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Him/He. I just retweet stuff, mostly art or things that give me ideas for writing. Always tip your artists, they need shoes to eat, and they keep taking mine.

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Retweeted by Dracosfire7I’ve fully lost it and this is the video that broke me
Retweeted by Dracosfire7Paladin: No. Barbarian: But his name is Shifty McGee! Paladin: DISPLACER BEASTS ARE NOT PETS. THEY ARE PSYCHOPATH…
Retweeted by Dracosfire7One step closer
Retweeted by Dracosfire7 @iamspacegirl You'll never catch a fly laundering money.Mother fucker I put it in a comic this year. Smh.
Retweeted by Dracosfire7Player: I forgot my dice again, can I borrow a set? DM: For sure, use the ones in this bag. *dumping rattle sound…
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Retweeted by Dracosfire7I was looking for more Reverse-Flash images and this one killed me
Retweeted by Dracosfire7🙏
Retweeted by Dracosfire7Fuck It: Gamers Canceled
Retweeted by Dracosfire7did somebody say muscle girls?
Retweeted by Dracosfire7 @ThreeKobolds @CaseyExplosion @Gingerhazing Only Zarya is openly buff. I think Pharah is too, but she's covered in… Panel HERE ☀️
Retweeted by Dracosfire7#playertip you don't have to have the best stats in the group in order to attempt something. If the barbarian wants…
Retweeted by Dracosfire7 @HotPaperComics @JoCat105 @HotPaperComics I hope she sees these, bro❤️ @JoCat105 Same goes for arguments. If the person you're trying to convince leaves the conversation going "Fine, wha… point of criticism is to improve, and how nicely the critique is said can affect whether it's applied or not, r…
Retweeted by Dracosfire7Also with all the stuff coming out in the public in the fgc, somethint that’s been irking me is that I keep hearing…
Retweeted by Dracosfire7getting up to speed with the potential of new technology
Retweeted by Dracosfire7A short story about Serena Williams.
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Retweeted by Dracosfire7I'm so embarrassed, I wish everybody else was dead. #Futurama
Retweeted by Dracosfire7remember when fox news called Mr Rodgers evil for telling kids they had worth just for being human and individuals?
Retweeted by Dracosfire7I want to be Yoko Taro when I grow up
Retweeted by Dracosfire7I love how every creative decision Yoko Taro does is through low-key spite for being told what to do. That's the en…
Retweeted by Dracosfire7Maybe I would like DCEU Superman more if people would stop using that specific image.
Retweeted by Dracosfire7why the fuck do my tax dollars pay for this
Retweeted by Dracosfire7for once i'd like to read a book where the Acknowledgements section isn't there to thank people but to call out nem…
Retweeted by Dracosfire7Feeling good, except for my body and my brain
Retweeted by Dracosfire7Artists be like "I know a place" and then never draw it cause they can't draw backgrounds.
Retweeted by Dracosfire7is there any pro-native statue as badass as this inca warrior beating a conquistador in colca canyon, peru
Retweeted by Dracosfire7“Homer, I'm afraid you'll have to undergo a coronary bypass operation.” “Say it in English, Doc.” “You're going to…
Retweeted by Dracosfire7 @Baj_Singh
Retweeted by Dracosfire7"It is time for nutrition, Father. Why is my bowl empty?"
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Retweeted by Dracosfire7 @asleepaura Sue them. @asleepaura @Loudwindow Yes, but he was also deliberately doing it to prevent people from accessing the tectonic pl… @asleepaura @Loudwindow Only if you're using a philosopher stone to do it, otherwise it's entirely morally neutral.One of my fav things about bending in Avatar and alchemy in FMA is how they're equally used for non-combat situatio…
Retweeted by Dracosfire7 @Loudwindow Stray catboys are feral.I don't deserve my cool mutuals
Retweeted by Dracosfire7The woodsman found infini-tree, and thinking he was clever, he tried to chop the whole thing down, and chopped and chopped forever.
Retweeted by Dracosfire7 @litzabronwyn Wait, there are people who are triggered by bruises? Huh, I guess I learn something new every day.I am seeing a lot of muscular ladies on my TL, might I interest you with Mesa and her Guns? 👀 #warframe
Retweeted by Dracosfire7When "all cops are bastards" is actually official police policy.
Retweeted by Dracosfire7With the inclusion of Min Min, I thought I’d go ahead and make another personal favorites list! I’ve tried other ch…
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Retweeted by Dracosfire7Every corporate Twitter on July 1st:
Retweeted by Dracosfire7Trump just complained that his life was so much better before he became President. So was mine.
