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Disabled women, military wife, incredibly proud of my sons.

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It's half term here and there's loads of kids out playing in the street. It's lovely to see. #LooseWomenThey could play in the garden for an hour, or build Lego for an hour. They don't have to sit in front of a screen all day. #LooseWomenWtaf? A school is having to tell the parents of preschoolers that they should be exploring outdoors & doing things… @Andrewclink7 Not all GPs are the same.Rachel please, please ring your GP and get some help. You're not worthless and you are good enough #ThisMorningThis is everything that's wrong with the world. Why are people getting paid for this shit? #ThisMorningHas Eamonn fucked off for this segment? #ThisMorningYou're incredibly naive if you think those things didn't contribute to Caroline's death. #ThisMorningHow dare you @EamonnHolmes. You're apparently a loving a husband, son & father but it was fine for you to use your… how this program works. They get the most out there guests in, who they know are going to get the piss taken…'m so angry at this debate. This program has hounded and trolled Meghan Markle. Eamonn Holmes does it, Ruth does… Eamonn, do behave with your criticism of the Daily Mail. You were fast enough to take their money when you wante… we call Eamonn Holmes and Piers Morgan a troll because of how they are towards to Meghan? #ThisMorningHow these programs have the audacity to host these debates when their presenters have bullied and hounded certain m… the weeks leading up to her death Caroline was subjected to horrific bullying by the media. If the media didn't… would think Japan is an undeveloped country the way this bloke is going on. I'd wager their health service i… wonder how everyone else is doing on that ship? You know the ones who've kept their heads down, avoided publicit…"Frogmarched"? Stop using such inflammatory language fgs #ThisMorningHow are the UK authorities going to get two people who've been tested positive for Corona virus? That's a stupid idea. #ThisMorning
It's disgraceful that the second stage of the Leveson inquiry was axed. The press need to be held to account but s…'ve still got half my Christmas stockpile left tbh, so I'll be ok. 😂😂 #loosewomenI think we should all calm down about the corona virus. Everything is always a catastrophe nowadays, we can't cope with anything #loosewomenSo being a working mum is being the best you can according to Andrea. Thanks for making all the stay at home mums…"It feels insensitive with hindsight..." Absolutely gobsmacked. A lot of us could see the insensitivity as soon as… Jane can defend the paper that has spent the weekend deleting the majority of the vile articles about Caroline… when the police were called to Boris Johnsons' house, the police tried to cover it up and the media told u… Moore, and journalists like her, will never take responsibility for the articles they write and the way they h… @RoseMur89 @piersmorgan Do you realise I'm actually on Prince Harry's side here, and I'm speaking up against the bu… hope that honeymoon is an open ticket and it's well insured. Speaking from my experience of marrying a servicema… @RoseMur89 @piersmorgan My son nor my husband are in a fragile state of mind. Prince Harry has never hidden from h… people have legitimate reasons for reclining their seats. I've got a really bad back, and need my seat to rec… @nicolathorp_ is so eloquent, so wise and so empathetic. If only there were more of her in this world. #ThisMorning @RoseMur89 @piersmorgan As a military wife, and the mother of a soldier, I'm very aware of the fragility of many o…'m not sure the opinions that are being tweeted will make it on air. You'd probably class them as "click bait" Ea… that, Emma. Ruth has said that Meghan courts the press so deserves the negativity and hate she gets. A lot… of us can distinguish between an opinion and a question, Eamonn. Your opinions on Meghan are disgusting. You'…"Click bait?" Really @EamonnHolmes? You're hypocrisy is astounding. Think back to how you speak about Meghan Markle. #ThisMorningRuth and Eamonn are both full of hatred when it comes to Meghan, and they let it out at every available opportunity… are useless. Try making a complaint to them, they just don't care. #ThisMorning @jannietle @Goddesslove800 @piersmorgan You're part of the problem. Just take stock of yourself or be quiet 🤐Are #GMB going to finally take @piersmorgan to task and stop his relentless bullying of Prince Harry & Meghan now?… most tragic death of Caroline Flack highlights that Prince or pauper provisions for mental health in this count…'s disgusting how Caroline was hounded. Dan Wootton pretending to care on Saturday night while his journalists we…'s so, so sad that Caroline Flack was driven to suicide after her trial by media, and social medial. Now program… @piersmorgan If you can't be kind, be quiet. I'm really not sure what needs to happen before you look in the mir…
@piersmorgan What will it take to stop you bullying women? If you can't be kind, be quiet.
