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Eva Hoerth @downtohoerth New York City

Making @wemakerealities, a community platform for #VR/#AR projects, research, & stories | @wxrfund fellow | she/her | pun connoisseur | Cubana 🇨🇺

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👀👀👀👀👀👀 to be watching the rain and listening to jazz on a balcony in new orleans
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thanks for sharing your thoughts in response to this question, y’all! Being critical of emerging technologies does…
Retweeted by Eva Hoerthhey if you need to brighten your day watch this video @brainonsilicon @jtannady @__roguef @AlinaWithAFace we almost have the perfect amount of power rangers @jtannady @__roguef @brainonsilicon heck yes. you already know I’m goin with red @ktp4life this made me laugh out loud thank you Leonard @brainonsilicon @jtannady @__roguef alright team, gonna start making the suits this weekend pick your color to be clear we’re all attracted to this woman right ?
Retweeted by Eva HoerthUnder Bernie's healthcare plan, the beating that Bloomberg got would be fully covered
Retweeted by Eva HoerthThe ideas that I am talking to you about didn't come to me yesterday. They didn't come because I have pollsters sa…
Retweeted by Eva Hoerth @EMariePascual @kimKBaltimore BOOOOOOMlmao eat shit mike bloomberg
Retweeted by Eva HoerthHonestly, there should be themed debates. Doing so educates the public far more on issues & actually serves the pur…
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Retweeted by Eva Hoerthcan you imagine the candidates walking off the stage to thiswait what the heck the debate’s outro music sounded oddly similar to the Mario Kart award ceremony theme song’s scary how perfectly timed this wasthe Instagram filter knows #DemDebate I was explaining the Vive’s tracking system to someone I was about to demo to and a guy who was also in the de… @EswARVR it’s called SteamVR for a reason @__roguef This sucks so much and I hate this happened to you. They’re absolute garbage, no empathy, no soul. Sendin… @jtannady @__roguef same, I’m doing push ups rn to prepare for battle
@KamiKarras the perfect GIF doesn’t exis— @KamiKarras the suspense @spencerlindsay @XRtalk Spencer omg @KamiKarras MAKE IT RAIN CHEETO DUST @wemakerealities this is a thread from 2,5 years ago, but my POV in regards to this subject (creating “empathy”) ha…
Retweeted by Eva Hoerthhi, hullo! question time. we promote #VR/#AR experiences and projects on our Twitter account, but don’t want to ov…
Retweeted by Eva Hoerth“He has been fighting for these issues his entire life…it’s something that inspired me to run for office in the fir…
Retweeted by Eva Hoerthbro do u wanna like delete ur entire existence off social media with me and like move to a cottage up north bro, we…
Retweeted by Eva HoerthGreat conversation on the ethical considerations for VR, and how VR is different than other mediums. featuring…
Retweeted by Eva Hoerth @downtohoerth honestly GOOD LUCK GETTING PAST THESE BALLS is the vibe I get from a lot of tech companies
Retweeted by Eva Hoerthafter analyzing this more, it's clear this is a metaphor for how many balls there are in tech startups and how much they get in the way @PaulJanPauptit wow I feel the creative inspiration already!! @AllKindsOfWong omg it's one giant metaphor @AllKindsOfWong LITERALLY YES!! @AllKindsOfWong there are so many things wrong with this I had to double check that it wasn't April 1stalso, the most important point: LMAOOOOO at how they claim to justify a MASSIVE BALLPIT AND BALLS ON THE TABLE with “research” (which they don… this similar to how big companies like Google give out free lunches? Eat lunch at work so you never leave but… don’t think I could physically leave WHO COULDevery time I step in a WeWork I get anxiety and want to leave right away this does not help Please.
