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Trumpists like to say Biden isn't running for anything but merely against Trump. Trump is no longer running ON anyt… with the "ratings"
Many of these wacky anti-mask, public confrontation incidents are actually acute mental illness episodes. As much a… @joshscampbell Hope it only goes to blue states and blame those governors @mattklewis Trump isn't responsible for 154,000, but he's responsible for some, particularly now that we've learned… seems that in the midst of everything else, the absolutely evil dystopian story that Jared Kushner decided not t… to @AndrewSolender for quoting me in a recent article about Dr. Birx's complete lack of trustworthiness to have @BenBurgis on's truly pernicious when people who re-examine and update their beliefs are assailed as "untrustworthy" by people…
I just went to look at a tweet by @eugenegu and he has me blocked. I've never had an interaction with the guy. Very odd.Any word on that Trump health plan being signed into law today per his statement to Chris Wallace 2 weeks ago?These numbers are why Trump doesn't want vote-by-mail, and why he is kneecapping the Post Office. @BeckyQuick That guy is the worst, I wouldn't waste time responding to himWhat on earth is Trump doing here? HOURS of opening, a school had to quarantine students walking around with newspapers is calculated advanced damage control from the Axios interview publishing Mond…
Lol, what? @mehdirhasan 1500 now even.So what does everybody think will be in Trump's new health care plan which will be signed into law tomorrow?Will any sports leagues make it more than another 2 weeks? @Casey My self-driving now works on city streets! Wild times.Trump is DEATHLY AFRAID people are going to vote. Young people might vote? Ban tiktok. People might vote absentee?… thought they said deaths weren't going to go up with this latest wave of cases? @realDonaldTrump WEAPONIZED @hasanthehun Wtf is happening in LA? @GothamChess Huge August en routeRelevant is anyone even still talking about hydroxychloroquine?
Hey guys, a completely new healthcare plan is being signed into law Sunday. Cool, right?'m so sick of winning one, brutal guess this is me at the end of the coronavirus is indistinguishable from satire @realDonaldTrump We have 4% of the population and 23% of the deathsHow do non-citizen register to vote? when Trump said to Chris Wallace "we're signing a health care plan within two weeks, a full and complete h… is pretty wild, to just suspend ads for a while 3 months out from a national election them! Right? Oops, wait... when sometime in the middle of this thing, they trotted out Jared Kushner to do a press briefing, hoping i… @kimguilfoyle @JoeBiden Man, you're just so clueless @ddiamond Absentia is pretty good
How can Trump still not pronounce this stuff? "Plozmuh" and "rimdisivar?"Viewer questions I should answer on tomorrow's show?Anyone remember when Biden said: "Mark my words, I think he is gonna try to kick back the election somehow, come up… Mike Pompeo says William Barr will get to decide whether Trump gets to postpone the election?Does anyone know whether this will be broadcast live anywhere? not seeing anything on the White House YouTube chann… @KellyannePolls Really shouldn't have had that rally in TulsaIt begins shit, Herman Cain died of coronavirus, which I believe he caught at Trump's Tulsa rally? Dear god @drkblog @hitchpster lol no, no soy Macrista, pero si reconozco la corrupción del KirchnerismoToday we got the worst GDP numbers ever, and Trump announces he wants to delay the election, while his new Postmast… is not a dress rehearsal @realDonaldTrump You are an authoritarian terror and you must be removed.They told us Obama would declare martial law and suspend the election. Trump has paramilitaries in cities around th…'s stunning to see the same people who decry the so-called "postmodernism" of the left when defining what "man" a… was the worst day in terms of deaths since May 27, more than 2 months. It's getting really bad. @Bizaro_Stormy whoa, muted.Q2 GDP numbers come out in 5 minutes. Predictions?Too perfect Gohmert pronounce it "hygrodoxychlorine" makes it even more special predicted, Massachusetts positivity rate has crept up since indoor dining, etc opened. Soon, tens of thousands o… viewer posted to my subreddit that a male "Karen" should be called a "Tucker." Thoughts?'s @davidpakmanshow bingo, play along!
Oh my god setting another single day coronavirus death record yesterday, Florida has set another one today (again) who have high reading comprehension never think to brag about their reading comprehension's who I want advising me about coronavirus is the lady who Trump is going to for coronavirus advice to believe, right?'s crazier, that Trump would retweet the coronavirus recommendations of a woman who believes in "demon sperm,"… @atrupar trying to confirm, is that reporter Mario Parker from Bloomberg? Or did Trump also mistake who it was? I a…
Anyone remember how in the Chris Wallace interview, Trump said he'd be unveiling a full new healthcare plan within… just told a black reporter that he looks like Michael Bloomberg and asked "why do people like Fauci but not me?"LIVE: Trump Speaks to Media, Comes Clean About Coronavirus? today's hearing, what should be debated is whether Gym Jordan should be institutionalized, not whether he… is really odd ready for 72 hours of unhinged coverage on Fox News including so-called small government anti-regulation conser… weaponized jealousy of Dr. Fauci by this President is stunnig and dangerous
@APompliano Should I sell right now? Like literally RIGHT NOWSource: is every indication that fake case numbers are now being published by the Trump admin. Check out the change i… just said that he has saved tens of millions of energy jobs. What?LIVE: Trump Speaks to Media URGENTLY in North Carolina event @mehdirhasan My assumption is he is getting prophylactic convalescent plasma which seems very effective but hard to scaleThe thumbnail game is strong over on the @alexandravbotez YouTube channel @Xzamilloh @Cee4our never happened. muting.The masks combined with the fake crowd noise are really something else coronavirus correctly wasn't just morally the right thing to do, it was really beneficial politically. Tru…
@HansMavik whoa, mutingThe guy who has golfed 282 days during his presidency so far is too busy "working" to throw out the first pitch. Th… @realDonaldTrump @Yankees LOLHow will Trump recover from this?, cray strategy'm not understanding why Republicans show video of what's going on right now as a reason not to elect Joe Biden bound to happen @realDonaldTrump @Hawaii_EMA @TDEM Are we thinking of nuking this one?