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@nickf @ticklepink75 @ckorffux @DannPetty All of the points that Nick brings up are why I don't generally touch any… question 🙏 @DannPetty @DougCollinsUX @nickf @ckorffux
Retweeted by Doug Collins @ticklepink75 If it's under NDA, none of it goes in my portfolio, even altered. It's just not with the risk to me. @jayuxdesigner I've yet to make a dashboard that I felt was really useful, so I'm probably not your best resource.#ux Twitter: any best practices for analytics and reporting apps and dashboards similar to Schwab and fidelity? Thx…
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Thank you to our followers, please retweet to help us get to 2000. #Retweet #basketball #charity #globalgiving
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Retweeted by Doug CollinsYou were asked to spread the word about @timeout4africa, and you stepped up marvelously! Today I made a donation in… @E_CoffeeCocoa2 Yes. We asked them. They didn't want to answer at first, but we kept going until they quacked.Know your users and cater to their needs (and bring cracked corn for user research if necessary). #UX #design
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@interacting How can we use social proof for good right now with the vaccine? Can we design a way to encourage vacc…
Retweeted by Doug CollinsHow do you handle challenging #UX #design projects? #uxtalk @DrGetafix @DougCollinsUX @DunnyDesign All of you should take a look at my pinned tweet thread and see the science…
Retweeted by Doug Collins @nickf 37 years of diorama experience.
"It's my freedom to chose not to get vaccinated! My freedom is important!" Meanwhile... @fly2ohare- does the COVID emergency travel order apply to those landing in Chicago but traveling to other parts of…'s do it! AM is a good time for a diorama break, amirite? use our natural reading patterns against us, leveraging how we scan information to influence our acti… your users and cater to their needs (and bring cracked corn for user research if necessary). #UX #design a friendly reminder that #Security is #UX. you have two features that don't work together, you have - at best - one feature. #UX #design he... Boba Fett. manipulation is a common tactic among #DarkPatterns. Join me on May 27th at 7 PM ET to learn how to fi…
Retweeted by Doug CollinsFor my Muslim friends and followers celebrating the end of Ramadan today...'ve made some movement, but we have a long way to go. Let's get @timeout4africa the attention and support they d… are the major differences between prototyping for the web vs mobile? #ux #design #uxtalk @CocoPineSA @uxdesigncc @ocean_ui @uxforum It's not mineStandup UX comedy is probably not my next big thing. "A UXer walks into a bar with a huge beer selection. "After…
@andrewsmyk @batkayv I think that's part of it. It's also possible the police investigation was also ongoing, and… @joenatoli @nickf You guys might find this interesting. @jayuxdesigner @batkayv Kayvan did all the work. I was just an advisor/publisher.A crazy story about how a #UX #design case study lead to the realization of a giant organized crime ring. We were g… @thejaycarlson Always trying to make things better for you and the team!'s your thoughts on stand-ups for #design teams? #ux #uxtalk @AeternumRD @DougCollinsUX @joenatoli All of the UX classes I’ve taught had collaboration as a component. The curri…
Retweeted by Doug Collins @rcweston They never actually responded to me, but wrote back to the account manager who originally coordinated calendars. @rcweston In this case, the person said they never received my meeting invite, but did receive my follow-up email..… @rcweston I gotta try that... @spencergoldade Thank you! I'll be looking forward to it!Collaboration is key! It's why I run a #uxtalk conversation everyday. One of the best ways to learn and grow is fro… manipulation is a common tactic among #DarkPatterns. Join me on May 27th at 7 PM ET to learn how to fi… tips do you have for preparing/presenting your portfolio? #ux #design #uxtalk @AppleBananaUX The UX no-show drinking game has no rules. @nickf Thank goodness. Now to pick the movie...Someone once told me after being stood up that I should go home, crack open a beer, watch the funniest movie I coul…
As a kid, this would have been my dream job. As an adult, you can make it yours. Drop your application below to j…✅ Make awesome stuff as a #UX #Design pro. ✅ Work for a great company. ✅ Work with a great person. ✅ Work in a grea… @granthyarbrough @stlxcon Oooh that's a new one. I'm going to have to try that. Any song suggestions?#DarkPatterns often rely on nagging and emotional manipulation to work. Don't fall for it. Join me at @stlxcon on…’s Colorado state legislator Richard Holtorf calling a colleague “Buckwheat” on the House floor. Nah... no ra…
