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@SunnyRandhawa This is very obviously a joke omganyone can be mean to me behind a burner account and I will be sad about it. just don’t let me find out u ugly caus…
Retweeted by 🕊My dad almost died during the pandemic. He woke up around 2am bleeding from his mouth/stool. He was screaming in pa…
Retweeted by 🕊I want what she has @3iceytho It’s a joke dickheadbeing naked in the sunshine and drinking wine are two things that are very important to meDATING AS A TRANS GIRL; Here are the most common reactions I’ve received from men 😩
Retweeted by 🕊What the hell does my boyfriend have to do with my Instagram and big brands being racist and attempting to use me d… @viiiictoriiaa Let’s do it fris this too much to ask for @amanda_parris @WrittenByHanna !!!!!!! I have had a crush on him forever @carmellialieu Literally I should get volunteer hours for this shit @thot1mus_pr1me I have literally seen u on FaceTime bye u look like ur pics @WildAnita51 @sweets_charity You deserve to take pics and feel good about yourself regardless! Fuck a goal weight! @thot1mus_pr1me Skdhdjshdhzksbdjj a Snapchat filter does not count I’m talking ppl who change their whole image @athenaxora @dumbBiiitch93 They honestly come when you least expect it... I gave up on men and invited my current b…
Retweeted by 🕊Even though the Sai situation may be fake, there are still many POC trans people in need!! This gofundme is super c…
Retweeted by 🕊my mother just walked in on me taking nudes
Retweeted by 🕊 @aircraftcabin Omg wow this is so kind thank you 🥺🥺🥺 @DannyBalboa Loofah gloves and cetaphil sensitive skin wash!!! It needs to be exfoliated! I used to have it sooo ba… @mahphkn 40 inch is average for men! And 35 is average for women!my boyfriend before he met me: *washed ass and face with the same bar of soap, ass first then face, no washcloth ju…
i can do magic with a 26$ wig.. trust da process !!! 💛🍋
Retweeted by 🕊 @Jaslynn_nichole U soooo pretty omg 😍you just had to be there
Retweeted by 🕊As someone in anorexia recovery who’s lived with body dysmorphia since I was 13– I get it. I promise. But the worl… know we aren’t supposed to talk about this but the way some of y’all edit the fuck out of your faces and bodies i… @showmetheyamz STUNNING!!!👃🏽
Retweeted by 🕊 @nottydesignss Thank u so much so are u!!! 🤩🤍you gorgeous being!
Retweeted by 🕊Hi I’m Londynn & I got mass reported by a group of ugly ppl cuz I’m pretty and trans, RT this please so my follower…
Retweeted by 🕊 @jayce_bryson Oh shut up he was in work mode..... he wasn’t checking out girls because he thought I wasn’t in town,… @pastryarm I think we can all guess what the vastly improved results were 💀 @angerygrI Just because of a tweet about my boyfriend not recognizing me in my mask lmfaoooooskdhdksjdksb the way guys I got interviewed by the Washington Post if anyone wants to read it! @Evawashere28 @heavnlyenergy @ntclrk Lmfao do they not know the retweet button is free 😭😭 @literallysofie So are u 🥰 (wanna kiss)why do y’all hate on random couples as if their happiness is affecting you personally..... it’s giving very much pressed and obsessed @YCPBITCH Ily u so sweet 🤍🤍so pretty bby
Retweeted by 🕊 @notmiisha Haha I don’t mind at all!! They’re extensions my lash tech is @RahasiaAlexus_ this is her insta!!… up my hair 🤍 @mardensgarden CALICO CRITTERS @sham42069 I’m pretty sure he’s loaded idk what she was pressed for fr 😂Anyway the update was: he and his gf didn’t break up, he refused to delete his OF account, he tipped me $400 for al… @Giganticeyeroll Under the original post but I just deleted bc i didn’t wanna seem annoyingI posted an update on the OF subscriber and someone called me cringe bye 😭 I thought y’all would like to know SORRY🥲
Retweeted by 🕊“good girl” hits different when you’re in love with themy’all are twins frfr😍
Retweeted by 🕊 @JahzyWalks Yes!!! Wow 🤩the way puppies stand outside the shower and wait for u to get out so they can lick the water off ur legs is one of… @Karmathefeaux Ohh thank you for clarifying that makes sense!! I personally just don’t think sex work depreciates m… @cee_22 @LUXXURYYamiyaah This def does happen but in my personal experience strangers go out of their way to harass… to be watching winter sunsets with the love of my life
Retweeted by 🕊 @liilmegh No neighbors just deer and bunnies also America could never I will build this in Italy @TMTlke @Tiarra_olivia I’m nobody but I create good content and that’s why revolve hired me.... now who the hell ar… @Karmathefeaux I do sex work because I enjoy it! I don’t do or show anything I don’t want to. My bf and I find it r… the 3 racks
Retweeted by 🕊I think I am in love w this woman.
Retweeted by 🕊 @_brinaedenny @cnbecker14 🤍🏹🩰 @MatthewKGarr We love u Matthew 🥺Ladies stop the self doubt and just decide that you are Sexy.
Retweeted by 🕊How bout i bite it clean off
Retweeted by 🕊my clit watching me grab my vibrator for the 4th time today @sc_codeUM Thank you SO MUCH this means a lot!!!! ♥️♥️♥️This is one of the genuinely coolest things I’ve encountered in a few years, both as a consumer and a software engi…
Retweeted by 🕊 @kamilia_her I am @WifeHaver And you think sitting in an office slaving under fluorescent lights doesn’t? Lmfao i’ll live my life and… @kmk_299 @IHATEYOUSHEED Absolutely! No question @Yosnier_ Love u bae omggggg u the prettiest @alyssa_schoener THANK U GORGEOUS 🤩 @hayleyfrcanada He always looks like he’s lost @whorezun He is supposed to be much larger and his teeth are too big for his mouth. He is 30 pounds and less than a foot tall @Yosnier_ Beat you to it WOW!!! 🤩The Snow Moon (2021)
Retweeted by 🕊 @Yosnier_ Wait I missed it tfmy clit watching me grab my vibrator for the third time today @suciacelina Bahaha I have eyelash extensions this is my lash tech @RahasiaAlexus_big sister little sister @koidoodles Hey-hey! I'm Wren! Queer! Black! Freshly 25! I love combining storytelling with elements of mundanity,…
Retweeted by 🕊 @nevosorandom Thank you!! 🤍Anyways link ur fave black/indigenous creators so I can followjust fucking do it is it really that hardWHY YOU SHOULD SUPPORT BLACK AND INDIGENOUS CREATORS: ✨a thread✨ @yvesaintlaurie No literally @gndinaa Thank u so so much 🥺🤍skshdjsjskj my dad called me in tears because he thought he had only gotten 1 response and he clicked the number an… @showmetheyamz YESSSSS IM SCREECHING @minxinmanhattan ♥️♥️♥️ @itsjistniz LMFAO GOTTA WEED OUT BOTS OKY’all would never guess the product. Take the survey. It’s widely beneficial no matter your age!
Retweeted by 🕊 @Maladroithe Fucking. THANK YOU.
@xxoorita We can b neighbors 🤍🏹this is where im gonna retire in 30 yrs
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