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scared of horses. bernie bro

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@hannah_manion not likely
@kelllicopter kelly i’m so glad you like it :) @mklsqxoxo will u wife me nowsay what you will about Cats (2019), but it was the ONLY movie of the year brave enough to ask the question “was th…
Retweeted by baileyIt’s Good @JackWilliamRtF i’m making sourdough too do u want some @JackWilliamRtF u have to eat itme practicing telling my friends i made another pie and yes they have to eat it @JackWilliamRtF this * god dam @JackWilliamRtF the mf said fly medication @adderalluser69 W @CdyRnkn !!!IT’S SO GOOD!!!! also i’m making sourdough today do u want some @notkombuchagirl u look healthy here @gr_c_b yes i will bring my cheeses you bring some salami @rs_toper it’s a key lime pie ! there’s no whipped cream yet bc it’s currently chilling in my fridgethis weekend i saw one of my favorite bands and i went to a cool estate sale and i made one of my grandma’s pie rec… and the girls hitting the town tn
@realpolishjokes yes :) @smizedj what’s up gerry @matchu_chutrain make u vacuum @matchu_chutrain what is it @jaijames64 limes @CaucasianJames it’s not working can u just perform it for me instead @darkytae @CaucasianJames she slut shamed nancy and was overall a giant buzzkilltoday i will be cleaning my apartment and making a key lime pie. any questions? @CaucasianJames barb is dead and she deserved it!happy birthday to all the wives out there @Grandpa that’s rightThe only one who can beat Pete Buttigieg is Pete Kowals. We must find him.
Retweeted by bailey @goodbeanaltalt no💯 @cafeconlechexo u got it @cafeconlechexo right !!! i’m seeing them again next weekend i’ll attempt to crowd surf in ur honor @cafeconlechexo lmfaooo they played a set at their listening party last night and people kept doing that so ur not alone @cafeconlechexo what did u do!:)
@adderalluser69 he was like how dare you i worked hard for my money and i was like but you didn’t do anything to be… @adderalluser69 i told my dad he‘s very privileged and he got so mad lmao @spongebobtitty the secret is boobs @spongebobtitty those go in my secret folder @spongebobtitty honestly feeling #blessed it didn’t land on a screenshot of someone’s texts bc that’s half my camera roll @adderalluser69 he sounds just like my dad lol i just had the felon vote debate w him last weeknew @BeachBunnyMusic @CNNRGLDN no i wanna watch bachelor in paradise @CNNRGLDN what if i want to rot my brain with bothnew beach bunny and tame impala AND i’m single on valentine’s day, it’s a beautiful morning to be emo! @rfares94 painkiller! one of my favs @EQphoto @njp135 he has no children that we know of @BigTucsonDadtheir album comes out at midnight and u should all listen to it!! @BeachBunnyMusic @un_draya can confirmemo pop princess lili trifilio be my friend challenge! went to the beach bunny album release party and folks we simply have to stan @MichaelaOkla i will give you a shoutout for $10starting off valentine’s day right by attending the midnight showing of sonic the hedgehog @taylvr notes app apology incoming @BigTucsonDad never not once
just a friendly reminder that i have never criedhaving a good time on twitter dot com @HunterShoww i would never lie about dave and buster’s. @CaucasianJames fine eat another rotisserie chicken see if i care @Gonzowhomst there are also two lego batman movies and a lego ninjago movie @CaucasianJames on god we’re gonna teach you how to cook vegetables. this is my promise to youi spent last valentine’s day crying and my mom tried to cheer me up by taking me to see the lego movie 2 but i crie… @mcknzihope he bought them almond milk when he knew they preferred oat milk @Consumernine thanks i do too it’s funit worked and i got 50 tickets ?tried to pay the bus fare with my dave and buster’s power play card 😔 @FusingHelium3 he said going viral was the only way his kids would respect him @nawstymike i hate it here @icedoutomnitrix imagine accepting money from michael bloomberg. i simply can’t!literally every meme page is a sellout which is not surprising, considering they rip other people’s content and mon…🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅 @whitememejesus @CNNRGLDN i agree @CNNRGLDN i did this with my dad @hannacantrell my parents gave me a name for a dog @milkinhisbag i felt bad i gave him some of my tokens so he could play pac man @aliicali3 skee ball went crazy @DumbFuckingDuck im making key lime pie this weekend do u want some @timfooleryy @timfooleryy some of us have never had onesaw this man eating alone at dave and buster’s tonight. his ex was supposed to bring the kids but they wanted to st… @pienar @BigTucsonDad *not lol @pienar @BigTucsonDad pinar i hate to inform you we did. it take a group photo but here’s russell sitting alone @pienar @BigTucsonDad russell i’ll take it from here. pinar: yes i can
@lukasbattle i’m expecting a pink wig adderall party in march"I'm not gonna lie to you. I got kicked in the nuts tonight by a donkey -- a horse. But I've taken a shot or two be…
Retweeted by bailey @aliicali3 queen @MsRebeccaBlack queen where is that dress from @JackWilliamRtF will be praying on this tonight☝️🙏who came up with thatribcages are so fucked up looking @MattWalshBlog ok now kissdoja cat welcome to the resistance @pissboymcgee @DaveandBusters dave and busters please can we have some free tokens tomorrowwatching couples embrace on the sidewalk is such horseshit. oh you’re in love? grow up.
i dream of a world where i can own a chicken and my landlord isn’t a bitch about it @TeahLhompson has declared me duke of eggsfeeling very seen this morning @thatoneleafgirl close but it’s actually D2D @SmoothAmbler @Skoog peepee poopoo @jodieegrace i can’t she’s too excited