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previously worked in VR, now seeking new opportunities | she/her | I’m actually a red panda | yes that is a toilet behind me

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@GemsMarlo a lot of creators add their Venmo/cash app info to their bios! Not sure how much it brings in but once y… love how quickly TikTok makes people famous, and so many of them are people we actually want to be famous *and* b… @willsmith ok someone needs to make me that rnwhen I lived in Brooklyn with 4 roommates, someone would always be up before me on weekends cooking breakfast (for… alone has so many perks but I really need someone to make me pumpkin pancakes rnManatees being feed sweet potatoes, while looking like sweet potatoes
Retweeted by Eva Hoerthi wake up every morning and think “lol we’re so fucked” and then i just go about my stupid day. insane
Retweeted by Eva Hoerthgolf is a white supremacist colonial sport that should be abolished
Retweeted by Eva Hoerthprofessionalism sucks i wanna put :D and ^_^ in my emails
Retweeted by Eva HoerthHaving ADHD is cool because it's like, alright, I'm going to sit down, focus and write a tweet but first, I need to…
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excuse my subway handwritinglol I just found this quick comic I made on the subway in my first month in NYC, I miss the cats and the rats 🥺 can ya'll stop gentrifying Harlem, divest from the NYPD, improve life for students of color, give us bett…
Retweeted by Eva HoerthThis is 10x worse than a black mirror episode
Retweeted by Eva HoerthYall dont watch black mirror enough for me
Retweeted by Eva Hoerthi’m crying
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Retweeted by Eva HoerthMe Texting: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Me Calling: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ Me in Person: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
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@theduskykitchen @lisiepeasie @thedakRudolph with the Red Bike! Haha. Sometimes you gotta laugh at a protest because it is so damn sad we gotta work thi…
Retweeted by Eva Hoerth @Catwoman69y2k no, this is a small building I’ve been paying attention to the available units in this building an… to negotiate for cheaper rent like the adult I amthe apartment directly below me, same layout, same everything, is on Craigslist for $150 less than what I’m paying 😌The #COVID19 pandemic is a fucking disaster for women around the world. It is especially hard on poor and working c…
Retweeted by Eva HoerthA former tech employee in a documentary about why social media is bad (social media is bad)
Retweeted by Eva HoerthI don’t use this verbiage often but this is a whole vibe. simple as that
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Retweeted by Eva HoerthAlso there’s racism in Canada too! You want to live in a word where the system doesn’t actively keep black and indi…
Retweeted by Eva HoerthThis is actually hilarious tbh. Yt people truly believe they’re above the law. The lady recording keeps saying “all…
Retweeted by Eva Hoerthwhy did this make me so nervous 🥶 ppl being in the driving seat of modern technology means racism becomes a code, an algorithm. It scares me wi…
Retweeted by Eva Hoerthstop promoting “self care” to people with severe mental health issues when what we actually need is consistent acce…
Retweeted by Eva in a time where white walls matter more than Black Lives.
Retweeted by Eva HoerthShe was used for everything. Used to promote everything. Used to make people look good and socially conscious. Used…
Retweeted by Eva HoerthI cannot stress this enough, STOP donating to politicians. This is a critical moment for mass movements. Donate to…
Retweeted by Eva HoerthThe cops are blaring their sirens nonstop on Capitol Hill in Seattle and this shit legit feels like some psychological warfare
Retweeted by Eva HoerthI’m just gonna start posting this once a day, as a reminder to myself, really. And no, it’s not up for debate.
Retweeted by Eva HoerthSo Breonna’s family got paid for wrongful death but then they said no one is wrong for her death?? I am confused & exhausted.
Retweeted by Eva Hoerth“Not being into politics” is a privilege.