Retweeted by Dracosfire7 @SWAttorney @JohnFugelsang Trump has been in my prayers every day, but God isn't very interested in smiting sinners…
Retweeted by Dracosfire7"fantasy rpg cleric/healer wearing all white, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and very pale skin" Have you considered:
Retweeted by Dracosfire7Odin: loki, the price this giant is asking for this fortress is much too steep. we need you to delay his constructi…
Retweeted by Dracosfire7Not sure what they were thinking for this.
Retweeted by Dracosfire7 @SammyAshl3y In my world, Orcs are the origin of Wild Magic Sorcerers, so having unique eyes would make a ton of sense. @tJRNaHBUEkBHGRi @QuiteThat @bongleigh @princemartin445 @orionzspark @GatorsDaily Now we just need someone who was… these x-rays don’t look good Me: is it broken Doctor: no your skeleton is ugly
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Retweeted by Dracosfire7Swords CXLIX #comic #comics #webcomic
Retweeted by Dracosfire7[watching two people smarter than you arguing on the TL] Ok that's a good point Ok that's a good point Ok that's…
Retweeted by Dracosfire7👹Yokai Fighter👹 Akyko - Ena - Mizu - Yu Yu
Retweeted by Dracosfire7let me make a proper Don Quixote movie with this man
Retweeted by Dracosfire7 @QuiteThat @bongleigh @princemartin445 @orionzspark @GatorsDaily Double confirmed, I did it and I died.Time to bring these back again. OLYMPIC ATHLETES!
Retweeted by Dracosfire7“It’s not possible to gain that much muscle in 5-6 years” not with that bitch attitude!! 2014 vs 2018
Retweeted by Dracosfire7Welcome to The Kobold Den, we got Magic Bois, Spicy Bois, Butter Bois, and SPIDERS @MontyGlu @Takahata101
Retweeted by Dracosfire7Anyone can wear the mask, but only this guy rocks it this well.
Retweeted by Dracosfire7This is one reason why good cops dont exist; because they’re not allowed to exist.
Retweeted by Dracosfire7MirrormanLV*
Retweeted by Dracosfire7I'd like to request the workout routines and food logs of every video game character ever, because apparently thats…
Retweeted by Dracosfire7Jesus christ, this is an extremely rough week for the Fighting Game Community as a whole I'm not super plugged in,…
Retweeted by Dracosfire7this fanart of abby is dedicated to a male senior artist i once admired who told me it's impossible for women to lo…
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1375: masters of the mr. universe
Retweeted by Dracosfire7 @SarielSnowings Don't threaten me with a good time.weeeeeee (sent in by @ShmuleyLite)
Retweeted by Dracosfire7Secret Panel HERE 🐕
Retweeted by Dracosfire7Piece inspired by @slimyswampghost because I wasn't done painting horses
Retweeted by Dracosfire7 @VideoArtGame @Raypier_Art @FinalFantasy @finalfantasyvii @SquareEnix @SquareEnixUSA I'm not sure why Sephiroth is… Panel HERE 💭
Retweeted by Dracosfire7👇🏻
Retweeted by Dracosfire7 @TheOvervoid @TheBat_Family Yea, but that made sense in context.
Retweeted by Dracosfire7 @deltaryz @neetpolice @StarFoxisAC40k @necronformist @JesusCritic @ProZD Yea, but when the androgynous white dresse… @deltaryz @neetpolice @StarFoxisAC40k @necronformist @JesusCritic @ProZD Eh, I feel like character writing is too v… @neetpolice @deltaryz @StarFoxisAC40k @necronformist @JesusCritic @ProZD A-, I found the character writing to be fairly bland. @deltaryz @neetpolice @StarFoxisAC40k @necronformist @JesusCritic @ProZD I don't believe so, no. One thing I will g… first half of this weird year is already over. Let's celebrate this with our best comics of this year (so far)…
Retweeted by Dracosfire7 @deltaryz I'll link this here, so we don't branch off: @deltaryz @neetpolice @StarFoxisAC40k @necronformist @JesusCritic @ProZD True, the world building informs the actio… @neetpolice @deltaryz @StarFoxisAC40k @necronformist @JesusCritic @ProZD Frankly it's a much better action movie than it is a sci-fi movie. @neetpolice @deltaryz @StarFoxisAC40k @necronformist @JesusCritic @ProZD Eh. The Matrix is heavily overrated. It's…
Retweeted by Dracosfire7I am totally not drawing dragons based on the Classic Universal Monsters 😉 Creature from the black lagoon, franken…
Retweeted by Dracosfire7Actual #bestofnextdoor 💚
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Retweeted by Dracosfire7[traffic court] me: your honor, i'm here to dispute 4 of my 5 tickets judge: i see, repeat infractions? me: ok i…
Retweeted by Dracosfire7 @Gilded9