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Danielle👋 old skool mixed w/new fangled things. all about music~sweets~stories~games~art~steampunk~realness~giggles~peace~love 🎶☕📚🎥🎮📸🎨✨🤣🐾💕#pmddwarrior

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they are innocent
Retweeted by DovetalesNest5317I love the uniqueness of this magazine. If you've never seen it before, take a peek! ✨ 👇 @sidellwrites I'm glad you were able to sleep! oh no! I hope your temp goes back down & stays down!😟 also hope Skyl…
*trigger warning I miss pre- #pmdd me 😔 @christi_alli I love lifting weights! @carsonbohdi @kr_wieland 😂😂 @carsonbohdi @kr_wieland sorry for barging in the middle of your conversation, but I feel the need to ask: did you… @bayne_wendy @_RLMT @Wrix2 @Johnldeboer @d_ast777 @DerekRKing2 @giascribes @ReadingIsOurPas @newberg_sean @lunacyandmagic 😍 @MelanieDotcity nooooooo!!! 😱😢 @EloquentEnigma @LuisHWrites affogato = yummmm @LuisHWrites @EloquentEnigma oo oo! swirl them together!! mocha coffee... 😍 @EloquentEnigma now I want ice cream! 😂 what flavor? @sidellwrites how are you feeling today?? 👇 @Hoosyourdaddy99 @dog_rates ohmycuteness just found a twin 😁🥺😍 @sidellwrites ohhh I'm so sorry!!! 😢 Rest up & I hope you feel better!!!'all… I think I just found the origin of this emoji: 🥺 getting all teary over here... I don't usually yell, but THIS IS WHY YOU NEED TO WEAR A MASK & KEEP IT UP OVER… @CSweetroll @J_Motoki yes! curious minds need to know the answers to these things!! 😆 @sidellwrites awwww how are you feeling??? 😣 did you end up going to work??
@CSweetroll I knoooowwww 🥺😍 I wanna pick him up and snuggle him!!!!! oh and be all yesss youuu may have all the sh… @bryanna_gary owwwwie!!! 😣 warm compress maybe?? 😭 I hope the pain goes away fast!! 💕 @RomriellNeal @EllaCraigWrites @GeorgeYuhasz @_RLMT @ElizabethALance @Russell_Writer @ionacrv @cw_hawes🤣🙈🥺😍 @EllaCraigWrites @GeorgeYuhasz @_RLMT @ElizabethALance @Russell_Writer @ionacrv @cw_hawes @DebbieMcMannis
Retweeted by DovetalesNest5317this is important 👇 author is trying to sell Kindle versions of famous children's books. This is bullsh*t and total copyright infr…
Retweeted by DovetalesNest5317 @EmotionalKnots Me too... 😟GOOSEBUMPS EP 🔺 4 DEC Pre-Save or Pre-Add now: 1. Goosebumps (feat. @kennybeats) 2. survi…
Retweeted by DovetalesNest5317 @trotter47 Oh! Really?? I have to say the 5 to 1 ratio definitely works well with our special needs kiddos!! 🥰 @sidellwrites thank you!! 😺 @sidellwrites aww thank you Crystal!! 🥰 I need that encouragement if I'm going to get up the guts to read something…'m doing a training for work regarding behavioral challenges, and the instructor referenced our 5 positive interac… 📸 credit: from Pixabay @BabyWolf1211 I hear you! I can't get warm 🥶 but yay! it's supposed to be cold in December 😆❤️❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by DovetalesNest5317Perryton, Texas 🌩️
Retweeted by DovetalesNest5317 @nirvana_acres circle thingies = fleets 😆 When they added them, twitter stopped crashing on my phone, so I was hopi… we don’t always know the depths of someone’s depression until it is too late. May I please have even 1 follow…💯 @_mattfoster2010 That's what I'm actually going to have too cuz I make terrible coffee 😂Sleep & I were not friends last night... 🥴 Anyone else need a drink from the fountain of yo...err, coffee? ☕ is not the absence of fear. Bravery is feeling the fear, the doubt, the insecurity, and deciding that somet…
Retweeted by DovetalesNest5317 @Schan_42 🤣 it would've been hilarious if I had been streaming!! 😱😂 Was lurking last night - did ya make it through… @lunacyandmagic 🤣🤣 this is fine. Everything's fine... 🤪 👇🤣🙈🌿
Retweeted by DovetalesNest5317Dear Twitter, I thought the circle thingies made my phone stop crashing everytime I try to type on here, but nope..… stills the chaos of her mind with tenderness His touch so gentle she feels truth in his hands Slowly undressing…
Retweeted by DovetalesNest5317 @magnolia3169 That's amazing & YOU are amazing!!!! Congratulations!!!! 😁💜🎉#Space
Retweeted by DovetalesNest5317Your words are more important than you'll ever know.
