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Doug Roberson is a reporter @AJC. I’ve covered @atlutd long before it was #atlutd. Follow me for news about Atlanta United FC, MLS and soccer in Atlanta.

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Ida B. Wells is top pick as new name for Atlanta’s Grady High School
Retweeted by Doug RobersonLive, Nashville has 24 points, 5 more than #atlutd, and a game in hand. If they get 3 more this weekend at home ag… Nashville on a deflected shot. 3 points here puts a bit of pressure on #atlutd and others below in standings. @MDJohnson22 @BreakingNews And stats on children separated from parents?Lawyers appointed by federal judge to identify migrant families who were separated by the Trump admin. say they hav…
Retweeted by Doug Roberson#Nashvillesc works, manNashville leads Dallas 1-0
Finally hit 100 MLS Regular Season Starts. 7 years. 4 amazing cities. Countless unforgettable memories. Hard to bel…
Retweeted by Doug RobersonI need to reconsider what an “outsider” isPhoenix Rising FC Relinquishes 2020 Championship Final Hosting Rights
Retweeted by Doug RobersonMan breaks fishing record by catching 110-pound catfish in Georgia
Retweeted by Doug RobersonFeliz cumpleaños a la mejor mamá, esposa y mujer del mundo. Te amamos mucho y que Dios te siga bendiciendo 👨‍👩‍👧❤️🙏
Retweeted by Doug RobersonPredicting the last spots in the #MLS East playoff race...will #ATLUTD finish among the top 10? @z_blair 15, sunset hills, Carrollton, ga. :)
Can Barco and Moreno fix Atlanta United's ailing offense? (Via AJC) night from Texas. And thank you for following along this season. Can’t tell you how thankful I am for your rea…
Retweeted by Doug RobersonThe Supporters' Shield Foundation board would like to provide an update: We are currently holding meetings with su…
Retweeted by Doug Roberson @TJSnodgrassier @Surefirelntel @chas2117 @nytimes that is incorrect and very much insultingMajor League Soccer anuncia medidas para combatir el racismo y aumentar la representación afrodescendiente
Retweeted by Doug Roberson @big_phil22 hyndman has 2 goals and 2 assists to Rossetto's 0 and 0 and is better in every stat comparison across t… @big_phil22 i think yall are still putting way too much hope into Rossetto. Good player but has to make a difference this season.Can Barco and Moreno fix #ATLUTD's ailing offense in #MLS? United falls to Toronto on late goal (Via AJC) Fried Soccer: Toronto 1, Atlanta United 0 (Via AJC) Fried Soccer: Toronto 1, #ATLUTD 0 #MLStoronto 1, #ATLUTD 0: What was said's really difficult to determine how Barco and Moreno are going to impact #ATLUTD's offense at this point, but I… know it's lefty-lefty but why pitch to Seager?My mom watches most of the Braves games and has done so for the past 33 years or so. For that reason, it would be n…, the Braves are out, what, 3 runs, between the base-running blunder and Betts catching Freeman's home run? @jpoe24601 just use both. :)Doing post-game Zoom calls with #ATLUTD players and suddenly @FelipeCar Glamour Shot pops up on the screen when he'… @coryjmccartney What's funny is Riley swung at everything that was between either batter's box last night.Adams: When you concede a goal in the 88th minute, it’s a tough pill to swallow. It’s time to pick our heads up. We… “It’s no secret that we aren’t getting loads of chances. That’s the game. It’s certainly frustrating. There’… created just 3 chances tonight: Damm, Lennon and Barco. I don't remember Barco's.So was Swanson and Riley going on the third base coach? If so, that's at least two poor decisions he has made this series.I harp on formations a lot but #ATLUTD may need to use this week to try tweaks to what it's doing, imo. There's not… Glass: Massively (disappointed) because I think the performance of the players and the work rate, they dese… I missing something? That looked like both tags were missed.Going back to last season, there were many games won by #ATLUTD b/c of some moment of individual brilliance, usuall… now shut out for third time in past four games. It has put a total of 6 shots on goal in that 4 games. #MLS#ATLUTD loss puts Orlando City and Columbus into the #MLS playoffs.Late goal sees #ATLUTD fall to Toronto in #mls Toronto. #ATLUTD falls behind 1-0 in the 89th minuteIncluding this one, that has 3 minutes left in regulation, #ATLUTD has 3 shots on goal in past 3 games. #MLS#ATLUTD still with just one shot on goal @emi_225 not healthy enough to travel.