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Introvert, Christian, twin. @question_games / @MinorKeyGames. @theblackoutclub, BioShock 2, Eldritch, NEON STRUCT, & more. Chaotic good. He/him.

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Or maybe... I invented all of this for twitter points? Who can say?Now at least any future background checks on me will know I'm honest! (I've background-checked myself and it turns… also, I recognize that I would probably not be where I am now if I didn't have a lot of inherent privilege. I'v… life is an open book at this point. I've done even worse than that, and I'd share the stories except they involv… used to be embarrassed about these stories, but I'm 36 and if I *didn't* have some wild stories about fighting th… officer who gave me a scar on my upper lip because I "resisted arrest" by trying to walk away when I wasn't doi…'ve ranted before about police and will again, but it's worth mentioning that the officer who stopped and eventual… will be preachy about drunk driving because I didn't take it seriously enough back then, and it took me becoming…, that *wasn't* the night I got arrested for drunk driving. I finally got caught a year later on the one-mil… @kenjisalk Huh, with that cast I'm surprised I'd never even heard of it!Drinks at GDC can be fun if you have a room, but is a Bad Idea if you're driving 30 miles to get home. I made a Bad… @CSPshala I'm not gonna be there this year, else I'd definitely take you up on it.One of my favorite GDC memories is going to Denny's after too many parties. Like, imagine there being a place *righ… @The_Rabbit42 IHOP is also David-approved.(I'm describing a Waffle House, what I want is a Waffle House.)I propose that we replace late night barhopping with late night brunch. Get all gussied up and go have some eggs an… only ever crave eggs benedict and bloody marys late at night. Either my internal clock is messed up, or we've all… therapist: you know twitter is not your therapist me: i don't have a therapist and this is a bitThe tipping point in my getting over the divorce was when I stopped playing out scenarios in my head where she want… @mikeyface I loved it! I didn't know much about Star Trek before, so it was fun *and* informative for me.New MwM!! 'The Story of Star Trek' was a doozy of an episode to put together. If you like what we do, shares are mu…
Retweeted by David Lindsey Pittman @GodOfMoogles Aw man, I'm sorry to hear that. Losing a pet is the hardest thing I've ever been through. ❤️ @LizIsANoob gimme gimmeThere's nothing funny about getting divorced, it sucks; but years later, I came to see that we were always a terrib… swerve: if I couldn't find some humor in being divorced, 5 years later, I don't think I would still be here.Imagine spending $450,000,000 just to get called out and have to release people from NDAs. Drop out, dork.
Retweeted by David Lindsey Pittman(I mean, I could find the tweets where I said "hey I'm a dad now!" or "I'm going indie!" or "oops I'm divorced now!… neat thing about sharing everything on twitter is that years later, you can identify the exact moment your life… @markdelaneysays Those are good rules, thanks! @markdelaneysays Yeah, I'm trying not to punch down if I quote-RT people. I mean, even censoring names and avatars… also: name "Honkin' on Bobo" pops into my head more often than you'd expect considering that I'm not an Aerosmith fan… @CSPshala It took stepping away for a minute to understand what this site was really all about.Dunkin' on Rando is the 14th studio album by American rock band Aerosmith, released on March 30, 2004, by Columbia Records.[1]On the other hand, I *am* caring less about watching numbers go up or whether people follow or unfollow me over any… of my rules for myself coming back to twitter was that I would try to do fewer meta tweets about tweeting, It's… really want to dunk on a bad tweet but also I don't want to quote RT it because that boosts engagement in the alg… @Jehar Joke's on you, I *followed* you for this tweet. @glassbottommeg That's exactly what I do. But then also I tweet about it hours later because I was probably trying… CULLING TIME I've always liked how Crazy Train starts like an AC/DC track and then suddenly turns into music.
