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David Lindsey Pittman @dphrygian Deep in the heart of Texas 🌊

Anxious indoor cat, Christian, twin. Black lives matter. Trans rights are human rights. Mostly wrestling tweets, sorry. @question_games / @MinorKeyGames He/him.

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@FiteTV @jakepaul Brock. @Lazarus_Audio I think they said Doug Emhoff's daughter. @SenTedCruz Resign.
@PirateHearts Okay, first of all, movie theaters actually *ARE* liminal spaces, and second, how dare you,I want to see Jordynne and Jazz against Britt Baker and Reba / Rebel / whatever it is this week.🎵 liminal spaces 🎵 @plentyofalcoves That sort of thing really sucks when you order it as a gift for someone else, too.This IMPACT / AEW crossover continues to be so good. I really hope we see some of IMPACT's women on AEW Dynamite before too long. @CanHasAmbz Happy birthday to youuuu!
@johnnemann The Forbidden Cruller.It's mid-January, what the heck. first time I heard there was going to be a 3D Mario game (circa 1994-ish?), I pictured a dark Mortal Kombat-esq… @CandiceLikesYou That and Honey Vanilla Chamomile and Country Peach Passion are A+.QT with a photo of you that somebody else has taken. Selfies are not allowed. It can be old or new but ideally one…
Retweeted by David Lindsey PittmanI feel like there's a throughline from Bob's Burgers to Parks & Rec, where TV comedies feature primarily or exclusi…'s not a new sentiment, but this video neatly summarizes why Burgerbob is the best animated sitcom, even 11 seaso… a white homeschooled kid growing up in a conservative family, MLK Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement were not thi… can maths good.I spent 36 hours away from Twitter and it was the most glorious 36 hours of the past year. For you, not me. Now I'm back, deal with it.I can't believe these confined, maddened laborers who haven't had sex in 10 months are turning to sea shanties
Retweeted by David Lindsey Pittman @ICEgov YIKES
Main event of #HardToKill was fantastic, but Moose in particular looked like a million bucks.Barbed wire N64 controller is a new one for me. I was gonna share a screenshot but uh it's pretty bloody. #HardToKillIt's on Wikipedia, it must be true. matches are done, nothing can follow Ethan Page v. Karate Man. #HardToKill @WritNelson (p.s.: @WritNelson, Impact #HardToKill has been pretty good so far but that Manik / Chris Bey / Rohit Raju match in particular is gonna be hard to top. @EmberFirehair I'd say yes but 🤷 @HTHRFLWRS I can hear this tweet.Oh snap, I might get to go to a WM next year?? @Urzaz I have no idea where the original came from, sorry.This is your fault, @brockwilbur. @Lightford Getting some Baker's Gold and Spicy Garlic Parm from Pluckers! @MoistPoultry
@MoistPoultry want to be Xalavier when I grow up. @DUSKdev DAVOD, @CommodoreKD Ah I see we have the same interests!I am going to ORDER some CHICKEN WINGS and EAT them while watching WRESTLING and you can't stop me. @BoundaryBreak Yesss, I love Brussels sprouts and those look great. @thomas_violence is a portmanteau of the word "rat" and "ratatouille"
Retweeted by David Lindsey Pittman::adjusting the height slider on the new character while looking at the audience::Hades and the Resident Evil tall woman have taught me that the reason my games aren't as successful is that my char… am a: ⚪️ Man ⚪️ Woman 🔘 Fox Looking for: ⚪️ Men ⚪️ Women 🔘 Giant boot (
Retweeted by David Lindsey Pittman @SamiZayn She's punk af.The Wellerman Sea Shanty is Funky
Retweeted by David Lindsey PittmanHuh, if they were lying that much about election fraud, I wonder what else they were lying about? 🤔 went down after Twitter banned Trump - The Washington Post
Retweeted by David Lindsey PittmanWould you rather fight one Elon Musk or one million @dphrygian s?Yeah, take that, Elon Musk! My net worth is one-millionth of yours! This is a fair society! @MattBodega It's Lord Zedd from Power Rangers.(reposted as "only people I mention can reply" which doesn't include Elon Musk)Conservative mouthpieces arguing against a higher minimum wage while Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk hoover up all the wea… @TheSMUSpaz @CanHasAmbz I know how I feel about it. :>Video games are real @HiredGun5150 @rje Not me! My guitars have been: Fender Strat Ibanez AX Fender acoustic dreadnought Fender Strat, again Fender Tele @oleivarrudi *deku scrubs @PirateHearts @Peticolas @ArielaNyx Worse than Dwight? @TheSMUSpaz @PirateHearts for your consideration @PirateHearts Who are all these people not voting for PYW?? @CanHasAmbz Aw, me too! I hope you have a happy birthday!
@BlendoGames So relatable. @rje Oh wow, I've never seen a cutaway like that on an acoustic, that's beautiful. @rje I want to try one of these someday... I've always been a Strat guy, and the little changes to the formula here look really good.Who wants to buy me another guitar? @SwdPwnzDggr Yeah, I always liked Wes. Not knocking anyone who likes Limp Bizkit, either! @cailinkins "This place is not a place of honor... no highly esteemed deed is commemorated here... nothing valued is here." should've threaded these tweets, and also not done them at 3:45am. only game I really play anymore is the NYT crossword app. really want to watch Promising Young Woman, but not "paying $20 to *rent* on Amazon Prime" really want to watch Promising Young Woman.tfw the email finds you well
Retweeted by David Lindsey Pittman @PirateHearts It linked to two pages and that was not the one that appeared useful. @PirateHearts Nope but you should be org-ed now.Ah, finally found it. Not the most user friendly experience but that's Atlassian right. just sent out an email saying "make your site admins be org admins or they'll lose access in June!" but… @legobutts @austin_walker You brought joy to the timeline this morning, that's not nothing.Limp Bizkit is also a band!Red Hot Chili Peppers are good, actually, and I will fight anyone who says otherwise.Papa Roach is good, actually, and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. @thatevanjordan YESSS @PirateHearts I mean, obviously.Truth Coming Out of Her Well @CommodoreKD DU was a weird album, but I loved Summer Shudder and Love Like Winter. I like poppy hooky sh*t, what can I say. @CommodoreKD Fainting Spells was amazing, I haven't listened to that in ages.I've been a fan of this band for LITERALLY over 20 years and they keep surprising me.I don't even know what AFI *are* anymore but Escape From Los Angeles SLAPS.🚨 NEW AFI SONGS 🚨 @OldNewsBelida @PirateHearts @PirateHearts SOON MAY BROOKS WACKERMAN COME TO BRING AVENGED SEVENFOLD THE DRUMSSOON MAY THE WEATHERMAN COME TO BRING US SHOWERS AND RAIN AND SUNNot exactly a sea shanty but sea shanty vibes: Doctors are over! The new TikTok trend is singing the "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" theme song!