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Let us coalesce and evolve with peace in our hearts and calm in our minds. Don't ever let yourself talk yourself into something that's not you. Pfp by @gribo01

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I am going to post some recent pictures of reimu I have found because I want to
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@Jaye_The_Gaye You've used this gif so many times in your tweets, it's absurd. @SH0R0KEN This is the most roundabout April Fool's joke I've seen today @mrkrabs173 I recommend Kai, but the OG series has some kinda neat bits that were taken out in Kai. Just little th… who is she? she kinda cute
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I am once again asking you to kill Mitty
Retweeted by DragonOpsZ @JListPeter @JLISTBOX Nuggies, pizza, and sushi... I couldn't think of a better platter myself.>こんにちは😊ちよこさんの小梅ちゃん愛おしくて成長してほしなさすぎて大好きです💓 ホワイトスノードールの衣装を着た小… #odaibako_tykchiyo ありがとうございます!…
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Retweeted by DragonOpsZ @GilLiesHere Don't tell me..........................................!What Isabelle's been doing while waiting for you to upgrade resident services. #AnimalCrossing…
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@EpicNameBro adorable............................................Ornstein & Smough :^)
Retweeted by DragonOpsZIm now all dried up nice and cozy Gamer time!
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@candaysium @Satirical_Folly Watcha takin in @FireSisterBee Such as @korewahentai the absolute chad weebThe new anitwitter leader
Retweeted by DragonOpsZ @misogenist @imoutoboobs p r o g r a m m i n g socks…✍️
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Retweeted by DragonOpsZ小梅ちゃんの夢女による妄想シリーズ
Retweeted by DragonOpsZ小梅ちゃんおめでと~! #白坂小梅生誕祭2020
Retweeted by DragonOpsZ @x_c_h_a_n_x @ObsidianWasp I'm making this my desktop wallpaper @x_c_h_a_n_x @ObsidianWasp This is absolutely gorgeous. Truly a wonderful display of coloration.been rewatching jojo lately, and the animation was so good it made kars's wings shine so colorfully i have to draw…
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@BobberWCC Yummy vector scaling @janelieu Does this count, because my heart says it does코우메ㅜㅠ생일축하해!! 근무때문에 낙서로 끝내서 미안해!!😥😭
Retweeted by DragonOpsZ※掃除中に箒でおふざけするJK
Retweeted by DragonOpsZ小梅ちゃん誕生日おめでとう!!!!これからも ずっと隣でプロデュースさせてね #白坂小梅誕生祭 #白坂小梅生誕祭 #白坂小梅誕生祭2020
Retweeted by DragonOpsZ小梅ちゃんお誕生日おめでとうございました りょううめver.
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Retweeted by DragonOpsZ100 days until I say it
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Retweeted by DragonOpsZ @Hyper_kyuun Is that an astolfo posterI drew Koume as a ghost. #白坂小梅 #アイドルマスターシンデレラガールズ #idolmaster
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Retweeted by DragonOpsZWholesome girl appreciation day
Retweeted by DragonOpsZ❤︎誕生日おめでとう❤︎ #白坂小梅生誕祭2020
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Retweeted by DragonOpsZ小梅ちゃん
Retweeted by DragonOpsZ小梅ちゃんお誕生日おめでとうね♡今年も素敵なお仕事しましょう🍰 #白坂小梅 #白坂小梅誕生祭2020 #白坂小梅生誕祭2020
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Retweeted by DragonOpsZ白坂小梅ちゃん #白坂小梅生誕祭2020
Retweeted by DragonOpsZHappy birthday Koume-chan!!! ❤️ #白坂小梅生誕祭 #白坂小梅生誕祭2020
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Retweeted by DragonOpsZgo around #白坂小梅生誕祭 #白坂小梅生誕祭2020
Retweeted by DragonOpsZHappy birthday koume #白坂小梅 #白坂小梅生誕祭2020 #白坂小梅誕生日
Retweeted by DragonOpsZ小梅ちゃんおめでとう㊗️🎉🎉 #白坂小梅 #白坂小梅生誕祭 #白坂小梅生誕祭2020
Retweeted by DragonOpsZ愛してる #白坂小梅生誕祭2020
Retweeted by DragonOpsZ#白坂小梅生誕祭2020 という訳で過去絵じゃオラッ
Retweeted by DragonOpsZ小梅ちゃんお誕生日おめでとー!過去絵🎂pixivまとめも貼っときます👻 小梅ちゃんイラストまとめ | カナンアスカ/河南あすか #pixiv #白坂小梅生誕祭2020
Retweeted by DragonOpsZ小梅ちゃんおめでと〜ー〜ーーー👻 #白坂小梅生誕祭2020
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Retweeted by DragonOpsZHer human form is also cute
Retweeted by DragonOpsZ @0xCAFEBEEF I know all too well how serving sizes nowadays are way bigger than they ought to be. I've also noticed…おめでとう🎂 #白坂小梅生誕祭2020
Retweeted by DragonOpsZ小梅ちゃんお誕生日おめでとう!
