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Err, he did read the poetry of a Jamia student with a long and sordid history of Hindu baiting poetry... so yeah ma… story all over the world...
@Dinesh_Sairam That’s been useless advice for the last 10 years... value investing doesn’t stand a chance against a tsunami of flows..Exactly call the anti CAA folks for what they are... anti- Hindu and pro Sharia... they don’t give a damn about the… news going global... impressive
Congrats I guess... on your perseverance in Scripting this drama over the last couple of months @therealjpk What do you want them to say? That the timing of the riots and the carefully orchestrated baghs are a m… his worst researched piece ... must have been hurried by the need to get the piece out when Trump was in Ind… @clippsglee @smitadeshmukh @themallubong @iamjohnoliver Ok let’s also protest the inevitable sharia law inclusion… how the US media and the likes of John Oliver have completely Skipped Bernie’s madness in pushing him as a… @goodriddhance Stop spreading rumours.., please use some real news for your mental breakdowns..All we need now is one Coronavirus case in Delhi, preferably in a rioter... peace guaranteed in an hour.. maybe som… @SethShruti So you want them to go burn something or beat up cops instead? @goodriddhance Get well soon.. @cbseindia29 @sardesairajdeep 😂🤣😳 @UnSubtleDesi The Kamra virus seems to have a faster transmission rate than the corona virus...Which one, the part where he drained his prisoners of all blood while they were alive and then buried them? Bernie,… @ANI Heard he slipped in the bathroom... @goodriddhance A cop died, lawless mobs yelling allahu Akbar have the national capital under siege, even a month ol…’s pumping and dumping @memorable_90s @DelhiPolice They killed a cop.. it will not be pleasant anymore
It is taking a communal turn??? which Lala land have you been chilling out at? Internet speed is 240Mbps. How FAST is your Internet? 😃 @IWTKQuiz What is unconstitutional? Should be point of fact...
@paraschopra some pepper spray and fill it up in a fire truck and well the rest you know... come on dehi police don’t be wim… @manavikapur @IndiGo6E you need to go back to your high school biology class to understand the human anatomy... @paulg Death by partnership @annavetticad Wow, the level of delusion you guys live in... swara had zero answers and she didn’t expect to be cal… @RHFontaine So how many non Christians have you guys elected as president? Actually, make it non Protestants ...Also, bitching is not dissent of wokeboys lecturing the Chief Justice of the country on what the constitution says is hilarious... go read… @IWTKQuiz Boss, I thought this was a quiz show/handle? What is this political nonsense.. also unfunny if I may add..Ah brilliant😂😂😂
@Kunthavi5 A worthy addition to your pinned thread...