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Unapologetic..Lover of All Things For The Culture. ❤🖤💚 she/her. BLACK LIVES MATTER.

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I was arrested tonight during a peaceful protest demanding justice for John Neville, a Black man hogtied & murdered…
Triad NC folks, we need y'all out tonight! #NoJusticeNoPeace the highest rating on my year one departmental evaluation..unfortunately our merit increases were tanked this y… @NellieBleezer 😂😂😂Several reminders
Retweeted by Brittany P. Battle, PhDnon-carceral solutions will not satiate carceral impulses. I’m an abolitionist because I hate the carceral thinking…
Retweeted by Brittany P. Battle, PhDI think sometimes when people say “abolitionists offer no alternative to prison” what they mean, and maybe don’t re…
Retweeted by Brittany P. Battle, PhDRA position available: 8 weeks, 20 hours/week; $25/hour, to start ASAP. Job is to help w review of literature on ev…
Retweeted by Brittany P. Battle, PhD @adriela95 I've gotten over it by understanding that whatever I do in a day is productive. When I produce the energ… chats too!
Retweeted by Brittany P. Battle, PhD @alwaystheself 😳 which one?!? @alwaystheself ? @alwaystheself Multiple cats, no? @WordsOfSeleana You will not regret it. @zainichipoetics I think someone wrote on there to drop the cost to $1. @zainichipoetics I'm so sorry, friend. I will do whatever I can to protect you from this violence.Petition for universities to create a one-credit course for international students called "Fuck ICE 101" that meets…
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Abolish ICE.Did y’all talk to your ancestors before you declared you were their wildest dreams?
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I'm currently working on a guide to allyship for college students. I've got plenty of ideas but you can never have…
Retweeted by Brittany P. Battle, PhDI keep watching this and highly recommend watching his fellow officers who don’t blink an eye at the white power sa…
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I know they thought they DID this. I’m glad to report they did NOT.
Retweeted by Brittany P. Battle, PhD @VanCarlito2003 What the fuck is this?
last night a friend told me about something a respected/well-known sociologist of race once said to them that was s…
Retweeted by Brittany P. Battle, PhDHey @CVSHealth - you don't need a driver's license to get COVID so why require one for a COVID test? Stop discrimi…
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@jenniferejoness 9Similar story here. Mine eventually got it together. hate it here. @1solbro I'm contributing!!
@sneehu @CoreyMiles__ @T_RochaBeardallPeople don’t realize how traumatizing this is. I’m at the point where seeing these images triggers panic attacks. P…
Retweeted by Brittany P. Battle, PhD @kbguzzo Loveee @hanaebrown @wfsocdept Y'all are the best!!Your daily reminder how lucky @wfsocdept is to have @Dr_B_Pearl.
Retweeted by Brittany P. Battle, PhD @CarlaShedd ❤❤❤ @_getjazzy ❤❤❤ @prof_cov Go awf.
First official day of my second year on the tenure track. I made it through year one, y'all. How, you ask? No clue.… @kbguzzo Do you really make all these scenes? This seems like i hobby I would actually loveAbolish the carceral state.Then the sheriff calls community members concerned over police violence "shit stirrers" in his professional capacit… ppl are out here murdering churches full of people, cursing police to the high heavens, grabbing tazers, poin… levels of consumption and reproduction of anti-Blackness among our own community is heartbreaking. Like absolut… havent see not one white woman have hands laid on her while she's flipping out in the grocery store over a mask.… this is exactly what normalizes police violence. Makes it more digestible. So now in Winston Salem NC, we have… dont know how folks are repeatedly watching George Floyd be murdered on video or looking at images of Walter Scot… normalizing violence against Black people. I am tired of seeing images of murdered Black people published in n… @NellieBleezer People who say this honestly infuriate me. Like, sis, you couldn't even dream of maintaining everyth… her her coins. Terry Crews under contract with NBC to be actively ignorant and anti-black or does he do that for free?
Retweeted by Brittany P. Battle, PhDNormalize not having academics on panels but rather everyday people whose entire lives and experiences are what the…
Retweeted by Brittany P. Battle, PhDPeriod. you @Dr_B_Pearl for always highlighting the concepts being missed in a conversation.
Retweeted by Brittany P. Battle, PhD @m_ash_potato Miss you!!Yes @Dr_B_Pearl!! Glad to see your face and hear you telling the important story of the murder of Walter Scott 👏
Retweeted by Brittany P. Battle, PhD @Dr_B_Pearl @hanaebrown and many other amazing people from @WakeForest just engaged in a critical conversation that…
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@SimoneKolysh You can always shut the video off for a sec if you have to get up 😂😂😂 @hanaebrown 😂😂😂Little appreciated benefit of Zoom calls...only having to iron the front of your shirt 🙌🏾 @createequity Sorry, but im maybe missing your point. Are you saying if responsibilities prevented me from having a…
😶 @VanCarlito2003 😫 @KevitoClark And you were able to compose this tweet after...thats impressive cuz I woulda been out ❤Love who you love. But.... That bottom right picture says so much🙃.
Retweeted by Brittany P. Battle, PhD @VanCarlito2003 Speak on it, Doc!!! @sgbuggs Oh my 😳JOIN US for this critical public conversation on "The Roots of Unrest: Addressing Racialized Police Violence" on Ju…
Retweeted by Brittany P. Battle, PhDI really love what I do & really like where I work, but you will never find me in any job that makes me not speak o… @NellieBleezer Appreciate you, sis ❤I can't decide if it's better or worse that I have to pivot to online instruction with a brand new prep. Haven't ta… @mally_h2o This suit 😍😍😍And these are the same type ppl with so much to say about looting. Thats why everyone can miss me with the commenta…📣📣📣📣📣📣 @anthoknees Sending you light energy for upliftment and encouragement, sib..take the space you need ❤When Black folks add "mind you" to a story, you know some bullshit transpired. @sgbuggs "Release all 'prostitutes' from jail" is sending me @NellieBleezer Lloolll📣📣📣
Fall semester.
Retweeted by Brittany P. Battle, PhDI see Minneapolis Police Department is trending again. We did not abolish, end, or defund the police. The council v…
Retweeted by Brittany P. Battle, PhD @thePhDandMe And also, for most people, having children is a choice. And for many not having children is not a choi…
A lil beauty for your TL ❤ primary responsibility for reducing the societal roles cops occupy falls to policymakers & elected officials. I…
Retweeted by Brittany P. Battle, PhDBefore calling the police, ask yourself "am I okay with the possibility that this person may be killed because of t…
Retweeted by Brittany P. Battle, PhDFor most Black researchers if we broaden how we label our research interests they typically would fall into: things…
Retweeted by Brittany P. Battle, PhD @smosaidso From what I've seen (as a fellow), the program doesn't really select based on these things. I don't thin… @sgbuggs 😳🥺Unpopular theory: The black community needs to file a class action lawsuit against McGraw Hill education for psycho…
Retweeted by Brittany P. Battle, PhD @JadoreJeTaime 😬Intersectionality is not additive. It’s fundamentally reconstitutive. Pass it on.
Retweeted by Brittany P. Battle, PhD @CoreyMiles__ I put my twitter account on my CV heading. And now include my blog in my public engagement section. I… @CoreyMiles__ Public Engagement section: Viral Tweets @sgbuggs Hey cuz! 😂Bensley Bellingham. How could this game be this perfect? 😂 I needed a nice Friday chuckle. are they like this? @unLEARNpower This is good! Thanks! @NateilCarby Thanks!