Retweeted by Doug CollinsThe #ForThePeopleAct will -Restore the Voting Rights Act; -Modernize our voter registration system; -Restore vo…
Retweeted by Doug Collins#DarkPatterns are the psychological tricks some #UX pros use to get users to make decisions against their best inte…
Retweeted by Doug CollinsReminder: when in doubt, ask your users. #ux #design @314UXHolly Good news: Phoebe makes an excellent butterfly!'re gonna need to RT to spread the word! I will donate $1 (up to $500) for every retweet through 11:59 PM MT on 5… warplanes has bombarded Gaza Strip in the last 24 hours. More than 20 Palestinian civilians dead. You don'…
Retweeted by Doug Collins @meg_ezeadi @timeout4africa Thank you so much!.@timeout4africa is a superb charity, supporting a #STEM camp for girls in Minna, #Nigeria. Let's get them the at… can donate here. Remember, even $1 helps! tools are everyone using for Product and UX work on an ipad (particularly for brainstorming/wireframing) #uxtalk @DougCollinsUX
Retweeted by Doug Collins @vcastillo630 We all make mistakes, myself included. I feel terrible, and want to make things right. I'm open to an… @vcastillo630 I deeply apologize - my intent here was never to exploit anyone, only to support a cause close that m… @RamziGrira5 @stlxcon Thank you! I'm excited to share! @iThink_iDesign I'm sorry to hear that. I sincerely and deeply apologize. If you'd like to speak to me directly abo… @iThink_iDesign ...@timeout4africa and the children they support. I'm not perfect. I recognize my privelege and I… @iThink_iDesign My intent was never to exploit anyone, only to raise funds and awareness for a great and worthy cau… @iThink_iDesign me. I made the donation before reaching my goal. @iThink_iDesign ...spent some time looking for a cause to support that was meaningful to me, and came across this o… @iThink_iDesign When I was getting close to 30k followers, I ran a poll asking how we should celebrate. It's not so… made you interested in the last #UX or job that you applied for? #uxtalk @mrgnarchr @nickf @AvantikaSeries @AvantikaUniv @PodcastMovement @podbeancom @Podchaser @FindThatPod @podmmunity The only podcast seg… @DrGetafix @DunnyDesign (And also, thank you very much!) @DrGetafix @DunnyDesign Hey @DunnyDesign... @EleciaCrumpton None taken - you're probably right.What's your least favorite #design trend? #ux #uxtalk
I don't know whether it says more about me or about bathroom designers that so many of my crappy #UX memes come fro… @HulkDad79 @TimVanMartin Well now you're in deep shit. @interacting @VaidehiDesign @NNgroup I, too, follow @interacting and @NNgroup. Now we just gotta get @NNgroup to follow us :) @MarkusWerle This photo has been all over the internet for some time, to the point where it's difficult for me to t… @EleciaCrumpton Sadly no. @dilainandcosta Reddit! It's all reddit :)Your important controls should be kept in intuitive places - but not inconvenient places. #ux #design do you think the 3 most important skills of a UX Designer? #uxtalk
Retweeted by Doug CollinsAre you considering a career in #UX? You can kickstart the process by joining our beginner-level course suitable fo…
Retweeted by Doug CollinsTrue story: too many #hashtags will decrease the spread of your tweet. I don't know if it's an anti-spam measure t… @ratPersona @stlxcon Great question! Some thoughts here. @preetkchauhan Any favorite podcasts? Any medium articles to recommend? @IanXdesigner @jnd1er @interacting @DesignLabUCSD @UXAtlanta @UX_versed @UIE @uilearn @Everyone True story: too man…'s your most valuable #UX or #design resource? #uxtalkSome icons tell a story at a glance that will be digested regardless of the surrounding text. Don't fork over your…
@HulkDad79 @jeremytam @SuckyUX1 My three checks for #DarkPatterns: - It just be intentionally designed. - It must… Mother's Day to the most beautiful, smart, kind, and caring woman I've ever been so lucky as to meet. Our chi…
@PaulHumpo I got your back.
Truth. #ux #design
Retweeted by Doug CollinsThere's nothing wrong with celebrating a little early! Still 74 followers to go, but I couldn't wait to donate. I'm… @jeremytam @xoph Well, @7eleven? How do you answer for your hubris?Devs: Why can't users understand how to use our product? There are logical, clearly-defined, and documented guides…