Retweeted by David Lindsey PittmanAnd that's why they call me Old Game Man Dave.Imagine getting as angry as that one person in my mentions over a comment as flippant and harmless as me saying "it's 2020".America Online's "N64 Rumor Mill" forum. (I'm still good friends with a bunch of folks from there.) try to mention the things I like even in media I generally dislike. I'd rather be positive, and pop art isn't wor… liking a thing so much that you're perpetually angry about it. 🙃(I'm intentionally drawing a distinction here between "internet toxicity" and "being a garbage person" but I also u… think a lot of internet toxicity stems from people not understanding the difference between how to speak among fr… wrestling fandom can be so toxic, but also I've never met a pro wrestling fan who wasn't a genuinely nice perso… are two kinds of responses you get when you tweet a response to a popular pro wrestling journalist: violently… @madjackmcmad Please let me hold on to a shred of hope, Jim.I'm not naming names because the bots are out in force these days but I mean you know who I'm talking about and if… to spend on ads at this point would be the biggest, most schadenfreude-inducing sunk cost fallacy ever.… @SamSykesSwears If this is about what I think this is about then I agree. @MATTHARDYBRAND R ebirth A rcadia O rgasmic? Matt Hardy going to Ring All Ohio confirmed!My final form is just tweeting "drop out, dork" directly at prez candidates as they continue to find bafflingly more success.Imagine spending $450,000,000 just to get called out and have to release people from NDAs. Drop out, dork. @Jollyrogers99 @slo_64 @slo_64 @Jollyrogers99 Counterpoint: Slayer Shock had the best hands I ever did and it failed even harder.Is.... is Mike Bloomberg proving that Elizabeth Warren can get billionaires to capitulate based only on her ability…
Retweeted by David Lindsey PittmanFrunk Hunkbunk's
Retweeted by David Lindsey Pittman @WritNelson Whoa, congrats!
Joke’s on him though because I can laugh about it years later.More interesting question: adult scars (not emotional ones)? I have a scar on my right upper lip from when an upsta… pox. Jumping from a swing and landing my shin onto a large bolt. Putting my forehead into the corner of a s…'s not threatening violence if you say that the violence already happened. All nazis have been punched.
Retweeted by David Lindsey PittmanI’m an adult who can do things. I can take a shower *at least* three times a week. I can brush my teeth before I sl… @codyclarke Ahhh, it finally left my head. You have seven days to find the next person or it’s in your head forever. @CanHasAmbz It helped that my bed was against a wall, so I could pile the laundry against the wall. Then I had a go… @CanHasAmbz I did that in a twin bed through four years of college.You know what’s awesome? Is having a clean bed because you finally folded your laundry instead of having it piled t… I'll compromise and go eat a string cheese while doing tomorrow's crossword in bed.Between having Monday off work and staying up through most of last night working on a side project, I have no conce… @WritNelson ::tagging this NSFW::(I am not doing a bit where this thread ends with me pretending to choke, that would be extremely distasteful.)I don't know why I got so weirdly specific about baby carrots in that joke but now I'm kind of scared to eat one. You know. Just in case.The neat thing about cultivating a bunch of friends on this site who enjoy or at least tolerate my bad jokes is tha… one is the gru meme, get on my level)me: making my bad jokes worse by explaining them me: making my bad jokes worse by explaining themPhew, I was worried there for a moment. California is a touchy subject. @SyamaMishra It's good music!::checking in with my twitter officer:: "yes, it appears that at least half a dozen people engaged positively with… @WritNelson Are you secretly making the Everything Game?? @WritNelson Honest question, and I'm not trying to be rude, but is there anything that *doesn't* fit in Dog Airport Game?Sometimes you write some music in 2004, thinking you're going to be a musician, and then you use that music in your… of each of these ended up in the instrumental hub music in the Slayer Shock soundtrack, because I didn't… don't exercise the wildly creative side of my mind as much these days, and I kind of miss it.Back when I thought gamedev was an impossible dream career, I used to want to be a professional musician. (I KNOW.)… @WritNelson Nope, same result. @WritNelson Hang on, I tried watching that and apparently had a stroke, let me try again. @WritNelson I'm going to need a link because I don't know what you're talking about and it's making me feel like an old.That would be like learning to play guitar in order to strum chords in a church band. I'd be glad to strum chords i… mean, maaaybe hacking could be another entry point interest? But who gets into programming to make banking software or whatever?Like, I enjoy programming enough as a thing in and of itself that I don't think I'd only ever be able to make games…'s still weird to me that in 4 years of getting my computer science Bachelor's Degree, I didn't meet anyone else who wanted to make games.I wonder what college would have been like if I'd had Twitter and a gamedev social circle. I spent 4 years pretty… @edstub207 Too long, a little bit, yes. @PirateHearts @Lightford For some reason, the disparity between our responses is hilarious to me. @Lightford @PirateHearts Ooh, I hadn't heard of this before, thanks! @fuckeverygame Is this Frog Fractions 3?