Retweeted by DragonOpsZ白坂小梅を描きました👻[2020/03/28] 小梅ちゃんお誕生日オメデトーー!!!
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小梅お誕生日おめでとうーー!!!!! 大阪最高に良かった…😂ずっとずーーっと大好きよこれからもよろしくね😚😚😚💕 #白坂小梅誕生祭2020 #白坂小梅生誕祭2020
Retweeted by DragonOpsZWhat it feels like going out grocery shopping these days
Retweeted by DragonOpsZNever give up!💪 Voice: @Sydsnap Music: Don't Lose Your Way -Instrumental- (Kill la Kill) Original Dialogue: Shuz…
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@0xCAFEBEEF Building muscle around the legs leads to the strengthening of joints. Try doing weighted squats and calf raises too.I can't wait for Season 2!! 💜
Retweeted by DragonOpsZ夏の思い出
Retweeted by DragonOpsZスク水小梅ちゃん
Retweeted by DragonOpsZ @HTFCirno2000 I would call it "confused"Gabe Newell: "You only have two inventory slots in Half-Life: Alyx. But you also have realistic physics." Me: "Okay…
Retweeted by DragonOpsZ @Harceruu PS4 DkS Remaster? @TwilaKosenske @0xCAFEBEEF Musclé
@0xCAFEBEEF Your tweets are turning more and more dangerous by the day
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Retweeted by DragonOpsZThere was also supposed to be a custom deck art, but they just threw on one of their stock onesSo, I ordered a board, and they got every single part of the order wrong. @0xCAFEBEEF Overwatch @Hyper_kyuun If only it could be
...and for REAL introverts... well, does it really MATTER which day it is?
Retweeted by DragonOpsZI do seriously feel for all the extroverts of the world right now, though. Someone asked how I was holding up with…
Retweeted by DragonOpsZ @Hyper_kyuun Honestly........
うめみれ…💕 #白坂小梅 #早坂美玲
Retweeted by DragonOpsZAir Max 270を履いてもらった。
Retweeted by DragonOpsZ @rippingcones @iAmCharlottey Are you telling me they actually put stuff back on the shelves!?!!!!!?! No way!!!!!!Uzaki-chan analysis: ✅ tomboy ✅ flesh fang ✅ massive tiddies ✅ will bully you
Retweeted by DragonOpsZ森久保乃々チャンのほっぺた やわらかい
Retweeted by DragonOpsZ“Cartoons bad, real w*men good!” I’m not surprised that UnseenJapan is a Simp and a hypocrite.
Retweeted by DragonOpsZ @Opinamur @Mitosis01 energyIf she 65 I'm 65
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Retweeted by DragonOpsZHerman and Abby wrestle and chase/tackle each other but deep down they really do love each other.
Retweeted by DragonOpsZ @YungChoclateBar @malleo02 Yeah, what of it? Thoughts are temporary. Cock energy is eternal. @RyoAgawa She's gorgeous wtf I love this hairshe lopped off her hair
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