Retweeted by DovetalesNest5317with just your touch, write me a love letter across my skin
Retweeted by DovetalesNest5317this is important... 👇
Retweeted by DovetalesNest5317Tell them.
Retweeted by DovetalesNest5317always make her feel safe spend every single day making her forget why she ever was afraid
Retweeted by DovetalesNest5317Not sure who came up with this, but it’s totally rad
Retweeted by DovetalesNest5317 @kr_wieland @Spyder_Collins @GaleMeadows801 @CardielloFranco @BradleyGalimore @gomerykimber @sfmnu @DTFullerBooks @EloquentEnigma @sfmnu @CardielloFranco @BradleyGalimore @gomerykimber @GaleMeadows801 @NigamaRv @borbalabranch @emerimatyszczyk 🤣😂🤣 what exactly did you set on fire?? I accidentally lit parchment paper on fire on the stove top… @emerimatyszczyk 🤣🤣🙈 @emerimatyszczyk @KimDelly2 Oh no 😳 I'm scared!!! 😂🤣🙈 Ummm... tripped over the dog gate & slid down the stairs on top of it?? 😱😂🤣🙈wut? did I just let out a blood curdling scream cuz I just got unexpectedly flattened like a pancake with a telepho… her mind revealing her beauty within...
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Retweeted by DovetalesNest5317 @emerimatyszczyk @KimDelly2
@sfmnu That song is soooo catchy 😂 @goldfishandgin Ohmygosh I was having anxiety for you!!! That's the worst!! 😭 I'm so glad you got it back & I will go erase my retweet. 🤣💕💕 @EloquentEnigma @Spyder_Collins @Bellemoon99 @AFictionalHubb1 @RHobbsAuthor @TheDarkerWorld1 @_RLMT @Toriwriter @DeborahKlee @EHollandAuthor @DavidMiddleham @InkDisregardit @veil_lord @Kellyrei007 @DzintraSullivan @kr_wieland @DeborahKlee @EHollandAuthor @DavidMiddleham @InkDisregardit @veil_lord @Kellyrei007 @DzintraSullivan @EloquentEnigma @Spyder_Collins @carsonbohdi @InkWellSpills @ParkerMcCoy11 @KristianWeigman @NovaNamaste19 @EloquentEnigma @Spyder_Collins @carsonbohdi @InkWellSpills @ParkerMcCoy11 @KristianWeigman @NovaNamaste19 @DeborahKlee @EHollandAuthor @DavidMiddleham @InkDisregardit @veil_lord @Kellyrei007 @DzintraSullivan @DKemeridou her. adore her. make her soul feel safe.
Retweeted by DovetalesNest5317an aching melody in the darkness a fluttering sigh in the silence an elegy of love in the madness
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Retweeted by DovetalesNest5317Somewhere amongst the tattered pages unkempt locks and ancient moon phase eyes you’ll find me hopelessly helplessly dreaming.
Retweeted by DovetalesNest5317Bioluminescent waves, California
Retweeted by DovetalesNest5317😍 @Toriwriter I have it. It makes cramps really painful. 😭 I'll DM you. 💕"I fell in love with her courage, her sincerity, and her flaming self respect. And it's these things I'd believe in…
Retweeted by DovetalesNest5317Choose your favourite northern light picture from 1-2-3-4?
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Retweeted by DovetalesNest5317 @EloquentEnigma I was just thinking the other day if I had the funds & Covid wasn't a thing, I'd totally rent a man… @sidellwrites Aahhh! I am the same way!! I don't even do well with arguing. Just sit down & have a calm respectful… @SharonToman5 🤣🤣 @DeborahKlee You are absolutely right. 💕 I checked & it's my PMDD week which completely wipes me out, & if I'm not… don't know what my other #pmddwarriors friends have experienced, but for me, it seems to target emotional trauma… @Death_Bow I'm in the healthcare field. I hear you. It was just a curiosity question. Thank you for keeping others safe. 💕 @MusicSamuelson I know 😭😭 that one actually took the time to ask questions, learn about me, take care of me, hear m… you sweet friends for the hugs & love -- they definitely helped & I greatly appreciate you all! 'night or 'mo…📸 credit: from Pixabay"I got you, baby girl"... that.