hi Helene, although she called you HELEN HAHA — hahaha, she’s all… — hellooo's your fave two on here? Stg if u dont say me I'll fume — you know who my fave twat is. @charleeann23 jesus did you have piss instead of milk with your breakfast cereal this morning ??entertain me while i try to pack please is something that you're proud of yourself for? — how far i’ve come. people are just born problematic aren’t they @charleeann23 meansomeone come pack up my room for me. or facetime me. or give me a show to watchthey cuteee in oslo is seriously like a constant fashion show, and i always feel under dressed?? @Carlee3091 i feel you on that! it’s probably only like 22 degrees here in oslo, but i felt like i needed a pool ea… @Carlee3091 got furniture delivered to my new apartment, went shopping. and then i’m having a barbecue with some pe… i felt opening twitter for a sec’m the most stressed ughthinking people are taking basic human rights and equality differences caused because of the pigment of your skin too seriously ??? wow.
Black lives matter.
Retweeted by Helene🧜🏻‍♀️ @buswellsmouat @smileybuswell @courtsmaiya @banesbrittana @gxldstarforme #BlackLivesMatter#BlackLivesMatter        -retweet -reply with #BlackLivesMatter        -do the same and tag 5 people (pls feel fr…’m not going to be very active on here for the next few days becuase i’m moving house. so if i don’t reply on here try any other social..