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using “thug” here is coded and insidious, he knew what he was doing. when the looting starts, the shooting starts?…
Retweeted by bA THREAD OF WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by bThe boston tea party was a historical moment that we’re taught in school when people rioted and protested against t…
Retweeted by b @slimsizzin i’m very clearly talking about target and other big retail storesblack people riot when their anger over being murdered and oppressed reaches a boiling point. here are some fun re…
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This was way to powerful. Twitter has got to see this.
Retweeted by bi cannot believe somebody really said “target will be fine but what about the insurance company??” and actually meant it @kenzhadley !!! like be serious for 5 fucking seconds jesus christ @ElizabethHatt11 @baragon023 target pays $10 an hour, their employees would receive more on unemployment ($600 a we…’t care if you’ve seen this 800 times already today ! donate to MFF: donate to GF Memo… @Skoog @maisondecris @jodieegrace but now you’re so angry that you’re doubling down and trying to fight about it ev… @Skoog @maisondecris @jodieegrace what are you even asking? when people of color are rioting because of systemic ra… @Skoog @maisondecris @jodieegrace a dialogue is a conversation. your opinion was not expressed as a fear of war and… @Skoog @maisondecris @jodieegrace why are you acting like this dude. like fr enough with the sarcastic responses, i… @Skoog @maisondecris @jodieegrace i pointed out privilege and you told me to "go break a fucking window" lmfao. i a… talk: if yo are feeling helpless and enraged right now you can donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund. This help…
Retweeted by bsome of you care more about how people react to injustice than why they’re reacting and i am not gonna engage with that nonsense ! bye @nunyabiz92 shut the fuck upLooting is 25 billionaires increasing their wealth by $255 billion in 2 months while up to 580 million people throu…
Retweeted by bthe target defender has logged on people be like "that target could've been someones son"
Retweeted by bif you get mad about looting you’re a cop. i worked retail and they trained us to let shoplifters go, literally no… @badgirIkiki yes she looks like baby beakerI would just like to remind people that a few weeks ago people protested "getting haircuts" and stay at home orders…
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my outburst at olive garden and subsequent lifetime ban from all darden restaurants does not define me @mariokartdwi i’m at my dads rn but will be posting pics of my moms funky decor this weekend (only children of divo…, time to check my stock in chuck e. cheesehappy 2 year anniversary to me finding baby oliver on the side of the road @ipodmacbook ok. what the heck. @ipodmacbook but last time you skipped my turn @ipodmacbook can i borrow thisthe decor in your mom’s house is always just random things on the walls that she saw at home goods and said “ooo that’s funky!” @gothic_lemons god i wish ....the store was out of bucatini so i used linguine instead @SmokeFaceTV hell yeah it looks great @confusatron i used the bon appetit recipe!
@DontFollowDave i’m going back for seconds @SmokeFaceTV u gotta give urself a break sometimes ! @objsucks she was 😩😩 @RohnJobert swimming in cacio e pepe posted it on my instagram pls go tell me it looks nicecacio e pepe mode @DarthLux omg aw one of my mom’s foster fails had a ruptured eye as a kitten @DumbFuckingDuck than * lol @DumbFuckingDuck he’s literally a foot taller then me it’s so hot @DumbFuckingDuck i want him so bad i say this all the timeshort people be like “i’m soo short lol”this is all i want is that too much to ask day @joeygllghr @Truman_Black omggna go watch barbie rapunzel and think about how everyone i’ve ever talked to thinks i’m annoyingi am a burden to everyone around me rumors are true i made vegan banana bread i make a terrarium and then put a frog in there
@drewkilometers yes ! @goodbeanaltalt it’s ok to mess up, give urself cheat days bc diets are impossible to sustain if ur insanely strict… @goodbeanaltalt yes !! it’s still restrictive like any diet but so much better than keto for ur body long termit was windy Now Seeing Puzzle Pieces When She Closes Her Eyes:
Retweeted by bhaving “family time”, it’s where i listen to my parents’ opinions on coronavirus and try to unclench my jawriverdale is so good morning :) @aliicali3 do it do it @littleg16438741 i’m always saying this! @sug_knight i woke up in the middle of the night feeling like something was wrong and i checked my friend’s locatio… @nukelash i was trying to keep him in my hand so he wouldn’t jump away lmao @upsidedowntrash they keep laying eggs in the fountain and who am i to stop themfrog mode.....ACTIVATED mom doesn’t know i’m outside catching frogs please don’t tell heroh baby it’s frog time 1 year anniversary to me and beaker :)
2020 @spongebobtitty everyone in florida has been acting like this top lmaoremember when phoebe bridgers liked my picture of the long furby i cross stitched during quar @DumbFuckingDuck i want this @PeterXinping lmfaooooor twin peaks ! get some taste !ok just realized i only did like half lol but if u don’t have at least 1 @BeachBunnyMusic song....what r u even doi… @lilcheetodust i saw field medic open for @BeachBunnyMusic in chicago a few months ago! @lobstergimpboy love this @jonathanbrandt soccer mommy? beach bunny? phoebe bridgers? immaculate @jaykbutlr @PeytonRuff i was a niall girl.... @onlineryn her’s🥺🥺🥺🥺 @sxcbitchqueen i’ll let it slide bc i see my girl sky ferreira @murdeeezy LMAO same @ABisexualWriter seeing a lot of lorde and i approve @itsmattfred LANY!! @internetsean rearview makes me feel things @helen grimes :)this is a wellness check, post urs too the man at atomic tatto in tampa, fl that was getting a tattoo on his lower abdomen: hiiiiiiiiiiiget it like give me a second eye? because he only has one eye?
Retweeted by b @DarthLux please this is all i want @DarthLux do u wanna move to a cottage in the woods togetherScarlett Johansson - Appa
Retweeted by b @ManicApple @ali_raphael it rly makes no sense ! on what planet are pork rinds better for u than a banana?? @n_prmw yes he’s def growing into them ! he was underweight and also had some pretty bad skin issues when she picke… @eternally_moody that’s so cool i never knew! that’s crazy to me like something that’s supposed to be used to treat…
@freshhel i am in physical pain. do you know they make “bread” by baking cheese and eggs