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Disabled women, military wife, incredibly proud of my sons.

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See, far too many toys so he couldn't give a shit about that new bike. He's 3 and is completely ruined. #MummyDiariesPaul won't propose by this October or the next one... #MummyDiariesLittle Paul is never going to understand the value of anything. You get big toys like bikes for Christmas and birt…
You can tell your relatives that your child is a boy and tell them to buy whatever they want. #LooseWomenYou're a boy or a girl. That's decided before you are even born. It doesn't matter how you bring your child up you… can fuck off with her "Cameron had to cut something." She's not poor, sick, vulnerable or disabled is she?…
Maybe Gove and Johnson should've put their money where their mouths were in 2016. #TheCameronInterviewEvery time I see Wurzel Gummidge, I mean Boris Johnson, I can't believe we've been saddled with him as PM #TheCameronInterviewCameron has really got the knives out for Gove and Boris. #TheCameronInterviewBoris has always been out for himself. We all know that #TheCameronInterviewHalf an hour isn't long enough for this tbh #TheCameronInterviewThe cuts were horrendous, especially towards disabled people. Cameron is a terrible hypocrite, he claimed DLA then… of Samantha to let Dave out the shed. #TheCameronInterviewWe've never, ever had more information and knowledge about what food is good for you and what's not. #LooseWomenThe trouble is whenever a doctor or a health professional suggests someone needs to lose weight for health reasons… disabled people who David Cameron took their benefits away are real people too. Many died. He'd get many four… like buying my bits for Christmas from September/October onwards because it spreads the bloody cost. I can't affo… hope that TUI, First Choice, Jet2 etc aren't letting female reps go in and out of Kavos alone. #thismorningAs if it's Greek law to prevent a rapist coming into your bar. #thismorningThe locals could get rid of him quite easily... #thismorningHow are these locals protecting him? They're daughters/wives/sisters might be next. #thismorningPut him in a boat, take him out to sea, tie a rock round his neck and chuck him over the side. #thismorningHow this poor woman can function is beyond me. I'm covered in goosebumps watching this. The animal who is doing th…'t mention Prince Andrew's dodgy past with his dodgy mates #Lorraine
OMG! I'm bloody traumatised. I've got 2 little Guinea pigs downstairs 😥😥 #GoggleboxThat sideboard in the newbies house is bloody awful. #GoggleboxIt's only Lee and Jenny who are funny anymore #GoggleboxBloody UKIP family get on my tits too. #GoggleboxI'm not liking David. Sorry, he doesn't fit #GoggleboxI don't like all these new Goggleboxers. Please stop adding them in. #GoggleboxHe only agrees because he's already been binned off #GoggleboxI don't like Sue and Steve already. They're trying to be Steph and Dom who can't be replaced. #GoggleboxI was hoping the Michael's might have been got rid. Shame they're still on. #GoggleboxI don't want to meet new Goggleboxers, tbh They're always too try hard. #GoggleboxI've missed Jenny and Lee #GoggleboxThis is such bollocks. #LooseWomenIn 25yrs of marriage my husband has never walked round with his arse out like that Carol #LooseWomenI'd rather not see Rod Stewart's arse, thanks. 🤮 #LooseWomenWe all might have a bum Carol. Some shouldn't be shown in public, though #LooseWomenThe problem is we've got dickheads in power who don't believe in climate change. We can all look at our actions but… you Marie Kondo your drawers and do a bit of vertical folding you can see what you've got all the time. Don't…'ve got those hangers. First time I've been doing something right #ThisMorningOh Jesus Christ! Please stop with the cookery item on a Friday, I seriously can't cope with the piggy noises coming… god can ITV turn Eamon's microphone off when he eats? He makes me want to vomit every time. #ThisMorningNo, Ruth I've not forgotten what it was like to have a child. 20yrs ago we parented. We ddidn't do all this "gentl… becomes other people's business when the child's behaviour encourages on them Vanessa. #ThisMorningIf my child was having a screaming tantrum like that I'd have taken them out of the shop. #ThisMorning