Retweeted by Eva Hoerth @wemakerealities @BenVRAR I'd really like more research into what the affect of extensive VR use is for children a…
Retweeted by Eva HoerthI'm pleased to announced my first VR title, Bermeo Heights Express is now FREE on the Daydream platform, due to the…
Retweeted by Eva Hoerth @brainonsilicon @DrEmWilliams heck yea Emily, you are great @brainonsilicon wow ok um first off THE COLORS IN THIS PHOTO ALL MATCH AND IT MAKES ME HAPPY was that intentional… @ESharrigan yayyyy glad you liked it! They satisfy my cravings and don’t make me feel crappy after. There’s so many… every day is still an adventure in this beautiful city; I could literally never get bored here because of the P… love this city but damn I didn't start truly budgeting till now I need to make sure I have enough allocated for… "adventure every day" thing got challenging when the coffee shops I ventured to had HORRIBLE WIFI and I couldn'…, 1 month ago: "wow I'm in NYC, BABY!!! there's thousands of places to see, endless food to eat. everyday will be… @cgallello but Chris this is a genuine connection @ESharrigan yea?! what do you think? @zwbuckley oh HECK YES @pakinamamer thank you! It’s a jacket I got at a local thrift store :3 @lauraehall Not sure why but my instant thought was the koolaid manwhat if our dreams were not married to hierarchy, imperialism, to capital? what if when i grow up, i just want to s…
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@TheVRLady1 I WILL BE THERE cheering you on in my robot outfit!!!listen up people! if you’re passionate or curious about bringing #VR to classrooms, you have to go see…
Retweeted by Eva Hoerth @KPChadwick @_tlr_ lolImprobable Burger We.. admit that it’s possible.. but highly unlikely!?
Retweeted by Eva Hoerth @TaelurAlexis I love them so muchI’m listening to @EducatorsVR Summit talks in the background as I work I just nearly jumped off my chair and gaspe… @kathrynyu I’m not even kidding maybe you could *feel* the beat from my head boppin @kathrynyu wait how did you know that was the one I was listening to!!!!! 😮😮😮 @paarsec @SarahBurrough I need these sunglasses IRL @lusterly_ uh, that’s coming from the queen herself!! 👑update: swapped out this restaurant’s classical music playlist to listen to Missy Elliott ended up going to some fancy bakery/restaurant in Manhattan for coffee and their wifi is surprisingly good and th… @brainonsilicon @emmabluemke omg
WOC @courtneycogburn @aliciacaillier @sugargamer @MissyKatKlause @julipeno @laurenfraz @TheNamastina @Ashbaccus
Retweeted by Eva HoerthBecause its Black History Month and I <3 the XR Community, I'm going to share a few inspiring black creators and or…
Retweeted by Eva Hoerth @sophiaedm I see what you mean now 🌞NYC + sun = magic can't stop laughing at this
Retweeted by Eva HoerthDid you make something in #AR #VR #immersivetheatre #LARP #escaperooms #immersiveart #ARGs or #themedentertainment
Retweeted by Eva HoerthIt was such a joy speaking with @vivslaboratory and @otherflipside about how they’re redefining virtual companionsh…
Retweeted by Eva HoerthBuying things on Amazon has become such a stressful experience. Everything is so cheap, yet all so crappy. Reviews…
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literally any problem can be resolved with these power roomies bug in the web app I'm making? programmer, get ova… @cieraej WHAT A GOOD PLANT!I just wrote in cursive and tbh I didn't think I could remember it THE MUSCLE MEMORY IS SWOLLHere we have two types of dogs
Retweeted by Eva Hoerthfor the month of March I’ll be living with a musician, a poet, a nurse, and a programmer so pretty much the dream… I got to watch a baby dolphin learning to jump and it brought me so much joy - thought I’d share ❤️
Retweeted by Eva Hoerthi remember when i first started studying computer science and saw that one study that's like, over 50% of women lea…
Retweeted by Eva Hoerth @toggleModal I love this so much love birbsTrevor articulates the gaslighting issue + the dynamic bt white and marginalized communities so well here. I see a…
Retweeted by Eva HoerthThis might be the most talented man in the world that shit blew my mind
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The Hellebores are starting to flower
Retweeted by Eva Hoerth @vr_sam omghomes of Queens 👑 @brainonsilicon @alisiamartinez_ @alisiamartinez_ what about rat fashion ISN’T fancy?? @wemakerealities Hola! UX designer for XR. Former Unity developer and Industrial Designer. +10 years in general mar…
Retweeted by Eva Hoerthlet’s make sure to notice these bad bois @alisiamartinez_ I want this tattooed on my back I want it to cover my back @alisiamartinez_ this will be my first tattoo