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Seductively grabs onto the counter because I stood up too fast
Retweeted by ✨SipsySips🦊💙❣️ @ChaplainheArt Genevieve @threetimedaddy Lol
Retweeted by ✨SipsySips🦊💙❣️I need coffee before idiots... lots and lots of coffee...
Retweeted by ✨SipsySips🦊💙❣️The plural of butterfly should be buttersfly.
Retweeted by ✨SipsySips🦊💙❣️QT with a photo of you that somebody else has taken. Selfies are not allowed. It can be old or new but ideally one…
I wish I was clevererer.
Retweeted by ✨SipsySips🦊💙❣️ @LaLa_Lyds Aaaaaand now i want both 🤦‍♀️ @MarieAllOverAg1 It bothers me that the wall and the horse are almost the same color... i find it distracting @McClaneJohn2 @_salt_n_lime @celestialheyoka So was my son 🙌 @cellapaz I learned that one the hard way @ess_bee33 @rwilley112 I love parrots !! @Starflower20201 @Starflower20201 might wanna lose the attitude when she’s ‘done.’
Retweeted by ✨SipsySips🦊💙❣️ @GraniteDhuine Listen!! I swear I just got that bed for my dog!!! He loves it!!! The love is real!! @edshepp @Mel_Dutch @patnspankme 🙌🙌🙌 @navymig @English_Channel @julcasagrande Riiiiight in the middle of your back where you can’t reach bwahahaha @thehubrispanda @sweetmomissa @CumberdickB just need to make better decisions starting 20 years ago
Retweeted by ✨SipsySips🦊💙❣️ @heyitsJudeD @garymoore1985 7 i think 🤔 I don’t remember all the actual experiences- no.So many typos I’m not sure if that was a tweet or a bowl of alphabet soup
Retweeted by ✨SipsySips🦊💙❣️ @urdearolfriend @420iloveweed @SoulSoldSeprtly @JayMindX No but I am certain she would love to learn that one 😊 @SoulSoldSeprtly @JayMindX Oh you’ve heard that one? 🤓 @Tsk_tsk_mfer @TheDaddyPenguin Just fill it with fruit 🤷‍♀️Where is my third?
Retweeted by ✨SipsySips🦊💙❣️ @sheseemslegit @JustPlainMatt5 😆 but it’s really my favorite when people with no kids do it 💁‍♀️ @JustPlainMatt5 right 🤣🤣
Retweeted by ✨SipsySips🦊💙❣️Instagram is fucked up, just showing people being happy and having a good time. Twitter would never
Retweeted by ✨SipsySips🦊💙❣️ @Tsk_tsk_mfer 😆 No you’re not 😆 @JoshuaLeePwllJr That’s because it’s amazing 💁‍♀️
She’s speaking to you with her silence you piece of shit
Retweeted by ✨SipsySips🦊💙❣️ @JoshuaLeePwllJr Bro!! The gifs are Almost the best part!Careful. Those are ways to my heart.
Retweeted by ✨SipsySips🦊💙❣️ @ess_bee33 I seem to already be following 🤷‍♀️This bloke spent £300 on vets fees and X-rays and it turned out nothing was wrong with the dog, was just copying hi…
Retweeted by ✨SipsySips🦊💙❣️You don’t scare me. You’re not an omelette I’m about to flip.
Retweeted by ✨SipsySips🦊💙❣️ @JoshuaLeePwllJr @rwilley112 @danistheword_ @DrHose007 Seriously!!! It all makes sense now!BOOBS= forgiven
Retweeted by ✨SipsySips🦊💙❣️ @architextbry @GotJbenny Coffee kisses 🥰🥰🥰 @rwilley112 I thought it was you 🤦‍♀️Quote tweet this with a black & white photo of yourself. @LizerReal As are you my sweet 😘 @AbbiGreenGiant E @JayMindX Oh come on... they say worse things. My son just told my daughter to die in a hole of rusty nails. I thin…’m gonna need to write this one down... @awkwardenabled @SvnSxty Aaaahhhhh the dreaded eatloafI don’t know but it’s a little ridiculous 🙄 @AM77923029 Bahahahha The screen was closing and this image was on my phone and I 😆😆😆 ... had to open it back up. 🙌🙌🙌I can’t stop staring at this picture 😳 bring you... ~ The reality of homeschooling a small child ~
Retweeted by ✨SipsySips🦊💙❣️ @MindOver_Mandy ☺️😘 @Mrnarwhal93 😘 @LizerReal @Tsk_tsk_mfer @AM77923029 ☺️always outside... great pic 😘 @rwilley112 😘😘😘 @AM77923029 Thank you 😊 @Royal_Stein @JanuaryJames 😆😆😆Quote tweet this with a black and white pic of yourself. @jbnotbeiber @Royal_Stein @JanuaryJames @MarieAllOverAg1 Like... Wednesday maybe 🤷‍♀️19. 39. @ro_posada @TheBeardedBee1 Yes. @TheBeardedBee1 Amen. Amen. Amen.
I honestly don’t know why I give a shitThis could be us, but you playin
Retweeted by ✨SipsySips🦊💙❣️ @MommaUnfiltered I have two kids on IEP’s 5 days a week. 🙈🙈🙈Treat me with love and respect, and then I’ll do that thing you like.
Retweeted by ✨SipsySips🦊💙❣️ @doocrossdavey 😆😆😆If I disappear would you look for me?
Retweeted by ✨SipsySips🦊💙❣️ @OswaldOLottakum @AtRichieK @Serialchiller1 You should know I almost spit my coffee out at this 🤣Adults seemed way adultier when I was a little
Retweeted by ✨SipsySips🦊💙❣️ @CumberdickB @occupied_stall 😆😆 i still drink pickle juice from the jar. There’s never any left in the jar 🤷‍♀️ @poutinesmoothie @whatyawant3 @Tbone7219 @drayzze Ugh. I hate Chad 🙄 @hermanntrude 😆 @hermanntrude I disagree with this 🤣Some Biatch at the front desk stole my pen from my desk. 2021 = 4 Me = 1/2 @rwilley112 Sooo important @Tsk_tsk_mfer @rwilley112 🤣😆 @ess_bee33 (Somehow that came up with “bosom” 😆) @Musings_of_wine @ess_bee33