What did Brandon Lewis get a CBE for? Was it turning up and doing his job? Isn't that what he's meant to do? #bbcqtMost men would lose their jobs had they behaved like Geoffrey Boycott not gained a bloody knighthood. The whole system is corrupt. #bbcqtDifferent countries but different laws? It's still wrong to beat up your partner. #bbcqtThere's no way that Geoffrey Boycott should have been knighted. I don't care that he denies assaulting his ex girl… Cameron is laughing all the way to the bank. Meanwhile people like me are seriously concerned about access to our medications #bbcqtI have to agree with that man. The Daily Mail has a lot to answer for for the state of this country right now #bbcqtBoris Johnson should resign but he won't. He's so arrogant that he thinks rules and laws don't apply to him. #bbcqtThe Govt might be able to start governing if they weren't a bunch of liars and hadn't shut down Parliament #bbcqtI'll eat my hat if we leave the EU on 31st October #bbcqtWe can't have a general election now because the Tories have proved they can't be trusted. We need to be be able t… done #JesyNelson. That was an emotional yet powerful watch which, imo, should be shown in schools. #oddoneoutI could do with some sessions with that woman tbh #oddoneoutJesy take the compliments #oddoneoutI wish Jesy could see what we see #oddoneoutIf someone commits suicide following online, or any, bullying then those bullies should face criminal charges. Un… is such a beautiful girl. This is heartbreaking #oddoneout @KTHopkins doesn't care. She's moved on to Meghan Markle now. She's only happy when she's picking on people. She'… Hopkins has got a lot to answer for. She's an out and out bully, as are all her followers. People like her… 'man' will have been some fifty something loner living in his mum's basement. #oddoneoutThe sad thing about all this is hundreds of thousands of girls would love to look like Jesy. #oddoneoutSuch happy endings for Reagan and Daniel ❤️ #POGLittleHeroesI love Daniel. What an absolute superstar. His mum must be so, so proud #POGLittleHeroesBlimey, Reagan must be in such a lot of pain with her back #POGLittleHeroesAww Daniel is an absolute poppet #POGLittleHeroesWhen you think you've had a bad day, these children show you that you've actually got nothing to moan about #POGLittleHeroesI don't understand why people make their kids do their own washing. Why put the machine on twice? My kids are both… at my gorgeous boy, he's as much a pet as someone else's whopping, great dog. We all have different likes and… fucking rude cutting him off like that. I get that there's time frames but would it have hurt to have gone to… my son was 1, he was desperately ill. A temp of 40.8, blue hands and feet, vomiting, rapid, shallow breathing.… is absolutely heartbreaking. This poor family. #LooseWomenComplaining about fast fashion isn't demonising fashion, it's trying to save the planet. #LooseWomenJanet loves fashion? You'd never tell #LooseWomenWhy is Janet in a tracksuit? Is she auditioning for Jeremy Kyle? #LooseWomenSmugfield is pissing me off far more than usual today #thismorningPeople who grow up in Council estates can still have good manners. How bloody rude. #thismorningPrivileged to be on a date with Nicola? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #thismorningThe world needs more Jades. What a wonderful girl with a golden heart. #GMB
"Rosie doesn't have tantrums". Sam tries to put her vest on and she throws herself on the floor and has a tantrum! 😂#MummyDiariesLast week Will wanted 3 fag breaks. This week he's stayed on an extra 2 hours to be there when Stuart leaves. I'm… contrast between Alishba and Erik is huge. Staying behind 2 hours after the end of her shift is such a selfless…'re all young, however he's the only one who has been late and has a bad attitude. Observering that is not bull… please train to be children's nurse or a Play Therapist. #thebighospitalexperimentYou can't just pitch up when you feel like it, Erik. Patients don't wait around for their breakfast and to have a w… feel really sorry for Will. He was full of optimism for Stuart. #thebighospitalexperimentErik hasn't come in because his uniform's a bit damp? That's horrendous. I bet no one else has that attitude #thebighospitalexperimentWhen my son went to uni to do nursing I said to him I'd always be there. I still get 2am texts sometimes. I try no… could be a Play Therapist. I reckon she'd be fabulous at that #thebighospitalexperimentAlishba is brilliant with the children. Most of these volunteers have hidden talents. They'd be such good nurses.…'s not about money Erik. My son is a nurse. He said he'd still work a couple of shifts a week if we won the lott… like Michael. He's got a wonderful, calm bedside manner. #thebighospitalexperimentI really some of these volunteers, especially the men, go into nursing after this. #thebighospitalexperimentPoor Sophie being outside all night. She's so cold bless her. #thebighospitalexperimentLoved this last week #thebighospitalexperiment