@danwootton Your paper wrote about her yesterday, and reminded everyone of the assault charge hanging over her. You… there’s anger too. Caroline Flack was clearly vulnerable - that much was obvious - and yet the snide articles/c…
Retweeted by Sara @EamonnHolmes @Pkakooza No, it absolutely shouldn't.
I'm not sure if I should be laughing or crying at this tbh #LooseWomenMy son did his dissertation on sepsis. I read it about a dozen times , to spell and grammar check, which taught m… didn't pay my kids to do chores. Nobody pays me to do them. They were expected to do them in order to help keep… would you pay your children to do what they should be doing? No wonder kids grow up with so many problems nowadays #LooseWomenI'm going to be sick in a minute #ThisMorningWhy didn't they have this conversation at home? Who gives a shit about his valentines present? #ThisMorningShe's certainly a lazy parent. Those children should already be reading. That opens up a whole new world to a chi… to school and having structure in a child's life doesn't stop them being creative. #GMBThis woman is batshit. She needs to get her kids to school and show them some rules and boundaries so they at lea… the fuck? She allows them to draw on the walls? Daft bint .#GMBThis is absolutely ridiculous. Children thrive on rules and boundaries #GMBI bet her kids are right pains in the arse. It won't be their fault, they won't have been taught to be anything else. #GMB
Blimey look at Ron! I hope I'm like him if I get to 91. #hospitalI'm so pleased Blessing is going home. Look how pleased her children are 😍🥰 #hospitalThis must be the fourth or fifth series of #hospital but nothing has changed. Theatres are remaing empty and surge…! Poor Blessing. She's only young too. Please let her get better. #hospitalBlessing looks so, so poorly. #hospitalAll the hitting chisels with metal hammers they do in orthopaedic surgery it's no wonder you're in pain when you come round. #hospitalMy grandfather died of a triple A. He was the healthiest man ever. Never smoked, didn't touch drop of drink, grew a…'t say Ronald might die. I can't cope with that. #hospitalPoor Ron. He's going to have to be transferred to the other hospital now. 😥 #hospital11 out of 12 theatres of closed? Whatever next? #hospitalWhat a shame this wasn't aired before the election. It probably wouldn't have made a difference though because peop…'ve got to be a real attention seeker to want a stranger pointing a camera at your bits when you're giving birth. #LooseWomenVardy lives near me. No one cares about her. She can walk round the town and we don't give a shit. It might help h… don't get kidney stones from being trolled on the Internet. #LooseWomenI don't think Coleen Rooney was prepared for having her private life leaked to all and sundry really. She was pregn… to Dubai to buy baby stuff? How the other half live. 🙄🙄 #LooseWomen"We're in the middle of a legal battle, so I can't really say too much...". So she's just here to cry some crocodile tears. #LooseWomenShe won't tell us more. She's just going to tell us bullshit. #LooseWomenMardy Vardy looks like she's about to knock someone out. #LooseWomenI've had my car 18mths and I've never put fuel in it. 😂 #LooseWomenI can't see the point of renewing your vows. You say them for life, they don't run out #LooseWomenI'm so sick of hearing about Stacey's struggles. We've all had problems along the way with parenting. She's in a… Solomon the only woman to have ever given birth #LooseWomenI don't understand why our bananas are imported from Columbia when there's hundreds of thousands growing all year r… bet Harry Wallop is fun at parties #LooseWomenStacey's got other cupboards that are full of shit. She just doesn't put those on Instagram #LooseWomenBecky Vardy blocked me after she was on #LooseWomen a while ago. She said she didn't care what people said about…'d piss myself if they dyed my husband's grey out. The kids would need cpr #ThisMorning"Psycho-social involment in pain..." oh do fuck off. Try living with chronic pain and you'd see how isolating and… consultant told me I wouldn't hurt myself by keeping active. Well I fell over and knocked our brand new telly o… we bloody go "keep active.." I always roll my eyes when my consultants tell me that. #ThisMorningThe Conservative Govt have got the NHS to this point. I'm having surgery on the 28th February, was put on the wait…"Brilliant people like @MattHancock" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Brilliant & Matt Hancock should never go in the same sentence. #ThisMorningIt's not just doctors, it's nurses, physios, OTs, radiographers, health care assistants, cleaners, admin staff, por… knows people who are victims of domestic violence . #ThisMorning"If everyone gets out and beach cleans..." OK, then love I'll just drive 2.5hrs to my nearest beach because that's… do need to be climate aware but making kids panic is wrong. There's enough pressure as there is. #ThisMorning"What's the point of going to work?" To pay your bills so you're not relying on others to do that for you. HTH #ThisMorning"EcoAnxiety?" Oh do fuck off. Stop making up ailments and conditions to appease snowflakes. #ThisMorning