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Wow so many parallels to Wild at Heart.
Retweeted by Godwatching cry-baby tonightthe fact that "lying repeatedly" is an effective debate strategy seems to be a fundamental flaw with the whole debate concept
Retweeted by God @megstalter the downside of being so good at what you do!So good lol“"My God, it's The Joker!"‼ -Joker
Retweeted by GodVisceral 90’s essence Duffy Appreciation Post
Today’s sequence @mattshoelace -years-old.DAMN’ll yeah @jokers_trick is back lolAlex and I just made a pot of decaf coffee so I guess now I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon researching which as…
Retweeted by God @Sticky_Llama No, all women are good and have never harmed a fly. They are all goddesses, every single onea family can be 10 dads just 10 dads
Retweeted by GodInked the last five pages of King-Cat 80 yesterday... Now to clean stuff up and scan! If you'd like to support my w…
Retweeted by God @FrankieQuinones that's happened to me too! so weird! @SeattlePD you guys are fucking nerds live look-in at the presidential debate
Retweeted by God @fourcolorryan that was probably the last time im going to do acid @onkelchrispy yes @Kamylienclown your work is some of the best going, if it hadn't been canned you definitely wouldve gotten inah i can't believe its already been four years since my friends convinced me it would be a good idea to watch the d… this
Retweeted by God @katelacour thaaaats what i thought @thephilozombie @fingerbIaster finally. thank you @katelacour pardon my language but is that a rat pussy @disco_socialist bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch
Looking forward to the tweets tonight @toddbarry I think we’ve found Biden’s speech writer @mattshoelace Hahahaha I saw that the other day it’s so perfect!I just put two riso prints for sale on my store:
Retweeted by GodThe devil is grinning this day (-: @brendonwalsh @DNC 👏 @thechrisbuskirk say 'epic-copes' again @LilyYily also his verneers are giving him a 'sh-sh-sh' sound when he talks @VivReefer @peterdaou ok viv you've convinced me not to vote. maybe if you keep it up you'll convince a few others as well! keep going! @ivyatoms don't be sorry or embarrassed, we're all going through a rough time right now it's important to vent. i w… hand tattoo that says “Nephew’s Ruin” left hand tattoo that says “Uncle’s Lament”
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@mattshoelace I don’t think it’s a crime, I’m never offendedWhen someone praises my work calling me ‘he’ and I don’t correct them... that’s my version of Jokers TrickHound down
Retweeted by GodThe apartment building across the highway has floor to ceiling windows on each unit, I can see what multiple people… @JoaqGuirao True, I can see that. Also the internet and social media probably plays into it, people are always show… @JoaqGuirao Yeah it’s so weird, I learned very early on in school that the purpose of literature and art is to see… time one of my characters makes an unusual personal choice someone chimes in like, “is it normal for ALL <ty… I saw this tweet bc David cross retweeted it got em!! Trump is poor like me! What a worthless idiot hahaha trump is poor! @mattshoelace i believe they are still doing lots of cocaine based on recent videosfor tonights midnight confession i had a crush on sugar ray when i was 14Late evening sequence Legged Snake Peers Around Corner frog and toad knitting pattern is the best thing ive seen in a while
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@lane_lane_lane Oh my gosh this is so sweetIf u started following me because of this tweet prepare to do some toleratingthinking of Them
Retweeted by GodTolerating how annoying I am is called supporting the artsThis mornings sequence I was driving around with a guy who was pointing at people’s houses and turning them into fried chicken @Exculp_Shogun @SeattlePD lol good one dumbass, you seem proud @SeattlePD chad protesters vs. virgin SPD @gourmettakes lolll is that the child filter"?
Retweeted by Godbusted out the space heater
Seattle switched to autumn right on the nose. I was feeling the uncomfortable shifting of seasons last night. Think… @svenhegedus ❤️A very happy 75th birthday to Bryan Ferry, born on September 26, 1945 #RoxyMusic
Retweeted by GodPlease turn down your music well before I come over. I can tell when someone's been enjoying loud music and I can hear it in the furnishings
Retweeted by GodThe world's fuckin bleak & robot murder dogs are coming for us all, but here's a silver-ass lining: my favorite ban…
Retweeted by God @domewebs @kissingparty I need you to tell me more about this song “(I Don’t Know What’s Going) On” @NicholasGazin @doctopmary That’s exactly the feeling they want to evoke... its 2020 after all it’s time smuckers rebrand to fit the times @corinnehalbert Thank you Corinne :):)nobody #3
Retweeted by GodArtist King, intellectual Cartoonist authority, Publisher, Comix Distro Boss Lord Domino offers an unparalleled s…
Retweeted by God @VICTOR_CAYRO @DEEPHELLDOTCOM I ain’t got no console. Just SEGA memories from the 90s @VICTOR_CAYRO Streets of Rage 2!🥺acorn weevil
Retweeted by God @SeattlePD you know what i think? i think the SPD is a bunch of poo poo pee pee fart fart heads who drink pee and eat poop. lol! @fungalmatters i would do it quick and easy if i had a macbook with imovie. however i am using an dumb acer chromebooki did not google if Nathan Fielder is married twice today. i googled it three times @jmasseypoet @annakhachiyan people need step by step narration and hand-holding through the entire process of inter… @fungalmatters lollllllllllllling irl @writhing_south Also Stue becoming baby Stuie due to a severe head injury from falling off a ladder. Zoomers will n…
Retweeted by GodMy girlfriend, @sh_wnee , has been making these needlepunch psychedelic fungus paintings. I find them very pleasa…
Retweeted by God @doctopmary This is making me more angry than is rational
@mattshoelace Ha I thought 2 was hard enough. I sucked so bad at video games but somehow had the attention span to… @mattshoelace Yea ok I must’ve played 3 at some Point @mattshoelace Is that the name of that monster??? Oh no wait that’s the kangaroo huh? I don’t have a console right… long-necked thing you have to fight in this stage is so creepy but I can’t find any pics of it. Anyway that’s p… mornings sequence 200 pages of Dog Biscuits, that’s 125 pages more than I estimated initially. In the home stretch of the… custom ads from Comic Aht #2
Retweeted by GodI'm packing orders like crazy and catching up on Noah Van Sciver's YouTube channel. First up was his interview with…
Retweeted by Godriso print from a few years ago of a loyal space grunt kneeling to space emperor ackamongoploploxixao IX
Retweeted by God @Lanei_Kasir sorry. i did that before and felt worse after. same with calling a suicide hotline. it's hard to find help. stay strong.