Retweeted by Eva Hoerth @lisiepeasie @thedak oh my gosh this is a MOOD. the TV framing. the broccoli multiplying. the beat @lisiepeasie @thedak Lisa is David in timeout 😂 @thedak no 👁👁 @thedak your header is a MOOD rn I love it @MissMiniver YUP. It has me rethinking everything. @KavyaPearlman sure!! 💜 @thedak it says you follow me @thedak whhhhaaaaa. how dare twitter try to sabotage our friendship what is happening 😂 @thedak thanks David!! 💜 I’m bummed I only got to hang out with you and Lisa once in NYC. I hope to come back. hope… @andres thank you Andrés! how is the air down in SF? @Mrt3D thank you, Elliott! hope you’re feeling okay 💜 @Mcdoogleh such sophisticated creatures @lisiepeasie thank you Lisa!! man, I really miss going to improv shows in crowded rooms 😞 one of my top NYC memorie…‘m unemployed and rethinking what I want to do next, less from a “how can I grow in my career” perspective and mor… you. The 40-hour work week is extremely bull shit but especially during global crisis. Make concessions for y…
Retweeted by Eva HoerthI mean, if anyone isn’t heartbroken and ragged at this point, they’re just pretending. Or they’re structurally priv…
Retweeted by Eva HoerthTo be clear, if someone shot into those cops homes would they be charged? If they killed a cop sleeping at home wou…
Retweeted by Eva HoerthOh folks was prepared prepared.
Retweeted by Eva HoerthI have two friends in their early-mid twenties who got COVID in March and April. despite having "recovered," one ha…
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charging one of Breonna Taylor's killers with, essentially, damaging property while ignoring the fact that they kil…
Retweeted by Eva Hoerthif breonna taylor’s killers walking free doesn’t radicalize you, i don’t know what will. if $1billion being funnele…
Retweeted by Eva Hoerth @brihui Brian! this gif! is a gift. thank you :) your flappy bird workout made me smile. I miss that game. hope you’re feeling okay! 💜 @tinycatmom 😞 it’s awful. I’m sorry you’ve had to get used to it. seems like it’s only getting worse. @reg_inee thank you, Reginé; hope it’s nothing too serious. and I hope you’re feeling okay! 💜💜 @misslivirose wow, this gif is perfection. thank you Liv! omg you got a haircut? your new pic is 🔥🔥🔥 @Fr0z3nR I did not 😞 I did take disposable some gloves though when they weren’t in the room muahaha @choy thank you, Lydia! I hope you’re feeling okay. glad you have clear air down there 😌 @auradeluxe thank you! I’m glad Seattle is now just weed smoke again @scoutwindsor thanks, Scout! hope you’re feeling okay 💜☺️ @rosariobcasas thank you, Rosario! 💜 wait, are you back in NY? @rrbenett THANK YOU for the red pandas. I could breathe better for a few seconds ☺️ @Mcdoogleh thank you! hope you and the cats are doing okay 💜💜 @diandelph thanks Diana! I hope you’re feeling okay 💜💜 @inannamute ☺️ @BryanChrisBrown thank you Bryan! hope you’re feeling okay bud 💜 @nowk_n thank you! 💜 I love your Twitter pic! @tinycatmom oh no!! Sorry to hear that. The smoke is really scary. It sucks that it’s getting worse year by year. @RoblemVR thanks Rob! @Reedbeta thanks Nathan, not sure what it is yet but hopefully will next week! @r_anstett thank you 💜 @scott_squires Thanks Scott! Hope the air is cleared for you down in LA. @tacolamp Thanks Brielle! 💜 hope you’re feeling okay @ayundamei thank you, Ayunda! 💜 hope you’re feeling okay. @fleurdevie WOAH. saving this for my future home. so cheesy but I love it. reminds me of the 90s jazz cup. thanks Victoria!! 💜 @bcarlton727 I need everything I own to match this gown @ali_heston thank you Ali 💜💜 @elginskye @stuartpb this wasn’t for the COVID test—it was for lots of other tests 😪 thank you Elgin! hope you and… @paarsec thank you Maria 😭 you always bring me comfort with your posts. hope you’re feeling okay! @pakinamamer thank you, Pakinam 💜 hope you’re feeling okay! @ZoeLive Zoe! thank you. I miss our hangouts with @dqpdang. the simpler times 😭 @galealcorn thank you Gale! hope you’re feeling okay too 💜 @zkdeocadiz omg I’d love a mask in this design. I regret not taking the gown and making my own mask! thanks Zach 💜💜 @gameism not really but I still have my sense of humor and that must be a good sign, right?? @conniechiiiwa thinking of you and your family today. this must be scary. sending love to you 💜💜sadly after a few hours and many tests at urgent care the doctors don’t know why I’m feeling discomfort/having trou…
@JahleelDowdy thank you! 💜 @conniechiiiwa thanks Connie 💜 @reg_inee thank you! 💜im in-between insurance providers this month and had to pay out of pocket for my daily adhd meds. the out-of-pocket…
Retweeted by Eva Hoerthshould I ask if I can keep the gown
omw to get a covid test wish me luck