@_moadams having a great game for #ATLUTD.DC now leads Cincy 2-1, which helps #ATLUTDOffensive-minded change with Rossetto coming on for Remedi for #ATLUTD. STill 0-0 in 75th minuteTorres just can't catch a break. It seems every shot is right at the goalkeeper or just missed. #ATLUTD#ATLUTD with 0 shots on goal through 67 minutes. Had 2 in previous game and 1 in 2 games go. Welp, Torres just put… with late goal to earn draw against Orlando and prevent it from being able to clinch playoff spot.Toronto has taken control of game for past 10 minutes. #ATLUTDGet Moreno on Bradley and #ATLUTD is winning that.first time since Aug. 29 that #ATLUTD has played with 2 Dps on the field. #MLSBarco and Moreno coming on for #ATLUTD.Damm only credited with 1 chance created for #ATLUTD0-0 at half. #ATLUTD @sarah_k_spence You're watching #ATLUTD? :) @robynsaghini @harryhibby @tgewin Header to tie Philadelphia in ChesterAnother shot right at Guzan. Another right at Guzan. #ATLUTD starting to bend a bit36' Goal for D.C. United. Scored by Pines. #CINvDC 0 - 1
Retweeted by Doug Roberson#ATLUTD with 4 shots, 0 on goal, through 37 minutes. Toronto with 3 and 2. Still 0-0 @Tys_account I don't understand it either. I think he's played much better when pushed higher up the field than whe… has created a few turnovers tonight with good defense. #ATLUTD Still 0-0 through 30Mo Adams has also made some decisive runs into final third for #ATLUTDLove @kev_egan throwing in that there are no direct flights from Atlanta to Dublin. I did not know that. #ATLUTDDamm playing well on defense. Remedi has taken the mantle of "most fouled man on #ATLUTD"Columbus defeats NYCFC and clinches a playoff spot. 3 clinched. 7 remain in #MLS east.Damm again gets to the baseline and again is patient, or indecisive dpeneding upon your perspective, on the cross.… still with 2 shots, 0 on goal, now through 25 minutes. Toronto with 3 and 2. @japatrick200 Did he borrow from someone else's opening essay? @jonnason73 it's still tied. so thumb's up.
Osorio out. Bradley in. #ATLUTD still tied.#ATLUTD having trouble breaking Toronto's press#ATLUTD with 2 shots, 0 on goal, through 12 minutes.All the CKs for #ATLUTD are great, but maintaining focus against the ensuing possible counters is key. Flashbacks to Inter Miami.That's 3 CKs won by Damm for #ATLUTD through 9 minutes.Damm wins another CK. #ATLUTD#ATLUTD fortunate. 3 Toronto players and only 2 defenders. Pozuelo left unmarked but his shot is right at Guzan in the 9th minute.Damm earns another CK. This time, a little indecisive on where he wanted to cross. #ATLUTDgood work by Damm and Hyndman down on the right. Damm stays composed and earns a corner. #ATLUTD @ATLUTd with speed on the flanks with Mulraney and Damm. Should it want to counter, it should be able to. So much w… ➡️ Developed. With tonight’s start, @_MilesRobinson_ becomes only the 6th player from the 2017 @MLS SuperD…
Retweeted by Doug RobersonBarco makes the 18 for #ATLUTD.’s Starting XI vs Toronto FC.
Retweeted by Doug RobersonWith win #ATLUTD can move as high as 9th. With loss, it'll stay in 11th. It holds current tie breakers over #FCCincy.The way the Crew was playing and pressuring, you had to figure they would score. Artur's 1st MLS goal in his 101st game #CLBvNYC #NYCFC #MLS
Retweeted by Doug RobersonDon't like most of the monochrome jerseys in #NFL at all. Exception for me is white pants/white tops, like the… keys for #ATLUTD to get at least 1 point tonight: Low, tight blocks on back line and midfield. Counter when poss… @UniteChopRise Barco hasn’t made the past 7 GameDay rosters. Would be odd to see him start. We shall see.Several outcomes tonight put Orlando City in the playoffs: 1.) Lions win, Atlanta loses or draws 2.) Lions draw,…
Retweeted by Doug Roberson @atlutd24_7 Yes, he isMy #atlutd 11: Guzan Escobar Walkes Robinson Bello Larentowicz Hyndman Moreno Lennon Mulraney GallagherSenate candidate @CollinsforGA kicked off his Trump Defender tour this weekend with help from allies like former Re…
Retweeted by Doug Roberson @chas2117 @nytimes Please. Facts are facts.Quick reminder of the last time we took on Atlanta 🚀
Retweeted by Doug RobersonRIP Sid
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